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Friday, April 03, 2009

Illegal Immigration - An American Tale

Let's talk immigration. First I'd like to say that illegal immigration comes from all over the world, not just Mexico. However since Mexico borders the US, is in a state of turmoil, and Mexicans without a doubt are the biggest abusers of America's lack of immigration enforcement, I need to pimp slap some Mexicans, both foreign and domestic.

I'm not talking about the Mexican citizens of the US who do not side with the illegal Mexicans. I am however talking about the many Mexican-American citizens and you Mexicans who believe you can enter our country illegally, then expect us to write laws to protect you. Son usted estupido, hombre?!

I don't care if you "do the jobs that Americans don't want to do", not that I believe that Liberal nonsense. The fact is you take the jobs that Americans don't want to do for the wages that you do it. I understand that without illegals the costs for my goods and services likely will rise, as I did see "A Day Without a Mexican". How could America survive without Mexicans?

I don't buy into the Carlos Mencia, La Raza mentality that you somehow deserve special treatment. Mencia is the Mexican Jesse Jackson, pandering to the Mexican crowd who want something for nothing, and using that issue to find an easy audience. Hey Carlos, try really being funny. That may be too difficult for you, Esse.
Look at the immigration laws of Mexico, and how they enforce them. Let's just say that it nowhere near as lenient. But laws protecting America's borders are immoral right? Discriminatory. Just plain stupid! Just like laws protecting your home are stupid?

Why not let every vagrant who wants to, come live with you. Hey Miguel, make yourself at home. By the way, who ate those leftover enchiladas I left in the fridge?

And where's the Mexican pride? The idea that you are comfortable with being known as the people who take our menial jobs is just pathetic. Come take our banking jobs or run one of our auto company. Those jobs are soon to be readily available. You can work for ObamaNation…for $1 a year! If you're going to think and act like Liberals, then why not go all the way?
Now I know that many Mexicans have immigrated to the US and gone on the find the American Dream, that being the pre-ObamaNation version, and not what we have now...The American Nightmare. My ex-father-in-law was one such Mexican.

He left a world of poverty and immigrated to the US, legally, without a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of. He later joined the Army and actually fought for this country.

When he was honorably discharged from the Army, he opened a Korean restaurant in San Antonio…just kidding; it was a Mexican restaurant. The restaurant became successful in its own right, so he opened a second restaurant, thereby doubling his success. For you Liberals, that's how it works.
He retired from the restaurant business and had a life of leisure, though not necessarily luxurious. I would say that he died a happy man. That was his American dream.

Our problem is that many of the Mexicans who are entering the US are doing so illegally, and frankly just don't know how to live civilized. You are no longer bringing that strong Mexican work ethic and family tradition, but you have "caught on" to the system, and know that you are free to be lazy in America like many of our other Liberal Democrats.

Admit it. Our welfare system to you is living the good life, compared to where you come from. And this is not true of just Mexico, but many other countries. So America has become, "Welfare to the World."

Here's the wrap:

It used to be the dream of America was for opportunity. Now that dream is for the opportunity to get on our welfare system. And Liberal Democrats love people who want to be part of the "system". A cog in the wheel.
So I'd like to thank all the illegal immigrants, particularly the Mexicans for coming to America to lower our standards and our standard of living, and helping Liberal Democrats like Obama and Pelosi expand their War on Achievement. But my question for you is where will you go, after you ruin America? I see no country who will replace her?

You can count on one hand the number of Americans who wish to live in other countries legally or illegally. Sure you get the occasional person absconding from justice, but in many cases, they were other countries' citizens to begin with.

So when your countries begin getting the influx of illegal Americans coming to suck mother's milk from the breasts of your country, then you will have the right to bash America. However until then, just send us legally your best and brightest, and not your deadbeats. We have enough of Liberal Democrats already.

That's my rant!

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Anonymous said...

Priscilla Dicus at 8:24am April 3


The Black Sphere said...

For clarity, Priscilla is a staunch Conservatives, and her message or rather SHOUT is at Liberals. Touche, Priscilla!

Anonymous said...

Ty Hogan at 8:30am April 3

Kevin this is one of my favorite topics

The Black Sphere said...

Ty, I should have commented LONG ago on this subject and don't know why I have neglected it. However something nudged me recently, thus the rant!

