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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Name Has Been Changed to Protect the Guilty

Did anybody notice the subtle change from "global warming" to "global climate change?" It was like when pro-abortion went to pro-choice. Nice try.

Why the shift in terminology on climate? Because it's difficult to discuss a hoax like global warming, when it's fricking freezing! And in unseasonably cold winter weather, storms recently pounded the Northeast. I have spent most of this week in Las Vegas, the location chosen by my team, because we wanted to "go somewhere warm." It has snowed two days in a row, 11" in some areas. When it snows in Vegas, well that's sort of like 'hell freezing over'. Global warming, Vegas style!

It may surprise some readers to learn that in the 1970s, "global cooling" was all the rage. Concern peaked in the early 1970s, partly because of the cooling trend that began in 1945. Two decades of a cooling trend suggested a trough had been reached after several decades of warming, and partly because much less was then known about world climate and causes of ice ages. Although there was a cooling trend, scientists were perfectly well aware that predictions based on this trend were not possible - because the trend was poorly studied and not understood. And like our mainstream media of today, the popular press of this period reported global cooling generally without the caveats present in the scientific reports. So the boogeyman of the 70s, according to liberals was that man was creating a world that would be colder than a bucket of penguin doo-doo.

In 1966 Caesar Emiliani, author of the Quaternay Hypsithermals predicted that a new glaciation would begin within a thousand years.  At least he kept is narrow for us.  And in the next decade Emiliani warned, 

"Man's activity may either precipitate this new ice age or lead to substantial or even total melting of the ice caps."

But wait… in "The Modern Temperature Trend", The Discovery of Global Warming, Spencer Weart writes,

"While neither scientists nor the public could be sure in the 1970s whether the world was warming or cooling, people were increasingly inclined to believe that global climate was on the move, and in no small way."

Both men, though on opposite sides of the issue, come to the same conclusion: The world is either warming or cooling. Profound. I guess I can count on summer around June, and winter around November, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, given these startling revelations?
So the modern day ecological alarmists needed a "new and improved" global disaster phrase. Presto, chango we now have the term "global climate change".

Global climate change incorporates tsunamis, monsoons, cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, dust storms, lake effects, landslides, sink holes, sink links, busted pipes, tidal waves, rogue waves, Miss America waves, and world peace…and anything else that these snake oil salesmen want to add. Can I get fries with my impending ecological disaster of choice brought on by global climate change?

And the alarmists knew that even the most stupid people, yes even liberals had finally caught on to the ruse of discussing the subject of global warming only during a blistering hot summer and at a blistering hot location like Death Valley. Hawaii at a constant 80 degrees would offer "just another stinky day in paradise". And God-forbid they pick a cold climate to host a global warming meeting? It's difficult to discuss the destruction of the world from global warming, when it's colder than the hair on a polar bear's butt.

So scientists on the other side of this hoax are now fighting back, most recently 650 prominent scientists speaking out. 30,000 others are suing Al Gore over the hoax. I guess they want their part of the Nobel Peace Prize money. To them I say, "Tax Gore's liberal ass".

So where do I stand on all of this? I believe in global warming. I believe in global cooling. Is man affecting both? Sure. To what degree? I'd say man's impact on "earth" is about as significant as a butterfly's wing flapping disrupting airport travel.

So call it what you want, global warming, global climate change, or whatever, it's just another alarmist attempt to take money out of your pocket. Going green is not about saving the earth, but it is indeed about going "green", which is to say that liberals are always looking for a way to pick your pocket. Those shifty band of hooligans!

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

The term Climate Change has been the proper climatological term for 2 decades now. First lie exposed.

Also, there was never a time when Global Cooling was "all the rage". There was one Time column that used non-peer reviewed research as a source. Second lie exposed.

How can you expect anyone to take you seriously when you lie and use use other blogs as sources to support your lies?

You should be ashamed of yourself. I will pray that you find your way out of the evil place that allows you to lie so readily and easily.

Anonymous said...

I believe I read a study somewhere that compared global temps over the years - and they found that temps have in fact stayed steady. I'll try to dig up the study and send you a link. Pretty much trumps the whole "global warming" "climate change" theory, huh?

Anonymous said...

Such studies do exist, but they are sponsored by organizations with a vested interest is disproving Climate Change. These studies are also never peer-reviewed. Basically, they are biased studies that are not submitted to be reviewed by climatologists to appear in scientific journals. They are solely for deniers (not to be confused with skeptics) to raise doubt where there is none.

