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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Father in the Home?

As I have documented in my book The BIG Black Lie, there are certain parallels between my life and the life of Barack Obama. Like Obama, I wasn’t raised by my biological father. Both our mothers remarried when we were young, and for a short time we were raised by our stepfathers. Finally upon the death of our mothers we would both eventually be raised by our grandparents.

Obama had “Dreams from My Father,” a man with whom he spent his first two years of life. In his book, Obama paid tribute to the man who abandoned him and his mother, and appears to have vivid memories of him through stories told of the man by his mother and her parents. Really?

Thankfully for me, I do not have such memories of my family life at that time. I can only imagine the dysfunction my father created in our lives, since my father was a contemptible animal—a smooth criminal, unworthy of any adulation from me or anybody else.

The real contrast of our parallel lives however, is revealed in how we felt about the men who eventually raised us. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama discussed the impact of his perceived lack of a father in this report in the NY Times: Read more here...


tinavane said...

I don't get that Po Lil half breed mulatto Obama.He seem to hate his whiteness when it was them that raised his ugly mutant arse

The Black Sphere said...

@tinavane - Too funny!

Mary said...

Well, I guess that makes sense. If Obama never met his father, how could lil' BO possibly know that he was a lunatic?
This might explain the whole "I'm going to prove myself to my dead daddy and kill everyone!" thing that BO seems to have going on. You know, the part where he refuses to listen to the voters because he "has a vision."
Oh, well then. As long as he has a vision. I'm guessing it involves the option of cake or death (Eddie Izzard reference).
Just my own cynical bitter theory there. ;p

Again, great post!

drjim said...

I've finished your book, Kevin, and understand exactly where you're coming from. Your step-dad was FAR more of a father to you than his ever was!

Laurie said...

Obama identifies with his blackness and his muslim-ness over his whiteness or Christian upbringing. In truth, he spent his childhood in Indonesia attending a Muslim school. This man is a fraud and neither understands nor embraces American culture and values. No wonder we find ourselves in the mess we're in. He just doesn't

For more info on Obama's complete history, go to The Obama Timeline at

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Kevin, when I adopted and raised my four sons, someone once told me that any old fool can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. That individual ten told me that I was a dad.

The man who raised you was a "dad", and that is what is important because he was the one who cared enough to instill the proper values in you. Obama seems to be one sorry assed individual because he rejected the two men who gave much to him. He is a user, and when he can't use someone any more, they get thrown under the bus.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I just recently finished reading your book and I must say that you, as a black youth, and me, as the oldest child/girl in a household of nine caucasion children born to nothing but your typical white-collar whore, can really relate to obama's life story. He is the product of a man who failed to reach a respectible destiny as a father, and of a mother who had no respect for herself in regard to who she married and further creating a meaningful life. She only sought gratitude for the moment. Truly a woman without morals or respect for family.

I am grateful I read your book and see how deeply you feel for your grandparents and the respect they instilled in you for our country and hard work.

Absolutely great Americans, despite their faults.

Your honesty leaves something to be desired in the obamam household.

eric said...

My friend, the paralells in our lives are also remarkably similar.

Throw in a father who came over on a boat with my Grandmother fleeing war torn Germany & him exiting my life young, a couple stepfathers (one decent) and a Grandfather who was one of the guys on Attu in WW2.

I'll have to take a look at that book of yours.

Anonymous said...

~You. Good person, good heart, good soul, and smart. Him? Not. I read this (great by the way) because I wonder why he hates whites. Now I think he may blame
white people for his father not being around?