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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama on Security

America can feel much safer now, based on what is reported in the LA Times:
“As president, I have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and our people. And when the system fails, it is my responsibility,” Obama said.

I have learned that when Obama says, “The buck stops here!” the buck is just on a layover. And this was indeed the case recently. Just after saying, “The buck stops here,” Obama was notified that an appropriate scapegoat who allowed the terrorist to board the plane in Detroit had been found. The culprit is Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan. Who knows what he got to do the mea culpa?

So aside from the good news of passing the buck, the ancillary benefit for Obama is, like with
Biden, Obama has exposed America to yet another incompetent white guy! Who cares that Obama picked them both! The buck stops THERE!

In the spirit of transparency, Obama informed America that when terrorist suspects are found,
they will be exposed. As we say, “Put on Front Street.” I can hardly wait to see the transparency involved here.

Obama exposing Muslims and Africans. I guess we will get three days of visibility to review their mugshots on the internet, before they are publicly waterboarded. No, we will put them in explosive underwear, and draw lottery tickets on who gets to detonate. Wait, that is what would happen if I were POTUS!

The question for me is why hasn’t protecting America’s citizens been a priority to begin with? The president’s #1 job is the protection of America. Was Obama not aware of binary explosives? This is scary stuff!

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Monday, January 04, 2010

The New Year with Obama

Happy freakin’ New Year! I have never been more energized to get out of the old and into the new. I wish I could have awakened in 2010 to find that 2009 was just a dream, albeit a very bad dream! However, as Will Ferrell said in Talledega Nights, “That just happened!”
So what exactly did just happen?

For starters, in 2009 the most incompetent person ever took the oath of office for the presidency of the United States. And like the condition of the grounds after the event, America was left with nothing but trash, outside and inside the White House.

Obama began 2009 dazzling America by serving up the most amazing set of crooks one could consider for high governmental positions. A blind cockroach could find better citizens behind bars in any of America’s worst prisons, and I’m talking supermax! Speaking of cockroaches…

For his #2, Obama selected Joe Biden—a man who should be fitted for a straight jacket, plain and simple. As I wrote in The Biden Experiment, America’s VP is there for two reasons: (1) To make Obama look smarter than he certainly is, and (2) to guarantee Obama’s safety. Because nobody wants Crazy Joe!

Amazingly it is Biden that actually tells the truth about Obama and his inane policies. “Nobody really knows where the stimulus money goes,” Biden quipped. Forget that it was Biden’s job to track the money. Hey what’s a few hundred BILLION of our money to squander anyway?! Psst…

Ironically, Biden fits right in with this administration in that he is an inept, lying, do-nothing blowhard, and a bully. Challenge Biden, and he will barrage and bludgeon you with his made up credentials. Speaking of made up credentials…