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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obama Uses Iranian Tactics

Obama is a day late and a dollar short in his condemnation of Iran. And even when he does finally show up, he tries to take both sides of the issue.

Obama warned Iran to listen to the will of the people. And in the same breath he said that what Iran does is none of our business. How’s that for leadership from the so-called leader of the free world?

And if Obama’s inaction the equivocation is not bad enough, it gets worse. America’s position in the world has deteriorated to a new low, so much so that France is now the protector of the downtrodden! What’s the world coming to, when the French have to stand up where the US will not. Obama is forcing “lovers” to become “fighters!” Read more here...



Linda J. Hutchinson said...

O One
B Big
A Ass
M Mistake
A America

B.O. is worse than worthless to the American people. How, shaking head in disgust, did AMERICA manage to elect an illegal immigrant/Socialist boarding on Fascist/totally dysfunctional/totally inept/totally unqualified/Muslim masquerading as a Christian/bald-faced liar, to the highest office in the land?

B.O. is America's embarrassment. America's shame.

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Sadly, his attitude does not amaze me.

jon said...

I'm thinking Obama has been involved with so many rigged elections, he's honoring the practice. How can he say anything about Iran, when Acorn is just as corrupt?

Maggie said...

If he said anything stronger it would show this spineless idiot to be nothing more than an hypocrite!!

I have been blogging this serious situation and following a variety of sources ( many of them are Iranian). What I have heard and seen on those videos is heartbreaking. I managed to watch the death of Neda Agah Soltan. It infuriates me the way that her family has been treated by the regime.

The doctor who was a witness to the incident was there by accident - he heard the demonstration and went to have a look and he saw Neda being shot. He said at first they thought that the Basij who shot her was on the rooftop but it turns out he was on the back of a motorcyle. He said that the crowd captured the Basij who murdered Neda and they took his ID plus his photograph.

I have yet to see his picture plastered all over the net.

Then comes the real horror of the Basij taking axes to unarmed people who had been on a bus or buses, who were herded off the buses, and then the Basij came out of their hiding place - a nearby mosque. They started laying into the people, using axes, bashing the women and throwing them off a bridge to their deaths.

I have doubts that 8 Basij have died - unless they were bashed to death, since the protesters have been unarmed (unless they captured Basij weapons they could not have killed them with a bullet).

It is not meddling in the internal affairs of a country to come out with a statement of outright condemnation of the human rights abuses that are taking place. The silence of the Obama Administration is sending the wrong message to the world. It is a message that is characterized by the weakness of a most craven individual - one who has no right to occupy the White House. He is not a good example to American blacks.

Hathor said...

Another Obamafest!

Naitsu said...

The BOGUS POTUS Mohammedan Barrack HUSSEIN O-BOW-ma the Laughing Jackass of a Teleprompter Kid and LIAR Messiah is just an 'empty suit'. He has exposed himself for the wimp that he is and totally failed the 3 am test. what more can be said of this loser.

The Black Sphere said...

ALL - I agree, Obama is an embarrassment. How can you NOT stand up for peaceful protest? Unless you are not for it to begin with. Amazing mass of insanity that guy!