Ferretman said...

I see that "Anonymous" took the cowardly approach and decided to snipe without identifying themselves. Typical libs.

To answer his/her/its charges, the term "climate change" has NOT been in use "for 2 decades now". I've been working in this area for well over a decade and it's only begun being used in the last couple of years (when it became painfully apparent that temps were not skyrocketing, oceans were not rising, and hurricanes were not increasing in severity). Anonymous repeats a lie and illustrates a poor understanding of the issue.

Second, since I lived in the era I can definitely affirm that Global Cooling WAS INDEED "all the rage". Everybody was talking about it, there were numerous articles in the various popular magazines about "the coming ice age", and I think it might even have been on 60 Minutes (mabye it was Nightline....not sure). Warmites try to minimize any looking at their past predictions since it is illustrative as to how poorly they understand natural processes on the planet. You are unlikely to buy their snake oil if you know the last town they were in is filled with very disgruntled customers.

Third, the studies discounting Global Warming are no more the product of "vested interests" than those backing Global Warming. Man up and at least admit that groups like Al Gore's Climate Foundation are not remotely to be compared with somebody like the University of Alabama! Fortunately raw numbers don't lie even if NASA's head does; measurements from satellites show that there just isn't any warming going on.

You should be ashamed of yourself, Anonymous. Go out and learn some facts (hint: they're NOT on DailyKos or HuffingtonPost). Real scientists (such as myself) know what tripe the whole Global Warming nonsense is and how poorly it is documented.

JG said...

Never give credence to anyone going by "Anonymous." Pretty much a guarantee they're either lying or just making stuff up off the top of their head.

Anonymous said...

Farretman, I'm glad to see that you are not post anonymously....oh wait...that's not your real name. Typical right-wing hypocrisy, chastise my anonymity while hiding behind your own!

If you really worked in the field so climatology instead of just lying about it you'd know that the term Climate Change has been in use since the early 80's.

Secondly, there was never any peer-reviewed research to support Global Cooling. Which you'd know if you really worked in the field instead of lying about it.

I love exposing right-wing lies.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks anonymous is a dunderhead who also believes Rosie O'Donnell a wonderful role model for women.

Keep up the good work Kevin, we know your right....

Matt said...

Hmmm... right-wing lies. All of the things that you supposedly exposed as lies were not even objective statements. Saying that global cooling was all the rage is not the same thing as saying it was proven scientifically by peer-reviewed research groups. Clearly, people were talking about it and writing articles about it during that time.

Regardless of the reliability of Kevin's source - at least he used one. Since you refuse to use any, we just have to take your word for the attitude, beliefs and vocabulary of the entire scientific community over the past 30+ years.

About Climate Change - who cares if somebody or a few people used it in the 80's. It is an ambiguous term that you can easily hide behind if your conclusions are wrong because change is certain.

Who are we kidding though - to liberals - facts and evidence don't matter if they don't align with their vision of the world.

Pacaderm said...

Lots to address:
1) the article was in the April 28 1975 issue of Newsweek. I still have my copy.
2) the article made it to Newsweek because of the "threat" of a "mini ice age" that was believed to be imminent - the sun wouldn't shine long enough in Europe to grow enough food, rivers would freeze over resulting in disrupted transportation - energy demands would skyrocket... all kinds of gloom and doom were broadcast on TV, radio and put in print.
3) Dr.'s Murray Mitchell, James McQuizz and many climatologists of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) spoke of global cooling as did researchers such as George Kukla of Columbia University.
4) "Climate Change" is the generic term used just for studying the climate. Charles Darwin wrote of "climate change" when he was floating around on The Beagle. The issue is, global warming theory proponents realized that their TERM was not really factual so they started using "global climate change" so that what they preach could be correct. I guess they all got in a room and Al Gore said, call it 'global climate change' from now on." There is global climate change. Always has been and always will be.
5) The main argument proposed by the left is that carbon emissions (specifically MAN MADE) are causing the earth's temprature to rise. Here is the rub. No scientific study has concretely verified this - hence it is still a debate. In fact, the only verified sceintific study on carbon emissions is one that shows with greater carbon output, there is more and varied plantlife.
6) Global warming, global climate change whatever you want to call it is now a multi-billion dollar industry. While we should all be good stewards of the earth, don't be fooled into thinking the global climate change "issue" is anything other than about money. If it weren't, wouldn't Al Gore have let everyone watch his movie for free? And just look at all the government funding that gets put into "green" projects - all the money all over the world.
7) Dinosaurs once roamed Greenland indicating that the island country was once tropic/subtropic. The temps in the balmy summer are in the 50's. Not exactly dinosaur temps.
8) The only verifiable, confirmed, proven, evidence in tracking the earth's temperature change directly correlates with sunspot activity.
I say we end sunspot activity! Start the movement now!

