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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Obama’s Cyber Security Farce

I had to laugh when I read in a Wall Street Journal article that Obama says our data systems may be under constant attack. Our country is under constant attack—from Obama!

He may not have provided transparency in legislation, but Obama has no problem providing transparency to our enemies on CIA interrogation techniques--at least when it makes America look bad. Don't fret America, because Obama has given the CIA tough, new, highly classified... words. It was leaked to me that one of the words is "latte"—promise not to re-leak that. I shudder to think what the man-made disasters will do when they hear, "The password is…latte!"

As for other attacks by Obama on America, Obama has been very open about his global agenda. In fact when he was in Europe, he not only recognized The New World Order, he told the world to send us bill for our membership dues—what the heck let's just pick up the tab for everybody, just like the UN. It's only money. And the US has big printing presses – and lots of 'em.

What better way to attack from within than to dismantle the military. Obama was honest about this attack on American sovereignty, prior to the election. And he has been nice enough to give us an alternative—"the civilian equivalent" of the military, and "just as strong."

As for the original military, an ideological attack occurred when Obama rescinded "Don't ask, don't tell." After this, strategy called for a full frontal assault. So Obama slashed the military budget, then inquired about taking Vets off the VA dole. This would have required soldiers injured in combat to utilize their spouses insurance or something else—just don't ask the government to take care of you! What is ya, ignant?

The war against America's military continued, when Obama authorized his Secretary of Homeland Security, Napolitano to declare our veterans as potential man-made disasters. I'm happy to now know who our true potential enemies are. I was under the delusion that the military protects America. I left government school in the 9th grade to attend the Marine Military Academy, the likely source of this idiotic concept. Napolitano later apologized for people mistaking what she said. Huh? Yep!

Not that America needs any more overt declarations of war from Obama, but that didn't stop him. He has come out firmly against torture, threatening even to go after the previous administration for protecting America after we were attacked on 9-11. With respect to how he himself can handle man-made disasters, Obama did reserve the right to reinstate The Bush Doctrine on torture—should it suddenly become politically expedient. For now, however he is against it—that is unless he decides to be for it.

Any good war strategist knows that one must undermine the currency, as part of a good all-encompassing strategy against the enemy, in this case America. Obama is winning 'the battle within' on this front, spending our nation into oblivion! We are surpassed only by Zimbabwe (another country with an African ruler) at this point.

Obama has reduced our number of potential lenders from dozens to just a handful. Our largest creditor, China has us on credit hold, demanding that we cut up our China Express credit card. And if one communist country sounding the warning bell isn't enough, we have the Russians saying to the world that betting on America is no longer smart business—it's stupid in fact. Nations are debating whether the dollar should be the global currency, given its future prospects. But the war doesn't end here.

There is The War on Achievement. Obama has removed incentive for Americans to want to do better. Companies too big to fail are seized. CEOs are working for $1, and those who are not might be capped at $500K. Failing companies get bailouts, successful companies get threatened.

Here's the wrap:

Frankly, with all the internal wars being waged by Obama against America, I say to cyber thieves, "Stand down." Why bother doing against America what is already being successful done from the guy with the keys to the kingdom?! Obama is doing a better job of destroying America than all hackers, foreign and domestic—combined.

For those of you who believe that Obama is setting up some innocent new department—think again. This is the same guy who won two elections by having divorce records of his opponents made public.

When you think of this new department, think New World Order. Think Obama having ready access to information on extremists. Information he can access and disseminate at the touch of a few buttons.

Note that Obama isn't relinquishing his blackberry. No national security threat with Obama being connected to six million ignorant zombies (and growing)? All these zombies are just a few keystrokes from access to the nation's secrets or could be given access to certain information.

The rest of us will just have to rely on Joe Biden.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama Forever

Obama did an interview with Steve Scully of C-SPAN on May 23

SCULLY: You know the numbers, $1.7 trillion debt, a national deficit of $11 trillion. At what point do we run out of money?

OBAMA: Well, we are out of money now. We are operating in deep deficits, not caused by any decisions we've made on health care so far.

Just four days later on May 27, Obama told donors and celebrities at the Beverly Hilton Hotel at a fundraiser:

"It's safe to say we have stepped back from the brink, that there is some calm that didn't exist before…"

I think what he meant to say is "…the economy is expected to jump—and I don't mean 'for joy'." What do you think he would have said to a group of ex-Chrysler dealership employees?

Yet again, Obama invites you to dinner for steak, then serves up "turdburgers." And the lamestream media is ready and willing to help him. They are busy covering biting issues like Biden's teleprompter comments and other gaffes, a racist unqualified Supreme Court nominee, and a priest converting from Catholic to Episcopalian. These more pressing issues appear to have trumped the little things like—the potential for nuclear war with North Korea. Oh, and there is that pesky multi-trillion dollar deficit, that hasn't been discussed in quite some time!

Fear not fellow infidels, because though we are out of money, the economy has stepped back from the precipice! If you haven't appreciated it up to this point, hopefully you are learning to love liberal lunatic logic. It does leave conservatives scratching our heads! Liberals however, are easily misled to believe that the economy has indeed "talked itself out of suicide," particularly those with more money than sense!

Despite Obama's inability to pick a non-criminal and competent cabinet, his bankrupting of America, and his shredding of The Constitution, there are people (guess who?) who want this buffoon to have unlimited terms!

[Hat tip to Cris] There is a movement afoot to remove term limits, thus allowing Obama to officially become...a god. An excerpt from the website:

"During the last Great Crisis Franklin Delano Roosevelt led America out of the Great Depression and through World War II. Today, Barack Obama leads us through the worst Economic Crisis since the Great Depression and leads the War on Terror.

We are wise enough to choose our own leader and to decide how long that leader will serve."

Here's the wrap:

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might think this resembles Nazi Germany. Civilian equivalent of the military, socialization of industry, youth brigades, control of the banks, to name a few things. Hmmm...

In a stroke of irony, the "repeal amendment 22 crowd" put Obama next to a picture of yet another racist Democrat—FDR. Coincidentally aside from sharing FDR's racist views, Obama shares his economic views--though the site did neglect to mention Obama's War on Achievement: Obama's corollary to FDR's Raw Deal.

Like FDR, it won't surprise me if Obama wins a third term. All the cogs (ACORN, media, ignorant populace) are in place. After the 3rd term he will want to break the record and get a fourth term—because records were made to be broken--sort of like laws.

Finally like Hitler, Obama will just usurp the role of Der Fuhrer of Amerika, and we can all start learning Austrian.