D.C. Thornton said...

Carlos Mencia is neither from Mexico, originally named Carlos, nor funny.

Good rant! Orale!!!

Ms. Pa'ker said...

Great Blog! This topic gripes my A$$....I was reading recently how so many illegals are taking advantage of the financial aid for colleges and not having to repay a dime of it.... Yet I have two college students that we have to scrape and scrounge to pay for books!
They have NO RIGHT to bash the country that gives them everything they never dreamed of having!

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks Renee. Yes, we are giving the country away about $100B at a time these days!

Anonymous said...

Helene Paz at 8:49am April 3

Great blog Kevin. So well put. Ruination of America with Heil BO at the head.

The Black Sphere said...

Thanks Helene! "Heil BO!"

Julie said...

Both sides of my family were legal immigrants and my grandfathers on both sides fought for their new country, America, and lived the American dream, by working and doing it legally. They paid taxes and lived by our laws. They learned and only spoke English. They were the proudest of America's and both of my grandfathers had their coffins draped with flags and gun salutes at their services.

They were American's who originated from Sweden and Germany, not German's and Sweden's in America.

Now we get their gangs, their drug wars, their welfare drain. Struggling over the border pregnant so they can have their American child. Being forced to be bilingual in our own country to get certain jobs. I have nothing against people wanting to better themselves, legally. Its the ones who aren't legal and aren't law abiding.

You should also check out Dirks post today for another very real reason to close down our borders. Great rant today Kevin.

Ron B said...

The Liberals love them and now that Big "O" is president they want to have the Census Bureau count them into the census. I love that idea because if you can count them, then you can round them all up and then send them all home if anyone is interested in enforcing the laws and sovereignty of this great nation. Now that is change that I can believe in!

Sir RonB

Berlin Deluxxe said...

I agree, breaking the law is breaking the law plain and simple.

Kudos for your post.

ElCee said...

I have a deal for Mexico. For every illegal who comes into the US, one US citizen gets citizenship and 100 acres of Mexican land.

We'll bring our work ethic and our creativity and make the most of the oil fields, tourism, manufacturing and agriculture.

We'll bring our legal immigrants from all over the world, and inundate the country with English speaking, hard-working people. People who expect to paid for the work they do, and pay their taxes.

We'll bring our frontier spirit and our guns, and get rid or the drug cartels.

Won't be long before Mexico looks an awful lot like the U.S. Then I suppose you'd want it back...

The Black Sphere said...

@Julie - Great comment! I applaud people who do things by the book!

The Black Sphere said...

SirRon - The strategic view of the census. I love it!

The Black Sphere said...

@Berlin - First time I have seen you! Thanks for dropping by, and visit often!

The Black Sphere said...

@Elcee - WOW! What an idea! That would certainly help Mexico. Great comment!

The Black Sphere said...

@DC - I just noticed your comment. Hysterical! "Orale bato"

Lakotalady said...

Bury my heart at wounded knee
That piece of red, white and blue cloth stands for a system and a country that does not honor it's own word...If it stood for honor and truth, it would remember our treaties and give them the appropriate place under international law. But it doesn't. It dishonors its own word and violates its treaties...In Honor of Tony Black Feather (Died August 11 2004)
I agree with Priscilla Dicus! And then the socialist liberals running the government can get their ass's out! The NDN's in this country are sick of being kept down and walked all over while the Mexican's get carte blanc!

Gary said...

Anyone know who Jauquin Guzman Loera is? He is the Mexican drug lord who made the Forbes richest list who's net worth is 1 billion dollars, and is Mexico's most wanted man. To my Federali Compadre's, I have great news for you. Due to our current immigration policies and the lax standards of the Obama administration, it has been discovered that he is a high ranking official with the D.E.A.. He is a jail escapee and I'm sure that he hasn't paid any taxes on his ill gotten fortune. This is a perfect fit and cover for this fine outstanding pillar of Mexican society.

Rose-Bud said...

