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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

House Negros, But Not Senate Negros

Part I - Blagojevich Race Card Series – The Blagojevich Supremacy

Just when the senate has become the "No Blacks Club" again,  Blagojevich the Barterer nominates a Black man to fill the previous position previously held by a half-Black man. You know, the one that Whites find "less threatening".

Now the media will say that this is about Blagojevich's ability or inability, take your pick, to appoint a senator since he is under investigation. But for liberals, scandals like Blagojevich's are just business as usual. So you have to look deeper, which is why you've visited The Black Sphere.

Historically liberals do exactly what Blagojevich is doing when they are overwhelmingly guilty. They return to work and act as if nothing has happened, as I reported in a very under-read [hint] blog titled Political Affirmative Action.

If Blagojevich waits it out long enough, and can just survive, then the public will likely forget about this little indiscretion of attempting to sell the vacated senate seat. Eventually the media will push the story to page 16 of the D section, and voila, all is well in the universe. Since Blago is "innocent until…", let's just run with Burris as the new senate appointment, in order to understand the issues.

Outside of being a liberal, Burris is certainly qualified for the job. Juris Doctorate from Howard. And as Comptroller of Illinois from 1979 to 1991, Burris was the first Black elected to a statewide office in Illinois. Burris would later serve as Attorney General for Illinois from 1991 to 1995, and then run a successful consulting company, which he still owns today.

Impressive credentials, particularly when you consider his record in comparison to say, Caroline Kennedy, or even…yes Barack "I'm Now Half-White" Obama.

So if you were forced to select a liberal for the senate (and we are), surely this liberal is better than most. But the Pied Piper of Racist Pimping ain't having it.

Is Obama finally embracing his White heritage in partnering with Harry Reid to block the nomination of Burris, a "qualified" full-Black man? Perhaps he is jealous that Burris actually has a track record? Maybe Burris' role as COO for Operation PUSH and his ties to Jesse Jackson disturbs Obama? As a Jackson operative, Burris could help Jackson deliver on that threat to "cut his [Obama's] nuts off], as I documented in Black on Black Crime?

Burris had unsuccessful runs for the senate, governor, and mayor of Illinois, and here he is at the cusp of a senate appointment, an appointment over which Obama has no influence? 

Maybe Obama feels that if Burris can't rig an election to win it, then he doesn't deserve a senate seat? He would have a point…

As for Harry "Bull Connor" Reid, I have suspected that he, like most Democrats is simply invoking his rights as a card-carrying racist. Let's not forget that Democrats have sponsored every piece of legislation to prevent Blacks from voting and to dehumanize Black people in the history of America.

So Reid's agenda is clear to this Black man: Blacks can be "House Negros", but not "Senate Negros".  At least not full Blacks.

So this is just more of the Democrats' racist agenda surfacing, in this writer's humble opinion. "Bull" Reid can handle the senate being 0.5% Black, but damnit if he will allow it to go to 1% Black. There have only been 2.5 Blacks in the senate since Reconstruction.  Hmmm...

Quotas do have their limits, when it comes to Democrats. Give a Black man 1%, and he might ask for his actual population percentage of 12%! Next thing you know the Mexicans will be asking for their fair share, and they will want illegals included. Add the Asians, and it's a slippery slope where you end up with a United States Senate that looks like the actual makeup of America! For Democrats, that would be an abomination!

"The rumor of my demise has been greatly exaggerated." - Race Card

That's my rant!

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Media Back to Work Soon

The media has been on vacation with Obama, actually since the "invention" of Obama. The recent hard hitting "news" is that Obama returned to the gym the other day, where we are told he has been every day except one.

Based on those pictures I saw at the beach, I hope he's working on his pecs. My God, slap a B-cup bra on that man to keep those things from sagging. Didn't anybody tell him that 40 is supposed to be the new 30?

Now of course our media tried to convince us that Obama is a hunk. Right…chicken legs and all. Then they got the liberals outraged that pictures were taken of Obama on the beach, inquiring how photographers were able to get that close.

They got that close, because Obama allowed them get that close. This was all orchestrated, just like Obama never being seen smoking. Up to this point Obama has enjoyed a media lovefest, rivaling the best Roman orgies.

But as my granny told me, "The same thing that can make you can break you". And this same media that has worshipped at the Altar of ObamaNation is now becoming a bother. It has become so ridiculous that we are being told that Obama was out with his kids, and they had rocky-road ice cream. And why is this news?

You want to know why TV stars and rock stars end up in rehab? The media. Many can't handle the gap between what they know about themselves and what they read or hear on a daily basis. It is difficult to live up to the reputation that the media can create for you. And they created Obama the rock star.

But Obama is a rock star with no musical talent. Heck he doesn't even appear to play "air guitar". He's a baller, but he can't make the NBA, and he would get dusted if he tried to play street ball at Rucker. He wants us all to learn Spanish, but he doesn't speak a 2nd language. He can't sing, he can't dance.  He just talks! And uh, uh, not that well.

You see, there is the persona of Obama, the media-created Messiah archetype, sent to cure all the ills of a sick America. Then there is the reality, which is Obama is really the village idiot, whose only real talent is his ability to move his mouth better than a $1500 an hour call girl.

My point? I think that Obama might become the fourth kid from "Diff'rent Strokes" in his tenure as POTUS. "What chu talkin' bout Willis?"

The media put the "anal" in analyze, and as I said earlier the president-elect doesn't like his daily cavity check. He apparently wasn't as prepared for rock star status as he thought he was. And I am happy to say that it won't get any better, because "You're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy".

The world is watching. Yes, even for things as mundane as taking your kids to get an ice cream is captured on film and analyzed. The way he walks, how long he was there, how the kids acted, and so on. Cameras are always running and microphones hot, as this the article suggests:

And even though the pool photographers remained out of sight and without an image of these private moments, Obama seems to be tiring of the journalists who have followed him daily since the campaign.

