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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Obama’s Take on Arrogant Americans

What the world wants to accomplish in all of this is to relieve the United States of our "arrogance". To humble us. The irony of the Czar of Arrogance speaking to the French, the Kings of Arrogance, about ridding America of its arrogance. Amazing!

There are those in America who are indeed arrogant…and elitists. So with regard to them, I happen to agree with Europe in their pursuit of ridding America of this radical and cancerous element. That being our mission, sanctioned by King Obama himself, let's all team up to eradicate all the Liberal Democratsimmediately. I further request that we eliminate our racists as well, however that would be redundant to the stated mission.

In a staged Q&A in Strasberg, Obama was asked if American found itself "exceptional". His answer was [paraphrased] "Yes, America is exceptional, as is Britain and Greece…" He went on to mention America's glorious past in freeing Europe from the tyranny of Nazism, though he wasn't as eloquent as I. He also commented on America's compassion to the world in giving our financial support, and that our economy represents 60% of the world's economy.

You might have found yourself buying into this "I am proud of America" sentiment from Obama. That is exactly what Obama wants Americans to believe that he is "baseball and apple pie."

Because of his subterfuge, I think I need to remind you that the America about which Obama is in France bragging is the same America that Obama wants to remake! Don't believe me, as here are Obama's own words from his inaugural address:

"Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin again the work of remaking America."

Remake us from what? Remake us from giving ten times more financial support to impoverished nations than all other nations combined? Remaking us from protecting Europe from the Nazis during WWII? Remake us from building the most prosperous nation in the history of mankind? Remake us from accepting people from all over the world, legally or illegally, and providing access to the best opportunity for prosperity ever?

I do have a suggestion whereby we can remake America. How about we remake America from the racism of Liberals and Democrats? How about we remake America from Liberalism, and the idea that criminals should have more rights, than citizens, or that terrorists should have more rights than the unborn?

And while we are at it, let's remake American from a government that believes it can arbitrarily decide to take money from producers and give it to deadbeats loser Liberal Democrats, like the UAW, the teachers' unions, and lazy people who just find work, well…too tedious.

Conservative Americans are not arrogant in the least. We are just proud of America, as we should be. America is not perfect, and she never will be. Smart people don't expect America to be perfect, which is why Liberals do expect it.

But even those monkey-brain nitwits realize that their Messiah isn't going to change the perception of America for the better. Liberals are just too arrogant to admit it.

Here's the wrap:

What we are is the best nation in the world, period. And I can prove it. When you look at the number of Americans living in other countries as expatriates, in comparison to those living in America as expatriates, the numbers are overwhelmingly in favor of America. Simply put – More of them want to be here, than we want to be there. That's the measure and America didn't set the rules…only the standard!

I love visiting Europe, particularly France. I even considered living there a couple of years in order to strengthen my French language skills. But you can bet your best bottle of 1787 Chateau d'Yquem that I was bringing my well-toned Black butt [shameless plug] back to America.

So I say to the rest of the world, stop being a bunch of whining Hater-aid drinkers, jealous of America. It's time for you to all grow up. You want our Jazz, Rap, Hip-Hop music, our language, our food, our sports, technology, our healthcare, our protection, frankly our way of life…oh, and our money!

Fellow Conservatives don't buy into this hype of Obama being proud of America. Every move he is making is self-aggrandizing for him, and meant to ultimately lower the standards for the rest of us.

Rest assured fellow Conservatives, you are not arrogant. You should know by now that only rich Liberal Democrats are even allowed to be arrogant.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved



Deekaman said...

Kevin: You continue to be The Man.

I too, was outraged over this and sent this email to many others:

What have we come to when the President of the United States of America apologizes. At what point does the "last, best hope for mankind" apologize? At what point does the President of the United States of America push off responsibility to another.

"There's plenty of blame to go around for what has happened. The United States certainly shares the blame ... We've just emerged from an era marked by irresponsibility"

This is reprehensible. I didn't vote for this President, but he is the President of the United States of America and that means all of us. I consider his statement to be insulting above any I have ever heard from a sitting President.

