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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Chinese Getting Hummers

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Now the blog:

The prostituting of GM and the American taxpayer continues—GM is selling Hummer to the Chinese. If I was a betting man, I'd bet that Clinton had a hand in advising The Big O on this move. [snicker]

And why not give Hummers…I mean sell Hummer to the Chinese? They are America's largest creditor. And they have been noticeably upset at Obama's handling of the American economy, or more to the point—for printing so much new currency, therefore devaluing the dollar. The Hummer deal is most likely collateral that the Chinese are demanding from America, now that Obama has taken our credit score into the low 500s.

"No more credit for you, Obama. We need corraterar [collateral]. You no good invesmen no more! You maka it rough for nex brack man!"

In the spirit of having 'the most transparent administration in the history of America,' the details of the sale are not being disclosed. Why should ObamaNation tell the American taxpayer what we are getting for our 60-70% ownership in the new Government Motors? It's not like we could have done anything about it. The Democrats can and will do whatever they want—and they prove it almost every day.

I know what you may be thinking—GM has a CEO and this was his decision. Not true, silly Negro. This was Obama's decision.

And what did Obama get for the hardworking American taxpayer by "turning out" Lady Liberty? The figure being bandied about is $100M. That kind of money is "lip service" –pardon the pun—on the billions GM owes the American taxpayer! That won't cover the interest on the $50B+ GM owes us, and Obama knows this.

Here's how it works.

Obama spends $100B or so on saving the unions. Then he gets the American taxpayer a rebate of 1% back—because Obama knows that people like rebates. We like specials.

One example of Obama's rebate program is the revamping of the credit card industry. Savings to the American taxpayer—nothing. Whatever Obama does, the credit card industry will simply undo…find workarounds.

Next, Obama cut 121 government programs saving the taxpayers a whopping $17B. This is less than half of one percent of Obama's gut-busting budget. A rounding error at best! Such is the Obama way. Here's how Obama is asking us to cut back, do our part:

"Air up your tires, get a tune up, take stuff out of your trunk, and we can save 15B gallons of fuel in twenty years.

Turn down your thermostat (in winter), put on a sweater. Turn up your thermostat (in summer) and wear breathable clothes. And skip a meal every now and then you self-indulgent capitalist infidel. Live like homies in Kenya.

Help me help you watch me destroy America." – B. Hussein Obama

The prostituting of GM is subterfuge to get your mind off the money he has squandered on "… the industry too big to fail—but did!"

Here's the wrap:

You'd think that after giving the Chinese Hummers, we could at least keep manufacturing in the US? Just one more roll in the hay for old time's sake? 'Fraid not. Manufacturing for the Hummer will now all be completely in China.

Reuters reports, "The deal marks the first time that a Chinese buyer has acquired a brand from one of the struggling U.S. automakers." Yet another first for the Obama administration, and further confirmation that we are in the Era of Brown Underwear.

Maybe Karl Marx was right? Communism really is utopia. Because the capitalist American taxpayers are getting screwed—and not in that good way. Meanwhile, America's biggest creditor, communist China is getting Hummers—and happy endings!

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

Tom Mannis at 2:34am June 3

Kevin, Your "Black Sphere" blog is gutsy, courageous and brilliant. Keep it up, sir, you're an inspiration.

Katy said...

Thanks for telling it like it is, Kevin! I don't know you, but I feel like I do. Your writing is so real. Keep up the fantastic work. You always make my day, and your videos make it to my blog often.

Cannot wait to read your book. I'm happy to have you as a leader in our great cause.

Katy Benningfield
Katy's Conservative Corner
North Carolina Politics From a Conservative Perspective

P.S. Love the "ChiEnglish".

The Black Sphere said...

@Tom - Thanks for the kind words!

The Black Sphere said...

@katy - Have you ordered your book yet? If so, I can't wait for you to read it. It is a real glimpse into my soul on the front end, then lots of laughs along the way! Thanks for the support, and get about 1000 friends to order it as well! :-)

Ok 100!