Matt said...

Pacaderm - way to lay down the HAMMER

Natalie said...

This fall has been one of the coldest in Florida I can ever remember. We were hitting record lows into the low 40s in October, which is unheard of around here. Almost every week up until now we have had some pretty cold temperatures, which we usually don't see until January. This was all about the time I started to notice the term "climate change."

A.B.C. said...

The reason all these Gore followers have changed the terminology is to try to explain that because of global warming, it might have various effects on certain areas. It sounds to me that they are trying to cover their tracks.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're proud of yourself; You, you, you evil person, you. I'll have you know that I watched "An Inconvenient Truth". And you know what? It was all true. I found out that the climatologist who made this wonderful documentary, Al Gore(he's so wonderful, but you wouldn't know anything about that because you're so evil) he used to be our Vice President. That means he would never lie to us (unlike you, you climatephobe!). It's a fact that all the polar bears will be extinct within 25 years because of selfish Americans with their gas-guzzling SUVs. How does that make you feel?

Anonymous said...

You guys crack me up!! Newsweek article...that's science!!! Blog using blogs as "evidence"...that's science!!! Here's an idea, and I know it's crazy, turn off Fox News and Hannity and read some actual scientific sources. You'll be amazed at the things you learn when you're not spoon feed distortion and/or lies. Self-imposed ignorance is no excuse for ignorance!

Anonymous said...

A.B.C, the term was not changed by Gore followers. It has been Climate Change for decades amongst climatologists and anyone who is serious about the topic. I have been involved in discussions about why the term just recently changed for over a decade now. I know people who have been doing so for much longer.

Anonymous said...

About the term supposedly not being decades old, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) was formed in 1988. Gore and his followers are insidious. They just recently changed the term then when back 20 years ago and changed the past to cover their track!!! That must be can't be that you guys are a bunch of right-wing Kool-Aid drinkers.

maddmath said...

When I was telling my students about how in the late 70's the alarmist were crying out we were heading to another Ice Age and it's all man's fault, they thought I was nuts and making it up. How quickly Americans forget. Now they got Global Climate Change. What next, boys and girls are actually born different? Oh wait, Newsweek had that article back in 94. The blind leading the stupid if you ask me.
Now they're going to repackage it as Global Climate Change. I have a saying for deceptions like this: "A skunk by any other name will still stink just as badly."

Matt said...

Ok... since the left-winger continues to avoid using sources here is a PDF prepared using scientific research about global warming for all of the right-wing Kool-Aid drinkers that only watch Fox News.

The Black Sphere said...

I wish I hadn't been traveling all day, running from global warming, escaping 11" of snow in...VEGAS, or I would have been commenting "mucho" on this string. I had my posse backing me up, so not much to add here...EXCEPT I love the term "Dunderhead" and agree that Anon is one. Also Anon, if you were to click on the "pseudonyms" you will find that none of us are hiding from you. My nom de plume is The Black Sphere but my name is Kevin, and my bio is on my profile. Nuff said on that subject, Dunderhead.

As for sources, I referenced a global cooling and a global warming, and I ASS-U-re you that global cooling was indeed all the rage back in the 70's, as one of my posse so eloquently "pimp slapped" you. Do your own research Dunderhead, and stop spotting from the gut!

The earth moves in cycles, warming and cooling, and I can save us all a lot of money by saying we can't affect the earth, only our quality of life in it. CO2 is not the issue, just as ozone was not the issue.

You Dunderheads got certain chemicals banned that killed hundreds of thousands of Africans. Stop meddling, and go back to drinking your herbal teas, and running up your carbon footprints. We will survive you.

Anonymous said...


What will they think of next? Going green, cha ching

Anonymous said...


Until we find another planet, just like earth, to run tests of on, climate change will remain a scientific theory and not a scientific law.

