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Monday, October 19, 2009

Democrats Hate Blacks

Black people are being sold out for chump change at all government levels, as the culture of corruption in politics is at an all time high. I won’t pretend that corruption doesn’t occur from both Democrats and Republicans. However make no mistake about it, Democrats are the worst offenders.

In Missouri recently there were many races that had only one person running…a Democrat. Where do Republicans not bother running? In heavily black districts. Republicans have all but given up in these areas, because they have two chances to win: Slim and none.

The outcome is the Democrats are running amuck.

Recently Missouri State Representative T. D. El Amin pleaded guilty to soliciting and accepting a $2100 bribe from a gas station owner on the north side (the black part of town) of St. Louis. The bribe was in exchange for helping the man get city hall to stop a series of "nuisance inspections." Nuisance inspections prevent things like the ripping off of the consumer from unscrupulous gas station owners, as this article explains:

"Most inspections are unannounced," said Lazier. "We just show up within a 12
month period and say here we are." We've learned gas stations are legally
allowed to cheat you 6 cubic inches, or a bit less than a half a cup for every 5
gallons of gas pumped. Beyond that, pumps get red tagged and can't sell fuel
until they're fixed
Without these inspections, unscrupulous gas station owners every year can pocket millions of dollars by cheating the consumer. So what El Amin did was represent the predominantly black constituents of North St. Louis by allowing a business to cheat them! A Democrat brother helping brothers! Read more here...



Midnight Golfer said...

accepting a $2100 bride from a gas

please delete this comment as soon as bride-->bribe

There may be others; this is all I happened to have seen.

Anonymous said...

As usual this is amazing stuff thank you for writing! I hope to see you in Phoenix very soon- have you contacted Jim Deakin regarding a Phoenix jaunt yet?

The Black Sphere said...

@Jesse - Don't know who Jim Deakin is, but have him contact me.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Nothing new here my friend, the Democrats have a history of shafting black Americans and then throwing them a bone or two to placate them, and they have always had their black lackeys who were/are more then eager to screw their own people as long as they could fill their own pockets, folks like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Yet it is the Democrats who have always been the first to play the race card in every election.

kid said...

So you're from Rusty Limpballs part of the woods. I guess in Missouri blacks LOVE being called n****r .

One thing and I'll be on my way, where the hell are black republiklan that are outraged when whites bring signs to tea parties (race riots) about killing the President's kids.Like Rev.Wright said "not one of you batted a eye" . they bring mother fucking guns to his townhalls. They bring monkey signs. How much do they pay you for your silence ?There aare three dead policemen in Pittsburgh because of the Glenn Beck lie about taking guns and FEMA camps. But black conservatives get upset about a old black man that walks with a cane since he was 12 years old getting abused by a white cop.Of course you take the cops side. Three cop murdered because of what Beck the bigot said and Dr. Gates being treated like a slave, I guess lynching the N****r is more important.

kid said...

BTW, Rev. Gregori did you ever marched with M.L.K. like Jesse Jackson did ? Did you ever get your ass kicked like Jesse ?The new minister of Trinity United church in Chicago get death threats because of Greta and FOX news channel. His father was M.L.K. best friend , his name Otis Moss Jr.He marched with Martin and now in his retirement he has to worry about same damn the violence that he went through with his friend Martin .

kid said...

"I recall as a child watching Reagan give a speech in his unsuccessful run for the presidency. After Reagan finished, I said to my grandparents, “Why are we Democrats, when what we believe is what that guy [Reagan] just said?”

Was this when he had Rick "Freeway" Ross and Oliver North pump crack into the hood ? Maybe it was when he went to Philadelphia, Miss to talk about states right while three civil rights workers lay in the ground.Maybe it was when a reporter ask his retarded ass about the Klan supporting his election. He just said , "Well".Don't forget as Governor of California he went after the Black Panthers. he was complicit in their murders. You ever wonder why blacks get fired more than white, thank his dumb racist , bigoted, ass for Clarence Tom-Ass not enforcing the EEOC laws.the only reason you didn't get fired was because you kissed white folks as, and love it .

The Black Sphere said...

@kid - It's no wonder you call yourself kid, because (1) you never grew up, or (2) you're a goat! The ignorance you displayed in your questioning and in your logic is pure GENIUS...for the INSANE! Jesse Jackson has sold your ignorant ass out his entire life and you talk about his "marching with MLK." Did you know that MLK didn't like JJ, and he was going to ask him to leave his cause? Every law passed to help your monkey ass was passed by Republicans. HBU, Affirmative Action, the NAACP were started by or with Republicans, you stupid wretch! Come back when you actually KNOW something about black history.

kid said...

