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Monday, October 26, 2009

Obama's Luster Tarnishing

If the recent fundraiser for Massachusetts’s Governor Deval Patrick is any indicator, Obama’s luster may be wearing off. The event was nowhere near a sellout, and word on the street is that operatives were pimping tickets up to the very last minute of the event. Worse yet, they weren’t finding any takers.

You’d think that with all the contacts on Obama’s crackberry, he could scare up enough “friends” to sell out a governor’s fundraiser?! The lack of participation by Bostonians is simply no way to treat a Nobel Peace Prize winner! Teddy Kennedy, the ugly cousin of LiberoFascism is rolling over in his grave!

The event was held at the Westin Copley, occupying the entire 4th floor--a venue that easily holds about 2000 people. Based on my radio producer’s report from a source who spoke to a cousin of a man who knows a friend of one of the maids said, “There was plenty of room for “disco dancing!” For journalistic integrity, we were able to confirm this with a taxi driver, who knows the sister of one of the vendors, who did overhear the concierge confirm this with his mother-in-law.

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A year ago a venue the size of the Westin Copley would not have been considered for such an event, if the messiah was to be in attendance. They would have planned on a stadium, Wembley Stadium most likely…New England game be damned! And even that would not have been big enough, so they would have had to simulcast it on big screens. And even that would pale. Thus Liberals would have clamored to see the spectacle on Pay-Per-View! Read more here...


Monday, October 19, 2009

Democrats Hate Blacks

Black people are being sold out for chump change at all government levels, as the culture of corruption in politics is at an all time high. I won’t pretend that corruption doesn’t occur from both Democrats and Republicans. However make no mistake about it, Democrats are the worst offenders.

In Missouri recently there were many races that had only one person running…a Democrat. Where do Republicans not bother running? In heavily black districts. Republicans have all but given up in these areas, because they have two chances to win: Slim and none.

The outcome is the Democrats are running amuck.

Recently Missouri State Representative T. D. El Amin pleaded guilty to soliciting and accepting a $2100 bribe from a gas station owner on the north side (the black part of town) of St. Louis. The bribe was in exchange for helping the man get city hall to stop a series of "nuisance inspections." Nuisance inspections prevent things like the ripping off of the consumer from unscrupulous gas station owners, as this article explains:

"Most inspections are unannounced," said Lazier. "We just show up within a 12
month period and say here we are." We've learned gas stations are legally
allowed to cheat you 6 cubic inches, or a bit less than a half a cup for every 5
gallons of gas pumped. Beyond that, pumps get red tagged and can't sell fuel
until they're fixed
Without these inspections, unscrupulous gas station owners every year can pocket millions of dollars by cheating the consumer. So what El Amin did was represent the predominantly black constituents of North St. Louis by allowing a business to cheat them! A Democrat brother helping brothers! Read more here...


Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Why all the hoopla over Limbaugh wanting to buy part of the Rams? It is based mainly on two things. First, he is a Conservative Republican. And because of his politics, Limbaugh is being attacked, one Democrat saying that Limbaugh can’t wait to “own a team of black slaves.” There it is…slavery! Democrats having the nerve to bring up slavery…their institution!

I always find the irony funny when the Left demonizes Republicans, they always choose things of which THEY are guilty. For the record, Republicans FREED the slaves that Democrats OWNED. But the Left doesn’t care about the facts, as they like keeping silly Negros stupid! It’s just make them both feel good.

Speaking of silly Negros, the black players on the Ram say they won’t play for Rush Limbaugh, should Limbaugh buy the team. With the Rams 0-fer record, I contend the black players are not playing for the current owner either.

Black players have no clue about the politics of their current owners, yet they are happy to accept their paychecks. I have worked for many companies, and in the interview process, I never asked, “Is the owner of the company a racist?” How would I know, unless he declared himself or herself a Democrat?! Moreover, even if the company owner was a racist, I don’t care! Just make sure my check clears! Read more here...


Friday, October 09, 2009

Nobel Stoops to New Low

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Apparently Obama’s consolation prize for losing the Olympics is a Nobel Peace Prize. I would say that the Norwegians have lost their minds, if this award actually meant something these days. Nevertheless, I still suspect that ACORN International might have had a hand in Obama’s win…for nostalgia’s sake.

This much coveted [cough] award has been won by such notables as Al Gore, Yassir Arafat, Kofi Annan, and Jimmy Carter, to name a few. With a list like this, the Nobel Prize is a not a prize at all, and I would say is more like a punishment. It is an award to be avoided, like a Darwin Award or Blackwell’s Worst Dressed.

Presuming this award had any real significance, as it did in the far too distant past, why would the Nobel committee decide that Obama should be the winner in the “Peace” area this year? I have my theories. Read more here...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The GM Scam

The new CEO of GM makes us a guarantee, essentially extending “Cash for Clunkers.” That guarantee is that if you buy a GM and you don’t like it, then you can bring it back after 60 days. Cool!

Allow me to translate: GM is spending our money to sell our cars back to us. But first, GM is going to lease us cars we already own. The good news is you will have the option to buy it…a second time! See what GM thinks in this statement: Read more here...


Monday, October 05, 2009

Obama Gets Punked

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For the Liberals who voted for Obama thinking he could influence the world, you just got publicly punked by the IOC. They showed what the sane among us already knew, and that is Obama is not the god the Liberals all believe him to be. If you still believe he is a god, then I contend he is as ineffectual as a god, as he is a president.

In a move you would think was choreographed by the vast right-wing conspiracy—if it existed—Obama and Team Chicago couldn’t even get past the first round in consideration for the Olympics! There were cities that didn’t spend a dime pursuing the Olympics and finished right where Chicago did.

When I saw how Chicago reacted to this loss, the abject disappointment, as it was announced that they were announced as the #1 loser, I thought to myself, “This is one big event too late.” This is what they were supposed to feel like when Obama lost the nomination as the Liberals’ candidate for POTUS. Didn't happen. So when Team Obama lost this for Chicago, I felt like white people did when OJ recently convicted—“We finally got him!” Read more here...


Friday, October 02, 2009

Letterman's Lament

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How lucky for Letterman that he is not taken too seriously. Imagine revealing publicly that you are a slimeball, as people laugh along like a laughtrack? Thankfully his wife didn’t have to endure “the good wife” photo op, as Letterman joked of disgracing her and his family. That may be her only solace in all of this.

Letterman quipped on his show that the revelation of all whom he slept with would be embarrassing— “especially for the women!” Perhaps no truer words have been spoken!
Far be it from me to moralize about people. People make mistakes. But I must tell you that I was happy to hear that Letterman is in the “hot seat.” And it’s just beginning. Nevertheless, I know that Hollyweird will come to his aid. “He has to work long nights with staffers,” or “Things just work differently in Hollywood…the pressures.” We will get to witness the lunacy of the Left first-hand!

We may never know exactly whom Letterman slept with. But in the wake of the Polanski story, and frankly just knowing how Liberals are, it wouldn’t surprise me if Letterman slept with anybody and everybody. Just don’t hang around the set after dark! Read more here...