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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Obama Has in Store for 18-25 Year Olds

As I have posted on multiple occasions, [The Obama Voter, Obama More 'Lincolnesque' Than I Thought, and A Study of the Brain] the average Obama voter is not exactly swimming in the deep end of the gene pool. Yes, there are so-called intellectuals who voted for Obama. The reason I call them so-called, is that most of that group may be well-versed in say Horticulture, and to this I say, "you can bring a whore to culture, but that doesn't make her an intellectual".

Anyway, the group on which I want to focus for this blog is the 18-25 year old demographic.

Obama targeted this group, because they are so politically astute; the pulse of America, right? He advertised in their video games, and you could see his face on NBA '08 on sideline banners, and as you drove through the streets in Grand Theft Auto (fitting).

It was impossible to log onto the internet without seeing the faces of Obama and Biden, and that irritating mantra, "The Change We Need". Obama had Facebook, LinkedIn, and all other social networks covered, and even I, The Black Sphere was invited to join ObamaNation, which I less than respectfully declined.

Based on Obama's marketing machine, 18-25 year olds came out in droves to support him. It was blind faith, most putting more faith in "change", than they do in God. They were like 'Stepford Wives', chanting "Change We Need…Change We Need". But as the saying goes, "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it".

Rahm Emanuel said recently (see video) that 18-25 year olds will be required to serve three months (maybe more) in service to the Motherland. Unpaid service. He then said that he wouldn't quibble if somebody wanted it to be four months. I say, why not a year? Two years? Just leave it vague and see how much pressure it takes to burst the pipe?

And if that is not enough, president-elect Obama has said that he believes we need a civilian force, that is equivalent to the regular military! News alert, president-elect Obama, it's called The National Guard. But you obviously have something different in mind. So who would run this ragtag group of Blackberry bandits? Community Organizers?

This began sounding very Orwellian to me. But then I decided to take a kinder, gentler look at this proposal by Der Fuhrer Obama. My conclusion: Obama really is a great pimp, like I said in Taxacious!

This is brilliant! Obama puts millions of his youngest "stable" to work, for free, and the benefit goes to him. He doesn't have to put them on unemployment or pay them. This is some serious pimping folks!

And as for the civilian military idea, is Obama attempting to wrestle real control from the generals? I say yes, because American generals likely don't have a lot of respect for their new Kenyan leader. Obama can now then split their funding, thus taking the teeth out of the real military, and put a lot of money in the hands of bureaucrats. And we all know how well bureaucrats have done with our tax money so far.
Here's another idea. Why not appoint "whistle-blowers" who report people who talk bad against the regime? I don't know about you, but I feel safer already.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

I cannot listen to that guy. sorry no

I am becoming more frightened by the day. Thanks for the countdown calendar on the sidebar. Oh goodie

we live in the Northern Va suburbs and thought about renting some rooms out to Obamabots for the Inauguration... we have a big house, but really... even if we asked some nutty price like $1000 a night, jeeez I couldnt do it.
I am planning on doing some shopping on inauguration day. No where near DC or a tv.

The Black Sphere said...

Anon. Do your civic duty and put a couple of rooms on eBay to be bid on. Make that money, because as Obama would say, "ONE, you will need it. And TWO, you should take advantage of the Liberals!" Ok he wouldn't say that, but he would be thinking it!

Anonymous said...

LOL, It is tempting but I think it would just be too toxic for me.

You have facebook! There are a lot of Kevin Jacksons... I am new to facebook. My daughters....
I cannot wait to send my younger daughter (21) your blog link. She is at W&M and very disappointed on the election. I think she will enjoy what you write. She is surrrrrroundeddd by libbie college students, some day she calls just for some mental mom therapy.
Anyway, I do not have decent blog here in bloggie land (I have a cat blog, yes I do) and most folks in catblog land are liberal. What a shame I am sure their cats are conservative, mine are.

I also have a facebook, but I just got it last week and I do not know how to do anything on it :-D

I am so glad I found your blog. I will be reading regularly.

One thing I was thinking about... you know how BHO gave many of his Bots their blackberries and computers... as though he is some generous Jesus like guy, but really he is expecting them to continue their good work I am sure.

Okay. I am done

The Black Sphere said...

Rosemary, I believe there is a link to my Facebook on the left side of my blogsite. If you can't find it there, email me at

nic said...

Can we say "Hitler Youth"????

I'm trying to decide if Rahm is equal to, or more frightening than obama. This is just sickening.


The Black Sphere said...

Hey Nicole, Emanuel is frightening, because as much as he is a pit bull, he is a neophyte in how America should run. He is entrenched in Liberalism to his core. And make no mistake about it, Obama is not running the show!

jim said...


That was on Obama's website with a detailed breakdown of the hours mandated per age group per year. It is now gone. Perhaps someone had him take a quick peruse of the 13th Amendment about indentured slavery. He is a Constitutional Scholar and all.

LoftyVenus said...
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LoftyVenus said...

Kevin - this was an awesome article and just a stellar example of how BLIND this younger generation is. Can we say Draft anyone? I say, Hey! Bring it on...just don't try to cover it with something else and try to say it's, poop. Ugh sugh ignorant blnd sheeple.

Anywho - So towards the end of working on the McCain - Palin Campaign I started to become un-nervingly stressed about how IGNORANT people my age are (I'm 24, graduated from a private all women's collete, majored in music and education and I plan on teaching soon...I know, I know, everything about me screams liberal...yet I'm a Republican - who knew! And *scoff* I cannot even begin to Count how many times people who just automatically blurt out "Oh my gosh! That's awesome that you're working for the Obama Campaign" when I would tell them that my current line of work was working for a presidential campaign....Sorry folks - I'm not a socialist - BOTH sides of my family escaped their homelands due to some loon wanting to bring change...Germany & what is now communist North Korea) and began feasting on my nails....after reading this article (I'm a recent fan - HUGE btw) I began feasting on my nails like Oprah at Golden Corral. Of course this has yet again spurred a wave of frusteration that has dominoed into me tempting to verbally lash my close friends - who about %90 of them are psychoticly blind sheeple - and - IKW#$U&R*OI#EWR(U&@#(URIWEJF - *pant*pant*pant* sorry about that, that would be me screaming inside my head infrusteration because you can take a sheep to water but for the life of you you just can't make it drink!

Ugh - anywho I absolutly LOVE reading your articles - but I need to take a break from your layman explainations of this political world we're in now via literary bliss before I go and spaz on one of my idiot frinds....

Anonymous said...

im really fascinated by your opinion... when i surveyed the youth demographic, it really did show that the youth demographic is really following obama... but are they following him blindly? like a god-like figure? what do you guys think? let me know!!