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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Tea Baggers are Cool!

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At a recent gathering, Lloyd Smith, Executive Director of the GOP for the state of Missouri informed the crowd that the Obama team targeted red states in an unprecedented media and new media campaign. They were efficient and effective, so much so that they won every state that they targeted…except Missouri.
Recent national media coverage by Fox News of Missouri might explain why Missouri was able to withstand the onslaught of the Obama machine in 2008. It seems that Missourians are plugged in, as exampled by their taking Congressman Russ Carnahan to task at his recent Townhall Meeting. Carnahan’s overwhelming support [has voted 100% with Obama] of Obama’s policies, specifically policies on socialized healthcare and Cap and Trade are viewed in Missouri as the government’s blatant disregarding of the people. Carnahan’s Townhall was not to explore both sides of the issue as claimed, but simply to try to convince the people to accept the decision that he had made for us. Needless to say, what Carnahan thought would be a cake walk, turned into a food fight! Read more here...



Middle Class Joe said...

This was a great post and epitomizes my feelings. In the past I would sit by and as you said yell at the TV. I have had enough and am now taking an active part in getting rid of these politicians who are thinking they are better than us.
Thanks Kevin for all you do and verbalizing exactly how many of us feel.

Doug Stark said...

I have my hotel reservations for the 9/12 march on Capitol Hill. We need to have a million people show up to demonstrate that we have had enough. Then let's see BHO & Co ignore the movement. Please everyone come to Washington and participate.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Every one should hold their Representatives' and senators' feet to the fire like they did Carnahan.

Anne said...

The problem is that the MSM as well as the White House administration, when they do acknowlege these activites, are shoving these off as insignificant; the protesting crowds as "fake" or "manufactured" products of right-wing extremists! That could be no farther from the truth. They convince the weak and easily swayed corrupt Washington representatives to ignore the people they represent and provide fodder for the socialistic crazies who are too lazy to earn their own keep.

I am so tired of the evil, bribery, and moral rot that government breeds within its halls. I would give anything to see the days of tar and feathers come back. We could start in Missouri and work our way out in all four directions.

Mary said...

Obama and the DNC are listening to the yes-men who surround them and tell them what they want to hear. They remind me of someone else who had the same illusion of power- Saddam Hussein. Saddam listened when his generals told him that we would quickly retreat after our ground offensive began, but it took us only days to roll into Bagdad, and soon an angry mob filled the Bagdad streets and protested by tearing down the many statues of their fearful and cowering leader, who was at that very minute hiding from the same troops he was told would never get there. The media can say only a few hundred people showed up at a tea party when, in reality it was thousands. The DNC can disseminate talking points, claiming that those who show up to protest at town hall events are well-funded astro-turf, but that is NOT reality. Soon, these condescending ruling elites will learn the truth, when we turn out en-masse on 9-12 and in the voting booths and send them packing. REALITY IS A BEAUTIFUL THING! Don't be discouraged that these liberals don't want to see the reality of our anger, just know that the pendulum continues to swing and their day of reconing is coming! Don't worry that they pass us off as a bunch of ignorant ya-hoos, WE ARE SMART, ANGRY PEOPLE WHO WILL NOT GIVE UP. WE WON'T GIVE OUR COUNTRY TO THESE ARROGANT SOCIALISTS, WE WILL BE VIGILANT IN OUR FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!