Kevin, great rant!
I would like to add that in the late 80s-early 90s I was living in L.A. after fleeing Chicago to get away from an abusive husband.
I lived with my sister, and started collecting the goverment dole of $950 a month in cash and over $400 in food stamps. I went back to college, and noticed my neighbors, black and mexicans not doing anything, but waiting for the 1st and the 15th. I lived like that for three years, and moved back to Chicago,finished school after having seen how the other side lived, and wanting no part of it.
My point is, as you stated in your rant, is that they don't want to work, they want the American dream to be handed to them on a silver platter.
Now I live in SC, and see the mexicans doing the same thing all over again, especially since NC ran them out out their state by actually enforcing their rules of needing a birth certificate to get a driver license, free medical services, etc.
Now the new criminals are the mexicans commiting crimes and running back across the border before they can be caught. In addition,my daughters drivers license, and social card was stolen out of her purse by a mexican coworker, who went on break and never came back to work. Even my social security number was being used by a mexican worker here in SC, until SC law enforcement started raiding the meat, and garment factories.
I now check my work record twice a year at the employment office to see where I've been working,and so far this year I have only worked at the two places where I actually collected a paycheck. I assume the thief got caught and departed. Yeah, for me!
Keep up the good works, Brother Man!

madmath1 said...

Yes, one the reason our unskilled workers here can't make a living wage is because illegals will do it for less. Let's not forget the costs to the taxpayers in the form of welfare, our jails (30% of all inmates are illegal aliens), don't get me started with the costs to our education system and the kaos I went through when I was teaching, and for the grand finale, the cost to our health care system as hospitals are shutting down because of the cost of providing to the illegals that don't pay a dime and the government will pay when they feel like it and causing bankcruptcy.

I think the argument that what would a cost of a head of Lettuce would be. Well, this is a high price for a $1 head of Lettuce. I rather pay the $5 and have our prison less crowded, education system out of financial ruin (though we would need to get rid of corrupt adminstrators to finish it), and lower cost for our government service not to mention how much higher is our taxes because of this. I wager we're paying $8 to $10 a head when you figure out how much of the tax bill is for these services to these people.

My wife decided she doesn't want to practice medicine here because of the cost to care for these deadbeats as well as the high risk of malpractice lawsuits. Second, we have two months to apply for her permant resisdency, but I don't think she wants to stay (shocking a women from a 3rd world country actually wants to LEAVE America). She has two reasons, the first being racism (mainly by African Americans) and second, how she's treated as a legal citizen while she witnesses how the criminal aliens are pampered. While she's a highly educated professional, most of the illegals are illiterate and ignorant in their own native tongue and treated like royalty. She wonders why we do things legally when we get punished for it while the illegals are getting rewarded.

The big problems are the racism mainly by La Raza (which means the race in Spainish) who's motto in Spainish (which she speaks fluently along with English and Tagalog) is "for the race everything, out of the race nothing." If there was an example of an racist organization, along with CAIR and NAACP which should really be called the National Association for Advancement of LIBERAL Colored People, La Raza should be number one on the list. The other is the policies that have been enacted by leftist wanting cheap and easy votes have made doing migration legally too difficult, punitive , expensive (to bring a foreign wife today cost $1,200 to start the legal paperwork and that's just to get things started) and punitive since being legal makes you lose privileges while migrating illegally too easy and rewarding.

Sorry for the long rant, but this has been brewing for years, and this just scratches the surface. I could write a novel (I think I just did). However, I'll add one more thing. Soon, the dems, and Americans in general, are in for a rude surprise once they get amnesty. This issue is going to resolve itself because once we become a 3rd world country just like Mexico, our immigration problem will end because everyone will just stop coming. After all, why come here to escape the sewer pipe you live in when we've become the same sewer pipe you're trying to escape from? YOU DON'T!

The Black Sphere said...

@Rose-Bud - GREAT story as to how the system is being manipulated!

The Black Sphere said...

@madmath1 - What a great rant! Great story of your wife and how she views America.


DoubleDuece said...

I am from Texas and you are so right, The people coming across the border do not want the American Dream they want to destroy it. We need to protect the borders

The Black Sphere said...

@22 - Thanks for gracing my blog with that funny logo! I agree with your comment!

Joe said...

I like the ide of them taking over the auto industry for $1.00 per year. They can't do any worse than President BO will.

The Black Sphere said...

@Joe - Glad you liked that idea!

Just John said...

