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Monday, December 07, 2009

Obama's Sexy Brilliance on Jobs

The man who has not had a real job in his life and couldn’t run a “donated cakes” bake sale for profit is going to provide ideas on promoting new jobs. It is said that he will scour the country asking anybody and everybody how to create jobs. No idea is too silly. Just think, your idea could be the one that Obama himself deems worthy of further consideration, and possibly even…implementation. How did America survive without such leadership and “sexy brilliance?”

Our reward for our patience with Obama’s ineptness is his commandeering yet another Tuesday evening of prime time. In Obama’s his radio address on Saturday, he said that unemployment had “inched down.” I suggest that “millimetered down” describes it better. And as I wrote in Obama’s Labor Numbers, all jobs figures from this administration are suspect at best, and should be “racially profiled.”

It seems that every time this administration makes its “bad news” jobs report, it is later debunked and then we get the “oops now here’s the really bad news” update. I must give Obama credit, however as he is helping the economy, particularly small businesses. He is taking big businesses and turning them into small businesses, and I’m not talking divestiture. For those businesses who survive as big, well they are being confiscated, and put under government control.

Obama’s business-destroying technique is giving lots of people the chance to play CEO, as there seems to be a revolving door of CEOs stepping down from these government-run firms. The most recent exit was the CEO of Government Motors , Ed Whitacre.

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AndrewPrice said...
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AndrewPrice said...

He may not know how to make jobs (make that he definitely doesn't know how) but he sure knows how to destroy them.

I thought it was funny that he was praising the 10% unemployment figure, even though the reason unemployment fell was that 100,000 people fell off the unemployment number because they've given up looking for work.

Gee, I can't imagine why his approval rating keeps falling.

soleproprietorPatriot said...

This man has done so many things to NOT spur an economic recovery in 2009, it amazes me. I don't blame him for the recession of course, but man, could he go a WEEK without proposing more taxes, more spending and more regulations? Way to scare small business from hiring, Mr. President!