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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama’s War on Achievement

This latest speech by Obama was short and to the point. Obama's handlers realize that when Obama talks too much, it's just not good...for him or America. Such is the inevitable outcome, when you declare War on Achievement.

One of my fellow Conservative bloggers [Right to the End] chronicled how the stock market has reacted to Obama, just a few days after his election:

In the two days of trading on the NYSE since the presidential election, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) has lost a record-breaking 929.49 points. After the Dow closed at 9625.28 on Election Day, Barack Obama was declared the winner of the 2008 Presidential Election just a few hours later. The Dow responded by closing at 9139.27 (486.01 point loss) on Wednesday, then 8695.79 (443.48 point loss) on Thursday. As of today, November 7, 2008, The Dow has not had a bigger two-day point loss in its 80-year history.

And the freefall continues.

Since Obama's election, the stock market has now tumbled 2000 points. Obama speeches and "big events" scare the heck out of me. My portfolio called the other day, and left a message that just said, "Dang, Kev!" I completely understood.

This "snippet" press conference came after only two days from the prior address to Congress that pre-empted American Idol. "I'm your American Idol, damnit".

Obama tried selling his message during prime time, but apparently to no avail. Obamulus von Porkulus, aka Spendulus, aka Turdulus didn't sell…again. He didn't get the "bump" he was expecting, after that 'rousing' speech, so we got another. What do you bet we get another really soon? I guess no matter how you spin it, a turd is still a turd. Recall that I told you Obama will not be happy unless he can convert everybody to his way of thinking. But why penalize American investors with yet another press conference? To promote the new Recovery Plan, stupid!

Recovery Plan? Where did this new term come from? Apparently the polls are in, and "stimulus" was a "bombulus", and thus sent packing back to Greece…along with those Greek columns. So "recovery" is the new word of the day. As for Obama's non-recovery plan, let's be clear that it won't recover anything meaningful to American taxpayers. This so-called recovery plan is meant to recover one thing: All Republican held seats for Democrats, at the expense of the American achievers.

Obama was quick to remind us (within one minute of his speech), yet again, that he inherited a $1T debt. And like all good economists, Obama wants to convince us that going into more debt is the way out of debt. I'm sure this is how it works in your home. And if not, why are you being so obtuse. Spend infidel, spend!

Further, Obama deflects you from the fact that he has spent more money in 30 days, than Bush has spent in 8 years. That's what happens when you give a brother too much credit!

Finally, Obama took another swipe at "the boogeyman", explaining that much of the debt from Iraq and Afghanistan is off the books, implying illegalities, and gross waste and mismanagement, and again providing a little "smoke and mirrors" from his shenanigans. Imagine a guy who spends trillions like Paris Hilton slams tequila shots has the nerve to criticize a few billion spent on an actual war…backed by Congress.

Here's the wrap:

It has been determined by "the powers that be", that Obama can't have a rousing performance, when his speeches (1) go beyond sound bites, and (2) are not attended by paid supporters, like supposedly homeless Black women, ACORN members, lobbyists, terrorists, all people receiving tax rebates undeservedly, and finally…liberals in Congress. I apologize for some of the redundancies in that list.

There may be a tendency for the weak among you to start believing that Obama is serious about helping Americans. But don't be fooled by Obama's sound bites and "hopeful" tone of hopelessness without him. There are still the usual Obama "get out of jail free" clauses and other disclaimers.

Buried in the "openness" of his legislation, and the crisis on which he continues to sell us, is the real agenda. Obama will abandon the War on Terror, and replaced it with the new War on Achievement.

Be sure to get Obama's new book: The Tax Man Cometh...and He Has a Gold Tooth

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...


We need to end the punishment of achievement in this country. I think a good start would be to implement a flat income tax with no exceptions.

The Black Sphere said...

@Nick - I agree, but the IRS is the Gestapo for the Fed, so it ain't going away. The Fed needs that intimidation tactic. Also more difficult to fool sheep, when the only number to adjust is flat. If you try to raise the tax, the math is too easy!

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I humbly bow before you. Will you be our (the conservative's) black messiah?

The Black Sphere said...

Christina, you humble ME! Thanks for visiting! I assure you I am no Messiah, big or little "m". I do 'tell it like it is', and by the Grace of God, have found a FANTASTIC audience, who, like me is committed to "righting the left (wrong)". Thanks again for the visit, and comment!

