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Monday, August 31, 2009

Cheney v Holder

It’s Cheney versus Holder in what looks like a sequel to Cheney versus Obama, where Cheney put what my grandparents would describe as a “country butt whooping” on the Obama. Like in the Obama fight, Cheney came out of his corner and landed a Superman punch on Holder, stating the obvious:

We had a track record now of eight years of defending the nation against any further mass casualty attacks from al Qaeda," Cheney said. "The approach of the Obama administration should be to come to those people who were involved in that policy and say, 'How did you do it? What were the keys to keeping this country safe over that period of time?’”

Booyah, Ba-by!

Holder is down—eight, nine, ten. It’s a one-punch knockout!

From talks with the promoter prior to the bout, Cheney reluctantly took the fight, in this matter of fact comment:

I kicked his commie boss’ buttocks, and left little doubt who had the real experience. Now they want to send me somebody from the undercard. An Obama sparring partner?! Why this man wants to call me out is a mystery to me! I know I’m supposed to promote the fight to build up the PPV audience, but folks I will tell you to have your snacks and drinks ready, because this fight won’t last long.”  Read more here...

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Anonymous said...

Kevin, did you know Robert Schindler died and had his Mass when Teddy did?

Good thing we aren't evil, necrophilic, opportunists... or we would show those banned photos of her being starved to death for 13 days while her parents could do nothing.

P.S. We all know Obama said that's the one thing he regretted... voting to stay Schiavo's death sentence.

That's one step past instead of 'Let's do it for Teddy', but "Let's get the same healthcare as Teddy, Dodd, Biden and the unions (who are exempt, but haven't figured out... as they bus up to fight senior citizens, Blue Cross let people go with more to come and soon they truly will not have coverage).

BTW, in my neck of the woods, the elder sisters from church just found out their Medicare deductible went up and the COLA/cost of living increase is frozen for two years... they are beyond pissed.

Dominique said...

Yikes! That t-shirt says it all!

I think Obama and his ilk mis-read the American people. Unless they play dirty and do a reconciliation move, the American people b---- slapped them....hopefully into some common sense!

Did I just say that? ew...must be getting really frustrated with all this stupidity! :-) Sorry. My bad.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Dominique, if congress plays their reconciliation card, that just might be the straw to break the camel's back and set the time bomb off in this country.

Kevin, Obama and his henchmen could care less about keeping this country safe. They are more interested in taking complete control over the country and people. And I have a real bad feeling that when he goes before the U.N. in a week or two, he is going to completely throw Israel under the bus. If he does then in 24 to 48 hours following, you can expect to see some horrific natural or other disaster to hit our country.

Mary from Michigan said...

I've got an idea for a new reality show. Most reality TV is so banal that we're not interested in wasting our time to see it. But this one would be great, in the tradition of Wife Swap. This show allows politicians to swap life with you, the voter. I can see Barney Frank waking at the crack of dawn to work at a pig farm. Chuck Schumer and Christopher Dodd have been assigned to work the sewage treatment plant, as they are experts in taking crap and making it look good to the casual observer. Barbara "call me Senator, please" Boxer will be changing your child's diaper at the local "public option" day care and Rahm Immanuel has graciously offered to clean public restrooms at truck stops. Yes, Hillary Clinton will be changing oil at the Jiffy Lube; Al Gore will be working on the Alaskan Pipleline for the month of January. We'll give him generous breaks for ice cream consumption. Gore will soon learn that the last thing we need is lower temperatures and higher taxes. And Barack Obama himself will be re-habbing "public option" housing, without the aid of greedy contractors. Do a good job, now, Obama: we'll be inspecting and taking before and after photo's.

Yes, I'll be happy to take their limo's up to capital hill while sipping a cappacino as they drive my clunker to work, complete with my well worn thermos and work boots. Perhaps if they flop in bed as tired at night as we average folks, they'll not be able to dream up new ways to tax us. As it is, we work till AUGUST FRIGGIN' 12th just to hand over our hard earned money. The politicians need to look in the mirror when they preach to us about the environment. It's time for them to REDUCE and RE-USE our green-backs! Cap and Trade would never be mentioned again if they were to actually work hard and sweat at jobs like ours! Hmm... all I need now is a catchy name for this new show. Any Idea's?

