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Monday, November 17, 2008

Hear About the Funeral?

I find it very interesting there has been no discussion about Obama's grandmother's funeral. She died three days before Obama was officially elected, and I haven't heard anything about Obama and his family attending her funeral. When you do a search on her, there is very little, like something about a church wanting to boycott the funeral. Again, there are no real details on the funeral itself, except to say it was a "private event".

Given how long she has been deceased, one would theorize that she must have been buried by now? And if Obama attended, then the media "call girls" would be enlightening us on how solemn the event was, and how reflective and contemplative Obama was…"how
presidential he appeared to be".

Now I have blogged on Obama's lack of friends and family who supported his campaign, something I find odd to say the least. Given that most of his friends appear to be terrorists and former criminals (some might argue that some still are), I will forgive their absence. Lord knows the "friend bus" is running and it's dangerous to be a passenger on it, lest one finds oneself under it. But I don't understand family not being a part of something so big, so historical? Is this a silent protest, a warning?

Obama did a drive-by to Hawaii, when he went to visit his grandmother just prior to her death. By now, you don't even have to be a conspiracy theorist to suspect that he was there seal his Kenyan birth records. I did a timeline on his visit, and I figured he had roughly two hours to say goodbye to granny, before he was back stumping on the West Coast. I came down on him hard for that, and rightfully so. I figured that would be the height of my indignation for him, and that he could no longer surprise me, as far as his treatment of his family was concerned. But Barry found new heights to hypocrisy, not even attending his granny's funeral. That's just wrong!

With the election complete, Obama accomplished the single greatest achievement of his life. He is the first [1]Black, excuse me, African scam artist to be elected president of the United States, so you would think he would finally pay real homage to his fallen matriarch? No. But Michelle's mother is rumored to be moving into the White House.

Apparently Obama has shown the nation and the world his true disdain for family, or at least his White family, in this very Obamaesque move. With the death of his granny, Obama is now free from the shackles of even fleeting memories of his White heritage.

As the saying goes, "as he treats him mother, so shall he treat you."

That's my rant!

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[1]First White scam artist honors going to Obama's new boss, the big pimpin' Bill Clinton



Anonymous said... that the media has gotten Obama elected and ruined our lives, I guess they have nothing else "good" to say about him. The blog rocks!!

Conservative Black Woman said...

I was wondering what happened with his Granny's burial as well. Unless she was cremated, but there has been no report of even a memorial service. Well, just more Obama weirdness I guess.

DJohn said...

Something about this just rings of Damian know The Omen!!!

Anonymous said...

you know, my grandmother died this year and for you to criticize this aspect of a man's life is really scummy. There are a lot of things to call the guy on, but you really have no class.

Anonymous said...

Damn you! Damn you and your blog! Now I will Never get any work done! Oh, and to 'Anonymous' (cough*coward*cough), how is pointing out the fact than he didn't attend the funeral of the person who raised him classless? Grow a pair and put your real name in next time.