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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama’s Bailout Plan: Pork-a-Palooza

The new bailout plan is a great example of Democrats playing chess, while we are playing checkers. A couple of days ago I blogged that Pelosi included "contraception" in the bailout plan. Well yesterday she had "a little 'splaining to do". After all the explaining, it appears they are now considering dropping the "family planning" aka subsidized abortion-on-demand provision of the bailout farce.

But while your eyes were diverted on this racist and heinous policy of infanticide cloaked as contraception, the real "trickeration" was happening right under our noses.

Aside from the new president, I'm not sure if we have any Muslim's in American politics. If so, may I suggest they take today off. Because this bill before Congress today is a real PorkFest. A veritable Pork-a-Palooza. A pig-in-a-blanket of warm US greenbacks.

To go through all the bill's inane and wacky points would make this blog a novel, so I can only highlight a few:

  • $650 million for digital TV coupons. Since when is it the government's responsibility to provide TV? Only in America would we allocate this much money for something so ridiculous. This is larger than the GDP of half the countries in Africa.
  • $600 million for new cars for the federal government. Obama got a new ride, why not the rest of government. And why isn't this part of the money loaned in the auto bailout? I say let these bureaucrats do what the rest of America does when their cars get old. Live with 'em.
  • $6 billion for colleges/universities – What more investment in "lower ed" do we need, when all they do is create more liberals? This is an increase in the limits on Pell grants. Here's an idea: Colleges and universities start lowering tuition instead of raising it every year.
  • $50 million in funding for the National Endowment of the Arts. Pork Pocketchange. I can only hope they send some of this my way, as The Black Sphere qualifies as art in my humble opinion.
  • $200 million for the National Mall, including $21 million for sod. Why do we need a "National Mall"? Let them shop at Wal-Mart like the rest of America.
  • $360 million to potentially be used to put on transsexual beauty pageants and erotic art shows. Do I even need to comment?
  • ACORN will receive potentially $4.19 billion. They are financing their next election with our money. And guess where you will catch Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton hanging out?

This is arrogance beyond belief. But the real arrogance is that based on most estimates only 7% of this money will go to infrastructure and the creation of new jobs, as if they really believe a Liberal can create jobs. Now that's funny!

Here's the wrap:

Obama promised the "…greatest ethical standard ever administered to an executive branch." In ObamaSpeak, this translates as, "I don't have to actually live up to the standard, because ONE we are in a "crisis" and TWO I'm Obama damnit."

If you are curious as to why the Democrats wanted a bill ready to go for Obama, and all the posturing was done early on about transparency, it's because you were being set up for the magic show.

And that bit about lobbyists? Consider that Obama broke his own policy in hiring former lobbyist William J. Lynn III, I think you know that the expiration date has already occurred on that promise. And to further emphasize my point that the rules don't apply to Obama, here is the buzz on The Hill, as explained in Yahoo News:

"Lobbyists are hard at work figuring out ways to grab a share of the money for their clients, but the new rules mean they're doing so indirectly — and sometimes in ways that are impossible to track."

I'm having trouble seeing through all this transparency. I guess I need to have my vision checked again for hypocrisy.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...


But...but it was all the Republicans fault I thought....

How come no one can see that this Republican/Democrat and Conservative/Liberal dichotomy is just pulling this nation further down the drain. They are both the same at this point. Both parties are for larger government, entitlement programs, and bullshit spending like making sure Senators have the latest/newest cars to roll around in while in Washington D.C. I personally doubt they will even buy American cars. If they did then couldn't that count as a "bailout". The crap in Washington is piled so high they are trying to put windows to the outside with Obama's transparency, but they don't realize poo tends to roll downhill when you pile it up so high so we are left with no insight or "transparency" as to the truth.

BTW Obama is in office it ok to criticize him now?

Anonymous said...


Dugg by friends: PuterPrsn
I've emailed my congresscritters & representatives about this idiocy:

"Contrary to what President Obama is saying, government money is NOT the answer.Vote NO his too-expensive and too-long-range plan. Even he says it will bring trillion-dollar deficits for "years to come". We don't need more debt.

I disagree with this "whole new approach" - it's a very old idea that hasn't worked before. All it will do is expand the debt and increase the size of a government "umbrella" that is already twice too large.

We need a REALLY free market, lower corporate and middle class taxes, and more incentive for welfare people to get a job. If we must have some kind of governmental "stimulus", then put the money to work by hiring some welfare mothers to work in free daycare services for other welfare families and put into place a WPA to teach them skills at the same time as we do get needed work done in national and state park systems, entry-level positions in government offices, cleaning schools and other government offices, etc.