Phelony Jones said...

On a side note, I love the picture of Cheney. Grrrrrrrrr!

And as an lol-cat...

Anonymous said...


I can't tell you how much I love your blog. I've sent it to everyone I know. Your a loud voice of: truth, logic, & sound reason in a time of (produced): irationality, emotion, & fear. As a white male, I also cannot begin to tell you how refreshing - AND - *deeply* moving it is to hear that the same principles of liberty, conservatism, and freedom which resinate in my heart are being spoken by a black man. The media pushes career race-baters down our throats to represent the black community (i.e. Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, not to mention Obamas picks of A.G. Holder and his Czars like Van Jones; hell even on Fox w/Mark Lamont Hill). I believe the primary form of racism, which exists today, comes from this side of the camp, & I'd be less than truthful if I told you that feelings of bitter resentment don't begin to harbor w/in me and others I know as a result of this perpetual onsluaght of race-bating in the media; - BUT - reading your blog & seeing *you* recognize such race-bating and fear mongering and entitlement tactics from the left, is *such* a breath of fresh air! It truly solidifies the fact that its not a black and white issue, but a liberty vs totalitareanism issue; a conservative vs communism (mentality) issue.
Why do most blacks identify w/the democratic party; & how can you spread the word of freedom and truth more w/in the black community?

Anonymous said...

You're still a nigger.

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon - I noticed you didn't have the guts to leave a way to contact you. I would say that makes you a nigger, but I don't want to disrespect the niggers I DO know. By punk!

Attorneymom said...


Shemus said...

wow, Kevin, you're an idiot.

The Black Sphere said...

@Shemus - I am always amazed at the lack of creativity you liberal knuckledraggers have, when you come to stink things up!

Thanks "shemus be stupid" for dazzling us with you brilliance!
The world will surely miss your rapier wit, when you are gone. The genius in your brevity was astounding, reminiscent of Miles holding that one-note b-flat!

Thanks for gracing my audience and me with your most profound utterance. Frankly, I didn't know monkeys could write, which is what makes you so extraordinary!

Back to zoo for you to fling dung.

Jesse M. said...

I truly appreciate your stance in many areas, it is obvious you are highly educated and that alone is deserving of respect.

Thank you for posting keep up the great work...

BadOPCode said...

I think there is some debatable programs under the Bush's Patriot Act if the policies really have kept us safe or not. Some seem to be just pries into citizen privacy.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. – Benjamin Franklin

I will say a lot of things did need to happen. In particular to getting on the ball with intelligence internationally and to come to terms that there is a lot of countries out there that want to see Americans dead and/or tortured.
I will argue it makes no sense having to endure a strip search at the airport to go from one state to the other when our national borders are nothing more than a conga line.
BUT Obama is taking the Bush presidency policy that were bad and running with those and ignoring the policies that were good.
Just my opinion that no one seems to appreciate. ;-)
PS. Love reading your blog Kevin!

Anonymous said...

Me thinks that the t-shirt is Islamophobic. Conservatives can call the left "racists" but I see religious bigotry here. They of the 89% white party with no Black nationally elected members. Pot meet kettle. Also, not all of us liberals are knuckledraggers:)

Mary from Michigan said...

Kevin: In your response to Shemus I'm sure you didn't mean to insult monkey's. Does Shemus have the intelligence of a monkey? Highly doubtful. Anonymous: ever hear of Michael Steele?? Black man, head of GOP. There are many more. You should check it out before spouting off, in which case you wouldn't need to explain that you're not a knuckledragger...

cmblake6 said...

Kevin, I find your stuff excellent. I find it so good you're on my blogroll. These dribbling idiots that insult you only give rise to disgust and ridicule. These are, indeed, the "niggers" and "white trash" that one finds exceedingly repulsive.