This is a country to which people have flocked for centuries now. The have come to flee persecution, for opportunity, for a better life. People do not leave here for another country because they understand that it does not get any better than this.

Some of you have served this country at the "tip of the spear". You understand. All of you recognize the sacrifice of those who served to keep this country the "bastion of freedom". You understand. We cannot allow others to believe that this is not the greatest nation ever to grace the Earth. Millions have sacrificed themselves so that others might be free. Not so the President and Commander in Chief can "apologize".

Kevin: We cannot allow this behavior to stand.

Donna Dunn said...

The defninition of arrogance is a man and his wife that are only now proud of America because he is America's leader...or is that narcicism? Nah, both...

God bless you, Kevin for standing up!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

You put everything into words that I was thinking, but was not eloquent enough to say. Thank you!

The Black Sphere said...

Deekaman - Great comment! Can't wait to get to the polls to get rid of all these liberals!

The Black Sphere said...

@Donna Dunn - It's both! They want to be rock stars and could care less about us little people.

The Black Sphere said...

Amanda - You are sweet to say that, so thank you! Compliments on this blogs still only pay $20 per!

Joe said...

The dictionary must be re-written.

Arrogance: See "Barack Obama."

The Black Sphere said...

Joe - GREAT comment!

Ron B said...

If any European country considers us arrogant like Big "O" does, please let our president rule your country. We will then be able to stop exporting our way of life, our military protection as well as our celebrities. On second thought we will export our celebrities since most of them are in line with Big "O" social agenda.

We can then build the U.N. a new Port au Prince, Haiti, since they want to help despots and poorer nations. They can see them first hand and get plenty of community service going. We will also stop paying our dues to be a member of this club that does not respect our sovereignty.

All military assistance will come just like Boost Mobile and Metro PCS cell phone service; i.e. pay as you go. No money no service.

Humanitarian aid will be left to the U.N. in Haiti. We will not be the worlds first responders.

We will see how all of this works for these nations.

I am sick of him and sick of this bowing to other nations. ENOUGH ALREADY!
Soooo Sorry for the length.
Sir RonB

The Black Sphere said...

SirRonB - Great comment, as usual! Love the ideas. Where are you getting this stuff?! Excellent!

Ron B said...

I get this stuff from Brain Farts and Frustration or should I say Constipation of the things "stuffing" our country up. Some of it is just being a wisea$$.
Sometimes I do feel like we need a 5-10 year isolation from the rest of the world so that they can realize what they once had for a friend and ally with the Good Ole U.S.A.

Julie said...

Well, I couldn't improve on this rant if I tried. Great post.

The Black Sphere said...

@Ron - Good to know! Again, great ideas!

The Black Sphere said...

@Julie - Glad to see you comment, and hope you are feeling better. I know it's tough in ObamaNation. Get better soon, before socialized medicine!

drjim said...

Kevin and Ron, you guys are TOPS!
You both put into words what many of us are thinking and feeling, but we lack the skills to translate our thoughts to words as clear and concise as you gentlemen do.
Well Done!

The Black Sphere said...

@drjim - Thanks Dude!

madmath1 said...

Obama leading the country from the view of being unarrogant. That's like appointing Hilter to be in charge of enhancing Zionism. Or better yet, Bin Laden in charge of the pacification of jihadism. Every time I think this man can't say something more stupid or offensive, I'm rebuked.

My wife's biggest "culture" shock has been the racism which is nothing less than racial arrogance. The one that gets us both are the Mexicans that come here to escape proverty and then go out with their Mexican flags and bad mouth the carp out of us as being arrogant, racist Americans. If Mexico was so much better, why did they leave there. Why are so many Filipinos, and I mean the most educated and professional members, are trying to leave the Philippines can come here to work? The crisis is so bad there they have a name for it: The Brain Drain. Could it be smart people know that America is the land of freedom and opportunity for all people (even the racist ones)? Or we to believe that all these people are stupid, ignorant, and just plain crazy? Well, I guess it's easy for liberal to think that since they're birds of a feather. Well, my wife got a good lesson because she never thought she would never marry an AA (arrogant American). Then she finally met a conservative American man and no more of the arrogant liberal ones and is living happily after even in a bad economy.

