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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Political Affirmative Action

Part I - Blagojevich Race Card Series – The Blagojevich Identity

So would you want to be Roland Burris (pictured right) today in light of Blagojevich naming him to Obama's vacant senate seat? He must feel like the Michelle Obama, who got into Princeton based solely on affirmative action.

Can't you just hear the whispers as Burris walks the halls of the Capital Building? "That's the guy who 'paid' to get his seat. He didn't actually 'earn' it." Or, "…he's different than us." Well not really.

And the cojones of liberals. Blagojevich was arrested, got out of jail on his own recognizance. He went back to work, and it's been "business as usual" since. And for Chicago politics, it was indeed "business as usual", and just another day in the governor's office.

Here are the charges:

Conspiracy to commit fraud, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, and solicitation to commit bribery, punishable by up 10 years.

And there is a mountain of evidence in his own words. This much evidence is more than enough to make any Conservative kick his own butt, drive himself to jail, and check himself in.

But not a Democrat. Despite overwhelming evidence against him, Blagojevich chose "the Clintonian approach" which is to just denies.

You got audio. "Oh those recordings, I was just playing around."

You have video tape. "That could be anybody with a raccoon-humping haircut, and that doesn't even look like me."

You got witnesses. "So what? Eye-witnesses are unreliable."

Democrats are the finger wagging, look dead in the camera, squinty-eyed and all, and they will fight unitl the bitter end. These guys whose wives walk in on them in the act of having sex with their assistants (note "unisex" reference), and the Democrat will casually get butt-naked out of bed. Get dressed, as his wife is screaming, and the assistant grabs his/her purse and exits the home. The Democrat grabs the paper and begins watching television…like nothing happened. Libs are slicker than snail trails, and that's scientific fact!

Yes wifey, your eyes have just lied to you, deceived you. And liberal public, just because I was on video talking about a payoff to an FBI agent in an FBI sting, and they found $90K in my freezer, that don't make me guilty (see Liberal Scoundrel). This approach is called "The Jeffersonian".

Catch me smoking crack in an FBI sting, and it was a set up. The FBI made me go buy crack. Get arrested and convicted. Opt for rehab, because liberals and celebrities get that choice. Then…you got out of rehab, run for office again, and the people of DC will re-elect your crack-smoking behind. This is what is known as "The Barryesque" approach.

So don't be surprised if Blagojevich's appointment of Burris goes through, or if he actually beats the wrap. All that will be left will be to get re-elected, and then serve on Obama's cabinet, when one of Obama's current appointees "pursues other opportunities".

Such is the Democrat way, and for liberals, this is just politics as usual. So Burris, I welcome you to the taint of affirmative action, political style.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

Ty Hogan December 31

I got into my home yesterday by affirmative action

Anonymous said...

Remember, scandals don't count if you're black, unless you're a Republican, in which case you're not really black anyway.

Isn't that what Jamie Foxx said when Colin Powell endorsed Obama? Something along the lines of "if he was really down with the brothers he would never have been Republican."

If you're a liberal black (according to them, the only kind) then there's no such thing as a charge that will stick. Even if you get convicted, that's only because of the racist justice system, right?

The Black Sphere said...

Good points, CSC! And good historical references from "real" Black people, right! Well, as one of the "fake" Blacks, I think I will opt for the historical perspective of being right, pardon the pun. As for the liberals and the "real" Blacks, I will leave them to their talk shows and sitcoms. No matter what, I will always think of them as "silly Negroes"...oops there's that word again!

SureHowDoYouKnow - Blogger said...

Great read! Proof of corruption is swirling all around Blagojevich, but he is back to work. Liberal politics as usual. With more to look forward to in the new year!

Anonymous said...


"The Jeffersonian" and "The Barryesque" - love the definitions!

Thanks for finding and posting this very informative Blog, thoughtsonthis.

maddmath said...

perhaps during his trial he can use clintonese. Define "is", "sex", "bribe", "corruption", etc. Never in my life I've seen such naked corruption. My wife thought things were corrupt and bad in the Philippines, but this even surprises her because even someone so nakedly corrupt would get away with it at her home. Perhaps it's time I went and stayed with the in-laws for awhile.

maddmath said...

Opps, would should had been couldn't. I guess I have too much Clintonese in me.

The Black Sphere said...

Madmath1, you always delight!

DawnofAquarius said...

Why do I get the feeling that if we wait another five minutes, Blago will be re-elected Governor and Burris may not be seated by the other members of the Senate? Forgive the time contraction. . .

Unknown said...


Somehow I missed this one initially, my fault it was under read. This is a very interesting situation in ILL as you mention. Your comments on it are funny and yet true. Keep them coming!