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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Meet the Mobsters!

What are all these taxpaying citizens attending the Townhall meetings so upset about anyway? The government doesn’t want to take over healthcare, despite Obama’s comments while campaigning:

“...won’t be able to eliminate employer coverage immediately...” or “I happen to be a proponent of single-payer healthcare coverage. That’s what I’d like to see.”

Who are you going to believe, Obama or your lyin’ eyes?!

If you do believe your lyin’ eyes and are voicing your concerns, then you are an extremist, who is now part of a mob…a mobster!

According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D), the swastika-wearing mobsters are financed by the insurance industry! The new “boogeyman of the moment.” I verified that “Racism” is on vacation this week, thus unavailable to be the boogeyman.

The financing from insurance companies is paying off, because mobsters are donning Brooks Brothers at these protests. In fact, the mobsters are so well-dressed that they garnered the attention of Barbara Boxer. Boxer apparently is not used to mobsters in her hood being so dapper, and dare this Negro uppity.

Mobs looking like working middle-class Americans?! Outrageous! Couldn’t the insurance company executives hire mobsters that look like the Democrats’ shills--scurrilous and unkempt, the true unwashed?! Apparently not, as ACORN was already under an exclusive contract with the DNC. So those ruthless insurance execs were forced to get middle-class Americans led mostly by conservatives! The good news is that under Obama there were many conservative middle-class Americans available due to massive job losses created by his policies. Read more here...



Mary from Michigan said...

Love your blog and your post (I hopped over here from the Restless Patriot blog). Apparently, if we, the angry mob aren't wearing ACORN t-shirts, we're too well dressed. And, I'm not so sure that calling us angry mobs (mobsters) isn't a veiled slam at those of Sicilian or Italian descent. I guess our only recourse, since the DNC wants to shut down free speech is to send dead fish to our ruling class who would vote for socialist healthcare and would have us turn one another in for forwarding "fishy" e-mails!

The Black Sphere said...

@Mary - Very clever comment, and on multiple levels! You are welcome in the sphere!

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I really don't know where I'd be without ALL this $$$ I'm getting from BIG insurance and the Republicans to go out and face my Reps. and Yes, I'm mad as hell and I aint takin it any more...>!!! This is ALL ME, no one is telling me what to say, I speak my own mind VERY well...!!!

Keep on Rockin the Folks, Kev....!!

Craig Taylor from FB

Diane said...

The MSM is reporting violence broke out in Tampa during a healthcare forum today. Funny, this occurred after the SEIU thugs showed up and after Obama's "fishy" memo. These lyin' liars are driving me crazy. they have to make us sound like lunatic mobsters so no one will listen to us. Unfortunatley for the left, most of the country are a bunch of lunatic lefties - according to their definition.

Diane said...

I mean Lunatic mobsters, not lefties. Sorry, when I use the word lunatic, usually lefty follows - LOL

LL said...

I think all of the bloggers and the Americans who go attend and participate in town hall meetings meet Secretary Napolitano's definition of "domestic terrorists".

Don't you hate it when veterans, retired people, working people, soccer moms (identified by the radical left as "people who bathe") come together irrespective of religion, race, gender or any other demographic - gather together and express opinions contrary to those put forward by the Obama Administration? The only definition besides domestic terrorists I can conceive of is "mob".

Then again if Mr. Obama ever had a job besides ward boss in Chicago, maybe he'd understand how WORKING AMERICANS feel. Yes, it's too much to ask.

Hello Birdy said...

Great satire ... great post.

There is not question these are ordinary folks who are there because they don't like what the Marxists are trying to do to America.

This is so extraordinary ... just last evening I was watching some old Ayn Rand videos from the 70s on you tube. In one of them she mentioned that America is under the influence of Marxists and that American universities were toxic and the most dangerous elements in America's eventual collapse and utter failure.

However, on the bright side, she did say that has deduced that the
American people who are exceptional will rise up and save it before they let it fall apart.

Perhaps this is her prediction in progress. One can only hope this is true.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

And all the while, I thought the real mobsters were in the White House, you know Obama the Godly Father, Rahm Emanuel his Consigliere,
and all his little soldiers.