Ron B said...

Very well Said.
The Big "O" must have gone to marketing class at some point. He understands the 4 P's of marketing.
1. Product-What it is you are selling. Obamulus von Porkulus
2. Place-How you are going to get your product to your customers or your middle men. Direct marketers- Congress.
3. Promotion-Telling your customers about your Obamulus von Porkulus. Main Stream Media
4. Price-Setting how much you will sell it for. Well we know that one....Trillions and possible our future.

But most of all he knows who his customer is and that is the underachiever that blames everyone for his shortcomings except himself.

Because Big "O" thinks he is a man like Lincoln please believe that this stimulus plan, now recovery plan will have a name change to Reconstruction Plan. Which is all a part of marketing. You change one of the P's you've changed the product. Even though it is still the same turd.

Sir RonB
p.s. will have to miss the show tonight. Bible Study night.

DaveG said...

So when I spend two years chasing a job, all the while complaining that they guy currently doing the job has no clue whatsoever about how to do it and proclaiming to have all the answers, and then get the job only to find out that it's a [whine] really, really hard [/whine] job, I get to blame my failures on the fact that I inherited the problems that come with it?


Man up, Obama. You said you had the fix, you said you were the man for the job, not STFU and prove it.

Unknown said...

I hope he continues to introduce these massive bills. The people don't need a tap on the shoulder to wake out of this infatuation with socialism and wealth envy, they need a nice, square punch in the jaw.

It seems that sanity can only retake this country by way of world-shattering realization, on the part of the people, after the blatant pillars of the movement are proved (through potentially catastrophic economic contractions) to be, without a shadow of doubt, the problem and not the solution.

The real problem with Obama's policy is that there is not yet a massive bipartisan recognition as to it's effects - one side believes it helped, the other thinks it prolonged the depression.

We now find ourselves at the opening of a potential 8-year flirtation with this system, and, with D's in control of house and senate, as nearly an undiluted form as possible. It's essential that republicans be massively outnumbered here - we NEED to be able to show that we had no hand or influence in these policies.

It's an experiment against our children's future. Our greatest hope is Scenario 1, where they over-extend and it becomes blatantly obvious that their system is flawed. If they are wildly successful (Scenario 2), the economy is saved but our freedom is not.

THE WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN is the US economy, DESPITE massive government interference, making slight gains due solely to the surviving successful businesses, or some as-yet-un-taxed innovation (scenario 3), for we then get the worst result:
The democrats take it as justifying their spending and a sign that MORE spending will yield MORE growth, *AN* we American's don't even enjoy the same benefits as we would from a strong economy in scenario 2.

So, in a way, we should be praying for American businesses to either fail spectacularly (and pray for a quick recovery of fiscally conservative political power to set it right) or for these businesses succeed
en-masse (and give up freedoms of enterprise and social liberties in exchange for a good economy) but not to do just break even (strong big brother, still a weak economy, and likely spending orgy impending)
or do slightly poorly (still no freedoms, claim that it is delayed ripple from Bush, more spending orgies likely).

The economy needs to make the statement "The Democrats did this. This was not Bush. This was not stocks. This was not housing. This is socialism."
In order for our economy to be "born-again," I fear it must first die :(

And now I'm late for class.

The Black Sphere said...

@Ron - First, God is #1 my friend, so go study the Word. Next, excellent discussion of Marketing, and for those interested Ron is great at it and looking! Help him out!

Anonymous said...


As soon as a simple tax is implemented it will effect the wealthy members of congress. They will never allow that to happen. Don't you think there is a specific reason so many loopholes are put in the tax code? It is put in by the wealthy authors to protect their own money from taxation.

Wake up kiddies, look at who taxes you and how they do it. You pay, they don't.

The Black Sphere said...

@Dave - Excellent points. Sounds like some "whining" going on to me..."I inherited this mess". So what else is new. That why we all have jobs. If it was easy, ACORN people would be doing it!

Anonymous said...


Nickolassc is correct. Stop punishing those who have behaved responsibly - flat tax and/or sales tax. Get rid of the IRS and save billions of dollars.

The Black Sphere said...

@Otto - Get to class, Dude! :-) Thanks for the comment!

Jenny said...

I love this post! You have a way of injecting humor into a dismal situation, and forcing people to see the truth behind the Big Government Big Lies. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...