The similarities to Hitler do disappear at this point. Unlike Hitler, Obama doesn't want to take over the world. He just wants to run it from Amerika--with our tax dollars. And remember, it doesn't matter that we have no money. We have returned from the brink. That means there's more money to be had.

That's my rant!

© Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Government Motors - New Genericus Models

If you want to know the future of the American auto industry, now that it has been commandeered by ObamaNation, then watch this 1:32s video.

I hope you guy enjoy this one, as much as I did having The Black Sphere team produce it. If you do like it, please pass it on.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Colin Powell – A Prison Tale

One guess as to why Colin Powell says he's "still a Republican." In case you didn't guess right, here's your answer. He doesn't want to be treated like Arlen Specter! To put it gingerly, Specter got "punked in" to the Democrat Party. Thus we begin—A Prison Tale!

Specter is the new "chubby cheeks" in prison, and the Democrats are the Aryan Nation gang. The Dems assign a handler (Schumer) to help Specter see the need to join the gang. Schumer explains that Specter as a white man shouldn't be associating with the party that gave blacks their freedom, and passed all laws protecting blacks. (The Republican Party for all you ignorant Democrats and liberals) "That just doesn't look good," Schumer explains.

Specter, having accomplished little to help blacks as a Republican sees the futility of his situation. Attracted by the cool lightning bolt tattoos, and a few smokes, Specter joins the Democrat Aryan Nation (DAN). DAN promptly slaps a wig and some lipstick on Specter—if sensitive, you might want to turn away here—and they all have their way with him.

That is how racist Democrats treat white "Republicans" who defect. Imagine what they would do to an "uppity Negro" [LBJ quote]—though Powell is considered "high yellow."

While we are on the subject of color, a lot of you likely think that I am kidding about how racist Democrats view blacks—I am not. Contrast the treatment of Powell—a relatively light-skinned black, to Alan Keyes—a rather dark black gentlemen.

Both are stated Republicans. Yet one Republican is treated with respect and admiration, while the other is treated with total disdain. You can do the math on who is who.

Racist Democrats can tolerate a black—as long as he's not "too black." Many meddlist whites made comments that by not voting for Obama in the last election, Republicans were racists. Yet you couldn't find any of these true racist meddlist whites who voted for Keyes…the real black man! And Keyes ran back as early as 1996. Where were the racist Democrats back then, or the so-called Moderates?

And don't think black people get a pass. Blacks have their own "color test." Vote for the light-skinned snake oil salesman with no credentials over a true patriot like Keyes—then have the nerve to call whites the racists! More blacks play Bridge than voted for Keyes. I guess he was just a little too black, even for black folks? Don't tell me you differ philosophically, conservative black person who ignorantly votes Democrat, ergo "liberal"?

Powell is well aware there is no love for Republicans who switch to join the ranks of racist Democrats. After the switch you get fifteen seconds of fame. Paraded around the prison yard like the new kid in town--followed by a lifetime of "gender confusion". "Just because they did that to me doesn't make me gay does it?" No General, it just makes you stupid!

And after the unnatural act, the Democrats are quick to cast you amongst the Sodomites—Gen-Pop (General Population). There you are ridiculed. Fair game for the real prison predators—in this metaphor—the mainstream media.

And the Democrats and the lamestream media are happy to roll Powell out as the poster boy of "what the Republican Party needs". He is treated like "the voice of reason" in a party in turmoil. Powell reward is a lucrative hustle.

Here's the wrap:

Anybody who believes Powell was ever a real Republican needs to get off the hallucinogenic drugs, and this includes Powell himself. Just because he said it, doesn't make it so. I have demoted the General to Private and suggest he seek treatment. He has caught the disease of liberalism.

Powell is no more a Republican than Karl Marx. He just knows how much the liberals and the media love Republicans who take a furlough from the reservation—but come back. If Powell declared his real affiliation, Democrat, he would quickly become just another black Democrat, in a sea of black Democrats. A "no big deal." By remaining (whatever) Republican, he can be a thorn in the side of the Republicans. A finger in the eye from time to time. A rock in the shoe.

Like with Specter, the Democrat Aryan Nation has handlers for Powell. He is being courted by ignorant liberals such as Keith Olberhack and Rachel Madcow to make that move. I say to Powell don't slip in the shower or pick up the soap, yes watch your back Bro. Because DAN stands ready to "punk in" Powell.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vegas Gives Odds on Sotomayor

Obama decided today to make the announcement for his appointment to the Supreme Court. He has selected Sonia Sotomayor. I must say that I find both his choice and timing provocative.

Since the announcement of Souter's retirement, there hasn't been a lot of time to vet potential Supreme Court candidates, particularly when you consider that these are lifetime appointments. Frankly I'm amazed that Obama found the time to vet anybody given his busy schedule.

When Obama is not saving the world (with American taxpayer money) he busies himself with those $100 per pound beef dinners. Then there is picking his brackets for the Final Four, and hanging with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Next we were privy to the White House Press video of "O" shooting hoops with the UConn women's basketball team. Can't pass up shooting hoops, stereotypical though it may appear. And finally who could forget all those commencement addresses?

With all those pressing issues, I can see how Obama has decided not to address issues like Israel potentially attacking Iran's nuclear facilities or North Korea's recent nuclear test. Thankfully Obama has put these issues on the backburner. Lord knows, we need to fast-track Sotomayor. It's a crisis!

Anyway when it comes to Obama's appointments, we've gotten use to the idea of "do-overs." Anybody willing to bet that Sotomayor doesn't blow up in Obama's face? Vegas set the odds on what could potentially upend her appointment as follows:

  • Unpaid taxes (3-2)
  • Husband getting kickbacks (4-1)
  • Stupid Liberal Ideas (1-100)

Obama is shrewd. By appointing a Puerto Rican woman, he gets a "two-fer". In this way he placates both Hispanics and women's groups. Really?

Puerto Ricans are a proud bunch, so Obama will no doubt garner the vote of the "51st state." It is likely that Obama feels that having a Puerto Rican will get him the Hispanic vote in general. There are bitter rivalries amongst the Hispanics, however so the jury is still out there on this. I say the Mexicans will not be happy, given that they outnumber Puerto Ricans by a large margin.

As Cleavon Little said in Blazing Saddles, "Where da white women at?" Let's just call the women's groups what they are: "The White Racist Liberal Democrat Women's—with Lots of Lesbians Too—Club." Like this group really cares about the causes of Hispanics or women of color. This is a powerful group of white women, like Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, all NOW generation women, and disciples of Gloria Steinem. Conspicuous by their absence…women of color!

