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Friday, February 12, 2010

Chris Matthews Memory Lapse

I keep thinking that white Liberals have finally hit a new low, but they keep on digging. This time it’s Chris Matthews. Either a ratings ploy for MSNBC, or as Matthews might be thinking these days, "I forgot I was stupid!"

By now everybody has heard his comment about Obama, “I forgot he was black.” Matthews then attempted a mea culpa by saying that he credited Obama with closing the racial divide—Matthews’ second stupid comment that night.

There is no recovery from the first statement, “I forgot he was black.” So just I decided to give my Top Ten reasons Chris Matthews “forgot he [Obama] was black:”

1, He’s so bad at basketball, I forgot he was black.

2. He’s so inept at being the black first president, I forgot he was black.

3. He’s so pro-abortion, I forgot he was black.

4. He’s so hates the church, I forgot he was black.

5. He’s so keeps black people down, I forgot he was black.

6. He’s so light-skinned with no Negro dialect, I forgot he was black.

7. He’s so articulate and clean, I forgot he was black.

8. He’s so educated, I forgot he was black.

9. He’s so intelligent AND married to a domineering black militant woman, I forgot he was black.

10. He got me so wee weed up, I forgot he was black.

Matthews then attempted to correct the record to say that what he meant to say is that Obama is the person who closed the racial divide in America. Really?

I think Obama was the benefactor of the racial divide being Republicans! And there are many black Republican soldiers still battling against the racial divide that continues to this day, because of racists like Matthews, Reid, Biden, Dean. Does Clarence Thomas ring a bell Pavlov?

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fisher of Men - Obama

Obama is a fisher of men. His new middle-class tax cut program is very simply a fishing expedition for the price it will take to BUY the middle-class--at least his definition of "middle-class."

Obama and his team are clever in their presentation, because the middle-class quickly forgets this little factoid: It’s YOUR money he is using as an incentive!

What are the overtures—the bait—Obama uses to fishhook middle-class Americans? According to this report from ABC news, one of the incentives Obama is offering is a tax incentive on child care. Big whoop.

These days the average “working American” now works through August for the government. At this rate, why not just turn the kids over to the government, and let the government raise them! I'm sure the media won't mind!

This tax incentive essentially rebates part of YOUR money, but is limited to people who make less than $115,000—about two seconds of interest on the national debt. To ignorant people, $115K sounds like a lot of money. I assure you this is not much money for a family of four, particularly when those kids get to college age.

The bigger picture is that here again, Obama is setting the hook on what is rich and what is not. And more than $115K is apparently rich. That’s not even Paris Hilton's purse budget for a month!

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Bin Laden Uncaved

While the US has a huge contingent of Americans donating time, energy, and money to save the citizens of Haiti, Osama bin Laden comes out of the cave to release threatening audio against America, and to take claim for the Nigerian Crotch Bomber, reminding us that Islam is the religion of peace, I guess!

I have yet to hear of any Muslim countries providing anything more than lip service to the Haitians. The only Muslim support for the Haitians of which I’m aware—as reported by THE FED—is from Muslim organizations in the United States. And it’s not like they are having a major impact, particularly in comparison to the amount of money they gave to Obama’s campaign!

If I’m being totally honest, I have a skeptical eye on Muslim’s fund-raising efforts on behalf of Haiti, wondering if some of these agencies may be taking advantage of this situation to raise funds for their own nefarious deeds. For now, I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

But that may not last long, as you can bet that none of these organizations will speak out against Osama bin Laden. If there was a time to do so, that time would be now. He is doing nothing to promote the peace of Islam, and is again posturing against the US.

As America helps hundreds of thousands of people in need, bin Laden doesn’t have the decency to feel sympathy or empathy for the tens of thousands of Haitians killed. Nor does he show sympathy for the survivors who are struggling for basic necessities. Perhaps bin Laden has lived under a rock for so long that he feels Haitians are living the lush life in comparison?

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Monday, February 01, 2010

God Visits Massachusetts

The Democrats are in panic mode, and they’d better be! To paraphrase Edward G. Robinson in The Ten Commandments, “Where’s your God now, Liberals!” Oh, that’s right, Liberals want God out…and black Jesus in!

Even black Jesus won’t save the day in the land soon-to-be formerly known as The People’s Republic of Taxachussetts. Obama rode in on his white horse, and rode out on a black sheep!