Many of us can stand to make some changes to decrease our impact on the earth be it for global warming, world peace or karma.

"We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children."

Anonymous said...


Man-Made Climate Change [MMCC] = BS

Anonymous said...


It's been called "climate change" since 1979.
What's in a name? Global warming vs. climate change ...

The "1970s Cooling consensus fable" has even been debunked by USA Today ... ...

The "30,000" scientists don't exist - that comes from the laughably pathetic fraud "the Oregon Petition" ...

No one is suing Gore, although climate realists beg Colman to do it so he can be exposed as a fraud in court ...

Coleman hasn't a clue what he's talking about, including the difference between climate and weather
Global Warming Denier John Coleman meets up with Science ... ...

Delusional conspiracy theories are no substitute for facts ...

The Black Sphere said...

Anon 2: While you may be factually true on the terminology, it was not until recently in TODAY'S lexicon, when global climate change became mainstream and for all the reasons I stated. As for why it was called that back in the 70s, it is for the identical reason that I state, i.e. alarmists had to "flip the script" due to the debunking of global cooling.

The FACT is that the earth goes through whatever heating and cooling cycles it needs for its survival. We have little to do with it, much like if a nuclear submarine sunk in the ocean, the ocean wouldn't even burp.

You people need battles to wage, fires to fight, societies in which to meddle, in order to feel important. Admit it, you are mostly self-serving egomaniacs, who just want your 15 minutes of fame.

Matt said...

A conspiracy theory is not needed. Denying global warming or cooling is not needed. Nobody here is denying climate change. However, science proves that there is no crisis. Get over it Liberals. There is nothing to fix. Your personal choices have no impact on the earth's climate (all humans = .28% contribution to the greenhouse effect) and forcing your agenda on everyone else will only have the impact of bringing on the desecration of liberty and an economic decline. To put it simply for you - we will be worse off.

Anonymous said...

Blacksphere, Global Cooling was never a widely accepted model and was debunked by the very people who came up with it. As far as today's lexicon the term Global Warming was invented by the media as it was easier to understand (Climate Change doesn't really tell you anything). As people become more educated on the subject they adopt the proper terminology.

The two main points of your blog have been completely debunked. Are you going to continue your dishonesty or will you accept Jesus and honesty? I'm not asking you to change political leanings just to be honest (use Buchanan as your model not Gingrich).

As far as my anonymity. Having a account doesn't make you or any of these guys any less anonymous than me. For all I know you're a white 13 year-old girl. I've been involved in enough internet forums to know that it's common for people to create fabricated profiles.

The Black Sphere said...

Anon, you still don't come from behind the mask. As far as the info on my blog being debunked, I think not! I say quite clearly that two things will continue to happen on earth: Global warming and global cooling. Now debunk that. And in fact I will go a step further...there will be 4 seasons in many parts of the world, and some places will be blistering hot, while others are frigidly cold. Hopefully by now, you understand my satirical stance at the idea of global climate change. EVERY day there is global climate change. How's that for a "come to Jesus" discussion?

Anonymous said...

Each generation likes to think that it is their inaleinable right to save planet earth. But the baby-boomers do not want to give up their right to this generation. First in the 60's they said that a new Ice age was on it way. Now (40 year later) they have forgotten all of that (how convenient) and are telling that Global Warming is out to get us. It doesn't matter that the weather is now very cold and snowing all over the lower west and south. Mention that to the warm-earthers and they will tell you that it is proof that Global Warming is very real and it is here to stay & destroy. (That is unless you pay the naysayers a lot of $ to halt the problem. - I wonder if they are figuring all of this out before they have a brain freeze (from all of this extreme cold weather we are having) or after their brain thaws into a mush-meltdown when they warm up.

Your rant was observed!

Laura said...

There is conclusive evidence that the earth goes through warming and cooling cycles. I read a book where it mentioned that Norwegian populations dwindled in Greenland because of climate change affecting their ability to capture animal and fish from the ocean. This was well before human population and industrialization could have a pronounced affect on the climate. Also we have the glacial age which covered Michigan and the north (and created the great lakes when the glaciers receded).

BTW anonymous postings should not be allowed. Cowards should not be allowed to have their say.

Laura said...

One more comment, anonymous. How can you link Jesus and global warning? Most Christians do not believe in global warming. I would love to witness you being called out on your leftist rants by God himself on judgment day.

