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Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama's New War

Obama and Geithner are talking tough again. There is a crisis of the Democrats' creation that they need to capitalize on. Instead of going after the real culprits, the Democrat congressional leaders, Obama continues to wage War on Achievement.

Obama is making no attempt to rein in Congress. If there was any group of lunatic Liberals that need reining in, I would say it's that bunch of Keystone Cops. The problem is that there is no real sheriff in town, and Deputy Dog is in charge.

So Obama continues going after bailout companies, and has expanded his so-called authority over companies who don't even get bailout welfare. If this isn't just the pitting of the achievers against losers, then pee on me and tell me it's raining.

So the first thing Obama has ordered "Mini-me" to do is to rid banks of 'toxic assets.' Translated: Obama will be using hardworking Conservative's money to buy junkcrap! If something is "toxic", how can it be an asset?

This is like going to Neiman's and paying for the boxes Prada shoes come in. Worse yet, it's like hoping that the boxes will have value some day to return to the store. Are you seeing how insane this is?

Obama said this during his Tuesday prime-time press conference:

"This budget is inseparable from this recovery, because it is what lays the foundation for a secure and lasting prosperity…"

This is Obama's "get out of jail free card", because if he doesn't get everything that he wants, he will blame it on not getting all his budget approved. He will be like a precocious teenager and throw a tantrum. How could I succeed with only $20 trillion dollars?!

I seriously feel like a broken record here. Obama will take any opening to gain power. Undeserved power. Yet, he hasn't demonstrated that he can't balance his own checkbook, yet he wants to run the most complicated organization in the world. Understaffed! I almost forgot…Obama is a god! Not!

Where he does have staff, it's the blind leading the blind. Actually it's blind drunks leading the blind. This is truly the biggest band of nitwits I have seen in one location, the one exception being the Democrat National Convention.

I predicted that any relief in the stock market would be Obama's sign to expand his authority, and as predictable as Nancy Pelosi's next botox injection, BAM there he goes. Of course he will say that his policies are the reason for the "recovery".

Let's keep it real Barry. The market isn't even back to where it was when you took office, so try not to waste that Viagra on premature celebration.

When I see Geithner and Obama together trying to come off as "tough guys", I truly have to chuckle. I see two weak sisters, running behind Pelosi's skirt when the going gets tough. She looks behind her then scolds them for their lack of backbones, and always running to her.

Without Queen of the Damned, those two cub scouts couldn't find their butts with both hands. Now that is not a compliment to Cruella by any stretch of the imagination, and more a condemnation of Obama and Geithner.

Here's the wrap:

Obama already has flushed America down the toilet, and apparently he is scurrying to the other side of the world this week to see what comes out the other end. Here's your answer Barry: Shizzle!

But Obama continues his War on Achievement, threatening any and all companies that have the potential of influencing government policy. A bit nebulous in definition, if you ask me.

It's like Dad died, and left his company to a 17-year old crackhead. Since when has the government run anything well? Rhetorical question.

Show me a government program, and I will show you a program that could be run better by monkeys. It's really that simple. Watching this administration operate is like watching a business operated by chimps. Needless to say, nothing gets done. And the public just ends up getting chimp doo-doo thrown on them.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...


I have never seen such weakness in the three branches to date. The losers are running the asylum.

Newzworth said...

Great Rant Kevin! May all of us "Achievers" survive the next 4 years of oppression

The Black Sphere said...

@Newzworth - I hear you! And we will survive the War on Achievement!

Lilly said...

Careful, they'll change the term "toxic assets" to "under achieving portfolios". Thanks for the rant.

The Black Sphere said...

@Lilly - Nice call..."under-achieving portfolios"!

Ron B said...

Once again Big "O" polishing a turd and calling it a rose. All I can keep hearing is Outkast singing "I know you like to think your shizzle don't stink...roses really smell like pooh, pooh!"

He believes that if he changes the name of the product we will believe that it really has changed.
'TOXIC ASSETS' ARE NOW 'LEGACY ASSETS' and aren't these the same things that AIG and other financial marketers were selling in the first place that caused this meltdown in credit? But the "private investors" only have to put up about 6% to buy these things.