The reason the salad days have ended is because of black Jesus himself! It is simply not possible to lie more during a campaign than Obama did during his campaign, as if his truths were scary enough!

Obama said he would essentially neuter our military, release terrorists from GITMO, raise taxes on the rich, redistribute wealth, discourage business, and the list goes on. By not accomplishing all that he wanted, he has still managed to wreck the economy, and give America the highest unemployment since his mentor, Jimmy Carter—another embarrassment to America.

Obama left little doubt that he believes in the government running big businesses, when he “bailed out” the unions and the financial industry, since the free market system just couldn’t cut it. He put money in shovel-ready projects, and people are digging holes for themselves all over America.

Obama is full of silly ideas, origins that could only come from theory, as they had no use in the real world. One of those ideas–Healthcare–may just be his undoing. Here is Obama in 2005 discussing healthcare and social security:


Breaking news: Joe Biden admitted to Johns Hopkins University Hospital after having a laughing fit at news of Reid’s comment regarding “light-skinned Obama with no Negro dialect!”

Finally somebody who said something more stupid than Biden, something science thought was an impossibility! Biden stupidity was previously thought to be -273 degrees C…absolute zero! Not!

Reid quickly issued an apology, and Obama quickly accepted. Can’t have people analyzing the racism of Democrats now can we! People might actually consider the Democrats history on the subject. Better yet, perhaps Reid can be talked into switching parties, so Democrats can say Republican are the racists?

What’s Harry Reid apologizing for anyway?! He was right! Like Bidenisms, Reid’s real crime was exposing the dirty little secret that everybody knows about white folks who voted for Obama…the Guilters!

In addtion to his incendiary comment, Reid is reported to have said in this article from Politico,

…throughout my career, from efforts to integrate the Las Vegas strip and the
gaming industry to opposing radical judges and promoting diversity in the
Senate, I have worked hard to advance issues important to African American

There Reid goes, telling America how many black friends he has! I love say it! “Black people…I TOLD you so,“ and I did in my book The BIG Black Lie!

What have Reid and his Democrat Party done for blacks, except reintroduce slavery—new and improved! Reid and the rest of the Democrats have indeed advanced issues important to blacks alright, if by advance you mean advanced blacks into a nuclear winter.

Reid and his racist cronies have blacks leading negatively in almost all cultural categories, e.g. high school graduation rates, college entrance rates, college graduation rates, men in prison, teenage pregnancy, abortion, and so on. Reid et al support getting black folks just enough money and programs to stay home and stay stupid. The UnGreat Society meets The Ingrate Society.


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama on Security

America can feel much safer now, based on what is reported in the LA Times:
“As president, I have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and our people. And when the system fails, it is my responsibility,” Obama said.

I have learned that when Obama says, “The buck stops here!” the buck is just on a layover. And this was indeed the case recently. Just after saying, “The buck stops here,” Obama was notified that an appropriate scapegoat who allowed the terrorist to board the plane in Detroit had been found. The culprit is Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan. Who knows what he got to do the mea culpa?

So aside from the good news of passing the buck, the ancillary benefit for Obama is, like with
Biden, Obama has exposed America to yet another incompetent white guy! Who cares that Obama picked them both! The buck stops THERE!

In the spirit of transparency, Obama informed America that when terrorist suspects are found,
they will be exposed. As we say, “Put on Front Street.” I can hardly wait to see the transparency involved here.

Obama exposing Muslims and Africans. I guess we will get three days of visibility to review their mugshots on the internet, before they are publicly waterboarded. No, we will put them in explosive underwear, and draw lottery tickets on who gets to detonate. Wait, that is what would happen if I were POTUS!

The question for me is why hasn’t protecting America’s citizens been a priority to begin with? The president’s #1 job is the protection of America. Was Obama not aware of binary explosives? This is scary stuff!

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Monday, January 04, 2010

The New Year with Obama

Happy freakin’ New Year! I have never been more energized to get out of the old and into the new. I wish I could have awakened in 2010 to find that 2009 was just a dream, albeit a very bad dream! However, as Will Ferrell said in Talledega Nights, “That just happened!”
So what exactly did just happen?

For starters, in 2009 the most incompetent person ever took the oath of office for the presidency of the United States. And like the condition of the grounds after the event, America was left with nothing but trash, outside and inside the White House.