Laura Hazen (a person who is not a coward).

Laura said...

In addition, why would I take seriously global warning when it comes from a bunch of freaks in their mansions who waste several times more energy that I do? A bunch of hypocrites.

Laura Hazen (the anti-coward)

Anonymous said...

Laura, Jesus is linked to environmental concerns as we are commanded to be good stewards of the Earth. That many of my Christian brethren have forgotten that doesn't make it any less true.

Anonymous said...

Blacksphere, there is global climate change everyday? Like most Kool-Aid drinkers you obviously don't understand the difference between weather and climate.

As far as my supposed mask. Are you a black man, a young white girl or an old Asian man or something else entirely? All I have is online profile that you created to go on. Given you tendency for dishonesty what reason to I have to trust that profile? For that matter how do I know that you are every other person who is commenting?

Yes, this blog has been debunked as the topic is that the terminology has recently changed. It has been proven that it has not. Why do you continue to hold on to falsehoods? Come to Jesus and reject the forces that lead you to dishonesty. Please!!

Laura said...

Anonymous (the one that posted the comment 12-19 on 10:45 in case there are more than one)

We are accountable to God individually, not as a group. I have not done anything to harm the environment.

Why don't you verbally question those who advocate and commit abortions? Or do you question whether it is Biblically wrong to do so? Is committing "global warming" a greater abomination to God than killing unborn babies?

Whether human actions have resulted in not being stewards to the planet is one thing. It is a giant leap to assuming that the earth's temperature is caused by humans.

By the way, we have had a very cold (much colder than normal) December in Michigan with much more snow than usual. Our summer was typical. Not seeing any evidence of warming trends in Michigan.

-Laura (again)

The Black Sphere said...

And who are you to judge what is being a good steward of the earth? You likely have 100X the carbon footprint of your counterpart in Bangladesh. Just guessing, but I bet you own a car (or two), use electricity, eat "high fiber" foods (hehe...), and have a host of other "not too good for Mother Earth" habits? Do you use incandescent bulbs? Sorry, but I am not going to ride my bike to power my home.

You are right, in that we should be good stewards of the earth. But understand that we still have to live on earth, and we can not inconvenience ourselves so much, that life is unbearable, or unaffordable.

I just find your ilk irritating, in that it's very much a "do as I say, not as I do" group. And then you actually have the nerve to get preachy!

Anonymous said...

Laura, if that is your real name, you call me a coward, but your profile only lists a name. For all I know you are BlackSphere. Having a account does not make you any less anonymous than me.

Laura said...

I have had my say and am looking forward to future posts from Kevin. I am not wasting anymore time arguing with people that will never agree with me and vice versa. Especially when they are too cowardice to identify themselves.

Kevin - please consider disabling the ability for anonymous posts. This person, who supposedly is taking a stand for God (or using religion to back his/her leftist stance), is too much of a coward to identify themselves. I don't think that Jesus would appreciate those who are too scared to take a stance for him and identify themselves.


Anonymous said...

BlackSphere, I see all you have is speculation and innuendo about me and my habits. You then use your own speculation as evidence that I am telling others to "do as I say not as I do". Is this the kind of circular logic that you rely upon? Please come to Jesus and reject the dark forces that drive that type of behavior!!

MT Champion said...

Here is a link to the Senate EPW site that has 650 scientists and tons of links that expose this hypothesis.

Matt said...

The only thing that God said about the earth to humans was “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth” (Gen. 1:28)

Perhaps you should read Matthew 7:3 "And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?" Notice how Kevin is not telling you how to live, just merely pointing out hypocrisy.

Anon - look up straw man argument. That is about all you have.

The Black Sphere said...

Anon, I just noticed that you said I am hiding behind The Black Sphere. My picture appears on these posts, so you know how "pretty" I am. My picture is even larger on my blogsite, which you obvious have visited repeatedly. My profile is linked to LinkedIn, and Facebook, and I have provided a bio. I am not sure what else you need from me. As for my "guess" about your lifestyle, I "guess" I am right, in that you didn't actually refute it, but used the liberal language of "smoke and mirrors" to deflect. You DO drive a car, you DO have a home, and I would say it's nicer than those in Bangladesh, for example. The difference between you liberal hacks is that you are hypocrites for no reason. I don't apologize for the progress of America, and the fact that my carbon footprint is larger than average. I don't abuse earth, so there is no reason to apologize for being alive. And I don't accuse others unilaterally for doing so, because they don't believe as I do.

