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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Obama Keeps Michelle “In Check”

Conspicuous by her absence in the Middle East was Amerika's buff First Lady. One might think that Barack didn't want Michelle's well-chiseled arms to be a distraction from his manliness in dealing with the Arabs. However the reason is much simpler: Muslim culture is patriarchal—to put it politely—and Michelle would have been treated like…a second-class citizen. [Gasp!]

To quote Cleavon Little from Blazing Saddles, "Where da white women at?" Liberal white women's outrage has been noticeably absent in all of this. And black Democrat women aren't exactly a chorus of disapproval either. In fact, I have heard nothing in the lamestream media about this. It's all been about Barack. The MAN! Is even our media complicit in the mistreatment of women by not exploring such an abomination?

You would think that a trip of such potential importance, a visit that could further the cause of women's rights at the global level demanded a visit by the First Lady. After all the atrocities Michelle has been through in her life as a middle-class black woman, being kept down by "the man." She had to battle her way through affirmative action to get a "race pass" into Princeton. And ever looming was "the man," there to prevent her from succeeding despite her Ivy League pedigree.

Michelle fought the man, landing cushy jobs, where ironically her increases in income grew—geometrically—as the stature of her husband grew. How did she survive those turbulent times? Amerika, that is OPPRESSION, and even a fool can recognize it. What is ya, ignant?!

Michelle "Three Guns" [I hope somebody gets that] Obama could have proclaimed,

"…For the first time in my adult Muslim now privileged Black Camelot life, I am proud…!"

Because of her vast experience with oppression, Michelle would have easily spotted the oppression of her Muslim sisters. And with the hoopla that is Obama, she could have struck a blow for womankind across the globe, drawing attention to the mistreatment suffered by Muslim women. Sadly, she didn't even make the trip.

Imagine if Barack had said to the Muslim people,

"Your treatment of women is deplorable. The Muslim world needs to take a lesson from the United States in advancing the rights of women?"
Now that would have been newsworthy!

There was no such declaration from Barack, who joyously proclaimed all facets of his Muslimness, during the visit. 'Mum' was the word on the Muslim world's treatment of women, and Barack proved to the Muslims that he had his woman in check. Michelle was made to stay home with the "chirrens," like a good, obedient Muslim wife.

Michelle was in the safety and comfort of America, probably sauntering about the White House, donned in her new designer wardrobe ($600 tennis shoes and all) in scene reminiscent of Black Camelot—in other words, she was not relegated to wearing the traditional Muslim garb that she would have been required to wear had she made the trip. All together now—"Second-class citizen."

Here's the wrap:

The NOW generation white women should be up in their flabby arms over all of this lack of respect for the First Lady and the opportunity to help half a billion Muslim women around the globe, but sadly they are silent. Apparently women's rights only apply to "white women with lesbian or bi-sexual tendencies who vote Democrat?" Why send the First Lady to protect a bunch of Muslim women, when there are important issues here in the states to deal with—like the celebration of LGBT month!

As for Barack, he knew the amount of media coverage Michelle's visit would have garnered. There was no way he was going to showcase the treatment of women, particularly how the other half of Black Camelot would be treated—like all other Muslim women…at least publicly. Can't have that sort of thing showcased around the globe lest it make Muslims look bad.

Michelle would have been a distraction, and might have made Obama forget his place. Such a distraction could cause Barack to do something stupid—like grovel to the Arab world or even worse…kiss a Saudi's hand.

That's my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved



Anonymous said...

nannygrannypelosi and Hillary have NO problem putting on headscarves, and even less revealing clothing than normal, to please the patriarchal creeps of Islam when in their lands..

but Michelle? NO EFFING WAY.

This business of not going to the middle east was HER idea... she wasn't about to be seen 'kowtowing' to the male dominated Islamic world.. even if she wants the rest of us to do it.

How will this sort itself out in the long run? American feminists are utterly disinterested in protecting their hard won freedoms from the creeping sharia that has Europe by the neck and is getting help from Oprompta in THIS country.

Gays? Women? Atheists? HELLO?!?!