"OK, guys, come on," Obama said last Sunday, looking toward photographers clicking away as he warmed up before a round of golf. "How many shots do you need?"

It's been a progression. And Obama's frustration shows in waves.

On Halloween, Obama grew testy with a Polish media crew as he took his daughter Sasha to a party at his campaign treasurer Marty Nesbitt's Chicago home.

"All right guys. That's enough. You've got a shot. Leave us alone. Come on guys. Get back on the bus," Obama said before breaking into a trot with Sasha still holding his hand.

And those are the small problems that Obama will deal with. All those inane policies won't just be in the myopia of Illinois, or in some venue full of ObamaBots. They will be exposed to the scrutiny of the world. And not everyone is an ObamaTron, hypnotized by Obama's doubletalk.

And guys like Obama have a difficult time dealing with people who don't buy into their fluff. They need to sell the fluff, like a heroin addict needs a fix. People like Obama have an intense need to convince everybody that they are "good guys".

They find criticism particularly harsh, and want to correct things, fix things quickly. This is why they don't make good leaders. They can't follow their true heart, as their "leadership" has been built on consensus, and they have no real core. So they over-react. And the real media shows up, looking for the blue dress.

You see, the media can't keep reporting about Obama and his kids having ice cream or getting back in the gym, and sell papers. As liberal as the mainstream media is, they realize that even they will lose their zombies if they don't throw them some raw meat every now and then. Zombies gotta eat. Problem: No Republicans to butcher.

I say, let's wait and see how much grey hair he has and let's do a wrinkle count after two years, when the stress of running this great country has set in. We will see how the media is treating him, when Black starts to crack, and his policies have the country in turmoil. Eventually the media will have to end vacation and get back to work.  Cause telling us about flavors of ice cream for four years won't sell papers!

That's my rant!

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Political Affirmative Action

Part I - Blagojevich Race Card Series – The Blagojevich Identity

So would you want to be Roland Burris (pictured right) today in light of Blagojevich naming him to Obama's vacant senate seat? He must feel like the Michelle Obama, who got into Princeton based solely on affirmative action.

Can't you just hear the whispers as Burris walks the halls of the Capital Building? "That's the guy who 'paid' to get his seat. He didn't actually 'earn' it." Or, "…he's different than us." Well not really.

And the cojones of liberals. Blagojevich was arrested, got out of jail on his own recognizance. He went back to work, and it's been "business as usual" since. And for Chicago politics, it was indeed "business as usual", and just another day in the governor's office.

Here are the charges:

Conspiracy to commit fraud, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, and solicitation to commit bribery, punishable by up 10 years.

And there is a mountain of evidence in his own words. This much evidence is more than enough to make any Conservative kick his own butt, drive himself to jail, and check himself in.

But not a Democrat. Despite overwhelming evidence against him, Blagojevich chose "the Clintonian approach" which is to just denies.

You got audio. "Oh those recordings, I was just playing around."

You have video tape. "That could be anybody with a raccoon-humping haircut, and that doesn't even look like me."

You got witnesses. "So what? Eye-witnesses are unreliable."

Democrats are the finger wagging, look dead in the camera, squinty-eyed and all, and they will fight unitl the bitter end. These guys whose wives walk in on them in the act of having sex with their assistants (note "unisex" reference), and the Democrat will casually get butt-naked out of bed. Get dressed, as his wife is screaming, and the assistant grabs his/her purse and exits the home. The Democrat grabs the paper and begins watching television…like nothing happened. Libs are slicker than snail trails, and that's scientific fact!

Yes wifey, your eyes have just lied to you, deceived you. And liberal public, just because I was on video talking about a payoff to an FBI agent in an FBI sting, and they found $90K in my freezer, that don't make me guilty (see Liberal Scoundrel). This approach is called "The Jeffersonian".

Catch me smoking crack in an FBI sting, and it was a set up. The FBI made me go buy crack. Get arrested and convicted. Opt for rehab, because liberals and celebrities get that choice. Then…you got out of rehab, run for office again, and the people of DC will re-elect your crack-smoking behind. This is what is known as "The Barryesque" approach.

So don't be surprised if Blagojevich's appointment of Burris goes through, or if he actually beats the wrap. All that will be left will be to get re-elected, and then serve on Obama's cabinet, when one of Obama's current appointees "pursues other opportunities".

Such is the Democrat way, and for liberals, this is just politics as usual. So Burris, I welcome you to the taint of affirmative action, political style.

That's my rant!

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Monday, December 29, 2008

Nobel Prize – A Sad Joke

I remember when the Nobel Prize meant something.  I can't recall the names of all the winners in all the categories, but when I heard the name Nobel mentioned, I paid attention.  

That all stopped for me in 2007, when the Nobel Prize committee awarded Al Gore this prestigious award for the farce of man-made global warming.  And I recently learned something that added even more to my disdain for the Nobel Prize.

I was introduced to the story of a real hero who died in May of this year at the age of 98.  Her name was Irena Sendler.  It is not often that I hold a person in the same esteem as the matriarchs of my family, my grandmother who raised me, and who turned 88 years young this year, and my great aunt Mary, who is undoubtedly the smartest woman I have ever met.  But Irena Sendler is one such person.

Here is an excerpt from her story that was published on  

Irena's story begins during WWII, where she got permission to work in the Warsaw ghetto, as a Plumbing/Sewer specialist.  A strange occupation to request, however Irena had an ulterior motive.

Because Irena was German, she became aware of the Nazi's plans for the Jews. She decided that she would save as many of the Jews as she could, and thus Irena smuggled infants out of the German concentration camps in the bottom of her tool box. The larger kids she carried in burlap sacks.

Irena managed to smuggle out and save 2500 infants and children, most of whom went to convents and orphanages.