Hey Kevin,
First, the props. Your blog is down-right AWESOME and, frankly, keeps my daily sanity.

Second, the Oblahblah slam. I just don't know what to say. I just did the math of The One's new tax plan for the "rich" and for families making $250K, $100K of that goes to the feds! WTF?????? I am so angry I could cry. I have nothing to say that you have not already covered except DAMN!!!! This is so frustrating and daunting. What has happened to my country, our country? I think people are "waking up," but I fear it is too late.

I dispise Obama. I have never seen anyone so invested in being someone else, i.e Lincoln, FDR, JFK, Reagan. So typical of a soul-less, core-less, no- identity narcissist. I have news for THE ONE: You are not any of these people. In fact, the guy that sells my family our cars has more character and integrity. Really.

Thanks Kevin. Keep up the good work.

The Black Sphere said...

@Jenny - In full disclosure Jenny and I are friends on Twitter, and I twisted her arm for her comment! See a doctor, and send me the bill! Thanks for the coerced comment Jenny! :-)

The Black Sphere said...

@AZSarahCuda - Thanks for the props on my blog. I selected "humor" and "satire" as my vice, so that people could have a laugh. I may have to write a "serious piece" from time to time to get picked up by Townhall, Breitbart (Hey Andrew...PLEASE hook a brotha up!), and National Review! But for the most part, it's laugh to keep from crying.

I am considering doing a more serious blog elsewhere, which will be a more historical and indepth look at earlier posts without words like "turd", and suffixes, like "a-Palooza", because the cocktail crowd wants me to show more if they'd get me anyway. They want the Black William F. Buckley, well he does exist within me, dangit.

Finally, our truly zany will be featured at the OpenZine site, so I hope you join us there!

Thanks for the message!

Findalis said...

I resent that my tax dollars are being squandered away to groups that don't deserve it, while we are facing growing horrors on our border with Mexico, massive unemployment and a stock market that is falling faster than a lead weight in water. Unless we stop all unnecessary spending, and return to fiscal conservatism, we are doomed.

The Black Sphere said...

Findalis - I agree, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Gloria Ferrari February 26 was a funny movie...but it's not that funny now...

maddmath said...

Wow, what a blog. I get educated in Economics and Marketing. I may need both soon since my wife with my in-laws are looking to consolidate several idle properties so my mother-in-law can have her medical bills paid while gaining a single property with a commerical attatchment (a cyber cafe) to draw extra income. Since my wife is primary owner of the properties, we'll be the primary owner. Here where the senario gets interesting.

Some wanted to invest in a business here in the states, but my brother-in-law (seems he's as smart as my wife), my wife and I said NO! With Obama's policies, it will be money flushed down the toilet (since that's where the government will put it). It will be better to keep it in the Philippines where they have a flat tax of 17.5% because the tax burduns here will eat away any investment.

Not to mention what's going to happen to the value of the dollar with the printing of all these trillions. A number my in-laws can't even phantom our debt since the entire economy breaks in at about $387 billion. FOR THE WHOLE COUNTRY! That's more than our interest on the National debt. compare to say we in California that has a budget of $140 Billion. YIKES!

This should be a testimony on BO's stupid plans. A 3rd world country with one of the most improvish and underdeveloped economies on the planet has a better economic model. At least on the tax end and they're stuggling. Think of what his burdens will be like. I fear soon, I may be working that business (since I'm the only one with business experience) because things here can get that bad and worse if this continues.

Kirly said...

"Recovery" as in "National Recovery Administration" during the FDR era. It didn't work then either.

The Black Sphere said...

Madmath1 - Leave it in the Phillipines!

The Black Sphere said...

Kirly - Exactly right. Nothing FDR did was great, it's just how the Libs want to make it appear.

Anonymous said...

'Be sure to get Obama's new book: The Tax Man Cometh...and He Has a Gold Tooth'

Come on, my man. You know that word's spelled 'toof'.

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon - Good catch!

Illinois Knows said...

If you really look at what has happened to the stocks, it all started when BO won the Democratic Primary. It was over 13,000 and has continued to fall everytime it looked "good" to win. When McCain had that short time lead, the markets came back a bit, just to loose it again when BO took the lead.
Now when I watch it and it tanks, I have to laugh (as to not cry) because I know that BO just did something stupid again!
Great rant and thanks for the humor Kevin! I think you keep me sane some days.

