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Friday, November 28, 2008

Terrorism…Post Election

Apparently the Pakistani and Patil terrorists didn't get the memo. Yes, the memo about Obama winning the election. Or perhaps they were unable to see the light that was to have shone down upon all the world?

As for this latest terrorist attack in Mumbai against Americans, I was under the mistaken impression that the election of president-elect Obama was supposed to change the view on Americans around the world and end terrorism against us? I guess the light of hope and change only works in US time zones?

According reports I heard, the Mumbai terrorists targeted Jews, Brits, and most of all…Americans. It is as I have always believed, that Islamo-terrorist believe in Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy. Who wants happiness, when you can have an oppressive theocracy?

In urging other terrorists to remain firm and resolute, Ayman al-Zawahiri of "House Negro" fame said, "Your enemy's stagger has begun, so don't stop hitting him." It appears that the Mumbai terrorists may have heeded his advice.

The attack in Mumbai got me thinking about the level of planning that it took to pull this off. The terrorists attacked multiple sites, and carefully selecting places where all the intended victims would be. Thoughtfully planned and well orchestrated, reminiscent of 9/11. But if you want to attack Americans, why not come to the source…America? Hmmm…

I am often asked by Liberals, "What has George Bush done for America...Would you like fries with that?" Over the past few days, they got their answer. "What did Bush do in the War on Terror?", is what I will answer now, but I will cover more on the Bush legacy at a later date.

First, Bush followed the money. He put economic pressure on terrorists and those sponsoring terrorism, by freezing their assets...and threatening other body parts as well!

Freezing the assets was a bold move, and not anticipated by the terrorists or their consorts. This move sent a shockwave throughout the terrorist community, since (1) they were now broke, and (2) their sympathizers had to cut them off, lest lose America as a market, or worse yet feel the wrath of a pissed off America. You do recall that day when Liberals actually were patriotic? Ah, the good old "day"!

Next, Bush established the Office of Homeland Security. Why? Because the various law enforcement agencies were not talking to each other, which is why the attacked was not thwarted to begin with. This combined agency has dogged terrorist all over the world, and has them hiding in mountains, saying "Can you hear me now?" These cockroaches won't come out in the light of day, because the military has predator drones waiting on them to send missiles to "hit 'em, where the good Lord split up".

The obvious outcome of terrorists with no money or friends, being chased by a combined and focused worldwide law enforcement community? No attacks on American soil.

To think that an attack like this would not occur on Americans because Obama is president-elect is naïve. To think it will stop is even more naïve. On the one hand you have terrorists hell-bent on destroying the infidels, i.e. us. And as I like to say to Liberals, "on the other hand, you have…different fingers".  The terrorists don't care who is in the White House, as their beliefs are truly color-blind.

The election of Obama may have given the naïve of the world a new "rock star", however the terrorists remain unimpressed. Obama's own Muslim people have abandoned him, and are in fact taunting him, as al-Zawahiri did but a few days ago.

But no Mumbai-like incident has happened in America since 9/11. And we have George W Bush to thank for this. Now the next question is, "What will happen on Obama's watch?"  Truly a scary thought.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent piece Kevin. I did a much more surface piece on my blog, since terrorism and foreign affairs are not my strongsuit. [I deal with more domestic social issues myself, abortion, gay marriage, that kind of thing] so thank you for providing further analysis into the situation.

I wonder who the liberals are going to blame this on, since they can't blame it on their Anointed one and they can't blame it on the misunderstood terrorists themselves. Of course, Bush and Obama have been meeting to help solve this situation but I hope Bush has been doing most of the talking and Obama most of the listening. (Though with Obama's ego that might be asking for a bit much)Because whatever pansy diplomacy plan Obama envisions is not going to work.


The Black Sphere said...

Thanks for the compliments Dena. I like your comment on not being able to blame "The Anointed One". Well they certainly can't blame Bush on this one, unless the spin is that everybody is pissed at America...oh, but that won't work because electing Obama changed all that. Welcome to the real world Libs, where terrorists treat Liberals, like the media treated Bush!

Sheryl said...

I enjoyed your rant; keep up the good work!

Rick said...

I find it interesting that the media for the first 24-36 hours of the Mumbai crisis refused to even mention "Islamic terrorists" in their reports. But hey, lets not report the news, lets report all the ways Obama has already improved the country.

As far as what will happen on Obama's watch, don't you just love Joe Biden begging the terrorists to come attack us? Thaks, Joe. That is truly "Change we can BELIEVE in"!

