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Friday, November 20, 2009

Obama's Foreign Policy Prowess?

It has been said that a leader can be measured by the people with whom he surrounds himself, then his ability to take their counsel. Using this measure, Obama is as competent as Oprah’s fitness trainer.

On the first point, Obama’s much maligned cabinet is under constant fire, so much so that there are conspiracy theorists who say that his destruction of America is intentional. They say that Obama is simply following Alinsky’s Rules for Radical doctrine, with Alinksy’s rule for most effectively marketing revolution: Pursue an “Ideology of Change.”

I would agree that there is some legitimacy to this point, if you agree that Obama’s ideology of change is replacing competent people with incompetents. I’m not sure what Alinsky taught about surrounding oneself with buffoons, so we are likely seeing a “work in progress” on that subject.

Most of Obama’s cabinet picks are either political payback or radicals with whom Obama knew from his past. Therein lies the problem quite frankly. Obama just doesn’t have a good pool from which to pick.

The outcome is a hodgepodge of throwback radicals, many of whom had been closeted since the McCarthy era. Ideologies born of their ‘60’s radical sensibilities which only recently have they felt free enough to showcase their true nature.

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Their incompetence might not be so heinous, if it were limited to four years and could be contained from the rest of the world. However, when the top three people who represent the rest of us to the world have the leadership experience of a troop of Brownies, you can see that America is in trouble. Big trouble. Let’s look at some examples. Read more here...



cmblake6 said...

This miserable goat dropping IS trying to destroy America intentionally. He's not an American. I don't care whether he was born in Hawaii, or Kenya, or he's actually a reptilian visitor from space, he's NOT an American. How the hell he got such a flow politically is a total mystery.
Well, no it's not. Money. Lots of foreign money. Invested in the destruction of our economy. Why can't the world realize that we should inspire them as the Bright Star to follow? Can't they see that redistribution is only sharing misery, not inspiring growth?

Anonymous said...

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