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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Biden Experiment

At some point we have all wondered why in the world would Obama select a de facto knucklehead like Joe Biden as his VP? When you consider that Biden has publicly stated that Obama essentially was not ready for prime time, the choice just didn’t make sense.
Obama is to silk, as Joe is to sandpaper. With the exception of coma victims, we are all aware that Biden suffers from “foot in mouth” disease, and has coined many “Bidenisms” over the past decades. Compound this with Biden always being the smartest guy in the room [Biden will “pencil whip” the crap out of anybody in a resume-writing contest!], and again, you wonder why oh why on ”Obama’s green earth” would he pick Biden?

Biden’s most recent gaff happened today, where he commented without knowing the press was in the back of the room, "...It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy…” Biden went on to say, "I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate [mentioning the Middle East and Russia as possibilities], and he's gonna need help."

Rumor is John McCain dispatched a case of Cristal to Biden by courier, within minutes of Biden’s statement. The note attached said: “It’s three against one…thanks for the support!”

So why did the Anointed One choose Biden? I know you think you know the answer to this, and you likely believe it was because of Biden’s so-called foreign policy experience. Well you would be wrong. Don’t feel bad fellow Republicans, because the answer is not obvious. And you have not been trained to think as Obama does, and I have, so I will explain his reasoning.

The answer is Obama is getting his revenge on White America, and I must admit he is doing it brilliantly. He is essentially exposing a supposedly intellectual, cultured White Senator, as the complete knucklehead that he is. And behind closed doors Obama, Michelle, and Reverend Wright are laughing their butts off at “Black Only” cocktail parties.

Obama is saying, “…here is a man that America holds in the highest regard, and I am showing them (he’s not one of us) and the rest of the world that all these White guys that you hold in such high esteem are two tacos short of a Mexican platter.”

Obama, though only half Black is a self-proclaimed Black man. Obama resents the idea that Blacks are considered less intelligent, and incapable of being in charge. So he had to expose a prominent White man as a dolt. Enter stage left, Joe Biden.

So Obama uses Biden as his public lab rat, performing a "Reverse Dr. Shockley” experiment on America, called The Biden Experiment. The Biden Experiment  intentionally “dumbs down” Biden publicly, thus making Obama appear to be more brilliant than he really is. And all Obama has to do let Biden out of his cage for the experiment to work.

Now we Republicans have known for some time that Biden’s “engine’s running, but nobody’s driving”, though you likely didn’t know of the Top Secret program now officially known as The Biden Experiment.

However, due to developments from today, in an extremely rare move, Obama ended funding to the program. Apparently Biden is starting to become more like that “Uncle” Obama refers to from time to time. 

Asked for comments on the program by Fox news, and Obama’s comment was “...we are considering muzzling Uncle Joe or buying a new bus.” We were left to interpret the meaning of the second part of the comment.

An Obama publicist asking to be anonymous commented off the record, that “The Biden Experiment was an insurance policy for Obama, if elected, since nobody could possibly want Biden as president.”

Fox new was able to track down John McCain for comment, and McCain said that "...he was unaware of The Biden Experiment, but he was sad to see this program not get future funding…at least for the next two weeks."

That's my rant!

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Paul C said...

Terrific as always, I'm glad to have followed you here from LI.

I thought you might get a kick out of this article:

I'm considering how best to ask an LI Q&A on it right now...


Pacaderm said...

I'm passing this blog to all I know! Prediction:
Kevin gains celebrity status and this becomes THE blog. (and I will say I met him "when")...

The Black Sphere said...

On 10/22/08 5:02 PM, Vicki Betts wrote:
Wow, Kevin-- my daughter was asked who she was going to vote for in one of her college classes, and when she said "McCain", she was called a racist. I was called a racist today, by a man on the Sarah Palin board who was angry that I questioned the motives behind Colin Powell's ninth hour support of Barack Obama. I don't have a racist bone in my body, nor do my husband or children-- we have many friends from all walks of life, and it has not sat well with me, to see the race card being played, whenever anyone has the guts to question anything about Barack Obama. Apparently, because of his race, he feels he should be immune to the normal scrutiny that any candidate for the office of President of the United States should expect. They certainly have put Sarah Palin through the electron microscope--and that upstart, Joe the Plumber, who asked an honest, forthright question of the Messiah, while standing in his OWN yard, playing with his son. It is not like he did the seeking out of Obama-- Obama asked for it, and he got it, an honest question-- and he gave an honest answer, but TOO honest-- this is his REAL intention, to "spread the wealth" the way HE wants to see it spread-- what happened to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people-- ALL the people? . And now, poor Joe has his life being torn apart by Obama's storm troopers. Be aware, America-- this will be YOU, if you have the temerity to question ANYTHING that happens, if Obama gets into office! Do we really want to lose our Freedom of Speech, and live in constant fear, in our own homes?