Obama began 2009 dazzling America by serving up the most amazing set of crooks one could consider for high governmental positions. A blind cockroach could find better citizens behind bars in any of America’s worst prisons, and I’m talking supermax! Speaking of cockroaches…

For his #2, Obama selected Joe Biden—a man who should be fitted for a straight jacket, plain and simple. As I wrote in The Biden Experiment, America’s VP is there for two reasons: (1) To make Obama look smarter than he certainly is, and (2) to guarantee Obama’s safety. Because nobody wants Crazy Joe!

Amazingly it is Biden that actually tells the truth about Obama and his inane policies. “Nobody really knows where the stimulus money goes,” Biden quipped. Forget that it was Biden’s job to track the money. Hey what’s a few hundred BILLION of our money to squander anyway?! Psst…

Ironically, Biden fits right in with this administration in that he is an inept, lying, do-nothing blowhard, and a bully. Challenge Biden, and he will barrage and bludgeon you with his made up credentials. Speaking of made up credentials…


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Today's House Negros

The Democrats provide amazing reminders that slavery is alive and thriving in America today. The plantation these days is Congress. White Democrats are the plantation owners, and the Congressional Black Caucus members are the slaves…modern day House Negros.

As in the days of Democrat oppression, House Negros of today represent royalty to blacks, leaders, second only to the poverty pimps served up by a complicit Liberal-loving media. Unlike other races, Democrat blacks need identifiable leaders or how would they survive?

As this blogger put it regarding house Negros during slavery,

At least those [house] Negroes would tell the field slaves, from time to time, what massa was up to, and they would even slip them food and supplies from out of the big house to the slave quarters. These modern day house Negroes (you know who you are) would never share with those they consider field slaves.
I couldn’t agree more. And today’s selfish House Negros are under fire, as many black Democrat congressmen are under ethics investigations—and not by Republicans! In an ironic twist of fate these black leaders who have kept white Democrats in power since the 1980’s are now being investigated by those very same white Democrats! Are the racist Democrat power brokers simply putting these uppity House Negros in place? Black Power…with white supervision?!

But House Negros are fighting back…sort of. As the AP reports,

By boycotting a key House committee vote last week and threatening to abandon support for banking regulations, members of the Congressional Black Caucus got $4 billion added to a Wall Street regulation bill and $2 billion to a proposed House jobs bill in spending they sought for African American communities. House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank, D-Mass., this week inserted $3 billion to the legislation to provide low-interest loans to unemployed homeowners in danger of foreclosure. He added $1 billion for neighborhood revitalization programs.
Chairman Barney Frank—Massa to the Congressional Black Caucus—threw those silly House Negros a bone…and placed it through their noses!

This $6B will come from the $700B “rescue fund.” Let me help you with the math people. That’s not even 1% of the rescue fund! Yet blacks make up 12.5% of the population!

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Friday, December 18, 2009

A Man's Lesson from Nagasaki

An amazing story by an acquaintance of mine. Lafayette Political Buzz Examiner Ken LaRive

In the spring of 1970 the carrier USS Kitty Hawk pulled into the port of Sasabo Japan. I was one of about two thousand Navy service men standing at parade rest as we pulled into slip. I didn’t know it at the time, but we did this as a sign of respect.

We were explained a lot while at sea, more than any other port. Or relationship with Japan is complicated. There were discussions on our ship’s closed circuit TV, and a variety of mandatory general briefings went on for weeks before we arrived. Among a lot of information, we were told that no nuclear carriers were allowed to dock, that no civilian clothing would be allowed on shore leave, that we were to be on our best behavior, and that any breach of conduct would be dealt with harshly.

My two best friends, Al Moore and Gary Hammitt, both four by six, had already made two West Pac tours. They knew the ropes, and had been to Japan twice before. In the chow hall we discussed where to go, deciding to give one of our three days to the village of Nagasaki. We would stay in a quaint bed and breakfast next to a “hotsie bath”, close to ground zero. It was the place where we had dropped the second nuclear bomb less then thirty years before. These gardens and museum we planned to see stood at the very epicenter.

1970 is thirty four years ago. At the time it had been just twenty-six years since the bomb. I thought 26 years was an awful long time back then, as my first 20 years had crawled by slowly.