"The White Racist Liberal Democrat Women's—with Lots of Lesbians Too—Club" will publicly applaud Obama's choice—as if it were ordained by God Himself. However behind the scenes on the Washington Cocktail Party circuit, they will deride Obama for not having picked a white woman. With all the elitist snobbery of this group of racist white Democrat snobs, they will ask, "Why not Hillary?" or some other liberal white woman who rode the back of a man to get to her position of power. There are plenty of examples of those women who "made it".

Here's the wrap:

Must blacks rely on old white Republican men to appoint more blacks on the Supreme Court? If you can't count on a black president to do the right "thang", who can you count on? With more pandering left to do by Obama—I say "Don't sweat this, kinfolk."

This appointment is subterfuge by Obama, par excellent. It is meant to save us from witnessing Obama's harsh, and very public torture of North Korea…with his tough words. Obama needs time to deliberate on exactly what words to pull out of his arsenal to use on North Korea. I shudder to think! I'm just glad the very real Supreme Court appointment crisis is here to keep Obama focused and not sidetracked about the perceived crisis of the potential for nuclear holocaust.

Like blacks have been for decades, Hispanics are being played with this token appointment. Simply put, Sotomayor is a sacrificial goat. She has more skeletons than the National Archeological Museum of Athens, some of which are not even in the closet—they're on video! And because she is not white, I expect the mainstream media to actually do its job and give her a good Hispanic beatdown, subtle though it may be.

If I were a betting man, I'd take the long odds of Sotomayor not making it. And when this story is page 18 of the D section of the paper, Sotomayor's withdrawal from consideration will replace the next real crisis.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Haiti Gets a Former US President – And He’s Black

"The real first black president" –Bill Clinton—is getting seriously dissed with a mission to a country that is struggling economically and is a known hot bed for HIV/AIDS. Assigning Clinton as UN Special Envoy to Haiti is tantamount to putting a crackhead in a room full of tainted crack—pardon the pun.

Haiti is a country with somewhere around 75% of the population lives under the poverty line, and is ranked 146 of 177 in the Human Development Index (2006). Come to think of it, these statistics from Haiti remind me of the economic situation in Arkansas when Clinton left the governor's office…to start pimping America!

Because of his support of Obama's campaign however, Clinton likely imagined getting a cushy assignment in some Caribbean country and living in an Oceanside resort. There were some potentially spectacular choices. I would have narrowed to either the Dominican Republic or Trinidad, finally settling on Dominican Republic to work on my Spanish. But Clinton negotiated Haiti. I'm curious as to which Clinton did the negotiation on this assignment?

I have to believe that this was a pre-election negotiation by Obama separately with both Bill and Hillary—all parties thinking they made out like bandits. I imagine Obama's conversation with Bill went something like this:

Obama: Bill, if you are willing to throw your hat in the ring and support my candidacy, I will do two things: One—I will get you away from Hillary. Two—I will make sure that she is too busy to be all up in your business.

Clinton: That's not enough.

Obama: OK Bill. In addition to my offer, I am willing to appoint you special UN envoy to a TBD Carribbean nation. You will see Hillary so seldom, you will forget what she looks like.

Clinton: That dog'll hunt, Hoss!

Obama: Deal! But don't call me Hoss.

Obama then arranges a secret meeting with Hillary that went something like this:

Obama: Hillary, if you will throw your support my way, I am willing give you a high level position within my administration.

Hillary: That's not enough.

Obama: So what else do you want, Hillary?

Hillary: I'd like Bill out of my hair; but I want him to suffer.

Obama: How about I make him a UN envoy to a "Caribbean nation?" [wink]

Hillary: Barry, [wink] that would make Bill happier than a tornado in a trailer park.

Obama: Deal! But don't call me Barry.

Here's the wrap:

The idea that Bill Clinton can help Haiti overcome poverty is just plain nutty. Consider how Clinton left Arkansas—rode hard and put up wet.

In 2000 Arkansas ranked 50th out of 50 in Education. I'm no linguist, however I believe in technical terms…that sucks! And Arkansas remained in the bottom five of lowest median income rankings under Clinton.

When Clinton became president, he took his Arkansas similar approach to Africa—that would be the "I'm just a Hillbilly from Arkansas and don't know scratch" approach. The outcome was the death of 1,000,000 Africans on his watch.

300,000 of those deaths occurred while Clinton was "distracted" with the Lewinski incident. During this time in our nation's history, Clinton put his "spiritual advisor" Jesse Jackson in charge of Africa for a while—reparations as it were; but only for Jackson. After all, Jackson had traveled there to watch Ali fight once. In Democrat terms, Jackson was over-qualified.

Jackson's "expertise" got ~300,000 Africans killed. He was so well liked at the end of his tenure in Africa, that he was warned by an African head of state not to visit his country on his last trip, lest Jackson be assassinated. Jackson had the pilot turn the plane mid trip, and took refuge in Liberia.

As you can imagine, Obama recognizes Clinton's leadership in all this. So Bill Clinton—the man Toni Morrison deems the nation's "first black president"—will now be doing for Haiti what he did to Arkansas; and a few Arkansas women. Though Bill's is mainly interested in unattractive, chubby white chicks, I suspect Bill might show his true 'color'.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson - The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Friday, May 22, 2009

Cheney Takes on The Man

I love it when the bad guy wins and gives it to "the man." Finally in the Bizarro World that is now Amerika (it's spelled 'left'), the bad guy finally won. Of whom do I speak? I speak of Cheney, a true patriot—publicly exposing Obama, a complete fraud.

Lamestream media to the rescue, because their messiah is getting publicly flogged. To think that we were told how "smart" Obama is. Well if brains were dynamite, Obama couldn't blow his nose! So taking on Cheney, a true intellectual with a real track record of achievement is just asking for trouble.

So we get reports that America is experiencing "Cheney overload." This is liberal code for "Cheney is too effective, let's create public opinion that he is the Anti-Christ." Maybe the Left is tired of Cheney, but conservatives are energized. I predict many fence-sitters are as well. "Feels good don't it!"

In confronting the worst president in history (and Obama ain't even finished polishing his turd) Cheney was absolutely brilliant—the epitome of leadership. Cheney has no dog in this fight, no agenda. As he said, he has "no favors to garner." Cheney desires but one thing…to protect America.

He speaks with eloquence and passion—backed with substance! For you liberal idiots who think the teleprompter president is riveting, take a gander at "the bad guy," the old white Republican boogeyman. Cheney speaks with the passion of reality, and not the fad of idealism.

Meanwhile, "Junior" is still trying to sell America on the idea that he is willing to do anything to protect America—anything except [fill in the blank]. In typical Obama style, he accomplishes two things in his speech: (1) demonize the previous administration for protecting us, and (2) blame America for terrorists wanting to kill us.