Irena was finally caught. And she was beaten severely, having her legs and arms broken. But she never gave up any information on others associated with helping her.

She would have been put to death, but after awaking from one of her many beatings, she was informed by one of her German captors that he was freeing her. Her co-conspirators had paid a bribe to the German soldier, who listed her as deceased.

She was released and would go on to save an additional 500 Jewish people, including her future husband.

It is said that Irena Sender was a candidate for the Nobel Prize in 2007. This list is sealed for 50 years, so we can't know for sure, though consensus is that she was indeed a candidate. Nevertheless the winner of the Nobel Prize that year was Al Gore, who presented a slide show on Global Warming.

The man who has done nothing is revered over the woman who gave everything. This is what I call Liberal Hypocrisy.

That's my rant!

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Biden Gives Himself Desk Closest to Door

Obama hasn't even taken office yet, and already Biden has been given "the desk closest to the door". I had to chuckle when I read in this article from NBC, that Biden wants to "shrink" the VP role. When one compares Biden to Cheney, I don't think Biden has any choice but to shrink the VP role.

Biden said that Cheney's role in the Senate overstepped the bounds of the role of the VP. A transition source who was not authorized to speak on the record according to the article, interprets Bidenspeak for us in this excerpt from NBC New York:

"What he has said previously is that Vice President Cheney had an overly expansive view of the vice president, almost created like a shadow government inside the White House," said the transition official familiar with Biden's role. "Vice President-elect Biden has a very strong view that the vice president's role is to be an advisor to the president and to be a member of the president's team, and that's how he's going to be in the job."

I guess Biden feels like the Veep should just visit impoverish countries, and do photo ops in hospitals and dinners. What, and actually be the right-hand man to the president? Why should the #2 guy in the free world bother with policy position? Obama has lobbyists for that.

The article goes on to say that, "Biden will not begin every day with his own intelligence briefing before sitting in on the president's." Just seeing the words "intelligence" and "Biden" in the same sentence gave me a good chuckle. As I said in The Biden Experiment, Obama is exposing Biden as the buffoon that he is. Not anybody with half a brain, and not even liberals believe that Biden will ever be elected president.

In further marginalizing the VPs role, the unknown transition source said,

"He's been very clear about that from the start that he was not going to take a portfolio in particular areas," the transition official familiar with Biden's role said. Biden would "be available widely and broadly to offer his advice on whatever hard questions the president was trying to decide."

And even if the vice presidency will have less dominance in the executive office than it has over the past eight years, it's a change those close to Biden say he supports."

Translation of "…not going to take a portfolio in particular areas": Joe will have no specific tasks, and was only used to shore up the White vote during the election. Translation of "…it's a change those close to Biden support": We want him as far away from the job site, as we can possibly get him.

Biden has moved from being the Foreign Policy expert to handling the labor relations, to having "not taking a portfolio in particular areas".

"Biden would "be available widely and broadly to offer his advice on whatever hard questions the president was trying to decide."

Right! As if 'The Messiah' needs advice…and from Biden. On the other hand, look at why a real VP is chosen, and how the role is handled, according to

Cheney came to the vice presidency with decades of  executive experience, in both the executive branch and  the private sector, having served as White House chief of staff for President Gerald Ford, House minority whip, secretary of defense under President George H.W. Bush and chairman of the oil services company Halliburton before becoming Bush's running mate. Biden, on the other hand, was a lawyer in Delaware and then a member of the New Castle County Council before spending 36 years in the U.S. Senate.

Cheney gave top-classified intelligence briefings that the president would typically give. He headed up a group that gave Bush a short list for Supreme Court nominees. Cheney joined the weekly luncheon of Bush's economic team, and he seen as the force behind the Bush tax cuts. He was known to present the president with proposals that would more commonly be the purview of Cabinet members.

The simple fact is that if you have been a Boy Scout Leader or ran a deli, you have more experience than Biden. And as I wrote in "Biden Says I'm No Cheney", he most certainly is not.

That's my rant!

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


China Fights Virus Strain

Even the Communist recognize when they must quickly combat the virus called liberalism that could destroy their culture. Taking steps to eradicate the disease, in this case the internet-borne version, China has banned the NY Times Online. Apparently they were less concerned about the print version of the NY Times, as nobody reads that anyway.

I find it ironic that the NY Times, essentially a daily Communist manifesto is banned by a Communist country…no THE Communist country, as far as Communist countries go. I mean I'm not into Communism and thus my opinion is from a layman's point of view, but China is the best Communist country out there, wouldn't you agree?

According to this article in Fox News:

"China has the most online users in the world with more than 250 million, but it has also put in place a sophisticated system to police Web sites for sensitive material and routinely blocks sites that support Tibetan independence or the region's spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama."

A Chinese authority who asked to remain anonymous, said to me:

"…it was not the NY Times's support of the Dalai Lama that got them banned, but the fact that the NY Times just plain sucks, be it in print or online."

Ok, so the "anonymous Chinese authority" is my friend Ming. However, before you try to roast my chestnuts, consider that Ming is as reliable a source as the NY Times would use, actually more reliable. The NY Times likely would have gotten a Burmese, a Taiwanese, or an American-born Chinese person for their source. Ming really is a mainland Chinese expatriate, so he is authentic Chinese, i.e. no fricking MSG.

Also, I am certainly as much of a journalist as any of the so-called journalist with the NY Times. So as editor-in-chief of The Black Sphere, I choose to run with this story, and my friend Ming's comments.

So the NY Times lost 250 million internet-savvy Chinese, which means they will have to replace some serious "hits" in order to get paid by Google.

I am curious as to what other countries the NY Times can invade by internet in order to replace 250 million internet-savvy, mega-surfing Chinese? Considering that their print division is in dire financial straits, it is Google who is likely keeping this rag afloat. The only savior to the NY Times Online would be a group as large as the Chinese. Perhaps the Muslims?

