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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fisher of Men - Obama

Obama is a fisher of men. His new middle-class tax cut program is very simply a fishing expedition for the price it will take to BUY the middle-class--at least his definition of "middle-class."

Obama and his team are clever in their presentation, because the middle-class quickly forgets this little factoid: It’s YOUR money he is using as an incentive!

What are the overtures—the bait—Obama uses to fishhook middle-class Americans? According to this report from ABC news, one of the incentives Obama is offering is a tax incentive on child care. Big whoop.

These days the average “working American” now works through August for the government. At this rate, why not just turn the kids over to the government, and let the government raise them! I'm sure the media won't mind!

This tax incentive essentially rebates part of YOUR money, but is limited to people who make less than $115,000—about two seconds of interest on the national debt. To ignorant people, $115K sounds like a lot of money. I assure you this is not much money for a family of four, particularly when those kids get to college age.

The bigger picture is that here again, Obama is setting the hook on what is rich and what is not. And more than $115K is apparently rich. That’s not even Paris Hilton's purse budget for a month!

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Teresa said...

Obama loves spreading everyone elses wealth. He is limiting a person's success. What a commie.

Anonymous said...

Please be aware that people know what $115K is - it is more than most have. Even homeowners with children in college know that $115 is a LOT of money. $115K is $9,580per month or $4,423.08 every two weeks (or is you prefer, possibly as little as $2,211 after taxes- which you and I both know is not the case). With a paycheck like that, if you need a rebate, it should go toward a personal financial money management class.

The Black Sphere said...

@Teresa - no truer words, my truer words!

The Black Sphere said...

@anon - It is evident that you are a ward of the gubment. $115K is NOT a lot of money. It is all relative, however those of us who studied hard, and who earn a good living only to watch people like Obama decide to give OUR money to others. If you were to sit down and write all ALL the taxes that people pay, then juxtapose that with the ridiculous things the government spends our money on, you might actually get rid of your malaise called Liberalism. How about I take YOUR money, whatever amount it is, and give it to Bangladesh. YOU are doing MUCH better than they!

Maggie said...

wow, anonymous knows very little about the real world.

$115k is not enough to be able to afford a mortgage, plus pay off credit debt, pay for medical, and pay for such expenses as groceries, fuel and of course things like electricity and other sundry charges. Add to that such things as state and local taxes and there is nothing left over for savings.....

Anyone who thinks that $115k is a lot of money is living in fantasy land.