According to Obama, Americans are barbarians, and Bush is the former Chief of the Barbarians. Sort of like another "great" racist Democrat president Andrew Jackson calling the Native Americans "savages" for protecting their lands and families. That makes me a proud "savage."

No surprise here, but Obama wants to reserve the right to do exactly what the Bush administration did! [pp] "Just in case I need to, I reserve the right to unsay what I just said, and do what Bush did." What else is new?

Yet again Obama confirmed what conservatives know about liberals—they don't love America; they tolerate America. Liberals want to declare veterans and hard-working taxpaying conservatives as extremists; and declare terrorists as "man-made disasters."

It is long overdue that somebody stepped up and confronted the lunacy of the Left. Who better than a 40-year veteran of Washington, and no-nonsense guy like Cheney—a man of real accomplishment and credentials. Cheney has forgotten more about running a country, than the no talent hack currently occupying the void will ever know.

Barack "Empty-suit Apologist" Obama believes that the way America treats people trying to kill us has made the people trying to kill us more determined. Really? How much more determined can you get than vowing and attempting to kill us? Is there a level of heinous above that?

Here's the wrap:

Obama has produced no evidence that harsh interrogation didn't work. However, he has implied that he may have been able to coax critical information out of our enemies—maybe?

Coincidentally, the documents are unavailable—ObamaSpeak for "the documents are being altered so that I won't look like a liar. If not doctored, they will be destroyed." Or they are being put in the same vault that holds his university records and his Kenyan birth certificate.

America is fortunate to have true a patriot, a real "bad guy" like Cheney to confront the evil that now occupies the White House. I love the irony this time of the bad guy winning and sticking it to "the man." I also like that America is finally exposing who "the man" really is.

That's my rant!

©2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama Allows Capitalism – For Now

Obama has decided not to cap executive pay, according to his whipping boy Geithner. The idea that Obama would think he could even consider capping executive pay in a "free" society disturbs me. Massa say he won't care if we takes a little extra rations—fa now.

According the AP,

"I don't think our government should set caps on compensation," Geithner said Monday during an interview at an invitation-only luncheon hosted by Newsweek."

People in the Obama administration are used to having things just a bit too easy—they know nothing about risk/reward. Obama has said it numerous times—"I got lucky." Obama didn't get lucky, however. He was ruthless in his dealing with adversaries. As black folks say about "Slicksters"—"Don't let the smooth taste fool you!"

By now you certainly know that Obama will have a scapegoat, and it will be some white Republican man. In the case of the financial industry woes, the scapegoat is "Greed." "Wall Street."

When you hear those terms tossed around so flippantly, you may have a tendency to forget that they are just "words." Nebulous terms meant to conjure up images on of one thing: Rich white Republican men, hell bent on the destruction of the poor. What you won't do however is consider the origin of the fiasco. That's how racist, elitist meddling liberal Democrats want you to think--like "drunk uncles."

I don't blame "Wall Street" for taking advantage of the legislation initiated by fools like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, legislation then forced on the financial industry by threat of lawsuit by Obama himself (and ACORN). And when the warning bells were sounded by Republicans in the House, they went ignored by Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi…Dodd!

The Democrats would have you forget that in their zeal to "socially engineer" America (particularly black people), they disrupted the free market system—they created this mess. Carter, "the meddlist" decided that in America— everybody should own a house. No Peanut, everybody should have the opportunity to own a house in America.

I think people should have to work hard to get that house. I was raised by people who had this crazy idea: If you work hard for something, you will try harder to keep it. So if you make a $15,000 down payment on a home, you are less likely to walk away. Compare this with the Democrat approach, where you make the down payment of $15,000—with other people's money.

Those lucky philanthropists used to known only by terms such as "greed" and "Wall Street." We are now known as taxpayers, extremists—oh, and suckers!

We are back where we started—Poor black people getting kicked out of their houses—Democrats having tossed their cigarettes out the car window as they drove by; glancing occasionally in their rearview mirrors at the smoking house. By now some Republican has pulled over to help the "stranded homeowner," only to get blamed for what is now a full-fledged fire!

So we capitalists get the memo that—for now–it's ok to make money. There is a caveat: We are being watched. ObamaNation needs to monitor us; reign us in.

"Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Monday that government should place "broad constraints" on the incentives that huge pay packages create for executives to take short-term risks."

Here's the wrap:

How many companies innovate by "playing it safe?" If you are like me you have heard many motivational speakers say to me, "Don't push the envelope. Stick with the status quo. The moon? Don't be an idiot! You can never go there!"

ObamaNation wants to make "capitalism" a dirty word. Socialism is being sold as capitalism. And socialists are humanitarians; capitalists should be watched. Capitalists are dangerous, greedy people, who have this crazy goal of, well…Capitalism—living their lives without the need of the government assistance or intervention. How dare you self-actualized sons of fatherless swine!

For now, Massa Obama has decreed that there will be no cap on capitalists' income. It is written, yea verily it shall be done! However, as with all things in The War on Achievement – Era of Brown Underwear, you must consider how the other shoe will fall? No real secret here.

Obama will just take your uncapped income from you the old-fashioned Democrat way—one tax at a tiiiimmmme.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tax Thuggery – Obama Style

In case you didn't get the memo: The Obama gang legislates on you—not for you. Socialists tax everything, their latest proposed tax is on air. Actually they are even smart about that. They are breaking air into its pieces, so they can tax us one molecule at time—beginning with CO2.

As reported in Yahoo News,

"Under the new vehicle standards, U.S. passenger vehicles and light trucks must average 35.5 miles per gallon (6.62 litres/100km) by 2016. Obama said that would save 1.8 billion barrels of oil over the lifetime of the program -- the equivalent of taking 58 million cars off the road for a year."

Guess how the fuel standards have been met over the past decades? Lighter cars. Engines have increased in horsepower and performance; however the main reason for increased fuel efficiency has been reduced weight of the vehicle. What result can we expect—smaller cars?

Despite absolute no real evidence to support man-made global warming, Obama is mandating that cars be made more efficient. Allow me to connect the dots.

In order to sell cars in America all manufacturers will need to meet the standard. So Obama gives Government Motors a leg up on the competition with this new legislation, essentially guaranteeing at some point in the future that Americans will be forced to buy whatever crap Government Motors puts out. Socialist love to manipulate the rules, and they do so at the expense of competition. Aren't you nostalgic for the old days, when the average car were unsafe, had no innovation, yet cost you a year's salary—or more?

