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Friday, October 09, 2009

Nobel Stoops to New Low

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Apparently Obama’s consolation prize for losing the Olympics is a Nobel Peace Prize. I would say that the Norwegians have lost their minds, if this award actually meant something these days. Nevertheless, I still suspect that ACORN International might have had a hand in Obama’s win…for nostalgia’s sake.

This much coveted [cough] award has been won by such notables as Al Gore, Yassir Arafat, Kofi Annan, and Jimmy Carter, to name a few. With a list like this, the Nobel Prize is a not a prize at all, and I would say is more like a punishment. It is an award to be avoided, like a Darwin Award or Blackwell’s Worst Dressed.

Presuming this award had any real significance, as it did in the far too distant past, why would the Nobel committee decide that Obama should be the winner in the “Peace” area this year? I have my theories. Read more here...


Allison said...


Excellent observation on the pattern of the type of people who have been receiving this reward as of late. It seems like there are mandatory requirements to qualify as a potential winner, a) liar, b) murder, c) traitor.

The last few Americans to win, if you examined their actions closely you'd realize the only award they're fit to receive are charges of treason against their country.

There's a game a friend showed me earlier this week that's even meant to be a satire, but now the plot makes me shiver. It's called "2011: Obama's Coup Fails" and it's based on the scenario of Obama voiding the Constitution and attempting to replace it with a super government of the entire Western Hemisphere. It was funny but now is sobering as Obama gets rewarded by global elites for his outward contempt for the Constitution - for each time he licks the boots of international organizations that loathe our sovereignty like the UN.

Jokes on us.

Most Rev. Gregori said...


Everything has become one huge admiration society of the morally, ethically and educationally bankrupt individuals around the world.

Mike said...

The Nobel Peace Prize is actually still kind of a big deal. Maybe you should be proud of the President instead of hating America.

Partisan rhetoric stings a little when you're playing catcher doesn't it?

Stupid Al Gore and stupid Jimmy Carter trying to save the stupid planet for future generations. Just who do they think they are!?

The Black Sphere said...

@Mike - I love you Lib pukes. Al Gore and Jimmy Carter saving the planet! Did you really say that? Bulletin, the PLANET has been around for BILLIONS of years! Something tells me, it will outlast Al and Jimmy Crack Corn.

As for "catching", I predict we won't be catching for a while, once people see the destruction your peeps can do in less than a year.

You need psychiatric help if you believe Obama deserved even a piece of crap award that the Nobel Peace Prize has become!

Anonymous said...

barak obama has been given the heisman trophy for watching a college football game next saturday

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin, your Garafolo video is a hit. Good looking and you have video talent too. I can hardly stand it.

Now I have to run and check my spam folder. Every time I visit you, one of your angry lurkers visits me and calls me a Republican.

I do miss the days when I was whooping your butt in the weblog awards contest though. Let's not do it again.

Anonymous said...

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SGT. Joe "Red" Hartsock said...

this was definitely sad to witness...the Nobel Peace Prize is no longer nobel

jj solari said...

that Hartsock guy has some pretty interesting you tubes he's rummaged-up on his blog.

Anonymous said...

Palin 2012!