Cowboy Bob said...

Good insight on Hummers and the ChiCom attitude. Glad you zipped into a lip-smacking good article that shows how liberal policies suck.

Sam said...

Great piece...the next thing you know, we'll be selling 'em ICBMs. That'll put the big break on us.

Anonymous said...

Heard yesterday BO is now a multimillionaire and yet never worked a day in his life. Not one person said no to this "charismatic" thing. First bitch remember has arms that should be insured by Lloyds of London. BO is a good rich puppet of George Soros and his mighty thugs.

The Black Sphere said...

@Cowboy - Thanks. I'm getting tired of getting the crumbs...heck how about one of those cars I bought!

The Black Sphere said...

@Sam - If it was good enough for Clinton, why not? Secrets are always for sale when Democrats are presidents!

former bond trader said...

The Chinese are just licking their lips now. Just take a look at how bold North Korea is getting. Do you really think they would be doing anything without approval from Beijing? No effing way. China owns them. China is just using the Napolean wannabe to test Obama. So far, it has exposed him as soft. Oh,and Iran is getting the same vibe,too. Talk gets you elected, but international leaders are not real impressed with political correctness. Now we give China Hummer for nothing(excuse the metaphor!). Does it escape MSM that China is an authoritarian dictatorship? How do we have the moral authority to lean on a small dictatorship(Venezuela)when we won't touch a bigger one (China). The scary thing about China? We created the monster. Without Clinton giving away satellite and defense tech. and our thirst for cheap imports, they would be a fraction of what they are. Now that we own them 2 trillion, do you think we will have ANY leverage to do anything? World leaders are ruthless and smell weakness just like a Lion smells weak prey. If you do not walk like you talk, you get called out. It is that simple.

The Black Sphere said...

@former - I agree, the Chinese are pulling the strings with NK! Obama is unaware as he is too busy being a Muslim rock star.

Stu in SDGO said...

Love your posts. I tell all of my black friends that there really are articulate black conservatives who aren't afraid to smoke out the Marxist in the White House. I do hope that you're weathering all of the Uncle Tom baloney that you must be getting from quasi-friends and family. In my own experience, half of my immediate family drank the Democrat koolaid in the '80s and never had a logical thought since. You must be having similar experiences dealing with fools close to you.

The Black Sphere said...

@Stu - Just so you guys know, I don't get called Uncle Tom, "Sellout," etc very often. Black people (1) know I am telling the truth, and (2) on the rare occasion that it happens, I pull out my "pimp stick," and give that ignorant person a beatdown, that makes waterboarding look like face-surfing!

I am too confident of a person to believe what the idiots say who vote the wrong way. They thrive on people getting defensive. Defensive for WHAT?! Being RIGHT on the facts!

I challenge those trolls to debate me. I could spin 10 plate, juggle six bowling pins, play Jeopardy, and STILL have brain cells left to crush ANY liberal!

Anonymous said...

rbiiirbiii 26 minutes ago

Wait... Is China going to be building the Humvee too?

Julie said...

"Why should ObamaNation tell the American taxpayer what we are getting for our 60-70% ownership in the new Government Motors?"

Gee, another investment that's not going to see me a dime. And I just can't wait until the only vehicle we can buy will only fit my foot, maybe one on each foot I can still get to my job, if I still have one by the time he's done. Obamaskates.

The Black Sphere said...

@Julie - You CRACKED my face! Obamaskates! TOO FUNNY!

Laurie said...

Very good post, Kev.

See the thing that bugs me too is that Obama thinks he knows what the American people want. According to the GrandDick-tator, we all want small fuel-efficient cars thare are environmentally friendly. Well that's nice, but some of us still want our cars to go "Vroom" when we start 'em up, not "click". I want to haul a boat, and take my son and his friends to their games. Some of us just love cars, hot-looking cars like the new Camaro and the Challenger & Charger and Mustang, etc. I don't want my President telling me what I can and cannot do with my money.