These people will submit you or KILL you, and you seem to be HELPING them arrive and take over. It is completely against everything you purportedly stand for, and yet for the sake of the diminishment of JudeoChristianity, you take this much more serious risk to your freedom.

Not rational.

Count on Michelle, though, to draw the line in the right spot. :-)

Big Dave

Chip Head said...

I sure hope our first goddess was wearing more than the $600 tennies when she was left to traipse around the White House.

Chip Head

Cheryl Prater said...

I would have loved to see all the medias' comments about how fashion-forward Michelle's choice of hijab was. Bummer she wasn't there, we'll just have to take solace in the fact that she and the girls got to stay on an extra day in Europe to go shopping.

The Black Sphere said...

@Dave - You could be on to something, and I left appropriate "inuendo" to that effect! :-)

Ron B said...

Have you ever tried to touch a black woman's hair? You can forget about getting her to wear a hijab in those Muslim nations. That in itself ended the conversation about going to visit Muslim nations.

Sir RonB

The Black Sphere said...

@Cheryl - Who would have designed Michelle's hijab? Great comment!

Da Sicilian said...

MO was home getting stoned in her $600 sneakers...while some poor Muslim woman was just getting death...have a nice day

Cheryl Prater said...

@Cheryl - Who would have designed Michelle's hijab? Great comment!

It could have been a Project Runway challenge. $10 and 30 minutes of shopping at Mood followed by a runway critique by guest judges Keith Olberman, Chris Matthews, and Oprah.

Da Sicilian said...

Keith: "Don't you think this would make O'Reilly cringe?"

Chris: "I don't know about O'Reilly, but it sends a tingle up my leg!"

Oprah: "Guys, grow up; but did you see the sista's sneakers?"

helene1026 said...

Michelle, Hilliary, Nancy all bitches who care about the me me me syndrome. And what can I say about those 2 stupid AMERICAN reporters in North Korea, where is Jesse James Jackson the savior of all. Where is using the term lightly Rev. Sharp Tongue. Who goes to North Korea as North Korea everyone knows you are in their country, their laws. I have no NO NONE ZIP sympathy. I do not care. They played the game and now they got the prize.

Victor said...

Kevin, you said:

"Imagine if Barack had said to the Muslim people 'Your treatment of women is deplorable. The Muslim world needs to take a lesson from the United States in advancing the rights of women.' Now that would have been newsworthy!

President Obama said:

"The sixth issue that I want to address is women's rights."

"I know there is debate about this issue. I reject the view of some in the West that a woman who chooses to cover her hair is somehow less equal, but I do believe that a woman who is denied an education is denied equality. And it is no coincidence that countries where women are well-educated are far more likely to be prosperous."

"Now let me be clear: issues of women's equality are by no means simply an issue for Islam. In Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia, we have seen Muslim-majority countries elect a woman to lead. Meanwhile, the struggle for women's equality continues in many aspects of American life, and in countries around the world."

"Our daughters can contribute just as much to society as our sons, and our common prosperity will be advanced by allowing all humanity - men and women - to reach their full potential. I do not believe that women must make the same choices as men in order to be equal, and I respect those women who choose to live their lives in traditional roles. But it should be their choice. That is why the United States will partner with any Muslim-majority country to support expanded literacy for girls, and to help young women pursue employment through micro-financing that helps people live their dreams."

Given the two choices, I think I'll choose President Obama's speech. It was just as newsworthy, but not as harsh.

Da Sicilian said...


and there was stoned cold silence when he made his sixth point...

But perhaps...if the world community of women were to stand up and make a noise, maybe then there would be a chance for equality...

The Black Sphere said...

@Victor - Oooo, tough words! I like mine better! The focus on allowing Muslim women to be educated?! How about not beating women to death because they can't have sons? Or killing them for infidelity, but allowing the male infidel to live? Typical liberal hogwash, where you say that he addressed an issue, when all he did was tiptoe around it.

How about this...American woman live fuller richer lives, and they choose to live it their way. America proves that our culture does not destroy Islam, but embraces it. And while we are on this subject, why are you Muslims so set against Christianity?

You want some more? Don't bring those limp-weenie comments in here, son.