Yes RepubliKlans helped blacks out..about 175 years ago. I guess Michael Steele love kissing Rusty Limpballs ass and slobbing his knob.Why did the mother fucking republicans hold up signs at rallies calling for the death of the President's kids ? Republiklans ain't shit. I haven't heard one RepubliKlan comment on it. Your ass wouldn't have the civil right to kiss racist white bigot asses if it wasn't for Bayard Rustin, a Gay black American that was MLK adviser . Niger and Roy Innis took over his civil right organization and now help people that call blacks Nigger like Dog the racist bigot bounty hunter.

For your homework read some Franz Fanon and google Otis Moss III.

AndrewPrice said...

Nice rant, and I love the way you crushed the extremely ignorant and brainwashed "kid" LOL!

There is an almost spousal abuse relationship going on between the black community and the Democratic party that is amazingly disasterous for the black community and bad for the country in general -- though it's surprisingly good for rich, white Democrats and supposed civil rights leaders looking to enrich themselves.

Great blog!

The Black Sphere said...

@kid - I will entertain you one more time. The KLAN is YOUR organization. No matter how hard you ignoramuses try to give it to Republicans, it's still Democrats!

I don't need any homework, as I literally wrote the book on racists like you. I won't let you post any more comments, because it's like having to clean up after a sick animal.

You stay "black!"

kid said...

And you stay "white" ! I guess this is the part where you block out any opposing opinion to keep your sheeple happy and to sell your "I hate N****rs" shirts to your clients.

You are right that Democrats supported the Klan... about 50 years ago. Who does Stormfront, the Aryan Nation, and Klan supports now ? Give up ? The Republiklan party.

You still didn't answer my question why didn't anyone from Michael Steele to J.C. Watts to you didn't respond when white Republiklans brought guns , hold up signs about harming Malia and Sasha , and committing treason at those tea bagger parties (race riot)? You know damn well what would have happened if a lot of blacks went ? They would have gotten their ass kicked.

The Black Sphere said...

See kid, the reason I put "black" in quotes is that you are not black, but you are a silly Negro. You put "white" quotes, which means I am not white. Unlike you, the silly Negro, I actually KNOW my history! You are a product of gubment schools, the ghetto, and I suspect in-breeding, and thus have trouble with English and comprehension. I would suggest you check with you parents, but I already know...Daddy was absent. Thus, I suggest you check with a more scholarly inmate, or wait on prison library privileges.

kid said...

Answer the question:

What about the death threats to Malia and Sasha and the machine guns brought to tea parties ? Any comment ?

The Black Sphere said...

@kid - the machine gun brought to the "rally" was for Obama's appearance in the NE, and it was legal, and carried by a black man. As for threats, I suggest you google "threats to president's children or kids" and see what you come up with. All presidents and their children get threats. You act like this is something new. Here's an interesting FACTOID: All people who have attempted to kill a president were all registered Democrats! How's that for irony!

kid said...

Funny this don't sound like something Ted Kennedy would do.Yes a lot of those "Republiklans Toms" were paid to show their ass, you're just jealous thaat you haven't thought of it first.

WASHINGTON — A rifle-toting 88-year-old man with a history of anti-Semitism entered the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday and opened fire, fatally wounding a security officer before he was shot and severely wounded as tourists scurried for cover, authorities said.

Law-enforcement officials identified the suspected gunman as James W. von Brunn, of Annapolis, Md., who embraces various conspiracy theories involving Jews, blacks and other minority groups.

This don't sound like a NAACP member to me.Sounds like Ronald Reagan to me.

The Black Sphere said...

@kid - are you really this freaking obtuse! You don't even know the politics of this man and you presume he's Republican! Your stupid ass party has done all these atrocities to blacks, and you are so stupid that you blame the wrong group! You are banned for being an idiot. LMBO! Damn you stupid ass silly Negros to hell!

kid said...

One thing when people walk in the street with a machine gun they usually get killed ! You may not know this but a lot of black people have died holding a cell phone. But a black Tom in Senator McPain's state can go to a lynching provided that he's lynching a black man. Why even Pat Robinson and Jack van Impe are calling the President the anti-Christ, that's a hell of a dog whistle . No one ever did that to Satan Pagan... Oops I mean Sarah Palin.

You may not have seen this but one of the assholes that brought a gun to a rally and wore a shirt that said he wanted to use the President's blood for tree fertilizer was interviewed on live television like a hero .This guy was suppose to have been shot like he was going to do this to a white President.