While I'm on a tear, did anyone watch that farce on ABC last night: Earth 2100? OMG what propogandist drivel !! is getting a ton of hate mail, so that's good.

The Black Sphere said...

@Laurie - Didn't see the ABC fluff, but "been there done that." Agree on being dictated to.

Dubious Brother said...

China is just as hooked on the American consumers' dollars as our federal government is hooked on the Chinese Bond buyers.

All American consumers need to look closely at labels when purchasing anything and buy American if you have the option.

I would never buy a Hummer regardless of who owns the company so this doesn't affect me directly but I have a feeling that their target market may not have warm and fuzzy feelings about buying a Chinese Hummer. With the Clintons and the Obamas involved, it may be the new government fleet vehicle.

The Black Sphere said...

@Dubious - I like the way you think Bro!

Anonymous said... - Hugo Chavez says he and Castro are more conservative than BO. BO will have USA sharia law soon, but this is one woman who will be shot before I go this way. BO selling out America once again bowing to those rich pigs over there. I would love to see what you all think about the remarks of the 2 commies saying BO is more radical than they. BO has just begun - look what he has done and yet the people hail him as the Hitler of our times. He is Hitler in every respect in the 21st Century and first bitch is that dummy who Hitler adored. While Anne Frank died at 13, Eva Braun danced around like the idiot she was. If you look at youtube, you will see persons idolizing Eva Braun. So tell me your idea of Hitler, Chavez, Castro and BO.

The Black Sphere said...

@helene - Hugo would be right!

Anonymous said...

Scarey! Very Scarey! Hugo is scarey taking away from hard working people and so the dumb and lazy praise him how kind he is but then they never worked hard. I see BO doing the same thing and just heard he is a multimillionaire now. Soon only first brats, Chelsie, Bernaki's daughter in Brown Univ., and all of the lying CEOs of Wall street offspring will be working and we will be all pheasants working their homes and pats on the head. And people wonder why people go off. Yes some people are naturally schizoid but most have been stepped on for too long. Gives Katie the idiot Koran something to read about. Now there are 2 persons who read and are way overly paid, Katie Koran and Diane the fool Sawyer who cried over 2 illegal aliens being shot while they robbed a homeowner in Texas. She was more concerned about the illegal ignorants. She makes way too much money same with Koran. That guy aged 58 who died at his desk (never could stand him) his son graduated college and was handed a job taking over for his liberal mess of a father who had a street named after him s/b named Liberal Ass Street but I think it was Tim something. I cannot stand the guy's politics. At least he died doing what he wanted. Some of us are killed by illegal drunk drivers and the drunks are held up to poor guy had a bad life i.e. Bologna case in San Fran. Illegal is free and 3 productive persons shot by Central American gang member. I love this blog and the replies. :-) Conservative living for me. BO rich never worked or had a thought and I work making less than 30,000 now technician for doctor.

Hardcore Conservitive said...

Dude you da man, every time I read your stuff I'm blown away by your keen insight. Obama and company are destroy America as we know it, our only hope is someone with the guts and insight to out wit the Dems will emerge REAL SOON. You got any plans for the next 6 years??
I have managed new car and truck dealerships for the past 30 years and what we have going on in the automobile industry is nothing short of insane. How anyone with a half of a brain could justify closing dealerships to save the manufactures is just plain dishonest (surprise). Car dealers have to pay for the vehicles before the dealer retails them and they have to pay for the parts before they sell them. Dealers have to pay the factory for training, tools, techknolage etc..
My point is the manufactures only make money off of dealers. Granted the are slack dealers that have to be cut from time to time but to wholesale close thousands at once is just plain wrong any way you look at it. I have a story on my blog that addresses an unknown under lying issue that will come back to bite GM and Chrysler in the wallet.
Check it out before if makes the media at

The Black Sphere said...

@Fixed - Liked you summary of the dealer industry. Eye-opening. I agree that people will pick up Master Techs for $0 investment. But there will be MANY on the street.

PeggyU said...

Help me help you watch me destroy America." – B. Hussein Obama

That's so spot on. That really nailed it.