The point of the blog is that Michelle didn't go, and women's groups said nothing! And for all intents and purposes, neither did Obama.

Bring a GUN to a GUN fight, Victor, not a stick!

Victor said...

So, you're advocating an all or nothing solution instead of a gradual process?

"Hey, Muslim countries! Give your women 100% equal rights, and do it right now! Or else..."

Or else, what?

It seems as though you want to brandish your great, big gun every time the world isn't going the way you want it to, Kevin.

Sometimes, you offer the carrot before you threaten the stick.

helene1026 said...

The illegal ignorant now the chosen American - I work 80 hours a week only to have the ignorants ruin my career with cheaper labor so I have to work more. They can earn less wages because they suck up my taxes. But they work for Peloser, Hilliary - hilliary says in her spare time she cleans her closet. yea right, Angelique Martinez cleans it out. Hilliary is the Leona Helmsley of the 21st century. Bill does nothing for free!!!! BO and first bitch never worked a day - everything given to them first class and the stupid people bow to their knees at his site. I detest him as a leader. He is Bill Ayers, Soros puppet - both of which are felons to me.

Da Sicilian said...

You can't offer a carrot when it comes to life and death..."Pretty please Adolf, turn off the ovens..."

The Black Sphere said...

@Victor - When you are the one being oppressed, it's not quite so simple as to say, "I'll wait it out." If you were allowed your way, I'd still be a slave. Well you're a Dem, so you were never going to address slavery. But I digress.

Point is, you are like most Dems content to make a lot of noise, but do NOTHING! Classic. Wait it out POWs. Wait it out American hostages in Iran. Wait it out ignorant black Americans who have nothing to show for six decades of support of racist Dems.

Keep singing "dem Negro spirituals, an' iz all gone gits betta!"

Meanwhile back at Arabia, another woman is burned, stoned, ostracized, and so on. But she can wait! White women are free, and the US has more pressing gay marriage, oh and partial birth abortions!

Enjoy that latte, Victor. There are those who talk, and those who do. Don't worry, I know which you are.

The Black Sphere said...

@Da Sicilian - Well said!

Victor said...

So, what's your alternate solution? Scolding them? Yelling at them? Threats?

Perhaps a nice, big nuke?

The Black Sphere said...

@Victor - How about just stating the TRUTH, and letting them deal with it. Sugar-coating seems to work.

But the better questions is what would YOU do? Make them WAIT!

I'm guessing "White mocha with whip," while you WAIT! Hey Victor, another Muslim woman was put to death while you prepared you witless repartee...

Da Sicilian said...

Turn the desert into glass...

drill for oil here...stop handing billions in aid over...the next time a Kuwait gets invaded, let their arab bretheren come to their rescue...

While this may not affect the islamo-fascists out there, it may get decent folks to squash them like a bug when they have little or no $$$ coming in...and they have to go back to the nomadic life..

Victor said...


You are still a slave.

You're a slave to your willful ignorance.

You're a slave to your biases and prejudices.

Just because you don't see the shackles, doesn't mean they're not as tight around your wrists.

You have both a strong voice and a strong opinion... but your voice is more often raised in anger and negativity, and your opinions remain woefully uninformed.

Remember the lesson of the Tyrannosaurus Rex: great big mouth... tiny little brain. Now extinct.

Don't be a T Rex, Kevin, and don't be a slave anymore.

Da Sicilian said...

I guess that can be said of all of us...huh, Victor?

Sylvia M Sido said...

OK Kevin..I give. Michelle "Three Guns"..?? I need a little help here. I attest to the fact I am over 21 and there are no children in my home so fire away.

MEG said...

Victor-you sound like the real slave here-a slave to your own stupidity.

The reason MO did not go to the middle east is because she did not want to embarass her husband. The Muslim world will accept one of their own, but not if he is married to an infidel who lets her arms show. They need to keep the women under wraps, back home, so that O can do his pandering.

As for NOW, as a former charter member of this organization, that I thought was all about women, I came to realize that it only represents Nasty Old Witches.

The Black Sphere said...