I have known and had the honor of calling my friends-- African Americans, Oneida Indians, various white people- you know, Dutch, French, Swiss, Irish--Chinese, Indians, Nepalese, Japanese, Mexicans, Germans, Lebanese, Armenians... the list goes on and on- I work in a field that allows me to work globally, with many professionals of all races, creeds and colors. Of these, every ONE of them has more honesty, integrity, discernment, morals, values, and patriotism toward this country, its people and its flag, than Barack Obama-- any one of them would make a better president.

The Black Sphere said...

what is it about obama that makes you trust him ?

i get the used car sales men vibe from his speches and biden is just a rich
prick. we need to stop paying 3rd world countrys all of our hard earend taxed dollars and get this country off the oil we are more than capable to be running solar wind water and electric / hydrogen powered or natural fuel vehicles and we would if the suites would allow our countrys best and brigtest to do so. we have to much government control and not enough for sight for what the american people want. power grid failure and colaps of infrastructure is more apparent these days look at what ike did to texas recenly all it would take is a major trial and bam anarchy. just my take on this post keep up the excelent work.

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Anonymous said...


Wait a minute! There are “Black Only” cocktail parties?

Anonymous said...


And now I know the "real" reason why Biden was chosen! :)

Thanks, as always for your insights Kevin, AKA theblacksphere.
I really enjoyed this "rant" and actually laughed out loud a couple of times while reading it.

Anonymous said...


FTA: "At some point we have all wondered why in the world would Obama select a de facto knucklehead like Joe Biden as his VP?"

Kevin is that any way to treat knuckleheads? Is it their fault Biden is a member? :-)
The best BIDEN GAFFE has to be this one:

"Three letters folks...J-O-B-S". Someone failed to mention to Biden before he opened his mouth, jobs has 4 letters. Details, details, details! Thanks for posting! :-)

Anonymous said...


Biden's best gaffe was being caught on tape shouting at a supporter about how bad coal is and that there is no such thing as clean coal technology. I still can't believe this dufus will be the VP. Thanks for the rant Kevin, Biden makes us look like uneducated under medicated bufoons. I certainly can hear the world laughing.

Anonymous said...


I loved this article. IMHO Joe Biden is the smartest idiot one could ever meet. It amazes me that even after his comments about "getting America out of the rutt" and "it's time to be patriotic" in reference to paying more taxes that this pair was elected? My best friends neighbor voted for Obama without having any idea what he stood for. His reason was "the Democrats are for the little people". I tried to educate him on how things really work but his mind is so closed all he knows is you walk into the voting both and pull the lever for the Deomcrat party. This is what we are up against as conservatives... You are a great American! Keep up the great work.


Abe Benedict said...

"So Obama uses Biden as his public lab rat, performing a "Reverse Dr. Shockley” experiment on America, called The Biden Experiment. The Biden Experiment intentionally “dumbs down” Biden publicly, thus making Obama appear to be more brilliant than he really is. And all Obama has to do let Biden out of his cage for the experiment to work."

So it's sort of like "Pinky and The Brain", but without the BRAIN part of the duo.

The Black Sphere said...

@Abe - Too funny! But you must admit, this theory of mine makes sense!

Kathleen said...

Yep. The Biden Experiment has indeed paid off, too.

With Plugs Biden as second in line and Nasty Pelousy as third, Dear Leader has the best two-ply life insurance policy in the world.

Boonie Girl said...

Very good analysis Kevin, I had not looked at it that way before. I have to admit as out there as it may seem it makes sense at the same time. right now n e thing is possible.
What slays me is that he (Obama) makes so many mistakes himself on a much grander level one wonders if they need him to keep the heat of the prez, everytime the O messes up out comes biden to make sum dumb remark i.e. 3 letter word J O B S lord help us.
No one will even try to hurt this president they don't wan't Biden to replace him.

The Black Sphere said...

@Boonie - I'm convinced that Obama is more stupid than Biden, and he may have selected him, so Obama would not look quite so stupid! Imagine if Obama had a Cheney!

rachel said...

nice post...