The they did it too argument is getting tired No it only happened to the black guy!

jj solari said...

Kevin, you seem to bring demons out of the woodwork, screaming and hysterical, as much as Palin does. You got "kid" in a froth. HAHA you're my kinda dude, dude.

kid said...

"If aliens were ever to arrive at our plant, should we hide all of the black people?"

"I wouldn’t want them causing trouble and embarrassing us as humans. I believe they would only make us look bad and like looking good. Racism aside, what do you really think?"

The nigger in chief says a "coalition" government in Africanistan would be ok with him. That means a government of half scared shitless Muslims and half suicidal Muslims who hate the half scared shitless Muslims. Ok with the nigger. He would consider that "fair." He considers Fox News, though, "unfair." He has a PROBLEM with Fox News. No problem with Islamic fucks screwing up the whole planet, though. He's good with that. Some tv reporters calling him a menace, that's got him up nights and out on the stumping trail giving Black Power speeches against Americans. Muslims?.....they're ok. They're not the problem. We are. As niggers go he's even dumber than Normal Nigger Stupid.



Yes one of your "owners" made that comment about black people Clayton Bigsby. Yes J.J. think you're a black bitch .He don't think that you're a man.

The late Tupac Shakur once said , "it's not about east coast and west coast . It's about Niggers and Bitches , riders and punks. Which side are you on."I guess that makes you a bitch ass punk and J.J. thinks you are too Stepin Fetchit.

kid said...

Hey J.J you racist piece of shit this is for you . You're a Guinea, Dago, Goomba, Wop, ass bastard. Mother had you and mother fuck you.

You see Kevin that's how you talk to a guy that calls black people niggers, bitch ! You don't kiss their ass and sell them racist T-shirts.

The Black Sphere said...

@kid & jj, et al - What you don't get is neither black or white racists define me. I believe what I believe, and I believe ALL racists are knuckledraggers. I have learned that none will say it to my face. I don't spend 2 seconds thinking about either of you. If that makes me a Step N Fetchit, then ask me if I give a crap. LOL. I have never visited JJ Solari's blog, because I could care less. If he is on my blog learning that THIS black man is his OWN man, good for him. Say what he wants to others. If he brings that stuff to my blog, I will ban him, or anybody else. You come here to learn or I kick your ass out. It's that simple.

kid said...

I'll pray for you brother ,seriously. You don't get it . I grew up around these people .These are the people that go to tea parties .They are the ones that bring the guns .They have no respect for you .When I was a kid they bombed my school, the name of the school Martin Luther King in Cleveland.This wasn't in the twenties or the thirties .

The Black Sphere said...

@kid - I get it, dude. If you think that I'm obtuse, you would be wrong. I think you can read between the lines on me. I appreciate your message, but you need to play chess not checkers and know what I am doing. Don't worry about the JJ Solari's. If he is a punk who says what he thinks I want to hear, then goes to his site and calls me a nigger, then the joke's on him! I'm not a nigger, because what he is doing is what a nigger would do! LOL! HE is getting punked. He is getting people to see what I TRULY think about the world, and believe it or not, they are changing their minds about what they have been taught to believe. Eventually they would see his ignorance. So just chill. I know what I'm doing, and understand that I don't try to regulate what others think. I can't control it. At one point I had Aryan Nation people monitoring my site. I chuckled, because I KNEW it was blowing their minds. They didn't invite me to rallys, but it made them think.

So if JJ is as you say, fine. Do you think he is affecting me in any way? Do you think HIS ideas are "tricking" me?! LMBO.

kid, I get you...get me?!

jj solari said...

At least I ain't a sniveling coward "kid." I use my actual name. you're just some noise. Kevin's got you and your
douche wannabe gangstas trippin' over your pink panties, you're so freaked out by this dude. you're just letters on an electronic screen to me. I aint even talkin' to you; I'm talkin' to other people who are readin' me talkin to you. you are my tool, boy. HAHAHAHAHA!!

jj solari said...

Oh, and Kid, since you were so stupid as to haul my blog over to this blog - where it does not belong, and for reasons totally different from what you think are the obvious just got me probably 2000 readers. whereas before you showed up I only had - get this - four. Five, counting me. So thanks, idiot. OK, that's all I wanted to say to you forever. Go off now, hold your pistol sideways, and go shoot to death a five year old playing with her toys six blocks away from your intended target.

kid said...

Why don't you orally copulate Richard. Figure it out .

Just a conservative girl said...

I am very glad that you wrote this. I have been feeling this for quite sometime, but since I am white it becomes much more difficult for me to blog about it. I am in an inter-racial marriage and sometimes I hear some pretty awful things about my views and my marriage.