@Victor - I assure you that there is NO slave here. I know you racist Democrats would like that. Get yet another black guy to conform. Will you be happy with 99%, since 95% is not quite high enough. Is it your goal to enslave us ALL! Meddling libs just can't leave the brothas alone. Go after the Asians, and see how far you get.

The Black Sphere said...

@Sylvia - Two big biceps and one penis [chuckle] was the reference!

The Black Sphere said...

@MEG - Don't sweat Victor folks. I allow his comments to showcase liberal stupidity, then I shut him down, so he can take his meds!

The Tominator said...

Didn't Moboingo pull in three hundred large for basically doing nothing, y'know... back in the day..?

If she's a "middle-class black woman," then I'm a middle class black man.

She wouldn't know a Muslim oppressor if she slept with one.

Oh, wait... she does.

And Victor - who told you you could sit at the big people's table? Go back to the children's table and drink your Kool-aid.

There's a good bitch.

The Black Sphere said...

And that's why they call him, The Tominator! Great comment!

Anonymous said...


Regarding the picture, I thought that might be the third gun but did not want to comment. :-)

Gene Brown

Anonymous said...

Victor is a slave to his own smug cleverness and lack of objective moral foundation.

A nuke to stop abuse of women?

Victor, how about straightforward words to begin with? Obama offered none of that. "I'll partner with any Muslim country that will" bla bla.. and NONE OF THEM WILL STEP UP.

women who choose the hijab ... bla bla.. but what about those who do NOT? Even that female Pakistan prime minister had to wear one in public or get killed... and guess what happened to her... SHE GOT KILLED ANYWAY!!

Obama should say, on stage, in Cairo, "abuse of women is unacceptable. If a woman wants to go bareheaded, she should be allowed to. If a woman wants an education, she should get one. If a woman wants to CHOOSE who she marries, she should be able to do so." and on and on and on, bla bla bla... so many things to take a stand on.. and he didn't have to fire a single nuke!

Amazing what PRINCIPLES can accomplish. Obama mouths his way around them but in the end he has none.

Victor, GROW UP. You have a functioning brain but your moral foundation is nonexistent. You don't need to be smarter, you need to be A BETTER MAN than you are.

Big Dave

The Black Sphere said...

@Victor - You've been schooled by Big Dave, Son!

shoprat said...

T Rex
Big mouth and tiny brain.

Sounds like a perfect symbol for most leftists.

Actually some people just can't see beyond their myopic class struggle ideology or their even dumber identity politics.

helene1026 said...

Ever notice if a conservative has a bumper sticker on their car lefties will do damage to the car but Republicans do not damage those millions of stupids with BO and Biden on their cars or signs in front of their house. They are greedy, selfish and thoughtless. Biden is the most ignorant lazy asshole in the world, him and his bimbo of a wife.

Victor said...


I stand by my claim that you are a slave to your willful ignorance, your biases and your prejudices, and I will continue to stand by that claim until I see evidence that proves otherwise.

It's not that you can't learn about the world around you: it's that you reject anything that doesn't fit into your preconceived notion of how the world works.

That's kind of sad.

There may come a day when you realize that there is more that unites us as Americans, than separates us as Democrats and Republicans or liberals and conservatives.

I hope that day comes sooner rather than later.

The Black Sphere said...

@Victor - The only thing I reject is ignorance. I learn daily, and am happy to report it. Just read a few comments, like my one on the Jews. I readily admit when I am less informed. The problem is, and what you racist Democrats hate is a defiant NEGRO! And you see, when I am right, I am one such Negro! I'm in your face, as I am with you. I reject your idiotic ideas, based on meddling principles. You people think you can rationalize your way out of everything, but not here sista!

And what amazes me is that you love to troll here. Like I said, it is as if having 95% of black people enslaved isn't enough for you. What do you say to the 48% of people who voted against Obama? Do you want their souls as well, or just the souls of black people?

"The devil went down to Georgia, cuz he was looking for souls to steal..."

Victor, do you honestly think you will sway me? Or are you looking for salvation? I hope THAT day comes soon, because you really look stupid in all of this!

Maggie said...

