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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

‘Blacklash’ Against Gays

Are you a bit curious as to why Blacks voted 70% against Proposition 8, which was to support same sex marriages in California, yet voted 96% for Obama, i.e. liberalism? It is obvious that gay issues are liberal issues. One would think that Blacks would vote to support this overwhelmingly, but they didn't. Why the backlash?

Well the problem began when gays made their cause equivalent to the Civil Rights movement for Black equality. Admittedly there are similarities, in that both gays and blacks want all rights afforded all Americans. On that point most people agree, and I certainly do. But in debating with homosexuals, I usually get offended once we go beyond "basic human rights", i.e. you want to flaunt your gaiety.

What do I mean, well gays want text books like "I have two Mommies", and special parades. In effect they want to recruit, to offer some appeal to the gay lifestyle, so that kids will want to be gay. I will admit that I find gay people interesting and stylish. "That don't make me gay, do it?"

Well Blacks aren't recruiting. We aren't flamboyantly Black, just Black. Blacks only want our basic rights. We aren't trying to get the world to go from line dancing to break dancing, to get America to have some Afro-centric cultural shift. We just wanted "basic human rights". I argue with gays that I have never seen a sign for drinking fountains that read "Gay" and "Straight". But I have seen "Colored" and "White". And there were studies by prominent scientists attempting to prove definitively that Blacks were inferior to Whites [Dr. Shockley]. I have seen no such studies involving gays.

Now you will get no argument from me that Blacks are politically stupid, save a small minority (pardon the pun) of Conservative Blacks. However we are not intellectually stupid, as we many times have been portrayed all throughout history.

At this point in our debate, they usually brush over that point stating that discrimination against gays can be less overt, and more discreet. So I interpret this as, if you are a flamboyant gay, then you might not get a promotion, or hired for that matter. And of course my retort is that, Blacks feel much the same, since we have been relegated to menial work in the past, based solely on the color of our skin, nothing more. Nevertheless the arguments rage on between me and my gay foes, until finally I drive my point home with this example.

Scenario: An Aryan Nation man is standing in the "baby viewing" window at a maternity ward, looking at the newborns. There are two babies in the ward, one Black, one White. Which baby does he hate? The "gay White" baby or the Black baby?

Black is from birth. Now you may argue that gay is from birth, and I will agree that some children are born gay, though most are not. Nature has given us as many as eleven sexual variations, e.g. hermaphrodites, and gender dysphoria, to name a few. But the fact remains that you can "hide" all of these variants, if you choose. However you can't hide Blackness, with rare exception anyway.

So the recent backlash on Proposition 8 that the gay community felt from Blacks is two-fold. First, Blacks are Conservatives, as a rule. We vote opposite of our beliefs, based on ignorance, as we really are the definition of Bizarro World.

Second, Blacks do not equate the suffering of gays to the suffering of Blacks in the past, we resent the comparisons. Our forefathers were hung, beaten, enslaved, raped, and treated as chattel. Gays are discriminated against when they try to "get married". Partner notwithstanding, gays have full rights as citizens.

Don't get mad fellow Conservatives, as we have the right to differ on this, but I believe in civil union, if gays want that lifestyle. Personally, I don't condone it. But far be it from me to define their "pursuit of happiness". Nevertheless, before gays compare their struggle to that of Blacks, they need to do their homework.

So on Prop 8, the Blacks got it right for a change! That said, I do support my Log Cabin Republicans in their other pursuits, because they have indeed raised the property value in my neighborhood a good 12%, even in a down housing market. Black people simply cannot do that.

That's my rant!

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Unknown said...
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Jean said...

I was confused by the vote. 52% of all Californians say, marriage is a man and a woman. Who made up that 52% in liberal California? Are you saying, it was not the conservative Blacks? the Black church?

I was so encouraged by the 52% that I could see a possiblity of CA. voting conservative in the next elections if the Republicans could become united on more issues.

The Black Sphere said...