I have seen this kid around a few other blogs as well. It is truly sad that he/she cannot understand that not all people of color are in lockstep on every issue. On top of the fact he/she has a really serious chip on his solider.

He should read the recent decision by the Holder and the DOJ about black voters in a small town in SC. DOJ flat out said that blacks won't be able to get thier candidate of choice unless they are a democrat.

Kid, you my friend have been taken advantage of, and have been willfully blind to the fact that they think you are too stupid to figure out who to vote for when it is just on the issues. You need to know the party afflitation.

If you don't see how condescending that is I truly feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

Kid I'm an Italian and find it quite offensive you calling jj a "wop" as you find it offtensive when a white person refers to you using the slang for the "n" word. You consider jj a racist and I consider you a bigot. How ironic it is three of your favorite movies are Italian movies.

It's a shame there aren't more people like Kevin. What I find difficult to understand is why people like you bother with a blog like this. And, truthfully I'm not the least bit interested in hearing your response because I only wanted to let you know I think you are a bigot.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Kevin, you must have a pretty strong constitution to put up with "kid". I would have blocked his butt after his second comment.

kid said...

Blogger Mick said...
Stupid dumb fuck niggers and we have to add in Lady Oprah in with them...she'z the Queen of the Jungle Bunnies!!

October 21, 2009 11:22 PM
Blogger jj solari said...

I thought Michelle Obama was the queen of the jungle bunnies. Ok, for once we gut controversy here.....

October 22, 2009 12:49 AM
Blogger Mick said...

Oh I thought M Obama was Queen Jigaboo? I guess we do have a controversy over the queen ladies. HAHAHAHA!!


Mick you fucking wop fuck you too.

Aren't those your comments? I'm not a coward, I respond.I'm not a good or "magical" negro. I'm a man.
These are the people that go to tea parties and hold up those signs.

Rev. Gregori , funny you're commenting about me but not these racist that share the same ideas that you do.Blacks are only 12% of the population and look how whites act.J.J. friends put death threats up and you people are focusing on me, only in America.

October 22, 2009 7:30 AM

The Black Sphere said...

@kid - First, if you keep the language up, I will just delete your comments. I have explained that I don't care if COWARDS are here saying one thing, and blogging elsewhere about their real feelings, as long as I feel their comments have relevance to what I think. If anybody feels like they are "getting over" on me, they are delusional. You spend way too much time worrying about how others think, and not enough time thinking for yourself.

If you want to comment on what others say on their blogs, do it there. As for MY work, it's all here to be discussed. I won't back down from my position, though you may believe it agrees with COWARD racists who may come to this site. Their thoughts don't diminish mine.

So I say to you enough, or I will ban you. If ANYBODY want to say what you say these people say on THEIR blogs on this one, then I will call their knuckledragging racist punk asses out for who they are. And if anybody is too chickensh*t to expose who they really are, preferring to play games, I say you are a PUNK!

That's all I will say on the subject. I won't allow any further responses to remain on this thread. If you don't like what I do, get the FLUNK out! Black, white or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Kid first I have nothing but the utmost respect for Kevin and his writings. Everything I've read I concur and there hasn't been any exceptions. I would never refer to him with the "n" slang word as I would you. Kevin is an American like I am and we overall share the same political views. As do most of his bloggers. Kevin has better usage of the English language than I do and this great usage has created many good articles.

What I write on other blogs I'll discuss them with you on those blogs. Not on this blog. Nor will I discuss this blog with you on another blog.

Actually Kid just go away because I really want nothing to do with you. Thanking you in advance Kid.

JMK said...

In Missouri you found a relatively obscure one....good get, but you don't even have to look that far to see places where One Party Democratic rule has wrought disasters, Washington, D.C. is in fiscal chaos and social and economic ruin, Chicago is also a mess with one of the most UNDERFUNDED pension systems in the U.S., NY State has been a national embarrassment, with its own pension scandal, the State Comptroller and his "pension managers" managed to squeeze lucrative kickbacks from the funds they invested pension monies in....and New Jersey another state awash in systemic corruption.

Everywhere Democrats reign business is declared "the enemy" and high-skilled, high-income people are seen as "greedy," to rationalize punishing these folks via excessive taxation.

The Democrats always make sure they piously and publicly lament "divisive politics," but thrive on segregating people into balkanized groups fighting over spoils produced by an ever-shrinking productive and entrepreneurial class.

Joshua said...


I'm Independent, recent convert to conservative values. Far left at one time in my young life.