Vote NO on this bill, do not let it pass. I don't want to think that we're putting a crushing debt on the next three generations because of the actions of a few bad business leaders and errant congresspeople."

Anonymous said...


I don't believe that the politicians nor the central bankers have any idea how to fix this mess. They don't know what they are doing. What worked in the past will not work this time.

The Black Sphere said...

I believe you are all right in a way ANONs. If this makes it, the Dems should have this albatross for a while!

Anonymous said...

This DTV conversion is costing broadcasters millions. Many of them said enough and are removing their analog signals to save the costs of having pay the erergy costs associated with broadcasting two signals. It's pathetic that people have had five or six years to move to the new technology and they can't do it without holding the government's hand.

The Black Sphere said...

Clay - Excellent point!

Anonymous said...


A total Democrat Con.

The Swindle continues...

Anonymous said...


Lest people forget... the Democrats have been screaming bloody murder for corporate welfare disguised as "bailouts". All the while the vast majority of Republicans opposed the bailouts.

Sunny Smile said...

All in an effort to widen the blanket, strip our independence and change it from President Obama to King Obama.... ruler til death.

The Black Sphere said...

Sunny Smile - First, insightful comment! Second, I must tell my readers that Sunny Smile gives me lots of FANTASTIC blog ideas, and I need to "hat tip" her a lot more! She is also a real cutie!

Lisa Harper said...

The circus is continuing their show. Sadly the taxpayers are the ones' who'll be here cleaning up all the mess the animals leave behind. The ludicrous comments I have gotten at other pages from those who think he is the next Messiah really keeps my blood boiling. As Reagan said many years ago. Government IS THE PROBLEM.

The Black Sphere said...

MOM - So true. And we can never have too many Reagan reminders! Thanks for the visit, and next time, don't show up empty handed!

Julie said...

Well this all just really ticks me off and I am not in such a great mood today anyway. I have spend my morning emailing our useless elected representatives, big laugh here, and urging them to vote no. Oh and by the way, stop by Rush Limbaugh's and help him fight back against the attack against him. Free speech is next....

The Black Sphere said...

Julie, I agree wholeheartedly. Back to "work work" for this guy though!

Ron B said...

$650M for Digital TV Coupons. Government in action failed to realize that not only would those who did not have satellite or cable TV would want a coupon but so would those who had it in case the cable or Satellite signal was lost or they had a room where they did not have a cable hookup currently. Now for the simple question. HOW MANY JOBS WILL THIS $650M CREATE? The long answer: NONE! Which is also the short answer.

There is a rush to get this bill passed before Americans get over their "Big O" honeymoon or the Steelers annihilate the Cardinals and Americans start paying attention again. We all have to ask each congressman the same question on every single expenditure in this bill....How many jobs will it create? Why can't we catch our breath before adding another $825B to the debt?

$50M for Art. Just funding those who could not sell their art otherwise because it has no marketable value. I agree Sphere that you should get funding here as this Art since Art is in the eye of the beholder.

Cruella DePelosi has somehow managed to have amendments to the bill that were agreed up removed.

ACORN.....well here we go again!

Finally less than 1/3 of this money would be spent this year anyway. No need to hurry and wait!

Ron B

The Black Sphere said...

Ron B...I anoint you the title of The Black Sphere Evangelist!

Christinewjc said...

You win the prize for "The Best Blog Title" for this atrocious StimuWASTE bill!

I was watching these Dem clowns in Congress on c-span; patting themselves on the back for encouraging the "Nadler amendment." Yeah...another 3 billion for transportation?

These people are drunk on their own waste products. Either that or its the SWINE FLU! Ha!

Love your blog! Adding it to my "news you won't get from the MSM" blogroll!


P.S. Can I use some of your photos of Obamination over at my blog? Hilarious!

Anonymous said...


The bailout to Acorn is 4.19 billion dollars, so that once again they can insert themselves into elections, to make sure democrats win.

And, who in the world put in this bailout for 360 million for transsexual beauty pagents and erotic art shows? Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...


I just read elsewhere this stimulus package is 98% pork free.. 2% pork becomes pork-o-palooza?

The Black Sphere said...

Christine, use the photos for sure. I am about to replace most, so have fun. And thanks for the kind words! Tell friends!

Anonymous said...

