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Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Dress!

There was a lot of buzz recently about Michelle’s dress on the day that Barry became president-elect. I heard them say things like,

Instead, Tuesday night's dress--with its "Star Trek"-like molecular burst on the front ("Beam me up, Barack") and crisscross sash--comes hot off the spring 2009 runway collection of Narciso Rodriguez, one of the most critically acclaimed of New York's Fashion Week.

Unfortunately, two key tweaks to the runway version of the dress, presumably made to take it from cocktail-sexy to first-ladylike, disrupted its intentions and architecture.”

I find that description completely wrong, though I don’t claim to be a fashionista. And since I am no journalist either, just an engineer turned salesguy, I wanted to be deferential to the real media, allowing them to make the connection that was evident to me, as soon as Michelle hit the spotlight. But the media never got it.

Well I have waited long enough for the so-called media to figure out what they were missing. Their "miss" reinforced my belief that in this election cycle, that I have witnessed the death of journalism. Yes, the bones of journalism were picked clean by vultures disguising themselves as "news outlets". And those bones were thrown under the bus to greet Granny and Uncle Jeremiah!

So in the spirit of The Black Sphere providing that necessary point of light so that there can be an awakening, I have drawn my own conclusions about the dress, pictured thus. Voila! You be the judge!

Now as you view the picture of Michelle, [she is the one pictured above], note the look in her eyes and its uncanny resemblance with the “test subject” pictured on the right.

Further, both ladies are bearing their underbellies, as if mocking one another for wearing the same dress, perhaps some unspoken challenge?

You should also note the tense body-language of the president-elect, he seemingly pulling away, eye-contact in a completely different direction. Was he signaling the secret service?

Ah ah, don’t be too quick to dismiss. If you look closely, you will notice the eerie hand pointing directly at Michelle, as if to say, “Her”?

That’s my rant!

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Anonymous said...

Lol...did you also note how Michelle Obama's mother was sort of ostracized on the stage? Barack gave her this distant one-armed hug and then rushed away to give his eldest daughter a BIG hug, and as he's squeezing her, Michelle's mother was left to wander on the stage and clap uncomfortably as the Bidens hugged and congratulated one another. Then, everyone on stage lined up, and Michelle's mother had to squeeze between a Biden to get to her daughter, and then Michelle put her arm around her mother.

It was the strangest scene ever!


The Black Sphere said...

Angela, I am happy to report that I did not watch that spectacle. All I saw was that dress, before I hit the remote for old reruns of Knight Rider...shows how bored I was! I am not surprised by your report, however as Obama has not time for anybody except his holiness...HIM!

Anonymous said...

Bawhahah! By George, I think you've got it! That was a great comparison. I personally didn't care for the dress either. I think she could have made a much better choice.

That woman scares the bejeezees out of me. I think I'm more afraid of her than Hillary. Heaven help us all!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a remarkable coincidence! All I noticed was that it was a hideous dress - now I know why she chose it!

Jean said...

I am with Nicole on this one...Hillary was a better adversary. I could not watch the speech; yet, the dress seem to take on a life of its own filling up my TV screen. One of the craziest designs ever...was it meant to be attractive? Not a happy photo of the couple. I think he did not like the dress either:-)

The Black Sphere said...

All great comments and things I missed. I was mesmerized by the black widow spider. I think she emits a pheromone that causes the male black widow to allow her to bite his head off. I got scared and turned the channel!