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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama’s Reads Leadership for Dummies

In the inimitable words of Gomer Pyle, "Surprise , surprise, surprise!" The US deficit is higher than we imagined? If you are a Liberal who voted for Obama, you'd have to be practically brain dead to not be just a little concerned. And the real Boogeyman hasn't even been discussed.

When I hear Obama speak about the economy, I feel as if I am listening to a first year economics student at a community college. I am amazed at Obama's lack of insight, and his inability to admit that he has charted the wrong course for America, not limited to the economy.

Consider that they are still dealing with "cabinet issues", and Geithner demonstrates less command over the economy than the homeless man I see from time to time in my neighborhood. What up Larry?

I find it hilarious tracking Obama's perusal of Leadership for Dummies, apparently just now getting to the chapter on "Loyalty to Subordinates". Like most Obama moves, he read the chapter title, and decided that he didn't need to actually read…the material.

I predict this is the way Obama got through life, forming most of his ideas by scanning. Now that I think about it, how else could Obama sponsor or co-sponsor over 800 pieces of legislation in only 123 days in the US Senate, unless he only did drive-bys? Oh I know Liberals, Obama is the smartest guy…like e-ver!

Obama believes that he is showing leadership by keeping the incompetent Geithner. He is standing behind a guy who has to be the most incompetent Treasure Secretary in American history, and who has showcased a lifetime of incompetence in less than sixty days! Stand by your man…give him two arms to cling to.

Despite that fact that there is three times (3X) the money supply in the economy with no gains in productivity, Obama and his 'mini-me' Treasury Secretary see no need to panic. Despite the grumblings of our chief creditor, China, Obama and mini-me want to stay the course. Despite the fact that soon your money will be worth 1/3 of what it is today, they are "clear on their objectives". Sure, if the objective is hyper-inflation and a bankrupt economy by the end of his term. You're ahead of schedule, Barack!

Obama won't even bother to recalculate based on "…worse economic conditions than he imagined creating." Undaunted, Obama will tackle four pillars as they are called: health care, education, clean energy and deficit reduction

Excuse me, didn't we forget two pillars: Waste and corruption. Not that there have been any indicators of our government bureaucrats being corrupt. And who am I but a lowly tax-paying hardworking Conservative citizen to say that our government is wasteful. After all, spending a few billion dollars on transsexual beauty pageants likely has significance that is "beyond my pay grade."

For you smart Conservatives, one thing is missing. I won't hold my idiot savant Liberals in suspense, and will just say it. The biggest missing element, the foundation of our economy from an economic point of view is entitlements.

There is no mention of entitlements, which by the way any reform would impact the government budget significantly. The amount that America is expected to pay in entitlements is astronomical in comparison to all other issues discussed, with numbers in the $30-50T bantied about. Yet, there is no mention of this by Obama.

Here's the wrap:

There is no mention of entitlements, because doing something about it would mean that Obama would have to punish most of America's losers, excluding of course those who actually do need or have earned entitlements.

Well "entitlements" are the real boogeyman, and not that fake one, like [insert White Republican here] that racist Democrats have always held before America. If Obama thinks he can skirt the issue of entitlements for long, he is sadly mistaken. Because if Obama and Geitherner continue down the path they are headed, They will have a lot more people…seeking entitlements.

This entitlements Boogeyman is real. And he's bigger and blacker!

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...


Liberal, and braindead...kinda redundant don't you think?

Anonymous said...


Excuse me, didn't we forget two pillars: Waste and corruption. Not that there have been any indicators of our government bureaucrats being corrupt. And who am I but a lowly tax-paying hardworking Conservative citizen to say that our government is wasteful. After all, spending a few billion dollars on transsexual beauty pageants likely has significance that is "beyond my pay grade."

Laura said...

we should have a prediction pool (like they do for sports playoffs an babies) to predict when our taxes get raised and by what average percentage. By "we" I don't mean "the rich". We all know that the "Messiah' will screw the middle class.