Al Bore is once again in Congress telling myths. He won the Nobel Prize over this brave older woman who helped many persons during the holocaust which of course does not exist by the Iranian Mudface as I call him but she was so brave and suffered so much beaten but still was the heroine and who wins it Al Bore big mouth. Green jobs create nothing and has been the coldest winter in the East yet. And if there are green jobs created, they will give them to illegals saying Americans do not want those jobs. The one thing that broke our country is Mexico and Latin countries sending their low class here for free this free that and we have to learn Spanish if we want to keep our jobs, they pay nothing for hospitalization. They send money back to their countries and they create gangs who have killed numerous police and other citizens to include locking up border patrol for doing their job and giving the illegal drug runner a home in Texas. La Raza is to blame for many operations taking kidney and liver transplants sometimes 3 times for a Mexican with an American to get nothing and the Mexican does not pay and neither does La Raza. Congress or Peloser and Harry idiot Reid will say nothing about La Raza but continue to line their pockets and say we are helping the people. What people is he helping--oh yea Mexicans and other Latin American countries. I worked social services and there are more rich Iraquis on welfare. They bring the older folks over, hide their money and bring them in to collect welfare and get it while their homes are in the elite section but the government does not say this. Of course, Prez BO will not say this as he is a Muslim which he finally admitted. He sat in a church of a man who condemned America and this is a smart man. I think not. He is for other countries not America. He was elected by dimwits. Our monies are gone because of Federal law for the illegals and not for Americans. I know this for a fact having worked in social services. Those persons had better items than me and bragged about their jewelry...imagine that a person on welfare buying $100 watch.

Anonymous said...

I can use the restroom, do my deed, throw my wife's crucifix in it, take a picture and get some of that endowment of the arts money. I mean, seriously, this package isn't just pork, it's fertilizer. Transexual beauty shows. Who's going to show up? I think Chicken Little was ahead of his time. The sky he thought was falling was the cloud of the liberal hoard descenting upon the land.

A TRANSEXUAL BEAUTY SHOW!!! I'll never get over that one, but considering that the messiah just spat in Americans faces and gave us the middle finger by giving his first interview to the Islamic enemies and not the American people and most didn't even notice, I guess I can't blame them for thinking most Americans won't notice this ridiculous bill as well.

I have to wonder if they're going to have that beauty show in the national mall to help pay for the performers (?) pell grant substidized college studies while being chaperoned in the senate's new cars while it's being televised on people's DTV converted televisions in ACRON's offices so the show organizers can get a grant from the NEA.

The Black Sphere said...

Paz, I guess you needed to get a few things off your chest? And if you think the poor only have $100 watches, just look at those diamond earstuds that many wear...2C VSi2. Not cheap! See blog "It Pays to be Poor in America" We are the only country who will see a homeless person with an iPod, a cellphone, and a diamond earring and feel sorry.

Unknown said...

The only thing cute about the pork is the picture that accompanies this post.

Great post Kevin, and I like the blog.

Ron B said...

You should probably re-title the picture of the Illusionist. It should be called "The Delusionist".

Steady and Unstable said...


LOVE the blog. Keeps me sane through these crazy times.

I just wanted to point out (with ALL due respect and adoration for your blog and opinions) that the National Mall isn't a shopping mall. It's the area in Washington D.C. that runs from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial between Independence Ave and Constitution Ave.

Maybe you knew that and were just making a sarcastic comment and I just didn't get it...that's been known to happen! lol.

Seriously, no offense meant.

Keep up the good work!

The Black Sphere said...

Steady - It was sarcastic, but glad you at least gave me the "out"! :-)

Anonymous said...


Why fight it anymore, put all your money into consumer cyclical stocks, load up on debt and let Obama inflate our portfolios to the moon and our debt to nothing.

In 4 years we will own our houses outright with an hours pay and all be billionaires from our portfolio gains.

Anonymous said...

Despite the tone of the article, I do love the little piggy in the can! LOLOLOL.

Anonymous said...


Have you ever really listened to Pelosi speak? She stumbles and mumbles like a kid that broke the window and will not fess up to it. Liar? No, she is a Dem-wit who cannot tell the truth because she does not know the truth. Guard your rights, kids and families, the Dems are loose.

Anonymous said...

"then put the money to work by hiring some welfare mothers to work in free daycare services for other welfare families"

The last place I would ever trust my child is with a welfare mother! Have you seen 3/4 of these people they can't even handle their own 5 children and their drug dealing boyfriend! Completely Idiotic Comment!

The Black Sphere said...

Laura, you cracked me up! "...handle their own 5 'chirrens' and their drug dealing boyfriend". Apparently you know my cousin Mookie! :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like Obama is trying to make history the president to have the shortest term before impeachment. I doubt that even the most devoted democrats will put up with spending stupidity like this for very long.

Unknown said...

Support digital TV coupons, or this sweet old lady gets it!

Anonymous said...

There's a very good indication that the Obama Bailout plan is working. According to news last June 10, Bailout plan turned a profit" of $1.8 billion in interest payments on the first set of bank loans that were repaid.