It doesn't matter to Obama that the auto industry has always adapted to the free market. During the Carter years (sorry to reminisce) of high inflation and the long gas lines, the auto industry responded with the smaller, less expensive cars. Frankly, that period was a Renaissance for the auto industry, as foreign competition gave us vehicles that were aesthetically pleasing, more powerful, yet more fuel efficient.

Fuel efficiency, safety, aesthetics or whatever the reason, the auto industry adjusted to the demands of the market.

Is making vehicles more fuel efficient a good thing, sure it is. The auto industry is already doing this, creating hybrids of all types. The only thing Obama is trying to do is to take credit for their work. Imagine that!

Again Yahoo News informs us, the fox will be guarding the hen house:

"The Environmental Protection Agency would regulate and reduce tailpipe emissions for the first time under the standards."

Yet another government agency with real power entering your life--possibly confiscating your vehicle or levying heavy fines for non-compliance?

Here's the wrap:

It is reported that the new standards will add about $600 to the price of manufacturing a vehicle…and that's cost—not retail. But what is really happening here is the UAW $600 raise. Hmm…

All the automakers have engineers and designers on the payroll. Their costs are fixed. So with the stroke of a pen and adding this new requirement, Obama has paid his unions dues—campaign promises, bribes kickbacks—with this $600 per model raise. And he has given the American consumer a new tax, and an increase of $2000 in the average retail cost of an automobile. All we wanted was a t-shirt!

Even the most stupid liberal knows that a company run like GM or Chrysler could not survive on its own. But you can, when you have ObamaNation feeding off its citizens. Do you think your counterpart in China will be paying this consumption tax? Russia? Iran? No unions to support in those countries.

Today Obama wants to tax part of air…CO2. All we can say about tomorrow is since the union liveth, the tax man cometh.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Notre Dang! – Angels and Demons

As Obama speaks at the Notre Dame, Dan Brown's Angels and Demons coincidentally has opened in theaters across America. Keep in mind that in Angels and Demons dark forces are attempting to destroy the Catholic Church. The irony!

Reverend Sorin, the founder of Notre Dame must be rolling over in his grave at the idea of Obama speaking. And for you real historians, Obama's commencement speech at Notre Dame offends either Constantine or Jesus Himself—the real Messiah. You are the rock upon which I shall build my church – Saint Peter.

I say to Notre Dame the same thing I asked Catholics after the election: What the heck were you thinking? Catholics voted overwhelmingly for Obama. To be religious and voting for Obama are mutually exclusive. You simply cannot have both. And neither can Notre Dame.

I know that Obama claims that he is religious; however I say definitively that he is not. Obama has very few beliefs that mimic religion. Obama worships at the altar of Obama. He is not a Christian, and has revised our founding fathers' stated purpose, saying that America is not a Christian nation—a blatant lie. America is a country that welcomes all faiths; however America was founded on Christian values. I can only conclude that Obama is attempting to destroy religion…at least religion in America. And Notre Dame is providing the stage.

Obama the Impious has been to church once, since getting selected as president. Prior to that, he attended church for political expediency for twenty years. There is no way a true Christian would attend Trinity United church for a month, much less twenty years. For the "partiers" still attending this so-called church—they are there for the show. People who attend Trinity United are not there to find God, though God is there. But he is just shaking his head at those fools.

Trinity United church is full of black racists and bigots—sprinkled with a few white apologists, aka "meddlers." Twenty years in a real church and you cannot support partial-birth abortion. Twenty years in Trinity United hearing Black Liberation Theology, and as Obama said, [pp] "…determining when life begins is above his pay grade."

I wrote a while back in Abortion for Dummies that of the 6.5B people in the world today, and the 6B who are now deceased, I defy anybody to tell me which ONE of these people skipped the moment of conception? Give me just ONE? A simple conclusion to when life begins, and it is above Obama's pay grade? Yet my 16-year old understands when life begins completely. Apparently Notre Dame doesn't get it either.

Perhaps if Margaret Sanger were alive, she might be getting her honorary degree from Notre Dame since Obama exalts the high priestess of racism. The well-documented public views of Sanger were that abortion could be used to destroy "undesirables." This is what racist Democrats of today say—behind closed doors.

Here's the wrap:

Notre Dame needs a reality check. The way I see it, the university has been corrupted. I don't know who has gotten to them, though I have my suspicions.

Here is what Obama said at Notre Dame according to Yahoo News:

"But he still implored the University of Notre Dame's graduating class and all in the U.S. to stop "reducing those with differing views to caricature. Open hearts. Open minds. Fair-minded words. It's a way of life that always has been the Notre Dame tradition.""

Reducing those with differing view to caricature? I will make it simple—those with differing views are murderers. And then he invokes Notre Dame "tradition," when it suits his purposes. But let's not forget what our differing views are.

Obama is not just for abortion. Obama is so for infanticide, as he said here:

"I've got two daughters. 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby."

A dark force is indeed attacking the Catholic Church. I'm just here to point him out to you. And that same dark force is attacking the core values of America.

That's my rant!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Obama’s Fuzzy Jobs Math

Obama's socialist takeover of Chrysler is already having an impact—a negative impact. We get news of over 700+ dealerships to be closed, which translates to around 30,000 jobs lost. Fear not Obamatrons, for the messiah is prepared to "pencil whip" Americans into mathematical submission. 30,000 lost equals a 1,500 gain in ObamaMath.

Need a real life example? A couple of weeks ago job losses were reported at around 600,000. However that same week Obama reported that he had created 150,000 new jobs. Creative math for sure, and not the way most of us learned it. So much for "gubment" school educations.

You may recall that Obama originally planned to "create or save" 2.1M, then 2.5M, then 3M, then 4.1M jobs. It is now back down to 3.1M. I'm not sure if the "current final number" includes the 150,000 that Obama claims have been created thus far. Based on Obama math, he only needs to report creating about 100,000 new jobs to make up for the 4M jobs that will have soon been lost under his watch.

In discovering the real news, "real news" being defined as news the lamestream media doesn't report, I have only discovered job losses. In fact, jobs "debounded" again this week under Obama's watch, from 590,000 in the last report, increasing to over 630,000 new unemployment filings to be reported this week. With 6.5M people now unemployed—most post-Obamulus von Porkulus package—perhaps the economy hasn't quite bottomed out, as reported by Obama News Network.

Dealers are not overjoyed with Chrysler's new chief executive, as they are getting a Rodney King beatdown. One of the gotchas to the Obama's takeover of Chrysler is the deposed Chrysler dealers must keep all their inventory. For those of you who don't understand the real world of "Distribution" or being a distributor, I will explain how it is supposed to work.