So next time Europe, Middle East, or any of those other countries are bad mouthing us, just remember the source and real motive behind it: Jealousy. Just as BO's supporters are jealous of the productive.

Oh, and ponder this, the US, with 5% of the population, and 2 1/2% of the world productive people produce 60% of the goods and services. This should show the jealousy of the pathetic, lazy and worthless. With the class warfare going on in the world, no wonder we're so hated.

Oppo said...

Kevin, it looks like Newt is giving *SERIOUS* thought to a 2012 run.

Hope everyone is ready to stop whalin' for Palin and help root for Newt.

Balanced Budget? Check.
Humble those North Koreans ASAP? Check.
Tell the U.N. where to stick it? Double Check.

The Black Sphere said...

madmath1 - an AA, "arrogant American"! That was priceless! Yet another hyphenated American! FUNNY!

The Black Sphere said...

Oppo - I'm not sure people will find Newt appealing enough, though I like him. He will appear to be "more of the same". Nevertheless WE must pick our candidate this time, and we must be vigilante in all races, i.e. governorships, etc. They are ALL important. We will have some good candidates in 2012, you can bet on it.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, Obama loves dogging the U.S.

Anonymous said...


Obama has enough arrogance to make his own nation

Anonymous said...


President Hussein (D.,Kenya) does not like America very much. What else is new?

Anonymous said...


I can't think of anything more arrogant than presenting the Queen of England with an Ipod which includes footage of your own speeches.

Anonymous said...


FTA: So I say to the rest of the world, stop being a bunch of whining Hater-aid drinkers, jealous of America. It's time for you to all grow up. You want our Jazz, Rap, Hip-Hop music, our language, our food, our sports, technology, our healthcare, our protection, frankly our way of life…oh, and our money!
Exactly!! My feeling is that if one country hates us so much, let them attack us and we can settle the matter that way. If they don't hate us enough to attack us, then they can shut up. What some foreigners feel for us is jealousy, not hatred, and jealousy is their problem, NOT ours. It is not our responsibility to make them FEEL better. I have had it with the blame America first citizens of this great, superior nation. Oh, O.K. Call me an arrogant American. I plead guilty, though I prefer to call myself a proud American.

Anonymous said...


0bama apologizing in France for OUR arrogance... is this a Saturday Night Live sketch?

Oppo said...

More of the same policies that forced Clinton to balance the budget? I'm down. After this 4 years, more of the same policies that led to record debt slashing and quality of life improvements for nearly every American is something that may seem pretty appetizing :D
He's one of the only conservative politicians (can we still call him that?) who wasn't responsible for the way we dropped the ball with some of the Bush mandates. Seems like every conservative in office either failed miserably when they had the power, or has always been positioning for power and will never enact anything decent.

Oh well. I hear the NY election is gonna be insane.

madmath1 said...

As my better half would say, "BO and his BS to the US is the ultimate AA.

The Black Sphere said...

@madmath1 - Very clever...of you WIFE! :-)

Navigator7 said...

My trigger finger is getting itchy.

Anonymous said...

What America needs to remake itself from is causing misery throughout the world and treating other nations as if they were its prison bitch. 90+% of Americans live in a fishbowl because they do not travel, believing theirs is the greatest, God-chosen country. I moved from the States 10 years ago because my job took me to SE Asia. I ended up settling in Switzerland and giving up my U.S. citizenship 7 years ago. What a great move (and not just tax-wise)! I now laugh at the country's schizophrenic foreign policy, its wars, its atrocious level of education, rampant crime, its fascist tax policies, its dumb energy policy, its born-again Christian right. Is this enough to reasons to try to remake itself, or should I continue?

America is riddled with hypocrisy, touting human rights and freedom on the one hand, while on the other hand supporting any tyrannical dictator like the Shah of Iran or Saddam throughout the world whenever it needs them for access to natural resources or power.

The Black Sphere said...

@anon - You're an idiot, glad you're gone!