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Monday, March 02, 2009

Obama Cutting Pork…What?

Will the real Barack Hussein Obama please stand up? Obama is actually saying that he wants to cut something from the government. The words cut and Obama are indeed being used in the same sentence, and it's not Jesse Jackson threatening to cut Obama's "pecans" off this time either.

So who are the targets of Obama's wrath? Subsidies. But it's not the subsidies that are really making a dent in the budget, like say the auto industry for example. We are all aware of the amount of money the government has rationalized stealing from hardworking Conservatives to give to an industry that can't survive on its own.

But this time, Obama has targeted the good old middle-American farmers.

Obama is willing to give mega billions to lazy people who do nothing, however he is not willing to continue subsidies to farmers who at the very least are actually working.

"As part of his 2010 budget, Obama proposed phasing-out direct payments to farmers with sales of more than $500,000 a year, to save $9.8 billion over 10 years."

You should know that I don't like subsidies. I believe that the market should not be tinkered with, as it will "self-adjust". However, I admit that farm subsidies are more complicated issues, since food is a critical commodity, and none of us wants to miss a meal. Most of us can survive with the cars we have.

If too many farmers fail or decide to leave farming, the nation's food supply can be put at risk. And since Nature has a lot to do with whether crops are produced or animals survive, I understand the need for the propping up farmers.

Further, the cost of this program amounts to $1B a year for ten years, as compared to the budget to provide free houses for deadbeats which amounts to around $700B, give or take one or two…hundred billion.

No matter what, the idea of a socialist cutting anything, intrigues me, so much so that you'd think they buttered my behind and are calling me 'Biscuit'. But I am not happy folks. Because as with all things Obama, you must look beyond the "smoke and mirrors".

The real story here is that when Obama was running for the Democrat nomination, he pandered to farmers; bamboozled them. So much so in fact that in Indiana he sat in a barn on a stool amidst hay bales and a wagon, and promised farmers less administration and legislation.

He promised to be their messiah. He would bring rain in times of drought. Obama in fact promised them high-priced, aka subsidized pork, as he said to Shawn Krull, 35, and fifth generation farmer in this statement:

"I'm not going to do anything that has not been worked through by the people who know the ground best." Obama told him, "I do want cheap pork chops."

No truer words could be spoken. Because as we all know, Obama loves only the best and most expensive pork.

Here's the wrap:

When you consider the size and scope of the $787B Obamulus von Porkulus, $1B a year is nothing more than a rounding error. Why take it away? Aren't there bigger budget "fish to fry"? Of course.

Obama handled farmers, like he handles all his believers. He told them what they needed to hear…to get their vote. Then he threw them under what has to be the biggest bus known to mankind, because it is littered with the bones of believers.

Obama is fine breaking promises to Midwestern farmers, as their issues are not mainstream. He could care less about White farmers, except when he knew during his campaign that he needed their support in the Midwest to take the focus off (1) his lack of citizenship, and (2) his lack of true leadership credentials, and (3) his racist history and agenda.

Taking away what amounts to such a small amount is meant to remind White America that there is a new sheriff in town, and the real Obama has indeed stood up…but not for the reason you may have thought.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

The picture of B. Hussein Obummer in a black cowboy hat nauseates me. Not only does it tarnish the image of cowboys, but it brings down the image of the respectable criminals of the old west. Jesse James, Isaac Black, Cherokee Bill, Butch Cassidy (yes, he did exist), Boone Helm and others are all turning over in their graves to have their fine criminal arts tarnished by this two-bit upstart. At least the old west criminals did not usually hide behind a mask of respectability; you knew what they were.

Anonymous said...

Great point Kevin and it couldn't have been said any better. I don't understand this "cut" as I live in a rural farming area and know what the farmers have to deal with every year. I too believe that most people do not understand what farmers deal with, so they will just think this is a waste of money and this is a good cut. Farmers are not going to be happy! Thanks for bringing this into the open.

Julie said...

Living in Iowa and seeing farm after empty farm this does not sound good to me either. We're going to see more and more angry people the more he talks. I am feeling the rumble from it now.

The Black Sphere said...