Jean, this vote proved that Californians are conservative at their core. I think you will begin to see a minor shift in this thinking, particularly given their financial woes. They, unlike most of the world know that their financial problems are of their own creation.

Evans Clements said...

Kevin, Again you hit it right on the head. I have gay friends that sit on both sides of the proverbial fence on this issue. I was happy to see your comments about supporting civil unions, but not condoning the lifestyle. I run into a lot of resistance having this view.

The radical element of the gay movement(like radical movements of most kinds)always get the most press. The squeaky whell get the grease concept. AS a white southern middle aged man I remember the discrimination when I was a kid and the civil rights movement.There is no comparison with the gay agenda.The comparison of the two is pure ignorance or denial.

Anonymous said...

I'm a straight white female but I'd imagine that gay pride parades originated because, for the longest time, gay people had to hide their homosexuality from the world. It was a crime. It was evil, ugly, degenerate to be gay. In fact in some parts of the U.S. it's still sneered at as evil and immoral. In some parts of the world, especially theocracies, it's still illegal.

Having a parade makes a point of saying "it's okay" to be who you are and not a negative thing. I think that's great.

Black Power and Black Liberation. I remember it in the late 1960s, blacks got a lot more 'in your face' and celebrated who they were unapologetically. That is what gays are doing now. And gays being gays, they do it somewhat more flamboyantly and with much more of a sense of fun. So what? Why does that bother people so much?

Until gays are treated as equal human beings, with the same rights as the 'rest of us' including the right to marry, there will not be justice or equality and there WILL be more Matthew Shepards. It is surprising that some blacks do not recognize that this, too, is a form of bigotry.

And some would say the blacks are being had by the Bush neocons.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks "Visitor", I appreciate your comments. I still defy you to show me how a White gay person's rights have been curtailed, short of "marriage"? A gay person can "act" any way he or she chooses. They can "cover" their gayness. I can't cover being Black.

Blacks recognize 'part' of the struggle of gays, and as I said, I am not opposed to gay civil unions, as gays should be afforded the legal rights of partnership as gay couples. However to attempt to equate Blacks marching in the 60s "in your face", to what the gay issue is, well it's just plain ignorant. Now you are free to ignoRANT all you want, but let's just call it what it is. And for the record, Blacks have been "had" for many years, and it's not by Bush, but by Democrats and Liberals. What you are witnessing is the "Blacklash" of it all.

First Amendment said...

Kevin, just a minor correction. Prop 8 was for creating an amendment that defines marriage as between a man and a woman, not a prop to define marriage as between two of the same sex. Voting for Prop 8 meant you were for the traditional definition of marriage.

Anonymous said...

As a Black Female Conservative Californian, I have seen the progression. At first gays wanted to be left alone behind closed doors to do as they pleased (two consenting adults). It progressed to public recognition (parades, special days, etc). They were still not happy. Next came domestic partnerships all the while saying they did not want marriage, we could keep that. They just wanted to enter into contracts, visit sick loved ones, access to benefits, death rights, etc.

Kevin, I take your stance that I do not personally agree, but domestic partnerships have addresses the gay community's concerns. But their agenda is a moving target and impossible to meet. I personally think it is about the destruction of the traditional family. They want us to validate who they are, and that is not AMerica's job...that is between them and God.

Tradition marriage has to stand! We have to have one standard otherwise, where does it end. There is a case in the German courts wherer a brother and sister with children wants to marry. Their arugment is that they are two consenting adults and have the right to define what is best for themselves.

Unknown said...

The issue is this: Being Black is not a selfish, self/other- destructive lifestyle. Being Black is not an abomination to God. Being Black is a beautiful thing. Being Black does not mean trying to force people to accept what you do in your bedroom as normal so you cab feel better about it.

Check out what the Bible says is the true cause of homosexuality:

Romans 1:18-32

I am a former homosexual set free by the power of God. I don't hate anybody....I don't want to see anybody living an empty, meaningless life....

--Tucker, Michigan