Could a merger with the Muslim equivalent of the NY Times, namely Al Jazeera be in the works? If they did merge with Al Jazeera, at least they could drop the pretense of being pro-American.

I applaud the Chinese for stopping the NY Times virus in its tracks, likely working with Norton or some other anti-virus software company. I say to the Chinese to stay vigilante, less you end up with an even trickier version of communism, NY Times-style. Watch out for alias URLs and other liberal trickeration, because once in, liberalism can be a difficult virus to get rid of.

That's my rant!

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Sunday, December 28, 2008

For The Girl Who Has Almost Everything

What do you get the girl who has everything? A senate seat, of course! And given the lack of depth of qualified liberals in New York, Caroline Kennedy is the obvious choice. 

With the media onslaught to simply award Caroline a senate seat, I am forced to write a Part Deux (Part I being Turdapalooza – And You Thought Hillary Was Unqualified!) of this ridiculous idea of adding another Kennedy the American government. 

New Yorkers don't seem to care that much, considering they let the wife of an Arkansas hillbilly carbetbag her way into the senate. Prior to Hillary's entry into the senate, her qualifications were, let's see, there was that failed (thank God!) socialized health care initiative.  And oh yeah...she was the wife of a hillbilly governor from Arkansas.  Sounds qualified to me!  But what has Senator Clinton done since becoming a senator? 

As I showcased in Hillary's Executive Credentials, here is what the state of New York got for its money from the junior senator:
  • Establish the Kate Mullany National Historic Site
  • Support the goals and ideals of Better Hearing and Speech Month
  • Recognize the Ellis Island Medal of Honor
  • Name courthouse after Thurgood Marshall
  • Name courthouse after James L. Watson
  • Name post office after Jonn A. O'Shea
  • Designate Aug. 7, 2003, as National Purple Heart Recognition Day
  • Support the goals and ideals of National Purple Heart Recognition Day
  • Honor the life and legacy of Alexander Hamilton on the bicentennial of his death
  • Congratulate the Syracuse Univ. Orange Men's Lacrosse Team on winning the championship
  • Congratulate the Le Moyne College Dolphins Men's Lacrosse Team on winning the championship 
  • Establish the 225th Anniversary of the American Revolution Commemorative Program
  • Name post office after Sergeant Riayan A. Tejeda
  • Honor Shirley Chisholm for her service to the nation and express condolences on her death
  • Honor John J. Downing, Brian Fahey, and Harry Ford, firefighters who lost their lives on duty
  • Extend period of unemployment assistance to victims of 9/11
  • Pay for city projects in response to 9/11
  • Assist landmine victims in other countries
  • Assist family caregivers in accessing affordable respite care
  • Designate part of the National Forest System in Puerto Rico as protected in the wilderness preservation system
Impressive senate record, if I do say so myself! With such a distinguished senate record, it's no wonder New Yorkers are so proud [to get rid] of Hillary Clinton. And I can plainly see why Obama chose Clinton as Secretary of State, when you consider the vast foreign policy experience she showed as a senator. 

So New Yorkers are used to "the same ol' same ol'", and thus they are willing to be spoon-fed their crap sandwiches. Therefore, Caroline Kennedy having a worse resume than Hillary's is a shoe-in, of course! After all, Liberals live in Bizarro World

"And oh my God, I mean it's like now we have like Camelot with Caroline all over again. I mean she's got like the bloodline and all!" Yes, you would have to possess the brain of a Valley Girl or a Liberal to take Caroline Kennedy seriously. And you can bet the Governor Paterson will. Remember this is the same guy who wants to tax sugar, including coffee and soft drinks, if they have sugar. I bet he ends up with sugar in his gas tank!

I chronicled Caroline's extensive experience at doing nothing in my blog Turdapalooza. And why is Caroline willing to grace New York and America with her vast political knowledge and knowledge of the "common man", Caroline says that 9/11 and Obama made her want to leave her secluded life and to answer the call of duty. 

And the media has ordained Caroline as the new senator from New York already. The story is everywhere. Reflections on The Kennedy not Teddy "The Scuba Diver" Kennedy, but the good-looking one, JFK. 

The media wants America to have those good feelings again with Caroline's ordination; like smelling the aroma of coffee in the morning or Mom's apple pie. A 'feel good' moment…a snugglewith Mom. Ummm…

Well that person snuggling you ain't your momma.  It's 6'8", 310lb Bubba, your new cellie in San Quentin. Bad news: Bubba's the husband and you're the wife, if you get my meaning.

And if you thought I was the only one laughing at the absurdity of Caroline becoming a senator, she channel's her own brother's thoughts about her newfound political interest in this AP article by Larry Neumeister:

Kennedy chuckled when she was asked if her brother, the late John F. Kennedy Jr., had ever suggested she run for public office some day. "He usually thought about himself," she said. "He would be laughing his head off at seeing what's going on right now."

It's a safe bet that he would laugh, and like her brother, she is thinking only about herself. Surely she must realize that there are many more people of New York more qualified than she, eg. Sanitation workers, street sweepers, short-order fry cooks. And if we have to drag the Hudson, then what about Steinbrenner? At least he has had a real job.

We already have one radical state ruled by a Kennedy Liberal, and I say that's one too many. 

That's my rant!

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Toot Tossed!

Secret Service Agent #1: [Entering Obama childhood home in Hawaii, and sees a strange object on the fireplace mantle] What's this?

SSA #2: That's an urn. It contains the ashes of POTUS-elect's Grandma Toots.

Obama (enters): Hey guys, I have been looking for that.

SSA #1: Sir what would you like us to do with this?

Obama: Nah, I will just throw it out at the beach. It will get me good press.