Your argument is baseless, and based as much on innuendo as all the global warming alarmists of today and the global cooling alarmists of the 70s.

I leave you with we this, and that is we agree that people should be good stewards of the earth. But that's all the quarter you will get here.

Anonymous said...

From: Tim O'Brien
Date: December 19, 2008

It was called global warming by politicians, pundits and scientists who stood to benefit from government grant moneys. It was called global warming by people who did not want to get ostracized in their professions. It was called global warming by marketers and business people who stood to profit from funky new light bulbs, complex automotive and industrial emissions systems, and expensive renovations to facilities and land. It was called global warming because the great minds thought the planet was warming. 30 years ago, they thought the planet was cooling. Back then they called it Global Cooling.

For the purposes of governmental power, they made the planet's temperature a campaign issue, a media issue, a social issue, a political issue. They pushed the assumption that it's all man-made, and now it is an assumption that few people question. As always, they blame America, but they do not try to hold Russia, China, India or the Third World accountable. This reinforces that it's much more a power grab centered on America than science.

"Warming" didn't work. "Cooling" didn't work. "Change" always works if you're a radical. So change it is. "Climate change." Who can dispute that? Problem is weather literally by nature is always changing. So now, those who believe in man-made climate change also believe that one man, the one named Barack Obama, with the swish of his magic regulatory pen is going to clean up America, and therefore the world. And the winds will change. The oceans will calm. Weather will remain the same, only those fighting for power will look for ways to prove that yes indeed, just in time, one man changed the weather and saved the planet.

Sorry for the sarcasm, but the dawn of "Climate Change" makes this the silly season. Let's keep the environment clean for its own sake, but please give this whole green religion thing a break.

Anonymous said...

From: Chris Giancola
Date: December 19, 2008

The name change came from the point you're making: most people hear "warming" and think "it must not be true because it's cold". Climate change is more clear in representing what's going on: the global climate is becoming more extreme and is changing from its norm. Hot times are getting hotter, cold times are getting colder. Snow is coming more frequently to places that rarely had it before. Winter is milder than ever in places where it's supposed to be cold for longer periods of the year. The climate is changing. We can debate the causes of the climate change, but the results are not in dispute. Temperature is temperature, snow is snow, melting is melting, drought is drought.

So you three actually proved the point of why the name change was necessary. As long as it was called "global warming" many people, including yourselves, would continue to see every abnormally cold day as proof-positive that the whole thing is a joke, scam, or otherwise nonsense. You don't have to be a left-wingnut to want to preserve our natural resources so that we can leverage them as American strength in the future. When the rest of the world has burned their forests, choked their air, emptied their seas, and have children with three eyes, we will have our own energy, clean water, healthy real food to eat, and more wealth than any of them. You can't say "conservative" without saying "conserve".

Anonymous said...

From:David J. Sforza

Global warming, climate change, whatever it's being called these days is actually a new religion and the High Priest is Al Gore...

Anonymous said...

From: Thomas Drake
Date: December 19, 2008

How about Liberals saying they are "Progressives"??

Anonymous said...

From:Gregg Huskin
Date:December 19, 2008

and under a foot or more of snow! Snow in Vegas? the strip must have been giving off so much heat that it started snowing! give me a break...

our response to anyone that says humans are causing "global warming" or whatever they want to call it, should reply "so, if we (man) can cause global warming, why can't we stop it from snowing? Stop tornados? Hurricanes? et al?"

Rant over.

machinepolitick said...

Why do people always post anonymously when they call you a liar? I have that problem on my blog.
Global cooling was all the rage in the 70's, I made a painting about it. If you read the description, it gives the research. Also there are tons of articles out there about the farce of global warming.
If you like Michael Chrichton, I recommend: State of Fear. It also gives referances for his research on the subject of "Catastrophic Climate Change".
This isn't about Mother Earth, it's about wealth envy.

Daniel said...

Hi, I just wanted to leave a positive, general comment...