What Victor completely ignores in that speech is that Obummer talked about women's rights such as wearing the hijab is that amongst these more fundamentalist Muslims the women MUST wear these contraptions or be killed.

You will not get the feminist movement speaking up against what took place in Afghanistan when the Taliban took control. There are a few books available from women who survived the torture. I do remember reading an article about a woman journalist who fled I think to Paris.

Basically, up until the Taliban took control in Afghanistan the women WERE well educated. They were becoming doctors and lawyers. They had a good hospital system. As soon as the Taliban took over the women were forbidden from seeking medical attention. The lawyers and doctors among them were not allowed to practice, and were forced to stay home. Their hospitals were run into the ground at the same time. Girls were forbidden to go to school.

There are plenty of stories still coming out of Afghanistan and now Pakistan where male teachers have been murdered because they were teaching girl students, the girls have had acid thrown in their faces and in other instances a poisonous substance was released into the air conditioning system with the intention of poisoning the students.

Another story that has emerged is how in Saudi Arabia about 1 dozen girls were forced to go back into a burning building and perished because they did not have on the "appropriate" clothing to be seen in public.

In Afghanistan under the Taliban, in Saudi Arabia and Iran if women show even the slightest bit of ankle they will either be beaten on the spot, or taken to prison where they are tortured.

If a woman is raped and falls pregnant then she will end up getting the death penalty or a long prison sentence, or at least 100 lashes. The rapists get off scott free.

Nowhere in the Cairo speech did Obummer address any of these inequalities for women in the Middle East. Yet, he stated that he will do everything in his power to allow women to wear the hijab and I assume also the chador and the burka in the USA. That kind of thing is total crap. He was also waffling about allowing Muslims to continue contributing to illegally supporting Hamas - the subject of the Holy Land Foundation trials.

Victor is such an ass brained idiot, especially with his slavery taunts. He has no idea about the freedom of thought.

Keep up the good work Kevin.

The Black Sphere said...

@Maggie - I don't worry about the Victors of the world. His type provides comic relief!

As for his racial stuff, please. He the worst type - one who doesn't know it! Helping us po' black folks git eben! LOL

erp said...

Kevin, didn't I see those arms playing basketball last night? That's one scary picture!

madmath1 said...

In addition to Michelle refusing to cater to the hajib or whatever they call that oppressive clothing, she would had made BO look like the weak fool that he is. That strong, buff woman next to him. The Muslim would have had nothing but disdain for him and booed him off the stage.

As for Victor, he's a typical liberal. Unless you see things his way, you're ignorant of reality (their virual reality). Here's a man claiming you're ignorant because you have no alternative which you did. It just wasn't the one he likes. He rejects it as having no substance and accepts the policy of doing nothing and letting their pervertion and evil continue while feeeeeeeeling good about much ado about nothing. I agree, people like Victor provides comic relief while demonstrating why we need to continue the fight.

I will note had BO or his wife had stated something against the sexist and violent oppression of the women of the Middle East, I would have had some respect for them. I still be against their domestic policies, but would respect them for speaking against these animals and how they treat their women, but alas. We were disppointed again.

Victor said...


You're quick to paint me with stereotypes, but when it comes down to it, that's all you have: stereotypes.


"You racist Democrat"

"idiotic ideas"

"You people"

Not a single fact in your toolbox. Just a broad brush that you use to paint the rest of the world that may not agree with your arguments and assertions.

I speak for myself and no one else, just as I expect that your voice is unique to you. When I point out errors in your arguments, I'm doing it one-on-one, not left vs. right or liberal vs. conservative.

Why not engage in the competition of ideas, which is what this process is supposed to be about?

Why not man up and engage in serious debate?

What do I say to people who voted against Obama? I ask them what their ideas are, and how they arrived at them. I listen, and I respond.

Unlike some of your other readers, I care about a strong two-party system, because history shows us, time and time again, that one-party rule inevitably leads to corruption.

I would prefer to see us engaged in meaningful debate, not name calling.

Be as partisan as you want: make the strongest case for your position that you can... but do it with hard facts and sound reasoning, not handwaving and shouting.

You claim to reject ignorance. Let's see the proof of it.

DubiousBrother said...