When a distributor takes a product from a manufacturer, the distributor usually gets "restocking" rights. This means, they get the opportunity to return inventory that does not sell. Sometimes distributors will trade inventory for "hotter" products, though this is not the case so much in the auto industry, due to high shipping fees. In the auto industry they tend to have end of model year sales or other dealer incentives. In fact, most distributors don't technically "own" their inventories, until the items are sold.

So how did Chrysler thwart the system?" Bankruptcy. The eventuality Obama said essentially "America could not afford to let happen"—happened. And after it happened, Obama gave Chrysler $6B—to transition into of bankruptcy.

Let's look at the benefactors of this tragedy that was not supposed to happen.

First, Fiat will get the best part of Chrysler for essentially pennies on the dollar—pennies on our hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

Next, the UAW will benefit. Election paybacks…ok kickbacks. The union got everything it wanted, including part of that $6B to honor their agreements. And they will essentially run the "bad part" of Chrysler, in partnership with Obama. Do I really need to warn you not to buy this stock?

Finally, Obama got everything he wanted—socialized industry.

The dealers however are left to keep all the cars, and all the parts, and have for the most part been put out of business. The American taxpayers get the bill.

Here's the wrap:

To paraphrase a popular saying, "The 'big guys' got the mine, the 'little guys' got the shaft."

If you are a believer in the War on Achievement, then this makes perfect sense. Socialism is the new capitalism in ObamaNation.

Welcome to Bizarro World--where you can have 600,000 verified lost jobs, however the government tells us that they have created or saved 150,000 jobs. That's ObamaMath.

That's my rant!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obama Appoints Himself CEO of Chrysler

It appears that Obama is now the new CEO of Chrysler having intervened to cut their advertising budget in half. Interesting that a guy who has never had a real job now believes he is capable of running a multi-billion dollar company. I guess when you have the country's wallet at your disposal, you can make anything work, including running a bankrupt company.

With Fiat buying the best part of Chrysler and the government providing $6B for Chrysler to file bankruptcy, maybe they can make a comeback. Keep in mind fellow extremists and infidels: There is always more of our hard-earned taxes for "Chrysler Bailout – Round Fourteen."

I find it extraordinary that Obama can find the time to micro-manage a company that is supposed to be in bankruptcy. Perhaps Obama figures it's best to take over a company that has failed. If the company dies—"no blood, no foul." If it somehow makes it—then guess who's a "god?" Like I said earlier, when you control the purse strings, you can keep the patient on life-support indefinitely.

As for Chrysler, they must feel honored. If the CEO of Chrysler is like most CEOs, he has to feel good to be singled out for such prestigious help by the messiah. I guess it's like Obama said—[pp] "Chrysler is just too big to fail." Funny—I thought Chrysler did fail?

When you consider all the things that Obama could be doing, the only conclusion I can draw is that Obama has cloned himself. I can't believe that there just are enough hours in the day to run Chrysler...and the world.

I mean Obama has to have pressing agenda items like addressing the situation with the Koreans, who continue to expand their missile programs. Then there are those pesky al-Qaeda fighters threatening "Pockestan"? These two issues are only about rogue nations and/or terrorists getting their hands on nuclear weapons or fissionable materials. Yet, the messiah is taking time to help Chrysler. In the scheme of things, I'm sure that you all agree with me that the potential nuking of America pales in comparison to managing Chrysler's marketing budget. "What is ya…ignant?"

I must say, I see the reasoning behind the Obama move to cut the advertising budget of Chrysler. After all, they are been in the news now for weeks—at no cost! Free publicity all over the place.

Then there is the new legislation in Massachusetts whereby the poor can qualify to get free cars. You likely can get the word out on this program by "word of mouf." I suggest that this legislation is part of the Obama strategy—to provide the proverbial mule to black folks. Test case: Taxachussetts.

Obama is a one-man marketing machine. His takeover of Chrysler allows for a budget cut, as people will be drawn to the company--like moths to a…light that will shine down as a beacon. One good word from the messiah himself, and people will be buying Chryslers in droves. People may not know this but Obama drove a Chrysler 300—it was auctioned off shortly after his election for over $200K—complete with cigarette burns. Should Obama sit his royal butt in all the cars rolling off the production line, who knows what "His Lowness" would be able to raise for the company?

Here's the wrap:

I suggest other car companies take a serious look at their futures. Remember Obama is a lawyer, and he will be looking for ways to eliminate the competition—as he did in his other elections. So if Obama is running Chrysler, he may just decide to dry up funds to the rest of the auto industry. Given Obama's modus operandi, I would not be surprised to see a one-car America, and Chrysler will call that vehicle—the Genericus. Though Chrysler will offer only one model, it will be customizable, as described below:

  • Genericus Pelosius – The front end is stretched so that it never loses that high-gloss sheen, no matter how old it gets
  • Genericus Clintonius – Has additional headroom and stain-resistant seats
  • Genericus Frankus – Equipped with additional trunk room...just in case
  • Genericus Bidenus – Honda brought you the Mo-ped, and in honor of Joe Biden, Chrysler brings you the Stu-ped—nuff said!
  • And the Chrysler flagship Genericus model is the Obamacus—when you crave a bit of the 70s nostalgia, and prefer a car that smokes—but says it doesn't

Other models coming soon…

That's my rant!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ghosts of Democrat Presidents Past

If you really want to embolden an enemy of America, then just elect a Democrat for president. One doesn't have to think back too far in history on this subject for great examples of Democrat president disasters, when it comes to protecting Americans.

In the 70s, Nixon bailed out LBJ's fiasco in Vietnam. Had he been president earlier, (1) we may never have gone to Vietnam, and (2) if we had, we would have kicked their butts—and the Russians.

Nevertheless this blog is about warmongering racist Democrat presidents. In this exposé, let's begin with Jimmy "Peanut Head" Carter, whom I say with authority is the worst president in modern history—feel free to remove "modern," if you're a purist.

Spineless racist Democrat Carter fathered the radical Muslim jihadist movement, when he allowed a group of Iranian students to take over our embassy in Tehran, and hold 66 Americans hostage, as report here:

On November 4, 1979, an angry mob of some 300 to 500 "students" who called themselves "Imam's Disciples," laid siege to the American Embassy in Teheran, Iran, to capture and hold hostage 66 U.S. citizens and diplomats. Although women and African-Americans were released a short time later, 51 hostages remained imprisoned for 444 days.

You will find it interesting that the Jimmy Carter library report of this incident calls the students "militants", as if they were some highly trained group of elite folks who did this. Whatever.

Carter tried to rescue the hostages with a failed military operation, mainly to try to save face after the hostages had been in captivity for so long, as the American public was growing weary. The mission— indicative of the Carter presidency—was a dismal failure. So the hostages remained—that is until Reagan was elected president.

