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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nixon Nixes Missouri Blacks

With friends like the Democrats, black people don’t need any enemies. The latest Democrat poster child comes from Missouri, where Governor Jay Nixon delivers metaphorical lashes to his black constituents. As The Beacon reports:

For the first time since 1971, there will be no African-Americans serving on the nine-person board [UM Board of Curators]. Each hails from one of the state's nine congressional districts, and all require confirmation by the state Senate. There also is a non-voting student representative.

The only African-American curator that had been on the board, Cheryl Walker, is officially off now that Nixon on Tuesday named her successor, former state Sen. Wayne Goode of Normandy, who is white. Both reside in the racially diverse 1st congressional district, where past African-American curators often -- but not always -- have resided. (All but one have come from the St. Louis area; the exception was one African-American curator, Angela Bennett, from Kansas City.)”

It’s just as well that Nixon put a stop to black representation at the university level, since blacks have one of the lowest college and university entry rates in America. That’s certainly not Nixon’s fault. It is black peoples’ fault for continuing to support Democrats like Nixon, however. It's pretty clear that Democrats care more about the teacher's union, than they do about educating blacks! Read more here...



Anonymous said...

What happened to his lips - the guy has no lips. He reminds me of that guy on Mash who did not have a top lip. Look at the picture closely - no lips.

The Black Sphere said...

They burned off from lying!

madmath1 said...

Ahhh, Kevin. You know how to hit my sore spot. I know all too well what goes on in our classroom, especially in the state that's in a state of complete dysfunction: California. I find the problem with education with both Blacks and Latinos and now, unfortunately, another groups is starting to fall as well: Filipinos. The problems are two parts. First, as you mentioned, the racist policies of the Democrat party. During the dark ages, those that were illiterate believed anything the clergy, lords, or even their next door neighbor said if it was said often enough. Sound familiar? This has been the policy of the Democrats since reconstruction and it hasn't changed in 150 years. What has is Black support of the democrats which to this day I don't understand how it started, but do know why it continues.

The other part that doesn't get as much coverage, but is greatly supported by Democrats, ACLU, NAACP, and the media is the culture war that Black, Latinos and now American Born Filipinos are embracing: the gangsta mentality. When I was teaching math in Vallejo (yes, the city that went bankrupt, and don't get me started on how fast things degraded when that news got out), the school I was at was (and still is if it's still there) the most popular school. We had an 1000 student waiting list. It only took me 3 weeks to figure out why: the gangs ran the school and they knew it. With gangsta, whites are viewed as evil and the enemy, including their culture, governments and institutions including the schools. Education is being white and treasonous to the black, Latino, or, how this got started I have no idea since I'm well inverse with Filipinos here with a Filipina wife, Filipinos. They deliberately keep themselves ignorant because, as one student put it to me, it's being black. How many times I gave lessons and tried to instill discipline (the administration wasn't interested in disciplining these hoodlums), they were calling me names, making threats or calling me racist because I was against them for acting too black. The parents either didn't care or threaten me and the school with lawsuits (perhaps why the administration wasn't interested in disciplining them). Many were gang members themselves. These students took failure as a badge of honor. Those that did well were disdained and often met with physical violence. I'll never forget when I was done making copies for the next day's lesson when two "youths" (cutting class obviously) were reading the list of perfect attendance and what one said. "so and so got perfect attendance. I'm going to kick his traitorous a$$". 3 students (that I know of) were murdered during my year there and we had at least 3 race riots on campus hence why during my breaks and lunch I locked up my room and stayed out of sight. Fear was one emotion most teacher didn't hesitate mentioning described how they felt working there. I saw students flipped off and threatened the VP and hall monitors (many teachers wondered why we bother to have them. Could had saved thousands and have the same results. I lost respect for the VP over this and hence I was put on the pink slip listing). It was complete anarchy.

The gist is the Democrats and too many African Americans, Latinos, and now Filipinos just don't want minorities to be educated. They think that's it's a betrayal to their race. We now have one that thinks like that on the Supreme Court (an epitome of affirmative action if I ever saw one) and they're will be more if we don't retake the Senate at least in 2010. The Democrats are big enough enemies to minorities. What's worse is that minorities are being their own worse enemies themselves. Until this bigotry against whites end and they make good, honest, courageous people heroes instead of thugs and gangsters (which explains Obama's popularity with them), and that's going to happen anytime soon, this trend of poor education isn't going to end. Just ask Jeremiah Wright or that moron Gates. If anything it's going to get worse and they just make take public education with them.

Mary said...

Between your post, Kevin, and "Madmath1"'s comment, I am thoroughly aghast.
But this is a good thing. It means I have more info!

Anonymous said...

Funny- I was reading about this cracker earlier today! What a tard! Education, education, education for all! Freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness... to libs they are ugly words! They prefer to call it Fascism, slavery, and pursuit of taxpayer dollars.