Obama's Muslim background is from the heart of the Arab slave trading area of Africa (Kenya) where they had the same respect for the black Africans that they captured and sold into slavery as they have for woman today. Kenya had to be forced and bribed out of the slave trading business in the mid 1800's. The Muslims have had 1300 years to figure equality out but they know that they can still have their slaves (women) and hide behind their religion.

Historically, all religions treated women as second class citizens and it wasn't until the Protestant Reformation that women had a chance at equality. Muslims control by force and keeping the masses uneducated.

America should not trade with any nation that has the human rights issues that the middle east and China have. Unfortunately our "leaders" care more about spotted owls than human slavery.

Obama is an attorney that has been trained to speak without saying anything that he can be held accounted for. Too bad for him that as the President of the United States he is under the microscope and it is all starting to catch up with him. He has already played his race card and gotten the free pass into office. Now he has to perform and we have to be ready in 2010 and 2012.

former bond trader said...

Alas, one of the dirty little secrets of Islam, particularly Mideast-style. What should worry everyone about this issue, is nothing is ever debated. We have media outlets that just preach to the choir. A healthy democracy debates all issues openly. I have respect for all people who bring it honestly. There is no expectation on my part that everyone will think like me. But for God's sake, lets lay all the cards on the table regarding cultures, politics, religions, etc. and let everyone make their own decisions. If you want to see who has the most skeletons, just watch who avoids the truth and who doesn't. Who will argue their point with anyone and who won't. Who is secretive and clandestine and who isn't. It is only the false prophets, to use a biblical term, who are afraid of the above. Whether one believes in the bible or not, the Anti-Christ, if he or she appears, will present themselves in a pleasant, attractive,agreeable skin. We already have many walking among us.

The Black Sphere said...

@Victor - The evidence is there, and I will say it one more time, before banning you from this thread. You Democrats are racists! Do your OWN research FOOL! Start with Woodrow Wilson and just keep coming til today. It's really that simple. Again it's not name calling when it's true, you ignoramus and racist of the worst kind! Last chance for your homework, or I may ban you forever. Don't visit this site again, with your lame-ass comments. If you won't admit the truth, then I am shoving you under Obama's bus...where you belong!

MEG said...

Hey Kevin
here's the bus for dear Victor:

This video always makes me LMAO!

Cynthia said...

Incredible blog and site - cannot wait to hear/see you on July 4th!

Victor said...


I've done my research. I've submitted it here for anyone with eyes that can see.

Remember the issue I called you out on: your claim that neo-Nazis and groups like Aryan Nation belong to the political left.

Explain, please, how this quote fits in with your assertion:

"In a determined attempt to curb right-wing violence, the German government banned six neo-Nazi groups between 1994 and 1995."


Or this quote:

"Frequent demonstrations attracting thousands of radical supporters of extreme nationalism or a revival of National Socialism in Germany have become a feature of right-wing extremism in Germany."


Or these quotes:

"It is no surprise, then, that Aryan Nations has for many years had members in common with several other white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups and that the Aryan Nations compound at Hayden Lake has served as one of the central meeting points and rallying grounds of far-right extremists of all stripes."

"Yet The Order, and to a lesser degree Aryan Nations, has retained a mythic status in the far-right underground."


Welcome to class, Kevin. Take a seat, open your book, and let's see what evidence you can find to support your side.

Moogie P said...

Ta-ta, Victor.

I've R-E-A-L-L-Y wondered about Michelle's conspicuous absence. You'd think she'd be all, "Bring it!"

The Black Sphere said...

@Cynthia - Thanks much! Get people there to BUY MY BOOK! :-)

The Black Sphere said...

@Victor - I am indulging your ignorance, because you at least tried on your homework. I give you an D+.

First, don't run to Germany to explain your party's racist past. The reason I didn't give you an F is that you at least recognized the roots of your KKK brethren and neo-Nazi's from Germany. Heil Hitler!

Your next assignment not to get kicked out is to research LBJ, and his scheme to keep blacks voting Democrat "for the next 200 years!"

Good luck! If you don't pass, it's over for you. Now let me be going outside the US for this. It's not necessary.