I find it puzzling that the buzzwords du jour of the left fail to cover the facts of the dumbing down of our public schools, the bankrupting of hospitals (ERs are not for routine medical care, except for illegal invaders), and how whenever there is an ICE raid, Americans line up in droves to fill those jobs that "nobody" wants.

I guess if the dead can vote for Democrats, illegals can too.

I love how you touched on Mexico's own immigration laws; perhaps we should mirror those, and come somewhere close to enforcing them.

Stormbringer said...

I found a topic that we disagree on. But this ain't it. Ha! Made you look.

It grates on me when Mexicans will hold their gatherings about their "rights", and then fly the flag of Mexico. They are not enriching the American economy. Instead, they send the money to friends and relatives in Mexico, which has become our 51st state. "They want the American dream", indeed!

Further, they want "their" land back because we "stole" it from them. Well, if we gave it back, then they would be obligated to give that, and Mexico itself, back to the Aztecs, Incas, Mayas and other who were there first.

And those natives would have to sort out among themselves who has rights to the land, because of their own turf wars.

Sorry if I'm being bold here, but I want to share my article on this that I did a few months back:

Keep up the good work. You say things that need saying.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Just found your blog and I. Love. It. It's always so refreshing to come across a blogger who is a conservative--makes me feel like I'm not alone out there! I'm going to list you on my Blog Roll and tell my other conservative friends about this site. I especially love all the political cartoons!! :)

Rosemary said...

Rosebud, wow you are amazing. I applaud your strength and courage.

Mathguy, your comments is so true and quite frightening.

Kevin, I have not been around much. Trying to stay away form the computer more... do other stuff. I do come by and read but i have not had anything to add to all of the terrific like minded discussion here.
We are in for a heap of trouble and my hub and I are getting involved in local politics and the gov race here in Va. we have a good guy, McDonnell, and he must beat McCauliff because he is a sleazy guy and we do not need more of that here in the great state of Va.

I enjoy your blog, Kevin.


Robert Geyer said...

And they can take their damn Corona cerveza with them! Go across the border and break one of their laws and you do some serious time. Here, we reward them with a check and civil rights! And cater to their culture! Kevin, you are right on, and i take alot of heat for this same kind of thinking. My spouse is from S. America, and politically a fence sitter. But damn, right is right, and i loved your rant. Sorry about mine. Rob

The Black Sphere said...

@JustJohn - Yes, people really need to see what it takes to emigrate to if! And go there if...and they would put you UNDER the jail!

The Black Sphere said...

@Stormbringer - You had me for a sec...NOT! I know we agree on 99%, and are still hunting for the 1% discord. We'll keep look, but you keep reading!

The Black Sphere said...

@Amanda - You're the type of reader I adore. You go tell all your friends, and they tell all their friends. You qualify for this blog's "friends and family program", so you get a discount! :-)

The Black Sphere said...

Rosemary - Don't tune out, tune UP! Glad to see you getting involved at the local level, and I'd vote for Lucifer himself before I'd vote for that weasel McAuliffe! Typical Liberal dweeb!

Your comments are always welcome, if it is just "Hello!"

The Black Sphere said...

@Robert - People who see this ANY other way, should be SHAMED into submission...OR we capture them in The Black Sphere van for re-education. To think that we should accept any illegals is just plain stupid, and shows where this country is going. Can I understand that they WANT to get here, sure? And I may be looking for a new home soon, given ObamaNation. But I will do so legally!

Anonymous said...

Thomas Beach at 5:53pm April 5

The first step to fixing the immigration problem is SECURING THE BORDERS. law enforcement can send people to whatever country, but they always come back. awesome note!

The Black Sphere said...

@Evan - You have officially pissed me off. I blanked your profanity, but know that I will track you down electronically and bitch slap your punk ass. Keep it up!

Stormbringer said...

Evan uses the drugs that the illegals bring with them. Or is it Jim Jones brand kool-aid? Wow, what an uninformed loser. Hey, Cupcake! Have a go at my rant, I'm not compassionate at all:

The Black Sphere said...

Get him, Stormbringer. You should see our discussion on my latest blog. It's worth the read!

msubear77 said...

I hope you guys and gals are ready to fight Obama's amnesty putsch.

The Black Sphere said...

@msubear77 - As much as we are to battle all the other crap ObamaNation is doing!

disa said...