Yes, Obama scattered Toot's ashes at the beach in Hawaii the other day, in an unofficial farewell to the woman who raised him; the families "rock" (his word). Why unofficial farewell? Because her funeral happened weeks ago, two days after the election ended. The fact of Obama's conspicuous absence from her funeral apparently appalls only me, as I have seen little media coverage or public outrage for him not attending.  So for me, Obama scattering Toot's ashes is as symbolic as him flicking the ashened tobacco end off one of burning cigarettes.

I admit I am suffering from Obama fatigue, and I honestly was hesitant to even post this blog. I have even stooped to writing about "Monkey Joe" Biden and Caroline "I'm a Kennedy, Make me a Senator" Kennedy, so you know I'm scrubbing the sewer pipes to avoid writing about The Messiah. All that said, I think this story is worthy of further scrutiny, as I did when I wrote "Hear About the Funeral?".

According to this article on Yahoo:

"The demands of the presidential campaign meant Obama was unable to fly to Hawaii for her funeral. But on Tuesday, he finally bade her farewell at a memorial service attended by friends and family, including his wife Michelle, daughters Malia and Sasha, and half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng.

I like the touch of the half-sister being there. Like Obama is really "the family man". The same family man who conveniently (1) tossed Toot under the bus, (2) didn't have any connection with his aunt living in the slums of New York, and (3) who doesn't speak with his half-brother who lives in a tent in Kenya and earns $20 a year.  Maybe this is just the way Kenyan's treat family?

Whatever Obama's excuse, it certainly wasn't because he didn't have the money. The ex-junior senator from Illinois has gone from not having two dimes to rub together in 2004, to the elite income class over the past few of years, earning close to $2M just last year.  I guess "8 years of Bush" hasn't been too bad for the Obama family?  Or maybe Illinois politics really does pay well?

One possible excuse he could use to miss Toot's funeral is he didn't want to be a hypocrite and leave a large carbon footprint flying to Hawaii twice within a week?

Ok here's my theory: He just didn't really give a hoot about Toot.  And all this happening now is for show.

Obama's sister said in a statement earlier that the memorial service would allow him to "grieve and emotionally process" the loss of the woman he called the rock of his family and whose name he frequently invoked on the campaign trail.

Apparently vacation is a good time to grieve. I know when I plan my vacations, grieving is a big reason for how I pick location and timing, etc. I'm sure most of you take vacation time to "cry it all out" as well. If not, what's wrong with you?

More from the article:

"She's the one who taught me about hard work," Obama told a packed stadium in Denver in August when he accepted the Democratic presidential nomination. "She's the one who put off buying a new car or a new dress for herself so that I could have a better life."

She is the person who did all this, and she is the one who's funeral Obama did not attend. If he can't show the ultimate respect for somebody supposedly so important to him and formative for him, what will he possibly offer his adopted country of America?

That's my rant!

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Obama – I Got the Power

The mere presence of The Messiah, America's new president-elect caused a power surge in Oahu the other day. 

Like Zeus himself, Obama created a thunderstorm, so that the world would know his wrath. It is likely that the only light shining on the island was that light created by Obama himself.

Obviously oblivious to his carbon footprint, Obama et al were staying in what was describe as a $9 million, five-bedroom oceanfront home near downtown Honolulu. A residence befitting an IL politician, wouldn't you say? 

And how would power be restored Obama's temporary residence?  As this article points out:

Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann said three generators had been installed earlier for Obama's rented compound. He said a fourth generator which Gov. Linda Lingle had sent for Obama was turned away, but the power company later set up a bigger one in the neighborhood in case it was needed.

I wonder if all Kenyans are treated with such care when visiting Hawaii? And what of Hawaii's own citizens? It appears that Hawaii's citizens will not get the royal treatment:

Hawaiian Electric Co. spokeswoman Jan Loose said power to some neighborhoods would likely not be restored until late Saturday.

"Keep your fingers crossed. We should have everybody restored. But folks on the east side will be out most of the morning," Loose said in radio interviews.

Apparently generators are only for African coup leaders. And rightfully so, I say, as they have earned it!

The power outage prevent printing of the paper, so unfortunately Obama was not able to read about how great he is, while on vacation.  Luckily he had his Blackberry.

Asked why he didn't just restore power and show mercy to all Hawaiians, and Obama's only comment was, "I got the power."

That's my rant!

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Progressive Liberal – The Latest Oxymoron

Liberals have changed their name, and now want to be called Progressives. They say that becoming Progressives is not about the stigma attached to liberalism. Right! I guess if you call a dog turd a rose, it won't smell like crap?

I contend that there is no such thing as a Progressive liberal, and that the term progressive liberal is an excellent oxymoron. But when you look up liberal in the dictionary, it is truly glowing. So much so, I want to be a liberal. Here is an excerpt of the definition from

"favorable to progress or reform…free from prejudice or bigotry; tolerant…favoring or permitting freedom of action…open-minded or tolerant" actually declares this part of the liberal definition obsolete:

"Morally unrestrained; licentious"

But when you get beyond the textbook definition of liberalism, you understand that the real world meaning of the word is "unrepentant meddler".

Recall that liberals back in the day were the people who wanted to bus "other people's kids" from neighborhoods to other schools in order to create equality. If there is no equality, then damnit we will just create it. Keep in mind that liberals didn't want their kids bussed, just other people's kids. They felt it necessary to meddle, usually in Black communities. Because who better than a Kennedy, Kerry, Pelosi, Reid, and other rich White congressmen to know what Black children need?

And let's not forget the "Pied Piper of Green", Al Gore. He produces CO2 levels, that rivals the largest of Texas cattle herds. Private jets, SUVs, phat house, and many other indulgences. And even without his toys, Big Al still leaves one hell of a carbon footprint. "Tipper, don't lift the blanket!"

How do you spot a liberal? They will save a dog, but see no problem killing a child. Save some bird breeding sanctuary, but destroy New Orleans.  Ban DDT to "save the earth", the outcome being the death of a million Africans.