@Cowboy - Being a cowboy and a maverick myself, I puke at the sight as well. It was needed however to make my point cowboy. But it won't happen again! :-)

The Black Sphere said...

@Lilly - No doubt about it. As I looked into farm subsidies, like I said, more complicated that "the auto industry"! Thanks for the comment.

The Black Sphere said...

@Julie - Obama is an equal opportunity offender, so he will hit everybody soon enough.

The Pondering Catholic said...

While I realize he is offending so many, I am still shocked by the number of people in denial over so much of what he is doing. I hope those who are affected, (which quite honestly is nearly everyone, except those in Hollywood, and the rappers, cuz not matter what he takes from them, they still have an insane amount of money) will start to wake up and realize what is happening to them!

The Black Sphere said...

@Pondering - Don't expect the left to not drive in the fog. Insanity prevails, and we will never understand it. But we will slowly win over the center, and get our BASE more passionate. That will restore true order.

Joe said...

President BO HAS to be able to point to "cuts" in order to "show" that he is "trying" to keep government spending down.

What better place to cut than farming, resulting in people who will become more dependent on the government (farm workers), and thus increase his power base by "providing" for them.

The Black Sphere said...

@Joe - It was a "token" cut in two ways. One, it was geared mainly at White men, and two, it was so small it only qualifies a "nick" and not a cut! The big money went to Obama's racist agenda of rewarding the lazy, and promoting his War on Achievement

Anonymous said...

Toby Marie Walker March 2

"Buttered my behind and called me a biscuit!" OMG I love that phrase!

Anonymous said...

Leslie Nelson Cram March 2

love it Kevin!! keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


2+2 officially equals 5.

Ron B said...

Kevin you are always on point.

Back in the 80's I remember a song by Gil Scott-Heron that had a line in it..."someone always came to save America at the last moment. Especially in B-Movies." Now it is Big "0". He thinks that he can save America by using demagoguery and by demonizing our capitalist establishments.

Take a look at this short list:
1.) Bankers. He has lumped all 8,000 of them into one group even though the vast majority of them never made a sub-prime loan and could not play that game because the risks were too high for their small size. Nor did some of them want any of the TARP money for fear of government control.
2.) CEO's. Their salaries and bonuses have become demonized while congress holds talks of capping their salaries.
3.) Evil corporations. Demonizing the rewards of success by forcing companies to not reward their top producers for fear of a backlash.

4.) Farmers. The world's life line. Repeat World's Life Line. Without our farmers we all face starvation. I would hate to rely on Somalia or Haiti or even Mexico for my food stocks.

$500,000. There is that number again. This is the magic Maximum wage that keeps being bantered about in Washington.

Sir RonB

The Black Sphere said...

@SirRon - Excellent points good Sir. The War on Achievement in play!

Anonymous said...


Take a walk through the produce section of your local market, and read the labels on the fruits and vegetable. Product of Mexico, Product of Argentina, Product of Spain...then try to find Product of U.S.A.

Our farmers struggle year after year just to survive, while they're elbowed out of the market by cheap imported produce from everywhere but here. The majority of the apples in the apple juice we drink come from...China. China, the same place that thinks great amounts of melamine is an excellent addition to baby formula.

But hey, Obama! Great idea to take from the farmers, to give to the most worthless of our society. Better keep your voting base happy, though, huh? Let's give everyone who can't afford them houses at reduced interest rates, renegotiated mortgages, so they can default again, and screw the people who produce our food, because you would be happier getting it from anywhere but the country you're now leading, much to my disgust.

Anonymous said...

Obama is seeing the political world now, he has to start saying no to the liberals. Give it two more years, that when the CHANGE will come.

drjim said...

With decisions like this, affecting more and more people, he'll never get a second term.

The Black Sphere said...

@emptysuit - Let's not leave any doubt on this subject!

The Black Sphere said...

@drjim - From these pages to God's eyes. He shouldn't have a 1st term!

Anonymous said...

Renee Parker March 2

"I do want cheap pork chops." - the only thing Cheap in NoBama world is his talk......

Why did Digg Ban you? They don't like the truth???

The Black Sphere said...

@Renee - Digg and other social networking sites have "hit squads" against Conservatives. It's really bullying via the web. I did nothing wrong.

