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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Bin Laden Uncaved

While the US has a huge contingent of Americans donating time, energy, and money to save the citizens of Haiti, Osama bin Laden comes out of the cave to release threatening audio against America, and to take claim for the Nigerian Crotch Bomber, reminding us that Islam is the religion of peace, I guess!

I have yet to hear of any Muslim countries providing anything more than lip service to the Haitians. The only Muslim support for the Haitians of which I’m aware—as reported by THE FED—is from Muslim organizations in the United States. And it’s not like they are having a major impact, particularly in comparison to the amount of money they gave to Obama’s campaign!

If I’m being totally honest, I have a skeptical eye on Muslim’s fund-raising efforts on behalf of Haiti, wondering if some of these agencies may be taking advantage of this situation to raise funds for their own nefarious deeds. For now, I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

But that may not last long, as you can bet that none of these organizations will speak out against Osama bin Laden. If there was a time to do so, that time would be now. He is doing nothing to promote the peace of Islam, and is again posturing against the US.

As America helps hundreds of thousands of people in need, bin Laden doesn’t have the decency to feel sympathy or empathy for the tens of thousands of Haitians killed. Nor does he show sympathy for the survivors who are struggling for basic necessities. Perhaps bin Laden has lived under a rock for so long that he feels Haitians are living the lush life in comparison?

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HaleeBurch said...

So in the last paragraph I am wondering if saying Obama instead of OSama, was an intentional slip, or a deliberate slip on equating/ referring Obama to Osama Bin Ladin

Chris said...

These Islamic terrorist make me sick. So do the domestic left wing terrorist for that fact.

WebSmith said...

I did read somewhere that Osama and Obama are ganging up to support the global warming hoax. Osama, of course, would like nothing better than to reap destruction on the economy with a fabrication accompanied with some fantasy legislation.

As far as Obama caring about anything, the only thing that he cares about is feeding his narcissism and his agenda of which Haiti is not part of.

After we get through feeding and providing medical care to the Haitians, they will return to their barely surviving situation which is maintained by their socialist government with more American money. The best thing we could do is send a fleet of cruise ships so the passengers could dismount and pump money directly to the Haitian people by buying souvenirs and Haitian cuisine.

Mo said...

The Arab and Muslim countries' main protagonist, (not counting the Great Satan of American), Little Satan, or as we call it, Israel, was on the scene early, saving hundreds of Haitian lives. They sent an entire field hospital, which in at last count was a place of birth for 9 children, including the first there, named "Israel" by the grateful mother. One Israeli official said it was because Israel owed Haiti a debt of gratitude for supporting Israel's formative UN vote, the one on partition, in 1947, but that's silly. Israel did it just as a matter of humanitarianism.

This was in contrast to the much more massive and oil-rich countries such as Saudi, Iran, etc etc. None gave but a mote of support.

Corey said...

Love the blog Kevin, but you're slackin on your mackin a little bit baby. I used to check every day, now it's like once a week and still no new entries. I hope you're busy doing something big, and not just big leaging the sphere.

The Black Sphere said...

Corey, go to

That's my NEW blog! You're slackin' Brah! LOL

mary from michigan said...

You're right. Osama certainly does his utmost to promote jihad as Muslim Americans preach that theirs is a "religion of peace". Why don't they speak out against jihad, why don't they help Haiti, why don't they donate a portion of their vast sums of tax-free money for better airport screening equipment? And if our government is so hell-bent on confiscating tax dollars, why are they still allowing immigrants to operate each NEW business they open, tax-free for a period of FIVE YEARS?? I'd love that treatment, wouldn't you? That's why there are so many motels, gas-station's and other businesses owned by people from the middle east. They buy a business, profit from it tax-free for 5 years, sell it to Uncle Ahmed and buy cousin Jalal's business that he's owned for 5 years, and on and on it goes into infinity. Meanwhile, we pay stiff penalties if we don't pay our high taxes on time, our $$ is confiscated to give to countries like the Socialist Hatian Hole, we outgive everyone on the planet as most other countries give a mere pittance. Nice. I'm so worried about what the rest of the world thinks of us, aren't you? You gotta give Osama credit though, he's a brilliant man. No better way to make American leaders bow their head in shame than to say we are enemies of the planet! An apologist like Obama MUST pass Cap and Trade now!