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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama – House Negro

I normally don't find myself agreeing with terrorists, however I have to agree with Ayman al-Zawahiri, in his depiction of Obama as a "house Negro". As I have written recently, I find all the moves Obama is making reminiscent of the 3rd Clinton term. So I deem Obama's term "Black Power with White Supervision."

On O'Reilly tonight Sharpton denounced al-Zawahiri for calling president-elect Obama a "house Negro". Yet it was Al Sharpton who in fact gave General and Secretary of State Colin Powell his battlefield demotion to "house Negro".
Since Powell subsequently endorsed Obama, perhaps Sharpton would like to retract the demotion, and reinstate Powell's former rank of "field Negro"?

Now al-Zawahiri mentioned Secretary Powell and Condoleeza Rice as "house Negros" as well, so might we speculate that Powell's demotion could have influenced Obama's demotion in the Arab world? It is a theory worthy of consideration.

All this said, perhaps the real question is, "Why has the terrorist world turned its back on Obama, demoting him to 'house Negro'?" Maybe they are upset at the amount of unaccounted monies they sent to Obama's campaign, yet they are not properly represented in his cabinet? Obama is certainly pandering to other groups. Let's take a look…

  • With the appointment of Eric Holder whom I believe will be the "token" Black, Obama at least patronized Blacks.
  • The appointment of Emanuel appears to have satisfied the Jews. But nothing for the terrorists.
  • Consider that Massa Bill will get his ambassadorship. One of my readers said that she hoped he would be sent to a country that practices cannibalism, so "hat tip" to her for that idea.
  • Miss Hillary is getting the #3 spot, thus satisfying the "affirmative action" quota for unqualified White women.
  • And now Obama has bolstered the women's vote further with the appointment of Napolitano as Chief of Homeland Security. I really felt comfortable he would appoint one of his terrorist friends to this position, but he fooled me on this one.

  • Various other appointments have kept most of the misfits from rattling their cages, but again, nothing for terrorists!
So we can all see why al-Zawahiri is a bit upset. However, I have it from Washington insiders that negotiations are underway to fill at least one cabinet post with a terrorist. The short list of candidates is as follows:

That's my rant!

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Wake Up Conservatives said...


I was thinking the same thing as I heard al-Zawahiri today! Get out of my head, Kevin!

Anonymous said...

but but... they are not American citizens! Oh yeah, that doesn't matter anymore.

I KNOW I heard Bill Ayers is going to be Secretary of Education. I am pretty sure I heard that. *snick*

We have not been watching ANY TV here. Every time I hear Obama's voice, or see Pelosi's smirky face, I start screaming. I miss O'Reilly, but I swear, every night we have the tv on and they start talking about the election or the "pres-elect" I have nightmares for dreams. sad. I can only deal with what I want to at this point.


Anonymous said...

I am confused as to why he picked Napolitano as well. Clearly he didn't check her record as Govenor here in AZ. This state is a mess right now. The good thing.. for AZ anyway... is that she will be gone..Jan Brewer has quite a mess to clean up

Anonymous said...

We must work together, unite to fight the Liberal Dems'. Excellent site. We wish you great success.

Organization of Conservative Americans (OCA)
A registered 527 PAC

Anonymous said...

Unite, unite!!!!!!! Too many Conservative groups and we are a registered 527 PAC with Lobbyists in DC.

The Black Sphere said...

OCA, thanks for the shameless plug! We will be a 527 as well soon, but thanks for the invite. All others thanks for the comments!

The Black Sphere said...

Robert Tanenbaum

By mistake I turned on some network news and heard a number of people expressing shock and outrage that terrorists who make videotapes when they behead their enemies should such insensitivity, racism and disrespect to our soon-to-be Supreme Leader.

The Black Sphere said...

John Williams

It's amazing to me that anyone felt that he would receive a warm welcome from our nation's greatest enemy and global threat...I know it's "not fair". Welcome to leadership of the free-world.

Anonymous said...

Do not fret - Wright and the other will get a chance soon enough. We still have not heard anything about "Special Council to the President" appointments.