Sunny Smile said...

Always great ! Don't know how much of the promise breaking we should actually be concerned with, as much as what the long term implications of all of this is. Just another obviously well placed and executed move in his ultimate goal of making americans completely dependent upon/indebted to government. Homes, health care, now food.... the blackhole is widening and gaining massive traction.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks Sweets! The black hole comment is rich!

Anonymous said...


Is there anything left for him to destroy in our economy?

Anonymous said...



"As part of his 2010 budget, Obama proposed phasing-out direct payments to farmers with sales of more than $500,000 a year, to save $9.8 billion over 10 years."

---- Really is this a joke? $9.8 billion in 10 years? That is a drop in the bucket when compared to the mammoth debt this guy is putting us into, to nationalize the entire free market. This is a joke, this is more smoke and mirrors, to go along with the flat out lies he has told the American people (like I'm going to balance the budget, and not raise taxes--- can you say BS makes the grass grow--- or in this case corn).

Anonymous said...


I will never look at pecan pie the same! You have to search for meat with a produced in the USA sticker, the local Kroger's had some meat with a "U.S.A, Canada, Mexico" sticker so I suppose it was produced in North America or maybe Bush/obama's North American Union.

Anonymous said...



(we will be changed from a prosperous, self-reliant country to 350,000,000 welfare recipients in the People's Republic of America, or, if we can partner with another successful socialist giant, The Soviet Socialist Republic Of America. Really, if you want people to like you in the world, you've got to be more like them! /S

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin, thanks for the great visuals, pecans and hot buttered biscuits! Can't get more southern than that.
OMG! Does Zimbabwe ring a bell to anyone? When you start messing with the people who produce our food supply, MORE TROUBLE abounds.
Good grief, Charlie Brown!

Anonymous said...

lol Rose-Bud :-D

Smoke and mirrors indeed.
Nazi, Rahhhm, Dingy, and Barry. The whole bunch nauseates me exponentially day by day by day.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAA I can't brush my teeth any more than I do now.

I have been enjoying your writings Kevin. I can't wait to get your book and I would like a signed copy please and thank you

The Black Sphere said...

Rose-Bud - Nothing like some good soul food!

The Black Sphere said...

Rosemary - I am burning the midnight oil, trying to do it all. We produced the radio show, the new online magazine, and the TV stuff will blow you away, or at least I hope it does! I hope to get the book to edit within 2 wks, and then finalized 2 wks thereafter. Will keep everybody posted.

maddmath said...

Obama is now going after the food supply. History has shown one common trait. Straving people rarely are content. Has he learned anything from the Zimbaway example. Take the farm from productive people and give it non-productive didn't increase the wealth (inflation at 10,000% a month) or production of food. Now the people are raiding elephants in the national parks for food.

I'm no fan of subsidies, but messing with a percarious business climate with our agriculture industry seems to be the height of stupidity. We used to feed the world, now we can't even feed ourselves and now this. Why do I feel the need for a feeding frenzy?

Anonymous said...

Kevin, is there more to this story? I have heard that large companies have taken over the farming business in the U.S. and that the small "hometown" farmer is something of a dying breed.
By cutting these subsidies, is it targeting large corporations?
No I'm not a Osama, I'm mean Obama supporter, but wondering about this . . .
set me straight

The Black Sphere said...

@Michael - There is indeed more here, as the subsidy is limited to the farmers mentioned. Essentially it is a poorly thought out plan, because people must eat. So if you cut some of these subsidies, it will result quite simply in higher prices, or dependence on foreign food sources. Imagine being at the mercy of China for grain?! If you think controlling oil is bad, imagine if the Middle-East controlled our food supply?

Anonymous said...

"I do want cheap pork chops."

ROTFL !!! this is gonna be my new sig !!!

great work, Mr. Jackson If Ya Nasty :)


The Black Sphere said...

@DCDOGG - Glad to give you a chuckle! Thanks for the visit!

Findalis said...

The only pork that Obama is cutting is on his dinner plate.

The Black Sphere said...

@Findalis - Clever!

Anonymous said...


He's just making sure we're all dependent on the government, like the rest of the people who voted for him.