In dress blues, spit polished shoes, and zippered haircuts, we made it through the gambit of old Chiefs and Petty Officers looking for any excuse to turn us around. We all slid through, and with a practiced and proper salute of the ensign we walked the aft plank to a very busy peer, and a bright spring day.

Pea Coats slung over our shoulders, and swinging our overnight bags, we made our way to the Base Exchange where our rental car waited. Past the jar head guards who gave us a final look-over, we were out of the gate and on the road, free at last. Gary’s international driver’s license had again come in handy.

There were fields of flowering fruit trees, and amazing rice paddies built on steps into the hills. Colorful pagodas, brightly painted bridges over clear swift moving streams, and elaborate manicured flower gardens were an artist’s dream. Hanging baskets were everywhere, holding delicate clusters of every conceivable color.

In three hours we were on the outskirts of this famed city of Nagasaki. If I hadn’t known, I would never have guessed this city had been completely razed. It was beautiful. Industry, suburbs, open shops, electric train stations, children flying silk kites, new American and Japanese cars mixed with hundreds of bicycles, all blended so as to dazzle the senses. We stopped for lunch and I had Sukiyaki for the first time, eating everything but the raw egg in the middle. I was mesmerized.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Men Getting Desperate

Drastic times call for drastic measures, and let’s face it, it just doesn’t get any tougher than the economy we have under the Obama administration. People are indeed between a rock and a hard place. Nevertheless, as Obama promised, there is hope, though this time hope comes from… Nevada.

Striking a simultaneous blow to reverse discrimination and the women’s movement, while taking a page out of the “pro-choice” playbooks, Nevada may now legalize male prostitution. That’s right, what has been going on for decades in Washington may be allowed to spread to The Silver State, and wrongs against men “lefted.” Men are now free to choose what to do with their bodies, though they may not be able to choose who to do it with.

Who does the NOW generation of women have to thank for bringing fiscal sanity to Nevada, and ushering in the Age of Aquarius…for men? First, they can thank Obama for wrecking the economy to drive Nevada to such drastic outcome of "men's rights!" However the main one to thank is technology!

Technology now allows for Nevada state officials to test for infectious diseases by performing urethral testing. Prior to this advance in medical testing technology, men with potentially dangerous urethras were left to wander the streets in America’s back alleys in search of Liberal women to service in hippie vans and “by the hour” motels. A dirty business with no guarantees for the safety of the male “service agents.”

“Bill,” a male "service agent" in Nevada who asked not to be identified by his real name told this reporter,

Liberal women are as vicious as they are unattractive. I actually had a Liberal woman bite off one of my areolas, when I refused to kiss her during 'service.' That’s just my rule—no kissing! I would only break that rule for a Conservative woman, but we don’t get any of them.


Monday, December 14, 2009

The Left Abandons Tiger

There has been much discussion about Tiger’s choice of mistresses, and the fact that none of them were black. I found this laughable at first, thought that people were joking. They were not. So as I pondered the Left’s ability to demagogue race in all circumstances, I concluded that the Left is showcasing their racism yet again. Tiger has been left by the Left; dangling on that flimsy limb, yes, all because none of his mistresses were black.

Liberals are amazingly silent in speaking for Tiger Woods. Maybe they don’t quite know how to handle the major screw up of one of their own who appears wholesome, dare I say, “conservative!” Up to now, Tiger has played it by the book for the Left. Woods provided that glimmer of hope that the Left could be redeemed.

Early on Tiger declared himself a multi-racial person, to a degree denying his blackness, thus encompassing all people. Earl Woods was half African-American, a quarter Chinese and a quarter American Indian, and Tiger’s mother Kultida is half Thai, a quarter Chinese and a quarter Dutch. Let’s see, this makes Tiger a quarter Chinese, a quarter black, a quarter Thai, an eighth American Indian, and an eight Dutch. Talk about your rainbow coalition!

The “power Left” , aka white elitist loved Tiger’s multi-cultural stance, however Tiger’s declaration angered black folks. The racist elitists won, and Tiger was vindicated in the lamestream media. He was allowed to be “multi-racial with no emphasis on being black.” This distinction actually trumps the race card!

