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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kindler Gentler Nuclear Iran

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Iran remains unconvinced about the demise of America, and apparently wants to ensure our destruction. America represents Iran’s hearty Halal meal. But they are happy to start with a kosher snack…Israel!

It turns out that Iran has been building a secret nuclear weapons program! GASP! This is the very same nuclear program that they denied existed. And as for the nuclear program to which they openly acknowledged, they said they only wanted nuclear power…for their homes...oh and maybe to nuke Israel, if that’s ok with the rest of the world…or not!

The fact that Iran tested their short range missiles, which of course can reach Israel has nothing to do with Iran’s stated goal of the destruction of Israel. The timing of the missile tests coinciding with the discovery of their secret nuclear program couldn’t be construed as Iran thumbing their noses at the rest of the world—ok, the UN—and America…oh and Israel? Read more here...

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Anonymous said...

I really liked your book- now I need to get it signed- would you be interested in coming to Tucson/ Sierra Vista for a book signing?