The Black Sphere said...

@Moogie P - So true! She has nothing to bring. She ain't hating America so much right now.

Maggie said...

this is off topic but I feel that folks here might be interested in helping with this campaign to put an end to the kind of misogyny that allowed Obummer to be elected unscathed whilst women were unmercifully attacked by the left wing ratbags that appear on TV

Maggie said...


there is a very interesting link between the USA leftwing and the neo-Nazis. It is called the Muslim Brotherhood.

What Victor is missing here is that the Muslim Brotherhood had its roots in Nazi Germany. The left in the USA seem to be in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood in its various guises including Hamas, Hizbollah and other like organizations. They are enablers of the terrorism that we have witnessed since at least the late 1960s, including the murder of the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games. How I wish that more people understood the significance of the choice of Munich for that particular act of terrorism.

We have a funny way of recognizing the Nazis and their ilk as right wing, when in fact they are left wing. Their brand of socialism does not vary all that much from Marxism. The state is still supreme but with the difference of White Supremacy, which leads me into the significance of Munich as the venue for the act of terror against the Israelis. You have to go back in time to 1936 and the previous Olympics in Munich..... If people do not understand my meaning then they need to research what happened during the Munich Olympics 1936.

What is really appalling to me is that the Democrats I am certain were the real carpetbaggers, but historical revisionism has been naming the Republicans in this role. Yet there is more that is appalling as well, because it the Democrats who began the KKK. (I am hazy on the name of the General behind the KKK). This means that there has been a shift from right to the left, to the situation where blacks, Hispanics and others have enslaved themselves to the Democrats because they are hearing what they want to hear.

Islam is a mixture of both left and right. Islam is a political theocracy. It is not a religion per se, but it is politics dressed up as a religion. If Islam were to become triumphant in the USA then there would be no more separation of Church and State.

The leftists and liberals have persuaded the courts that the tenet of separation of Church and State means not allowing Christian prayers etc, and yet they ignore the creep of Sharia. By not understanding the historical roots behind the doctrine of separation of Church and State they have failed to appreciate that in the ancient days the State imposed the one religion upon the people. In Roman times, if you did not worship the emperor as a god then you were headed to the Coleseum to be food for the lions.

Victor is such an ass that he does not understand the historical perspective concerning Islam. He does not understand their fundamentalism and he does not understand how it is that the liberal left in the USA seem to be in bed with people who want to enslave the population in the name of Allah.

The Black Sphere said...

@Maggie - Exactly. Victor is a typical liberal. What else need be said!

Anonymous said...

Victor quotes NEWS stories, from the LEFT WING Euro media, to prove his point that neonazis are right wing?

Of course... what were we thinking? the media knows everything and always speaks the truth, right?

All I know is, the more state power is accumulated and the more freedoms are taken from individuals, the more left wing the government is.

Alternatively, the more people are free to make their own decisions in life, and the more they're free to reap the rewards of their success and to suffer the consequences of their failures, the more right wing that government is.

Lefties believe government solves all. Righties believe government causes at LEAST as many problems as it solves, given that govt is made up of FLAWED HUMAN BEINGS with agendas, the same flawed human beings who make up the general public as well. If the public can't be trusted to get it right, why would we trust government? They're also untrustworthy human beings. And they have MUCH more power than we do, which only makes them MUCH more dangerous to us.

It's senseless. And the proper compromise was described hundreds of years ago by an American -- "He governs best who governs least".

We don't need anarchy, but right now anarchy is improbable. A totally powerful state with totally unfree citizens is HIGHLY probable. That is the risk we face. victor would welcome it and say we're better off being governed by 'our betters'. But where is the proof that anyone in government is 'better' than me?

Big Dave

The Black Sphere said...

@Big Dave - Victor is a dweeb. I result to 3rd-grader name calling, because like most liberals, Victor can understand his own tribal language.

helene1026 said...

I only have one comment. Victor, do you work, retired or independently wealthy. You are always on the board. I work at home so peek once in a while. I am in the healthcare which Ted Kennedy will now rewrite with no BRAIN. Victor you have a lot of time on your hands. Don't mind your rants as I don't read much of them no time - work 12 hours a day and now new account. Healthcare being run by morons who know nothing of healthcare.

