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Monday, October 05, 2009

Obama Gets Punked

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For the Liberals who voted for Obama thinking he could influence the world, you just got publicly punked by the IOC. They showed what the sane among us already knew, and that is Obama is not the god the Liberals all believe him to be. If you still believe he is a god, then I contend he is as ineffectual as a god, as he is a president.

In a move you would think was choreographed by the vast right-wing conspiracy—if it existed—Obama and Team Chicago couldn’t even get past the first round in consideration for the Olympics! There were cities that didn’t spend a dime pursuing the Olympics and finished right where Chicago did.

When I saw how Chicago reacted to this loss, the abject disappointment, as it was announced that they were announced as the #1 loser, I thought to myself, “This is one big event too late.” This is what they were supposed to feel like when Obama lost the nomination as the Liberals’ candidate for POTUS. Didn't happen. So when Team Obama lost this for Chicago, I felt like white people did when OJ recently convicted—“We finally got him!” Read more here...



LL said...

The IOC showing Dear Leader that they didn't much care for his style, French President Sarkozy calling him a naive fool after his UN speech last week, and the problems He is having getting his pet projects through Congress are all signs that the effects of the Kool Aid are wearing off.

Anonymous said...

So once again, a white movement has been completely neutralized by political correctness. Millions of white people are looking for a group that will speak out for them, and speak up for their interests, without apology. Then they find out that the tea party crowd not only won’t speak up for them, but their public mascot is a black man who’s engaged in white genocide.

Yeah, that’s a real smart plan for winning the hearts and minds of the millions of fed up white people in this country.

And conservatives wonder why they never make any progress, or win any big battles?

It’s fine for white women to marry black men, but two men getting married is a big deal?

Interracial marriage is hunky dory, but high taxes are an abomination?

Immigration is bad because we’re replacing the founding stock of this country, but it’s just dandy for the founding stock of this country to breed themselves out of existence by “marrying” blacks?

This is insane.

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon - You are the troll going from blog to blog and leaving your "turd crumbs." I have figured you are on the D/L and Obama is your secret shame! LOL! Spotted you, you rascal. Don't fight the feeling!

RightWingRocker said...

Makes me just want to have old "Anonymous" make a stop over at my blog.

He'd definitely be feeling the pain once my readers had at him!