Great post. Thanks Kevin.

Laura said...

Well said, Kevin. I looked at my pictures of the Taj Mahal Hotel since I stayed there in 1996. At least I have some pictures of it before it was ruined.

I am sure that Abomination's policy will be to negotiate with these terrorists as if they care what he has to say.

L. Hazen

The Black Sphere said...

Rick and Laura, excellent points! I can't wait to see how Obama handles such issues considering he snubbed the India leader over the Pakistani leader a while back. Just the first of many more dumb moves!

Alexander Schmitt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alexander Schmitt said...

Pardon the delete/re-post!

Kevin, first and foremost I am a conservative Republican. This is my contrasting point of view as it pertains to your Homeland Security comments. I agree with you when you imply it takes "a pair" to ensure there is no attack on U.S. soil. The times of feeling safe are fundamentally over as we certainly live in a new global climate. No more Kansas! However, I have to debate whether or not the Dept of Homeland security has been more beneficial then harmful. Allow me to explain, since its implementation we have systematically be losing many of our rights. First and foremost we inch closer and closer to a national ID card with RF-ID communication measures which would communicate with check points. We already see an incarnation of this technology on US passports. As you walk off the plane the TSA can track your activity as you traverse the terminal. Imagine that level of granular monitoring on a national scale. As a result of the Patriot act leveraged by the Dept of Homeland Security they monitor our calls, internet activity, purchases and all sorts of other demographic information. An RF-ID card in conjunction with check points nationwide would be the last step and would close the gap between us and Keiko the Orca. Imagine a USA where you couldn’t travel from San Diego to San Francisco because you forgot your ID card, getting a ticket in the mail because your RF-ID card was recorded in your car breaking the speed limit, Or even worse getting an unsolicited visit from the police because your RF ID card was in Walmart and was tagged by a register which recorded you purchasing fertilizer before a bombing. Sounds like stuff out of a George Orwell paper back (1984). Unfortunately all is within the realm of immediate possibilities. At what point do we have to decide between our perceived safety and our anonymity/individualism? It’s another way for the government to grow in power all in the name of “national security”. Your 2 cents on my 2 cents? :)

The Black Sphere said...

I find your issue with Homeland Security a bit Orwellian, unless the Liberals decide to do that. Conservatives see it as what it is...for our protection. It is usually Liberals who want "total control", eg. bailouts and their further Marxist agenda.

Anonymous said...

Here is what I just do not understand....they complain about "profiling muslims" they complain about the Patriot Act "taking away our rights". WTF good are rights if we "ain't" here?? Of course when anything happens...first question is "what did the government do to stop it?" Times have changed we have an enemy that does not play by any rules and they have NO problem taking innocent lives even their own. How can we have security if we don't have security? I just don't get it!! BTW Kevin...I love your say what many times is in my head. Lillith2008

The Black Sphere said...

Lilith my loyal lithener! Just kidding! I love that you love my rants! Thanks for the comments, as they validate that I am not just talking to "self".

Anonymous said...

If you saw someone shot on the street and the police officer responding to the call offered you a jail cell to protect you from the world, would you take it? Jail is not 100% safe as we all know. You can get beat up by other inmates or worse. However, in addition to the illusion of safety you also lowered your quality of life. In reality the TSA and homeland security have not been nearly as effective as we all are lead to believe. I have had utility tools in my bag (Didn't know they were there) that made it through 3 or more TSA check points before someone noticed. I was actually insulted. IMHO, the Dept of Homeland Security has for all intents and purposes done the same thing. Creating a system of limitations, inconveniences and invasions of privacy that lay the preliminary infrastructure for entities like our newly forming “civilian national security force” to utilize. How can you be alright with giving up rights in any way shape or form in the name of anything? Freedom and rights were the very basis for forming our United States. They knew and understood that Britain had the strongest military at the time. They also knew and understood that they could possibly die or be thrown in jail for treason. How can we live in fear constantly? This is a new world where we no longer enjoy the same safety as prior generations however I would NEVER give up one iota of my freedom in fear.

The Black Sphere said...

I think life is a balance, Lilith. We are inconvenienced in checkout lines, concert lines, etc, and traffic jams. What's one more line for the security of our nation? I don't think I am giving up anything, moreso that I am contributing to one more freedom my kids can have. I would hate to live like they do in Israel, always wondering when the next bomb will go off.

Bladesinger6640 said...

hey that is some good stuff, well said out