Minutes after Reagan was sworn in, the hostages were released. Anybody want to take a guess at what the Iranians were thinking, as to how Ronald Wilson Reagan would handle things? Let's just say that waterboarding would have been the least Khomeini's issues. Imagine if Obama had been elected under the same circumstances?

Next racist Democrat president failure—Bill "Why'd you keep the blue dress Monica" Clinton. Do you wonder why the Somalis are so bold as to challenge the world's shipping industry, and the power and might of the US military? Can you say "Blackhawk Down?"

Clinton's inability to handle war with a third-world African nation was put on display against an elite band of Somali fighters. And in typical Democrat president style, Clinton botched a job a fifth-grader could have achieved with a military like ours. Talk about disgracing the most powerful military in the world. When you can't defeat a ragtag group of terrorists, and essentially have to high-tail it out of a country under BB-gun fire, that just speaks volumes of the Idiot in Chief.

Here's the wrap:

Clinton did take a stab at redemption, shooting a missile at an aspirin factory—oh, and at an intern named Monica Lewinsky. One missile missed its mark. [Giggle]

Thankfully George W. Bush stepped in and re-established America's position on "Don't Mess with Texas," by kicking some Iraqi tail. Bush also told the world that the US is not beholden to anybody when it comes to our sovereignty and protecting our citizens.

With all the potential world hot spots looming, is there any sane person who believes Obama to be the right man for the job? I know he was recently battle-tested in Somali with that confrontation...with the four Somali pirates.

"At least he did better than Clinton," I can hear Obama's racist liberal admirers saying. To them I quote Madeline Kahn from Blazing Saddles, "It's twue, it's twue!" If only Obama were to do for America what Cleavon Little did for Rock Ridge?

The lesson in history is that Democrats start wars—Republicans finish them. And if history is any indicator, after America disposes one spineless so-called Democrat leader, we will get a good strong Republican president to restore America to her past greatness. This next time we get rid of a spineless racist Democrat, let's try to keep it that way.

That's my rant!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Republican Solution to Winning Elections

Republicans have a daunting task in 2010, and then again in 2012 to defeat the Democrat machine. Unlike the Republican machine, the Democrat machine is real. Democrats are one of the most ruthless gang of thugs in the history of the world, so ruthless in fact they make Hitler look like…a community organizer. And they are willing to sacrifice black people, if it means achieving their goals.

So I offer this advice to all Republicans seeking office in the coming elections. First, don't apologize…for anything.

Stupid Liberal Democrat Media: "I see in your divorce agreement you only get the kids every other weekend, Conservative Candidate."

Conservative Candidate: "Yes. That's more time that you spend with yours, and you have yours all the time. Next question."

Next, always be ready to go on the attack. As a Republican, you are within your rights. In your attack, you must call Democrats and liberals racists and elitists. Re-read that last sentence!!

Stupid Democrat Liberal Media: So why do you want to cut welfare spending? Isn't that racist?

Conservative Candidate: "You are a racist for asking that question, stupid liberal Democrat media person! For years Democrats have falsely held the high ground on issues like civil rights. I am here to correct this. So I say to blacks, that Democrats have played you for decades. They have spent almost $7T on the War on Poverty. Do the math: The government could have given every black man, woman and child, $1M+ each, yet what do blacks really have to show for this so-called war. I ask every black person in America this question: Do you think you are winning the war?

Bill and Hillary Clinton played black people for eight years. The Clintons were from Po-dunk, Arkansas, essentially perennial wards of the state—the largest welfare recipients in the history of America. That is until they took their white trash show on the road. In ascending to the highest office in the land, Bill Clinton became the "first black president"—according to blacks.

It is a slap in the face to black people to want to claim as theirs, the lowest of whites—white trash. Aside from womanizing, Clinton is slick talking, big pimping white trash president, who was on his hustle. And boy did he pimped black people! Look at exactly who gained during the Clinton years?

In 2000 Clinton didn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Read this article in the Star Tribune for more details (emphasis added by me):

"Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's average net worth grew from negative $6 million to $30.7 million from 2000 to 2006, the fastest financial climb in recent years for any member of Congress who started out with no assets."

The Clintons got paid, and black people got played. Clinton's net worth has eclipsed the $100M mark.

Examine the Clinton 'hangers-on' and where they are now. Many are part of Obama's cabinet, and cashed in prior to these appointments for major bucks, that is except for Ron Brown—bug juice on the side of a mountain somewhere in Africa. Just like in the movies, the black guy doesn't make it past the first ten minutes! Black Democrats—you're being played!

Here's the wrap:

This story is not limited to the Clintons. Al Gore is making $100s of millions of the hoax of global warming. The half-white side of Obama went from poverty to being worth many millions in just over 4 years. Feinstein, Pelosi, Boxer and about all other Democrat politicians, including Crazy Joe Biden are all cashing in to some degree. All these white racist Democrat politicians have benefited greatly from black people, but what have blacks gotten for their loyalty? Nothing!

The Democrats have sold blacks on the idea of socialism as if all things will be equal for all Americans--rich versus poor, as if black people don't want to be rich?!

But as I said earlier, rules don't apply to racist Democrat elitists. If you believe for one second that Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Kennedy, Gore and their ilk will be on the same system as you or I, then you are delusional as Al Sharpton thinking he can be president.

If socialism is such as good thing, then why do all those Democrats I mentioned still live in their mansions, and not amongst the Sodomites? Why are they not giving up their wealth to prove their point that equalization or redistribution of wealth is the way to go? Proof is in action, not words. I doubt ignorant liberals understand this concept of reality.

So the fact remains—Democrats are ruthless. They prey on the stupidity of the general public, and they cook stupidity into the recipe of dealing with blacks in particular. It bears repeating. Black people—you're being played."

"I'm Conservative Candidate. And I approve this message."

Now I would vote for this candidate. And we'd better find somebody willing to go out on this fruit-filled flimsy limb—just like Reagan did.

That's my rant!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Media Lovefest with Obama Continues

The lamestream media continues to baffle me in their ability to put lipstick on the bulldog, when it comes to reporting on Obama. Their most recent revelation was about Obama—America's new "Average Hussein"—getting a hamburger! Unfortunately, that is what the new media deem hard-hitting and newsworthy.

And when they do report actual news, as in this recent article in the AP, here is how they informed us: Layoffs slow to 539K in April; jobless rate rises. So there is good news; and an afterthought.

Perhaps to make my point a bit clearer, I will show you what the AP would have titled this story had Bush been president, instead of Obama: Layoffs continue downward spiral; unemployment reaches crisis levels.