And when liberals produce devastation with their inane policies, they just "rubberneck" the devastation. Why bother apologizing, when there is always a Republican scapegoat nearby?

That's the real definition of Progressive: The person blaming the Republican. See Financial Crisis.

That's my rant!

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Cabinet Series: Stupid is What Stupid Does – New Chicago Education Czar

Don't you find it just a bit moronic, excuse me…"ironic", that Obama would select his new Education Czar, Arne Duncan, from Chicago? After all, this is the same school system where Obama did not put his daughters.

In this article in USA Today, we are offered a bit more information about Duncan: 

Duncan, 44, has supported higher pay and better working conditions for teachers. He has championed district schools, which are managed by the Academy for Urban School Leadership. The academy trains new teachers and boasts a 90% teacher retention rate.

He has also backed No Child Left Behind, President Bush's 2002 education law, but testified in 2006 that Congress should amend it to give schools, districts and states "the maximum amount of flexibility possible" to implement it.

First, note there is no reference on what Duncan actually did FOR THE KIDS!

As for No Child Left Behind, the flexibility Duncan wanted was "No Accountability for His Behind".

And as for his other accomplishments, Duncan did a lot for the teachers, retaining 90% of them. When you look at Chicago schools report card, it's easy to see how he retained them: They had nowhere else to go, as this article in the Chicago Tribune explains:

CHICAGO - A spokesman for the Chicago Public Schools says authorities are expected to announce next month plans to close or consolidate at least 20 schools next school year. That's up from 18 last year. 

chool system spokesman David Pickens says eight to 12 struggling schools, including at least two high schools, probably will be targeted for closing based on poor academic performance. 

What is the result of all this hard work and restructuring of the Chicago school system?  According to this report from the University of Chicago

After a lifetime of reforms under Mayor Daley, how do Chicago public school students stack up against their big-city peers?

Anywhere from the near-bottom to the middle of the pack, according to fourth- and eighth-grade reading and math scores released Thursday for 11 big-city districts.

Given this record of achievement by Duncan, I am not surprised that Obama selected him to be the leader of our nation's education program. When it comes to true leadership, Obama doesn't have a clue what to look for.

Put simply, Chicago would have been better off having hired a chimpanzee as the CEO of the system. They could have saved a lot of money, and gotten the same results.

That's my rant!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Difference Between Conservatives and Liberals...Captured in Video

I have often said that you can tell the difference between Conservatives and Liberals.  In this video it is easy to spot the Liberals, and in many cases these Liberals are up for Darwin awards.  Enjoy!


Whiskey Shot with Beer Chaser – 500,000 More Jobs from Obama

The zoo enhanced one of its exhibits. Yes, Obama and Biden pumped up the stakes, adjusting the jobs creation plan from 2.5M jobs to 3M jobs. So another 500,000 people now have job security, because The Messiah simply says so. I breathed a sigh of relief when I read this.

Now Mr. Obama hasn't exactly explained the details in his first jobs plan to create or save 2.5M jobs, but who are we to question The Messiah. If he says he will feed now 500,000 more people with 50 fish, then yea verily it shall be so.

Now you might be asking, "What has changed that added the additional 500,000 to the goal?" Did the US hit the Nigerian lotto? Did we find Al Capone's real vault? Short answer: Nothing has changed. However, when you are full of empty promises, you can promise whatever you like. Next week Obama will likely increase the jobs goal to five million, no, make it ten!

Recall in my blog Obama the Creator of 2.5M Jobs that I defined 'save' in Obamaspeak. The clue here is that if you get to keep your job, then Obama saved it. It really is that simple. When it is all said and done, Obama will likely take credit for "saving" ten million jobs, and the media, liberal pundits, and so on will be anointing his feet with oil.

I find Obama to be like my idiot cousin who continually "borrows" money from me, of course never repaying it, but always promising. And when we discuss things like loans, he comments, "Dude, you know if I was rich, I would hook you up!" Well that "if" is nothing for me to concern myself with.

When I blogged earlier on Obama...2.5M Jobs, I alluded to the idea that Obama believes his "job creation" will come in the form of infrastructure jobs, repairs to Federal buildings, including schools, and "green" initiatives. He believes he is FDR, and the sad news is…he is! In fact he is likely more socialist than FDR.  Read Obama the Regulator - The Raw Deal.

FDR got lucky, in that he had with his "Whiskey shot" known as the New Deal, a "beer chaser" known as WWII.

Here are a few elements of the Obama-Biden plan from this article in Yahoo News:

"Ideas included weatherizing 1 million homes, shifting to a paperless health system, investing in disease prevention and modernizing schools.

Obama's team and congressional staff over the last week have been scrambling to come up with details of a plan to pump up the droopy economy with $650 billion or more in government spending over the next few years."

I'm not sure how many jobs "disease prevention" creates or saves, but he is The Messiah. And as for weatherizing one million homes, well why not ten million? If weatherizing one million creates X, then ten million should create 10X, if my math is right. And what happened to "inflating our tires"? Surely that idea is not under the bus? How many jobs would that create? I will search "tire inflators" on, and get back with you on that one.

Next he plans to dump (their word, not mine) $650B into the economy. I agree, it will be dumped. They could consider just burning it as well, as I predict the same outcome in its impact in the economy. A bunch of people who don't deserve the money getting the money. Well I can see the stimulus this will create.

Here is the translation of "dumping" $650B into the economy - Pay the bribes to the poor who got him elected. A little Steak Tartar for the ObamaZombies. 

The "plan" here is simply to "divvie" up the $650B into nice little slivers, and send them out in the form of welfare, oops…stimulus checks. For you recipients, be sure to have your Obama-Biden signs up, so the postman knows where to deliver your welfare checks.