Charley said...

How Dare They Organize
I am a little baffled by the MSM and liberal politicians "anger" and accusations of people protesting health care reform being organized by republican organizations and insurance companies. As far as the republican organizations go I will resort to the liberal mindset and say DUH!!

Of course conservatives and republicans are informed and organized by republican organizations. That would be like me being angered or not understanding why abortion rights activists are getting information and staging protests with the help of planned parenthood and the DNC.

God forbid that civil rights protests are backed by the ACLU or the NAACP. I hope Greenpeace never organizes those environmentalists, that would be the beginning of the end!

The point of all this is that the feigned outrage by the Obama Administration that these protests are being organized is ludicrous and I hope that most Americans with the ability to think for themselves have the same reaction that I did. So what? If your Republican Senator or Representative send an email to constituents saying we oppose the health care bill and this is why and if you feel the same way please attend this town hall meeting and let other representatives know, there is nothing evil or diabolical about it. That is the American political process working the way it is supposed to.

A true news story would be if these protesters were being bussed in from 5 states away to argue with a representative that doesn't represent them. Then I would have to say that is going to far. If you know of this happening and can prove it let me know. As far as I can tell the protesters at these meetings have been from the areas of the meeting.

As far as the insurance companies go, if I was in the states right now I would attend my town hall meeting with my representative and I don't know, nor have I had any contact with, anyone who works for an insurance company. Many of my friends who share my views on health care and have gone to these meetings also have no relationship with Insurance companies. All of these accusations are an attempt by the left to associate conservatives with the new demon opposed to health care appointed by Pelosi, insurance companies.

I suggest that Pelosi, Reid and Obama go back to the war room and plan another strategy for this one because demonizing your constituency when they voice opposition is just bad politics.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Love your posts! Bet you'd get a kick out of my 8/5 post!

-suitepotato- said...

The stand alone complex is collapsing now that Obama is anchored in place. Instead of not actually being of any consequence, and in campaign mode with a willing mainstream media allowing him to stay beneath cognitive dissonance by letting him be on every side of every issue, he's in the White House and is now Guy In Charge.

Now the public sees his true politics and those of the Dems and the image they were sold of an anti-Bush, a secular messiah, are just so much horesh*t and they aren't going to blame themselves for voting for him, they will turn the anger on him and the Dems for misleading them.

Fitting, because the Dems taught them during the Reagan and Bush years to be irrationally angry and upset and to scapegoat and personalize. The Dems made the idiot mistake further of thinking that it only applied to the Republicans. That concept applies to ANYONE in office.

Reagan saved us from the Carter devastation so their attempt to demonize him didn't work well. Bush though was in a far different situation. It took hold and the people had an image of Bush that was pure crazy. An image of a secular antichrist, a guy who was beyond retarded, yet at the same time an evil supragenius.

Whoever the Dems sold was by contrast supposed to be a good genius. Where they tarred Bush with failure to give us all instant success, the Dem successor would have to bring us that.

Obama is a bumbler. A mediocre hack of no real consequence. He barely shows sign of existing prior to 2007. A man who is so irrelevant to his own life that you can't be sure he wasn't just invented is a pathetic man to put in any elected office. Our nation is full of such people, but we don't usually try to make them prez.

To avoid triggering rejection before the supposition as anti-Bush, Obama had to be exactly such an unremarkable clod. A man from nowhere with nothing definable.

That is over. He's defined, he's frozen, he's in play.

The public realizes the truth and the image aren't matching.

That is why this is happening and why it will only grow worse. The liberals set themselves up for this and worse because they are pathologically incapable of self-control when power is handed to them. Overreaching is automatic, like drug addicts.

This is going only get worse.

Mary from Michigan said...

Thanks for the welcoming words. I say the libs are drunk on their own power and believe the MSM yes-men and others in their posse's who tell them what they want to hear, instead of the truth. Obama brings to mind another corrupt politician who had the same illusion of power: Saddam listened to his generals and the press, and believed he was invincible. Imagine his shock as his own rabid, angry mob tore down his statues just days later as we rolled into Bagdad and he fled! Dems are shocked to find there is a segment of people without fancy ivy league educations who think for themselves. I say, send them fleeing; keep up the shock and awe; go to the town hall meetings and take Grandpa and Grandma with you. Dems are petrified of losing this voting block! BTW, looked up your book on I'll be ordering two or three!

patriot1959 said...

