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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Obama - WORLD Leader

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Quite by accident and only because my TV stays on Fox, I caught part of Obama presiding over the UN. Jaw clenched as I watched His Lowness, I thought out loud, “Obama you are a narcissistic pinhead.”

I said it a year ago: Obama wants to rule the world! As I watched I felt like I in an Austin Powers spoof movie, as one terrorist leader after another hit the stage, beginning with our current president. His speech reinforced for me my belief that Obama is the 17-year old brat who has been surrounded by sycophants and suckups his entire life. He inherits his dad’s multi-trillion dollar nation, and has no idea how to run it. So he wings it. Everybody around him tell him what a great job he is doing—as Rome burns.

In order for Obama to rule the world, a first and very necessary step is the ruination of the greatest country ever in the history of the world, and the one that he supposedly serves. Obama must show America that she is not as beautiful as she thinks. Read more here...



jj solari said...

To address the Blogger's review of the Kenyan-in-Chief's display of Self before the "world leaders." Kevin, I don't think the low-grade Sith we have as President is quite as magificent in his own eyes as the rest of the Socialist world perceives him. I think he sees himself merely as a glib and talented classroom teacher, if you will, of basic Marxist principles. Which is essentially what his mantra is; Marxism. He has a talent for calmly standing before the class and explaining the
philosophy of Karl Marx. It is a philosophy which the world listens to calmly since Marxism is a logical perfection of Socialism. And there isn't a government on earth that isn't Socialist, including our own. Obama is like the quarterback of a team that has come onto the field and noticed that there is no opposing team. Why would he not be calm? He has no opposition. All his opponents preach SOME form of Socialism, the Republicans a little less of it than the Democrats and the Libertarians a little less of it than the Republicans. Why would Obama not be confident? He has the logical high-ground. If the day ever comes when Obama is confronted with a non Socialist debater he will crumble into dust. After a brief screaming tantrum of frustration, of course.

Anonymous said...

I think B.O. watched A Distinguished Gentleman (Eddie Murphy movie), didn't watch the end, and decided to try to do a sequel as president.

Jesse M. said...

I am sickened by the sheer stupidity that so many in our country exhibit. They claim that we who are protesting higher taxes, large government and government controlled items in our life are the ones who are "unpatriotic" they claim that we are racist, and rude.

I love my country, and respect the "office" of president, I do not have to agree with nor support BAD decisions that are un-constitutional.

Keep writing K - people need to hear this.

Mick said...

Kevin, do you know when you'll be on FOX again? If so please let us know so we can tune you in. Would enjoy seeing you on Neil Cavuto's show. A perfect match.

Anyway, Obama will say and do whatever the circumstance warrants. He did this during and hole campagin and since being sworn in.

Healthcare?? Where is Obama's plan? Why hasn't he submitted a plan to Congress. No, not Obama. He's letting Congress do his work for him. Doesn't say much for the man does it?

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I would call Obama an egotistical prick, but a prick is the best part of a man. He even told a blatant bold faced lie when he came out of the G20 conference and held his press conference. He said: "I support private enterprise....." How the hell can he make such a statement when he took over GM, several banks and insurance companies, plans to take over all student loans and health care. This twit has turned out to be a bigger and better liar then Bill Clinton. Every time lied, he did it with a smirk on his face, Obama does it with an arrogant smug look.

He and his cohorts will not rest until America is completely brought to her knees, then they will rape and abuse her and treat her like an old whore.

jj solari said...

You a REAL priest or just one o' them freelancers what went awol or started an unlicensed franchise.

Mick said...

Most Rev agree with everything you wrote. Concur 100% with your arrogant smug look....

We have to remember he ran on "CHANGE" and change he did bring and has already changed with rewarding failure and penalizing success.

Adam Smith said...

Kevin, the first thought that popped into my head was "malignant narcissist" as I watched the Totus spread his message of vanity and America loathing.

Good piece. Check out Lloyd Marcus' latest opine @ American Thinker too.

You are on the money as usual.

Pastor Clay Ritter said...

Dude - i have been saying that for several months now - you are right on! Obama does not care about America, quite the opposite, he is ashamed of American. His real goal, I believe, is to become *President of the World* (POTW). That's why he is still in campaign mode... he is not finished yet. POTUS is just a stepping stone to POTW.