Despite the fact that we lost 539,000 more jobs this week, the AP reports this as "not so bad" news under ObamaNation. I'm sort of getting used to getting the "optimistic" view of the news these days.

Janet, co-anchor - Obama News Network: Today, there were three people killed and two injured in a factory shooting, where layoffs had just been announced. Wow, that could have easily been five people dead, huh Ted?!

Ted, co-anchor - Obama News Network: It sure could have, Janet. Great report. Looks like that disgruntled worker may benefit from President Obama's plan after all, and get his old job back after all.

I should give the AP credit for daring to report that the "jobless rate rises." This is actually more than I would expect from the so-called media these days. The article does go on to point out the high unemployment rates in this way:

But the unemployment rate climbed to 8.9 percent, the highest since late 1983, as many businesses remain wary of hiring given all the economic uncertainties.

I like that the writer blames high unemployment on "economic uncertainties"—a euphemism for "the wacky ideas of Obama." Forget the fact that the unemployment rate (and Obama's policies) hearken back to the era of Jimmy Carter—the worst president in the history of the United States…so far. Oh, and the worst ex-president in the history of the United States…so far.

Obama's insane policies breed uncertainty for sure. Quick recap: Eliminate foreign investment by corporations through double taxation. That's a move sure to create jobs…in other countries!

Next, Obama provides massive funding to corporations doomed to failure…so the government can run them! The Fed—Bastion of inefficiency and ineffectiveness. These are not concepts taught in business schools anywhere in the world.

I now believe that the only person more stupid than Biden may be Obama. And Obama is just as unpredictable:

Obama: "Ok American, today, uh I have uh decided to give a tax cut of uh $1500 to everybody who works at a 7-Eleven. And add $2500 to that, if you uh drive a uhChevy! And if you entered the country uh illegally and won't provide your birth certificate. Make it happen, Rahm...Strike that last part!"

Here's the wrap:

The other day the stock market rose seven (7) points, and it was reported as if we were in a new bull market. News anchors were jubilant that the market remained flat, and had not tanked—the norm in The Era of Brown Underwear.

I'm not sure what it will take to get the lamestream media back on track. I have seen decades of the most one-sided reporting in the history of the country. It's to the point that they really don't even try to hide it anymore. When you consider this overbearing bias, and the fact that an old washed up RINO like McCain was able to hold his own against such demonic forces, it says something for the core of America. Despite reports by the press of the breakup of the Republican Party, I think we may be getting stronger in all this. Now we just need to find the right candidate.

In the meantime, we can expect the media to continue to create good news from bad, when it comes to Obama. Who knows how the media will report things. For example, a biological attack on the US could appear as…Swine Flu originating in say, Mexico?

That's my rant!

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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Great Moments in Democrat Racist History - Hugo

This is another of our series of Great Moments in Democrat Racist History - Hugo Black. My producer extraordinaire is Dave Perkins, who narrates the document, and it was cut as a segment for The Black Sphere radio show, which is every Thursday at 9P Central. Chris Lasko helped convert this from an audio bit to a video bit, with Dave handling final production. You can see my contribution as you watch the video!

For those of you who know this site, you are aware that we do our best to expose Democrats as the true racists in America. Liberalism: An acquired mental illness!"

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Obama – Lord of War

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Where is the liberal outrage over the possibility of Obama getting the United States into yet another war? I guess when you are the party of warmongering, your outrage is reserved for demagoguery only when a Republican is in office.

Democrats are amazingly quiet about their warmongering, racist Democrat presidents, who have presided over four wars: WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Democrats are equally quiet today, when it comes to their Messiah stirring up the new mess in "Pockestan," and the notion that Obama will likely be presiding over four wars simultaneously: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan…and don't forget Obama's War on Achievement!

The good news for America is that Obama is field-tested and battle-hardened, having fought those four Somali pirates. That was a close one.

Fortunately Obama hadn't entirely disbanded and demoralized the military, less we have to rely on the civilian national security farce. This ragtag group "community organizers" doesn't have classic military issued weapons. Instead, they are armed with…extremely tough words. And as we have learned from Obama—there are plenty of words.

I know I sleep well at night knowing that Obama is in charge of dealing with the situation brewing in "Pockestan." After all we are dealing with Al Qaeda insurgents who have been attempting to destabilize Pakistan for some time now. They fight to obtain nuclear weapons. I'm just speculating here, but I don't think they are planning on just using words against the US.

Given Obama's tough stance on issues such as the protection of America and his staunch support of the United States military, I found it quite humorous that these Islamic jihadists would dare to challenge him. I'm left to wonder why these "former extremists" and potential "man-made disasterists" did not escalate this action when they had their chance—when Bush was in office? Bush was a man of action, not words! Stirring up a mess in Pakistan with Obama in power? Well that's just asking for some seriously strong words!

In this Reuters article, the author writes:

"Obama took a pragmatic, arms-length approach to dealing with both Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, stressing support for their democratically elected governments but avoiding becoming wrapped up in personalities."

I love the media's take on Obama—the "pragmatist." You have to appreciate that quality in a leader; particularly when you are held by four Somali pirates in a dingy in the middle of the ocean. I know if I were in that situation, I'd like a pragmatic approach as well—a pragmatic Navy seal team to just shoot the bad guys…day one!

It does appear that Obama may finally be recognizing the threat of global jihad, as evidenced in this statement:

"I'm pleased that these two men, elected leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan, fully appreciate the seriousness of the threat that we face and have reaffirmed their commitment to confronting it," Obama said as both Karzai and Zardari stood silently at his side.

Here's the wrap:

To think that during the election, Obama all but promised to shut down America's military, decommission our nuclear program, stop funding weapons programs, and so on. He has now ended torture, and we will now essentially use "dialogue" as a weapon. After sitting through what appear to be an inexhaustible supply of painful Obama press conferences, I can attest that Obama is wearing me down—Just stop it! I'll tell you whatever you want to know! Just no more press conferences!

Nevertheless we get to see the true spirit of the racist warmongering Democrats, with Obama's potential invasion of "Pockestan." I will admit openly that I actually hope Obama invokes the ghosts of racist warmongering Democrats past—I think it would be the right move to protect America.

Further, admittedly I like the idea of Obama providing his racist Democrat base with a sharp poke in the eye. Nothing like having wars fought on four fronts (don't forget Obama's War on Achievement) to accomplish that. Thankfully he ended the Somali war quickly, or there would be five simultaneous wars! As we have come to learn about Obama, he likes to do things bigger and blacker. Why should war be any different?

That's my rant!

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