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

We're hosed. As more and more people become "entitled", more and more will vote Democrat. I expect to die in a "reeducation facility".

Unknown said...

Deekaman - you may not get that chance.

After all, the socialists in the UK need to "reduce their population" by over they can be "green."

...SOYLENT green.

When the liberals decide that we need to get rid of some of the population, you think they are going after the illegal immigrants first, or grinding up the conservatives?

Serves em right though. They turn me into a hamburger, who's gonna pay tax on it?

Ron B said...

What's worse than Big "O" reading Leadership for Dummies? Buying the Cliff Notes for it!

Kevin, you said that when "I hear Obama speak about the economy..." I am surprised that you can understand anything that he is saying at that point since it always sounds like the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon...wa wa waaa wa! You need Lucy and Linus to interpret.

I now have to say this to the Big "O", please sit down, shut up and chew. Regroup. There is a lot of ocean to turn this ship around in. Start using some of it before it runs aground then you will be up that creek without a paddle or a teleprompter....I can't believe I even tried to offer the most arrogant, narcissistic, egomaniacal, nimrod a tip or hint to save face. What was I thinking???

Sir RonB
I have an I.R.S. story to tell you! Government bureaucracy stupidity at its finest.

Joe said...

Personally, I doubt that he even skimmed the book. If he got past page two, I'd be surprised.

The Black Sphere said...

@Laura - I agree. We can start one! I will provide updates on the magazine.

The Black Sphere said...

Deekman - Very funny! Die in a re-education facility!

The Black Sphere said...

Oppo - You would likely make a great tasting burger. Don't sell yourself too cheaply!

The Black Sphere said...

SirRonB - Can't wait to hear the IRS story! And yes it's a big ocean and even the big ZERO can't stop America!

The Black Sphere said...

@Joe - a cynic no less? I agree!

Anonymous said...

Annie Hamilton at 5:16pm March 24

recommendation: if you've NOT yet listened to the Blacksphere, DO IT! it's an excellent show. Kevin is hilarious, well thought of, researches his material and is very intelligent. I love this program. his blog is terrific too. interesting writing. always appreciate every avenue of the conservative perspective and he covers the African American conservative viewpoint beautifully - very unique and fresh!!

The Black Sphere said...

@Annie - There is no overtime pay for the "extras"! Thanks for the shout out!

maddmath said...

Seems that BO isn't just scanning the titles, but is too illiterate to understand them as well. I'm studying physics at a community college and I can tell you failing community college students get the economy better than BO. Perhaps BO's plan is to devalue the dollar so badly that paying back the debt will be pocket change. Only now instead of "Brother, can you spare a dime?" it will be "Brother, can you spare a cnote ($100)?". Oh well, perhaps like in Zambawa, we can print the first $20 trillion note and pay it off in one swift payment. Never mind the rest of us will have nothing but worthless paper to burn for heat keeping the heating bill down.

The Black Sphere said...

Madmath1 - Your dollar is worth $0.33 today!

Bob Sorensen said...

Good stuff as usual! One thing that caught my eye was about the people that BarryO hires. When you hire incompetent "leaders" or "managers", it reflects on you. And if you're incompetent in the first place, well, the fish doesn't just stink from the head, the entire fish reeks. And that's why I'm carping along with you about the bottom-feeders in government. They're incompetent, we can't trust any of them, and it all stinks.

The Black Sphere said...

@Stormbringer - Thanks for the compliment and the hearty laugh at yours comment about stinky fish! Ewwww...such is ObamaNation!

Aaron James said...

The mini-me description of Geithner is good. Little Timmy has been described as the Dan Quayle of economic policy. Also as the only man who can make Hank Paulson look smart. I call him a moron and am amazed he can even dress himself each day.

The Black Sphere said...

@Aaron - You won't get an argument out of me. I think Obama and his entire staff are idiots, and the worst kind, as they don't think they are.