Tiger got back in the good graces of blacks by attending the Abomination of Obama, known to the Left as the Inauguration. A number one showing up to support THE one. Yet today, the poster child for ‘multi-racial with no emphasis on being black’ achievement has been left by the Left in his time of need.

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Harry Reid - Agent of Change

Harry Reid is an obvious product of a government education that he and other Liberals are inflicting on the rest of America, and he should be the poster child for school choice. In his recent comment regarding Republicans’ efforts to block “healthcare” legislation, Reid invoke the ghosts of Democrats past, claiming that Republicans tried to block emancipation and civil rights for blacks.

Like most Liberals, and as I point out in my book The BIG Black Lie, Reid is trying to revise the racist history of the Democrat Party and better yet, to transfer it to the Republican Party. You would too if you had the racist history of the Democrat.

After losing what Democrats deemed “The War of Northern Aggression”—aggression of which came at the hands of Republicans honoring the Constitution—Democrats interpreted things as depicted here:

"Instead of restoring the Union, it [the Republican Party] has, so far as in its power, dissolved it, and subjected ten states, in time of profound peace, to military despotism and Negro supremacy." --Platform of the Democratic Party, 1868

Apparently Democrats were still smarting from losing all their free labor, as well as their endless supply of sex toys. In an effort to intimidate blacks to allow “off the record” slavery and further oppression that the Democrats missed so much, they ramped up the efforts of the intimidation arm of their party known as the KKK.

This group of rascals rode around in white sheets scaring black and white Republicans, and occasionally hanging blacks who they considered “uppity.” To be considered uppity to a Democrat included things like a black man looking at a white woman, or perhaps a grown black man speaking up for himself. One of the worse things you could do as a black person was to learn to read. Now that was considered uppityness of the highest order and almost guaranteed a black person a lynching.

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Monday, December 07, 2009

Obama's Sexy Brilliance on Jobs

The man who has not had a real job in his life and couldn’t run a “donated cakes” bake sale for profit is going to provide ideas on promoting new jobs. It is said that he will scour the country asking anybody and everybody how to create jobs. No idea is too silly. Just think, your idea could be the one that Obama himself deems worthy of further consideration, and possibly even…implementation. How did America survive without such leadership and “sexy brilliance?”

Our reward for our patience with Obama’s ineptness is his commandeering yet another Tuesday evening of prime time. In Obama’s his radio address on Saturday, he said that unemployment had “inched down.” I suggest that “millimetered down” describes it better. And as I wrote in Obama’s Labor Numbers, all jobs figures from this administration are suspect at best, and should be “racially profiled.”

It seems that every time this administration makes its “bad news” jobs report, it is later debunked and then we get the “oops now here’s the really bad news” update. I must give Obama credit, however as he is helping the economy, particularly small businesses. He is taking big businesses and turning them into small businesses, and I’m not talking divestiture. For those businesses who survive as big, well they are being confiscated, and put under government control.

Obama’s business-destroying technique is giving lots of people the chance to play CEO, as there seems to be a revolving door of CEOs stepping down from these government-run firms. The most recent exit was the CEO of Government Motors , Ed Whitacre.

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Obama's Latest Jobs Numbers

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It’s About the Numbers by Kevin Jackson

The lamestream, state-run media is always good for a laugh, and this laugh has to do with the recent jobless claim. They are exuberant because as the AP headline reads, “New jobless claims fall unexpectedly to 457K”. So only 475 THOUSAND people lost their jobs this go-round! Come to think of it, that IS good news in Obama’s vida loca.

First-time claims for unemployment insurance dropped by 5,000 to a seasonally adjusted 457,000, the lowest total since the week of Sept. 6, 2008, the Labor Department said Thursday. Wall Street economists expected an increase, according to a survey by Thomson Reuters.
Would you let a Wall Street economist babysit your “chirrens?” Me neither! So the idea that they expected an increase is supposed to actually mean something? Plus, aren’t we supposed to be mad at Wall Street for something?

Well I didn’t get my degree from Wall Street, but I do speak “economy”—it’s similar to Austrian. And what the economy is saying is that it has cut the fat, and is now cutting into muscle! Actually, the economy has been cutting muscle like a Jihadist since Jan of 2009, and putting band aids throat cuts. Yet AP can see the positive signs in all of this as they continually point out in their article, saying quite contradictory that they expect the economy to continue to add jobs, as it…cuts more jobs.

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