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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Left Abandons Tiger

There has been much discussion about Tiger’s choice of mistresses, and the fact that none of them were black. I found this laughable at first, thought that people were joking. They were not. So as I pondered the Left’s ability to demagogue race in all circumstances, I concluded that the Left is showcasing their racism yet again. Tiger has been left by the Left; dangling on that flimsy limb, yes, all because none of his mistresses were black.

Liberals are amazingly silent in speaking for Tiger Woods. Maybe they don’t quite know how to handle the major screw up of one of their own who appears wholesome, dare I say, “conservative!” Up to now, Tiger has played it by the book for the Left. Woods provided that glimmer of hope that the Left could be redeemed.

Early on Tiger declared himself a multi-racial person, to a degree denying his blackness, thus encompassing all people. Earl Woods was half African-American, a quarter Chinese and a quarter American Indian, and Tiger’s mother Kultida is half Thai, a quarter Chinese and a quarter Dutch. Let’s see, this makes Tiger a quarter Chinese, a quarter black, a quarter Thai, an eighth American Indian, and an eight Dutch. Talk about your rainbow coalition!

The “power Left” , aka white elitist loved Tiger’s multi-cultural stance, however Tiger’s declaration angered black folks. The racist elitists won, and Tiger was vindicated in the lamestream media. He was allowed to be “multi-racial with no emphasis on being black.” This distinction actually trumps the race card!

Tiger got back in the good graces of blacks by attending the Abomination of Obama, known to the Left as the Inauguration. A number one showing up to support THE one. Yet today, the poster child for ‘multi-racial with no emphasis on being black’ achievement has been left by the Left in his time of need.

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Boonie Girl said...

Great analysis of the situation, no one seems to be coming to bat for him, which does not suprise me. He has shown his true colors, and what money does to an individual.......he has let his own power corrupt him, which is sad, he needs to get out in front of it and take responsiblity for what he has done, and until that he is going to appear as a womanizing spineless individual....I have no sympathy.

the golden horse said...

I just hope he finds it all worth it.
Nothing he might have gained could replace his wife and beautiful children. And to take a chance and bring a serious disease home to his wife is unforgivable.
His dad would be so ashamed.