The Black Sphere said...

Lilly - I believe you. I didn't have time to research back that far, but EXCELLENT point!

Illinois Knows said...

Found on a stock blog!

Indigo Red said...

Obama claims "...going into more debt is the way out of debt."

Alrighty then!

So, HMS Titanic Capt. Edward Smith didn't have a problem when he hit the iceburg. Rather, his problem was that he failed to hit another one.

I'm feeling faint. I'm thinking like a Democrat. Help me, Mr. Wizard!

The Black Sphere said...

Indigo Red - Too funny!!!!

Anonymous said...


About the only thing I like from Guiliani's campaign was his flat tax - one page - tax return.

Obviously I think the Fairtax is the best choice, but before we can get there, I think the local and state governments have to switch to sales tax systems like Florida & Texas

Xandrus said...

I love how the current folks in charge are fostering up a "Big Evil CEO/Wall Street mogul" campaign. They're doing it for a reason. They KNOW that these guys actually *know* what they're talking about, and are not appreciating the pure lack of support for their socio-fascist utopian dream-world.

Make no mistake folks, Obama fully believes he has all the answers as to the best way YOU need to live. As do a majority of the Democrats by and large. And they will use any means possible to force that vision down your throat willingly or not.

I find it very interestingly coincidental that not only does the DOW plunge a bit every time Obama does ANYTHING, but also, the gun market is absolutely *booming* right now. I'm aware of several main manufacturers of firearms right now who have up to 2 year waiting times because they simply cannot produce enough guns.

Who said Obama never did anything positive for the growth of industry?

The Pondering Catholic said...

All I can say, is someone has got to put a muzzle on "The One". Every single time he opens his mouth, we all lose money. Of course, it has a lot to do with what he says. Hoping for Change here. But I guess I gotta wait 4 years. Ughhhh..... this could get long.

Yiddish Steel said...

Dude, I love that "off the books" excuse from Dear Leader. He continues to set the Responsibility Bar at ground level. I am sold on the fact that an Ivy League Education is on par with any State School U in any of the 57 states. We're going to be throwing around the term "Stagflation" like Halloween Candy for at least the next 4 years. Like I say to all the Kid Voters that put this imbecile in Office, "Welcome back, Carter!"

The Black Sphere said...

@YiddishSteel - Welcome Back, Carter gets you on the list for Knighthood for this blog! Too funny. And excellent Obamian references...57 states. Lots of "jewels" here. Thanks for the comment!

Sunny Smile said...

Interesting. Did you see the Republican interviewed after Obama's performance ? The graph he had was hysterical and showed the US debt each year from '08 to '12... great visual for Obama's pledge to cut the deficit by the end of his "first" term. (numbers aren't exact) '08 - 1.25T, '09 - 2.5T, '10 - 5T - '11 - 1.25T. So the basic concept is to drive up the deficit and "cut it" not to a low, but back to what he inherited.... hence, change and progress. Gotta love the creativity, don't ya ??

The Black Sphere said...

Hey Babe, thanks for the comment, and as usual a GREAT one! Interesting analysis. Sort of like a sale. First mark the price up, then say you get the discount. Yep, ObamaNation.

Joe said...

Hi, Kevin. I found your blog through "Important Stuff - Or Not," and am so glad I did.

Your perspective is much needed and appreciated.

President BO is indeed guiding us into a War on Achievement, one of the best descriptions of what he is doing I have ever seen.

Thanks...and keep it up!

The Black Sphere said...

@Joe - Thanks very much Joe! I will keep it up, and keep following as we are about to expose the Democrat agenda in ways they haven't figured.

Wait until you see our videos. And you can check out the radio show live on Thurs, or in archive on the left side of the web page. Blogtalkradio is a black and blue graphic. Hit play, and you can hear us discuss some of this stuff live!

Take care my friend!

Anonymous said...

When he talked of “profit and earning ratios,” which would by definition always equal one, he confirmed what I thought all along. He will make Jimmy Carter look good by comparison.

The Black Sphere said...

Good point, Chip. And Carter is looking like a great president in comparison. Scary!

Anonymous said...


About the only thing I like from Guiliani's campaign was his flat tax - one page - tax return.

Obviously I think the Fairtax is the best choice, but before we can get there, I think the local and state governments have to switch to sales tax systems like Florida & Texas