Now he is firing CEO's and finally rejected the "fluffy" business plans written by the new business school grads at Chyrsler and GM. It did not take a MBA guberment employee to see these things lacked any plan. He could have saved a headache and reached out to Sir RonB. Now the automakers are not to big to lose but can go into bankruptcy if their new plans don't meet "their" criteria.

Sir RonB

Ron B said...

They changed the term toxic assets last week. Legacy assets are what they are now

The Black Sphere said...

@SirRon - I wrote "toxic assets" and Lilly followed. You can see that they keep changing the terminology to keep us off's working!

Great earlier comment!

namaste said...

"it's like dad died and left his company to a 17 year old crack-head."

good grief! truer words were never spoken.

*high five!*


Julie said...

I agree, monkeys would do a better job, great post.

The Black Sphere said...

@Namaste - High five back at cha!

The Black Sphere said...

@Julie - Thanks for the comment. BTW folks, Julie writes a "mean" blog...CHECK HER OUT!

Lillith2008 said...

He's not running GM??? ....just firing the sacrificial lamb. This is insane!! When will America wake up?

The Black Sphere said...

@Lilith - Obbama running GM will certainly kill it.

maddmath said...

I rather be peed on and be told it's raining than exercise any of this BS that they're shuffling. I disagree that Deputy Dog is running this show since it's clear it's the chief of keystone police. Given everytime BO open his mouth, the markets tank and today is no difference. Even Asia is noticing since their markets tank the moment this nonsense came out. Someone with brains is running this because this is an egregous attempt to nationalize one of our main industry and set up a police to start nationalizing more. Just look at the powers they want on the "non banks" and the insurance company. This is a Marxist's wet dream coming true here. For what's next? Health care? Farms? Import Companies? McDonald's (the voracous blood sucking trial lawyers are drooling over a class action suit for obestity on this one and the fast food companies far richer than the cigarette companies)? Murphy's Law states that "nobody's life, liberty and persuit of happiness is safe while the legislature is in session." Little did Mr. Murphy knew was what this group of socialist evil clowns could do in such a short time.

The Black Sphere said...

Madmath1 - I love when you chime in, Dude. It's heartfelt!

The Black Sphere said...

Barden Ambroze at 4:21pm March 30

watching Glen Beck and he has the same opinion it only got better when Roosevelt died

Anonymous said...

John Connery at 7:03pm March 30

I see Obama's going into the car business. GM now stands for Government Motors. Can't wait to see what kind of cars Obama puts out. Probably something resembling the Yugo.
There was another leader of a country back in the 1930's who commissioned the government runned auto industryto put out a car for the "people". Ferdinand Porshe made the Volkswagon for Hitler. Now, I'm not comparing Obama to Hitler... Oh wait, yes I am.

Joe said...

Was running a automobile corporation in President BO's resume?

I don't remember that.

The Black Sphere said...

Joe, it looks like "buy American" is no longer! At least for cars...

Unknown said...

We just defaulted on our N. Korea rhetoric too, it seems.

Still, better have a liberal in office with unmitigated support of a liberal house and senate than McCain (who has been successfully portrayed as "Bush's third term") in office, getting blocked on every single agenda item by rabidly angry sore-loser liberals in control of house and senate, and then watching as they blame McCain for not getting anything done, even as they trip him.

Although Obama's policies are antithetical to my beliefs, the man himself just represents the political backlash of the pandering, middle-ground, pseudo-conservative policy failures that plagued the Bush administration.

The liberals were going to get their massive administration change eventually. I'd rather have it come sooner (America has been growing weaker every day) than in 2012, when the public disapproval of McCain (and by extension, all republicans) is at it's highest conceivable moment, thanks to the policy quagmire the house and senate would put him through.

Truly, I'm thankful President Obama's agenda has been so radical. Even the media has trouble covering some of it up, and the magnitude of these policy changes is opening eyes faster than I had predicted.

At this rate, it may not take 2 terms for Americans to find their heads.

The Black Sphere said...

@Oppo - Good commentary. I agree for the most part. I can't imagine this stuff to policy work for Obama, so hopefully the public will have had its fill of him.

Anonymous said...


Wake me up when Nancy Pelosi is ousted as Speaker of the House. She speaks for nobody but Oakland/Frisco/Bezerkley lunatics.