There is also a plan to bail out the "financially strapped states". Interesting tidbit: The most financially strapped states are BLUE states, i.e. democratic states, as I informed in Blue States Seeing Red. Yes, bastions of liberalism, content on spending our money as if it grows on trees. And with Uncle Sugar coming to power, essentially they are right.

So Obama shores up the blue states' votes, by rewarding them for their fiscal irresponsibility. Such is the way of liberal lunacy. And you can bet that there will be no accountability in this plan for the states, because why hold states accountable, when you will need their votes in future elections?

And Obama will not face this battle alone, as Biden has been uncaged.

"Biden, speaking in an interview set to air Sunday, said he believed there will be another stimulus package of roughly $700 billion to keep the economy from "absolutely tanking.""

So Biden added to the $50B to the $650B. What's another $50B here or there for a liberal? For them, it's just a money orgy. And they have an inexhaustible supply.

I hope you have enjoyed your trip to the zoo today!  We will visit again soon, you can bet.

That's my rant!

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Turdapalooza – And You Thought Hillary Was Unqualified!

I don't know about you, but the thought of yet another Kennedy entering politics, well like Chris Matthews said about Obama, "it just sent tingles up my leg". After all, who better than a Kennedy can represent the "common man"? And when you get a Kennedy with such an impressive resume as  Caroline Kennedy, well who wouldn't be all goo goo ga ga?

First, consider her pedigree. She's a fricking Kennedy for God's sake. Qualification by proxy. Isn't this how the senate seat in New York was filled last time? Hillary was qualified by proxy, because she was… the wife of Bill.

I know if a liberal's neurosurgeon was unable to perform the operation, I would be ok with his/her spouse stepping in by proxy to operate. Bad example, because even a poor neurosurgeon could do no harm to the liberal mind.

For liberals, qualification by proxy is a necessity, when you have as little depth in the ranks as they have. This is why they are content to elect the unqualified, and to protect the completely tarnished, like Blagojevich.

Regardless of terrorist… excuse me, university professor associations, sealed records, and lack of any significant achievement in life, liberals are content to elect, or in this case appoint, any knucklehead with anti-America sentiment, or in the case of Ms. Kennedy, a Camelot pedigree.

But perhaps I am being hasty in my judgment of Ms. Kennedy? So let's consider her record of, uh hmm, accomplishment.

Kennedy is a member of the New York and Washington, D.C. bar associations. She is also a member of the boards of directors of the Commission on Presidential Debates and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

She worked as a photographer's assistant at the Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria.[12] In 1977, she became an intern at the New York Daily News, where acco

rding to People Magazine, "she sat on a bench alone for two hours the first day before other employees even said hello to her." According to former News reporter Richard Licata, "Everyone was too scared."[12]

Subsequently, she began work as a research assistant in the film and TV department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 1980, where she met her future husband, exhibit designer Edwin Schlossberg.[10]

Kennedy is an honorary chairman of the American Ballet Theatre.[14]

Kennedy is an attorney, writer, editor and serves on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations.

Sounds like Ms. Kennedy is just a half-step above community organizer? So I stand corrected…she is eminently qualified for the job of senator of New York, and in fact…president!

Like most notable liberals, she has accomplished

 nothing, except being a "carrier" of Kennedy genes. Outside of the Kennedy fortune, I see no other noteworthy qualities in these carriers of this gene. And Caroline bolsters my argument.

First, the fact that she has a law degree and is not practicing law says a bit about her abi

lities in that career. Rumor is that she can't even do pro bono. She can't even give her legal services away!

Next, photographer's assistant, intern at a newspaper, and finally a research assistant at the Met. Amazing credentials, wouldn't you say? But these jobs could come in handy in Congress.

Let's see, research which government officials are subject to corruption. Take controversial pictures of various government officials during corrupt acts. Then extort government officials by threatening to sell the pictures and story to the newspaper. And you thought I wouldn't connect the dots for you…

Liberals will never get it, as most are just simpletons. They like the idea of Camelot, and the idea of "royalty" governing them. And if royalty is not available, liberals are content to create royalty, i.e. "polish a turd, and call it art"…I submit William Jefferson Clinton. How else could a hick from Arkansas, one of the worst presidents of our time, still be the ruler of the Democratic party, even after leaving office?

And liberals will search the deep dark recesses of Africa, most recently Kenya, and find an ex-Muslim turd to polish (but keep a Clinton close for White supervision)…I submit Barack "Barry" Hussein Obama.

Finally, on rare occasion the stars align, and liberals can go to the archives. They pluck a turd from the museum archives, dust it off, and offer it as "Contemporary Art"…I submit Caroline Bouvier Kennedy. So in this case, the liberal governor of New York gets the opportunity to appoint royalty.

Here's the wrap:

We are in the midst of "Turdapalooza", so we have to make the best of it. However, eventually even the liberals can't hold their noses from the stench of too many turds, and they will ultimately take a breath and notice the stench. You know, elitism, classism, racism, and all the "isms" they claim to protect, as they continue to practice them.

That's my rant!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Name Has Been Changed to Protect the Guilty

Did anybody notice the subtle change from "global warming" to "global climate change?" It was like when pro-abortion went to pro-choice. Nice try.

Why the shift in terminology on climate? Because it's difficult to discuss a hoax like global warming, when it's fricking freezing! And in unseasonably cold winter weather, storms recently pounded the Northeast. I have spent most of this week in Las Vegas, the location chosen by my team, because we wanted to "go somewhere warm." It has snowed two days in a row, 11" in some areas. When it snows in Vegas, well that's sort of like 'hell freezing over'. Global warming, Vegas style!

It may surprise some readers to learn that in the 1970s, "global cooling" was all the rage. Concern peaked in the early 1970s, partly because of the cooling trend that began in 1945. Two decades of a cooling trend suggested a trough had been reached after several decades of warming, and partly because much less was then known about world climate and causes of ice ages. Although there was a cooling trend, scientists were perfectly well aware that predictions based on this trend were not possible - because the trend was poorly studied and not understood. And like our mainstream media of today, the popular press of this period reported global cooling generally without the caveats present in the scientific reports. So the boogeyman of the 70s, according to liberals was that man was creating a world that would be colder than a bucket of penguin doo-doo.