This is a great blog. I enjoy reading it. You make excellent points. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I really enjoyed reading this today, and the comments.
Global warming is as real as global cooling, hey weather happens. In fact, this time of year we always get snow. In summer we get remnants form hurricanes. I remember one Christmas way back in the 60's (yes, I am that olde) we were playing in our back yard with our toys, it was 72 degrees in Washington DC on Christmas day... this was right before the "ice age fear"

LOL I really enjoyed the comments from "Anon" the kool-aid drinker. He/she/it sounds like my next door neighbor the "Darwinism" enviromentalist that has every single christmas/holiday decoration made in China on their house and property blazing from 4pm-12midnight every single night.

Merry Christmas - Happy Hanukkah

Anonymous said...

From: Dave Hatter
Date: December 21, 2008


The Ministry of Truth must constantly revise when the facts don't back the theory.

This is a perfect example of the Big Lie and one of the greatest hoaxes perpetrated in the us so far. Need proof, how bout the 31,072 American scientists, including 9,021 with PhDs who have signed a petion stating that Global Warming is a farce ( ) and the more than 650 international scientists who dissent over man-made global warming claims.

Anonymous said...

From: Vicki Betts
Date: December 21, 2008

Global warming IS a farce-- weather is cyclical, and what we are seeing is a change in the cycles, that is ALL. And now, they want to criminalize CO2? Carbon Dioxide is a fact of life, and of nature--and it is NUTS to try to regulate that too!

Anonymous said...

I have been called a Kool-Aid drinker even though I did nothing to argue to pro or cons of Global Warming. I have been call coward for posting anonymously even though you all are posting using anonymous pseudonyms. I have had so many strawman arguments made about me and my motives that I was motivated to pray for God to forgive you all at church yesterday.

Here are the facts, and they are undeniable. This blog makes two assertions 1) that the term Climate Change is new and that 2) Global Cooling was "all the rage" in the 70's. I and others have referenced usage of the term Climate Change from 20 years ago or more; hardly recent. Global Cooling research appeared in one Newsweek article and was debunked rather quickly by the very researchers that promoted their theory; hardly "all the rage".

Anonymous said...

From: Jen Stage Collins
Date: December 22, 2008

Love the insight... does this mean that Big Al G has to give back his Golden Globe AND his Oscar for his "film"???

Anonymous said...

From: Gregg Huskin
Date: December 22, 2008

Amen! (pun intended)

Anonymous said...

From: Matthew Hiller
Date: December 22, 2008

Al Gore also invented the intenet.

Surprisingly enough over 652 scientists protested the UN Conference on Climate Change, saying that Global Warming is a fraud. Several Nobel winners are in the group that denounces Gore and the whole Green crowd alarmists.

It's freezing here.

Matt said...

Anon - Those are not even the facts. I think you need to reread everything on this page if you think those are the facts. God bless you, but I think you are hopeless on this issue.

-Matt Morrison

You can look me up. No pseudonyms here.

Anonymous said...

From: Mark Paquette
Date: December 23, 2008

If the weather stopped changing, as seasons, plate-tectonics, and the universe is wont to cause, they'd try to control us to solve the problem of global temperature stagnation.
Idiot, thy name is liberal.

DawnofAquarius said...

Merry Christmas, Kevn! Happy ranting in the New Year!

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks Dawn!

Anonymous said...

From: Chip Robison
Date: December 25, 2008

Al Gore is a disgrace to the environmental movement! He & Gov Blago of Illinois both look like Cabbage Patch Dolls. As a native of the Volunteer State, there is much I could say about Owl Ghore, nothing positive though.

The climate change lemon is not going away either! You can bet the farm in the next 15 years you will see greenhouse gas reporting become federally regulated by EPA.

You will see Hollyweird making their movies about environmental issues too. The green crowd is salivating for their 'messiah' to take office.

Bob Sorensen said...

I was quickly fed up with the first "Anonymous" (gutless) poster who wanted to safely throw stones at you, leaves no contact information and then blasts others for using pseudonyms (like millions of others). At least they have something to click on, instead of Joe Gutless. I had to deal with a cowardly loser like that elsewhere. There is no winning, they claim they're right, they claim "victory" in discussions even when they've been soundly pimp slapped. They never have evidence or logic, just noise. Hey, Coward! Take a shot at me, why don't you?

Truth is, your article was well written and reaffirms the truth that exists, even though the mainstream Libtards will not publish it. Why not? Agenda, ya know.

Matt said...

Walter Williams, someone I deeply respect, recently weighed in on Global Warming here:

Matt said...

Here is another interesting source - a petition project @