From your old pal Vicki B. from Linkedin-- we were at the Green Bay "Townhall Meeting" with the angry mob, made up mostly of senior citizens who were simply exercising their lungs, and their 1st amendment rights!

Check out this video from Fox news!! You can see me at 4:33 and me and my husband at 5:02!! YEAH!

Thanks for all you do! I have seen your blog now, in several prominent places, advertised and you are making a big DENT! Great stuff, am buying your book!

Laurie said...

Mary -- I love your "send fishes" idea. Rather than mailing tea bags to our congresspersons, lets send fishes.

Really it's a two-fold message:
1. sleeping with the fishes
2. teach a man to fish (from the Bible teaching us to help others provide for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Have you reported yourself to

I would like to report something “fishy”. I downloaded and read HR3200 from

Since this was a “crisis”, I read the referenced bill in 5 days, which was almost impossible since Cap and Trade was an “equal crisis” and I had to read that bill as well. I am not a lawyer, but I am a “thinker” and I do have common sense. Without a doubt, this bill is “fishy”. I would tend to “think” or draw a “reasonable” conclusion that if President Obama can take 6 months to pick a puppy, then Americans should be allowed to have time to digest such a drastic change to our healthcare system.

It was “reasonably” clear to me that Medicare will have its funds cut by 500 Billion. It’s “fishy” to me to try and figure out how seniors will not have their benefits and/or services cut. I have a “household” budget and if I “cut” anything, someone or something will suffer or have “less”. To me, this is “common sense”.

Prior to the Obama Administration announcing they would like to know about “fishy” things being said about Healthcare Bill (HR3200), I did not record my conversations, emails, & etc.

However, I am guilty of noticing and perhaps communicating “fishy” things about HR3200. I am notifying you because no one else is going to turn me in because they all agree with me. I have communicated; including but not limited to, email, phone, person, flyers, texts, twitters, bumper stickers, meeting notices, gestures, telepathy, blogs, IM, radio, tattoo, decals, and quite possibly other means of communications of things I felt were “fishy” about HR3200.

In addition, I would like to clarify the following accusations by Congressmen and Women, The DHS and et al that I am none of the following: far right, MOB member, Extremist, Swastika wearing, paid-off by GOP, “manufactured” or planted. I can assure you that I am broke. I wish someone would pay me to go to tea parties or healthcare reforms since I am already there.

I mistakenly thought that I elected officials to do their jobs and I wouldn’t have to “babysit” and spend my weekends calling and writing letters to remind them (and you) who is their/your boss.

I will pay closer attention to my statements, texts and other vessels of communications in the future and report to you; immediately if I am saying something “fishy” about HR3200. If you need any additional information, please let me know.

Lastly, I plan to communicate via; email, phone, person, flyers, texts, twitters, bumper stickers, meeting notices, gestures, telepathy, blogs, IM, radio, tattoo, decals and quite possibly other means of communications of things I feel are “fishy” about HR2454 otherwise known as Cap and Trade. Should your reporting procedures change, please let me know. I will be watching myself closely so I can give up to the minute information.


katie nana said...

I am puzzled...I keep looking at the same videos B.Boxer saw and I have yet to see any "well dressed" folks at these meetings. I was thinking along the lines of designer labels like she and Pelosi look so spiffy in. All I see are other seniors like myself wearing our usual knit slacks and tops. Nice to know our inexpensive duds that we buy on our limited budgets are so attractive to those rich ladies.

nomar1 said...

Please Kevin, Please get rid of the Jimmy Carter mug on your site. It pains me to see it everytime I come to your site. I get ill, literally. Why are you punishing me?????

Mockarena said...

Love love love love your blog. Just watched your video of the smackdown on that SEIU kid. You are AWESOME.

Hope you have a chance to check out your brand new fans - Chicks On The Right - at!

Nearly Nobody said...


Check this out!!