I want to make it very, very clear. I've attended Tea Parties, met some great people, including shaking Kevin's hand and thanking him.

One of the very first things he said in his speech to us, was - WE DO NOT ACCEPT RACISM of ANY KIND!

We all CLAPPED and APLLAUDED Kevin for his statement.

I will not allow racist to take over this movement. In fact, I want more Kevins! I want more minorities! I was never taught to hate others based upon colors.

This is spiritual war in my opinion.

I abhor racism and as an Independent Conservative will fight against it.

JJ, you are a disgusting idiot. This is Kevin's blog, but I personally think you deserve no place at the table. People like you divide us. These problems are not about color and to attack President Obama with racist comments is stupid, dumb and uncalled for in this battle.

Kevin, I hope you ban him. Disgusting blog. I cannot see Micks, as he's turned it off.

Kid, whatever happened in the past. All the horrible stuff, the slavery, murders, oppression was terrible. But I am curious how long will you hang on to the hatred against whites who like me, accept you? I hope the best for you, not evil.

In fact, I demand that Republican reach out to the inner cities, urban areas and fight Democrats for elections, because without competition, you get left with far left socialist policy that leaves vast areas like Detroit completly destroyed.

BTW, Margaret Sanger was a Racist who started Planned ParentHood to kill blacks, minorities and "undesirables" yet the Democrats use it to continue to murder innocent black babies today. They murder white and hispanic babies too, but the rate is 3-4 times higher for blacks.


You have friends here. You just need to get over the past. Kevin I'm sure wants you to succeed in life, so do I.

You're in my prayers Kid, sincerely.

Joshua said...


Wow... whew.. ok :) Original reason I cam here was to see if you will be on the Tea Party Express tour this time?

All the best.

PS. Have you ever talked to Lt. Col. West? FL 22nd district? He's running for congress 2010. I thought the RNC failed him last time and hope to encourage their support this time.

Is anyone at all making a strategy up for fighting in the urban areas? To take back these districts that have devolved into hell holes? That Democrats have destroyed?

We need a national strategy of some kind with strong Conservative Black leaders, Business leaders, etc., to shake it up. Similar to a Counter Insurgency strategy of intelligent election support, neighborhood by neighborhood, with the help of the churches.

Free Drug Zones, Free Crime Zones where the people work with Republicans/Business/Gov to bring new business/training into these areas for the young and Entrepreneurship classes on how to StartUp, Manage and Create new business markets.

These problems cannot be solved by secular, humanist, Big Gov welfare.

It must be solved by God Fearing, Loving, Judeo-Christian people with firm convictions in their principles instead of the daily or yearly shifting sands of faddish faux liberalism.

Well, getting late. All the best Kevin.

Joshua said...


This does not have to be only Republican. This is beyone Party. This is Spiritual.

Any Democrat that hates abortion, hates immorality, hates the false message of socialism and marxism and is willing to seek new solutions based on teaching a man how to fish, and value small government, pro-business, pro-individual, faith-based iniatitives is every bit as strong as any Republican.

OK, later....

Anonymous said...

Joshua for your info I do not have a blog. I have what is called MSNTV 2, formerly WEBTV, and its nothing more than an internet player with e-mail. Unable to create my own blog with this system. So, I have nothing to turn off.

Joshua said...

Mick, thats fine.

But Kid was correct about the other guy... JJ. He's a racist.

As to you, as I said, I cannot judge without knowing your comments.

Chris said...

Great post. Keep up the good work. We have been talking about this same thing on my blog.

F. Jozsef Wolfe said...

Kevin, (Great appearance on FOX btw)

This is a subject that has long confused me. It’s been my contention all along (and I rarely hear anyone put it out there so bluntly); Black people don’t do themselves as a group any favors by voting 85-90% democrat. As you said in your article, many areas Republicans don’t bother to field a candidate at all.

In 1984 I set out plan to run for the state house from my district on the east side of Kansas City, Missouri. The state Republican Party liked the idea if it weren’t for the fact that I lived in an area that went 98% Mondale! Imagine that -- one of the biggest landslides in our nation’s history and my neighbors nearly unanimously chose the biggest looser.

This is an excellent example of how nobody needs to fight for or bother to EARN votes from the black community. The dems can continue to toss a few ‘table scraps’ as you say and the Republicans can just ignore the wants and needs of Black America totally if they wish because they’re not getting those votes anyway.

It’s been my experience that Republicans like to show-case the prominent blacks in the party, not out of pandering (I hope) but as a way to show that we ARE a big tent party and want everyone to succeed regardless of race.