Laurie said...

Helene - My son just graduated high school and is planning on going for a nursing degree in college. I wonder and worry what our health care system will look like by the time he's ready to start his career. Will good nurses be making $25,000 a year because it's considered social work? Will our doctors and nurses be imported from Thailand and India because they'll work cheaper? That's what's happened in the U.K. I envision our middle-class fading into oblivion. Our govt wants to make sure that high paying careers are a thing of the past. They say that's not true, but their policies are directed that way. BHO has got to go!

RebeccaH said...

As a white woman of flabby arms (hey, I'm old, gimme a break), I have to say I don't think much of Michelle's taste in clothes, or her apparent disdain for America, but I will say: she's a professional politician's wife, and there can't be a worse hell than that. Exhibit A: she can't go to the Middle East without wrapping herself up in a woman-shroud and acting like the furniture. Exhibit B: she can't openly state her mind (even if it's insulting to us whites) without being flayed in public opinion. Welcome to the political top of the heap, Michelle. Many a white woman before you walked that ugly road.

I think everyone should just lay off. I won't say she didn't ask for it: every politician's wife is mostly a willing victim. But politicians' families should be off-limits to the mud-slinging, if only in the interest of civility.

The Black Sphere said...

@Rebecca - In the interest of the lamestream media has "taken the high road" with Bush's family.

Michelle is as fair game as her African husband. When she hit the stump with "...for the first time, blah blah blah", she was fair game.

We are being civil. This is a meaningful discussion of women's rights.

Da Sicilian said...

And can we talk about Sarah Palin here for a moment? She may be 'fair game,' altho, one would hope w/some civility. But what of her family? You notice the msm, letterman, et al, go after her defenseless children...Few go after her husband (probably because he carries). The little chip shots that have been taken by mo are nothing in comparison to the Palin FAMILY.

The Black Sphere said...

@Da Sicilian - GREAT point! Palin did nothing except show liberal women, what a REAL American woman and mother, and conservative is like. That scared the heck out of them, because they can NEVER emulate a good conservative woman. And the excoriate her and her family. The PIGS!

Da Sicilian said...

Excoriate is a good word...but ima plain sort of guy....rape is a better fit...

Anonymous said...

you can't get michelle to cover her arms, think she would cover her hair?
after all that work to get it straightened. never gonna happen.

If you noticed she always met him in Europe during his trips, never in the middle east.

SO 2 different plane trips across the big pond and 2 back so she could go shopping. Nice, support foreign retailers and do nothing but waste fuel for the taxpayers to pay.

Anonymous said...

Recently discovered your blog. I like it!

I was told Michelle could not accompany him to the Middle East because a Muslim man cannot bring a non-Muslim wife into Muslim lands. He claims not to be Muslim; however, they consider him part of their faith.


helene1026 said...

I see Iranian Hitler fixed the election so he would win again - poor Iranian people. BO must be proud. he did a good job for swaying Muslimism. He is so anti-Israel imo. Israel gave Palestinans land that Israel cultivated for 20 years and look what they done - sand more sand - they do not want the land - they want dead Jews who work hard to make a country.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I like your blog and your attitude!! I am an older white woman who is Republican and conservative and I am connecting to you--who are young and good looking and black and conservative. Now is the time for us all to STAND TOGETHER. Stop waiting in line to be nice and polite; just shout it out like it is. Obuma is going to eat us all. BTW, I have bookmarked you with RedState, Gateway Pundit, Hot Air, and Texas Rainmaker to name just a few. Keep "sayin it like it is".

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon - Thanks for promoting me on those other sites. Now I can stop doing it ALL on my own! :-) I will keep saying it like it is!

Trish said...

Stop the presses- FRANCE has issued a burka ban!!! Since when has the president of France had more hutzpah than the US pres????? I guess since NOW!

Da Sicilian said...

It goes beyond that...Sarkozy has come out against the fouled elections in Iran...while our gutless leader sips about chutzpah....

Da Sicilian said...

'let them eat cake...'

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