In 1966 Caesar Emiliani, author of the Quaternay Hypsithermals predicted that a new glaciation would begin within a thousand years.  At least he kept is narrow for us.  And in the next decade Emiliani warned, 

"Man's activity may either precipitate this new ice age or lead to substantial or even total melting of the ice caps."

But wait… in "The Modern Temperature Trend", The Discovery of Global Warming, Spencer Weart writes,

"While neither scientists nor the public could be sure in the 1970s whether the world was warming or cooling, people were increasingly inclined to believe that global climate was on the move, and in no small way."

Both men, though on opposite sides of the issue, come to the same conclusion: The world is either warming or cooling. Profound. I guess I can count on summer around June, and winter around November, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, given these startling revelations?
So the modern day ecological alarmists needed a "new and improved" global disaster phrase. Presto, chango we now have the term "global climate change".

Global climate change incorporates tsunamis, monsoons, cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, dust storms, lake effects, landslides, sink holes, sink links, busted pipes, tidal waves, rogue waves, Miss America waves, and world peace…and anything else that these snake oil salesmen want to add. Can I get fries with my impending ecological disaster of choice brought on by global climate change?

And the alarmists knew that even the most stupid people, yes even liberals had finally caught on to the ruse of discussing the subject of global warming only during a blistering hot summer and at a blistering hot location like Death Valley. Hawaii at a constant 80 degrees would offer "just another stinky day in paradise". And God-forbid they pick a cold climate to host a global warming meeting? It's difficult to discuss the destruction of the world from global warming, when it's colder than the hair on a polar bear's butt.

So scientists on the other side of this hoax are now fighting back, most recently 650 prominent scientists speaking out. 30,000 others are suing Al Gore over the hoax. I guess they want their part of the Nobel Peace Prize money. To them I say, "Tax Gore's liberal ass".

So where do I stand on all of this? I believe in global warming. I believe in global cooling. Is man affecting both? Sure. To what degree? I'd say man's impact on "earth" is about as significant as a butterfly's wing flapping disrupting airport travel.

So call it what you want, global warming, global climate change, or whatever, it's just another alarmist attempt to take money out of your pocket. Going green is not about saving the earth, but it is indeed about going "green", which is to say that liberals are always looking for a way to pick your pocket. Those shifty band of hooligans!

That's my rant!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

One More Liberal Scoundrel Out of Work…And Counting!

Don't you just love it when you know exactly how many stupid people there are, and to the tenth percentile? Well in Louisiana, there are exactly 43.2% of the people who are certified stupid. Yes, this is the percentage of people who voted for William Jefferson, the nine-term Democratic representative from Louisiana, who had $90,000 in his freezer. He was accused of 16 criminal counts of racketeering, bribery, money laundering and obstruction of justice.

To be fair, like Jefferson, I like to keep my loot cool, so I freeze mine too. I like the way it keeps the bills nice and crisp. And with what Congress has been doing with my money, I think putting a literal "freeze" on spending was in order, don't you?

My process is to bag my money in clear plastic. Then I use one of those gadgets to suck the air out of the bag, so my money doesn't get freezer burn. Sucking the air out also makes my money easier to stack, those nice, little half-inch $10K bricks. Why freeze our money?

Blacks have a history of not trusting banks, so we have buried money, hidden it in walls of our homes, and other unique hiding places. And I'm sure that Jefferson, like me knows first-hand that there is no better feeling than going to get some food out of the freezer, only to be greeted by one's money, just sitting there as if it were saying, "I got your back, Bro".

So tucking away $90K for a rainy day is just what any good Liberal congressman not on the take would do. There are no shenanigans here, no smoking gun, no congressional seat for sale…just Liberalism as usual, and frankly good fiduciary responsibility in today's volatile financial times.

So I applaud Congressman Jefferson for this visionary practice, no doubt born of difficult times in his life. One of nine children, Jefferson knows hardship. It is likely he set his goal early in life to make a difference. And William Jefferson would grow up to become Louisiana's first Black congressman since Reconstruction.

During Reconstruction, you know that period right after the Republican's freed the slaves, there were over 2000 Black men who served in an elective office. This number fell off dramatically once Reconstruction ended and the racist Democrats began their programs aimed at demoralizing Blacks and preventing Blacks from voting either by law or intimidation.

So for Congressman Jefferson to achieve something so monumental, I mean a Black man getting elected in this day and time, well "times, they are a changin'". And then to get our new Messiah, well indeed the world has turned on its axis.

Lucky for you liberals, Jefferson didn't squander his opportunity to make America, and most of all Black people proud. I don't know about you, "but right now…for the first time in my adult life, I am proud to be an American…"

This article by CNN provides more details:

"Officials say the money was part of a payment in marked bills from an FBI informant in a transaction captured on videotape. Jefferson also is accused of soliciting and receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes for himself and his family in exchange for promoting their products and services to countries in Africa."

So Jefferson's hypocrisy was not limited to shaming Blacks in America, but extended to selling African's whatever the highest briber would pay. Pleather, Nehru, polyester was all for sale, hell send those Africans back into the 70s!

But there were two little extras that validated what America is all about, that came from this disgrace: (1) a Republican now holds this seat in Congress, and (2) Anh "Joseph" Cao is America's first Vietnamese congressman. I bet Mr. Cao does a lot more to make American proud than Jefferson ever did.

Don't be surprised if you see Jefferson acting as an "advisor" to His Highness' transition staff, or at the very least getting his pardon, once he is rightfully thrown in jail. After all, Obama loves those radicals!

That's my rant!

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