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Monday, June 08, 2009

Obama’s Inner Muslim

When Obama plans an overseas trip, America goes on "blue" alert. There is just no predicting what he is going to say. All you know for sure is that it will be anti-American in some way. And in his latest overseas visit, Obama has gotten in touch with his "inner Muslim." The problem is his "inner Muslim" is no different than his outer Muslim. The difference with this this trip is that along with America, Israel got punked.

In a departure from his campaign rhethoric, Obama is finally admitting to his Muslim heritage, his time spent in Muslim countries, his Muslim faith, his knowledge of the Qur'an, and …his dominion over the Jews. Apparently America will not dictate to other countries as to how they should rule their people—unless that country is Israel.

In what Jews had to have seen coming, Obama is asking for a freeze to Jewish settlements , essentially making way for more Palestinian settlers…and Jewish tormentors. However, as this article in Jewish Journal suggests, there is no reason for Israel to panic:

"Obama has reiterated the call for a settlement freeze, but also stressed that "it's still early in the conversation" and that "patience is needed. The president also has stressed the White House's continuing commitment to Israel's security, isolating Hamas and fighting to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon."

If Obama's commitment to Israel's security is anything like his commitment to America security, then I say Israel is better off using Hamas or the PLO for their security.

In Obama's defense, we are still early in the "word" stage. If necessary, Obama is prepared to deal "really harsh words" to Hamas and Iran in support of Israel. Apparently this is enough for the American Jews, because Jewish groups are not speaking out against Obama, even as he has said that Iran should be able to have nuclear energy. And why not! It's not like Iran is for the complete annihilation of Israel, or something so heinous as that. That type of ideology would be downright crazy.

Obama continued selling hypocrisy, with a visit to Buchenwald, a site where thousands of Jews were killed at the hands of the Nazis—another group with the silly idea of eradication of the Jews. This visit might have been more believable had a day or so earlier Obama mentioned to his Muslim family…I mean audience, about their oppression of women, and their stated goal of annihilation of the Jews!

Hopefully the world is beginning to see what conservatives in America have recognized about Obama since he blasted onto the scene. That is—Obama will tell you what you want to hear. And he is bold enough to not worry about being on record. He has the uncanny ability to convince Jews that he is pro-Israel, and pro-Jew. They are in a hypnotic trance, blind followers of Obama—so much so that they are silent about Obama wanting Iran to have nuclear power.

How can a man of so many words say nothing, yet entrance the feeble-minded? There I go, answering my own question. I find more meaning in the unintelligible utterances of six-month old babies, than in anything Obama says. Yet many Jews (and other ignorant Democrats) seem to have fallen for his gibberish.

"…we must reject the false comfort that others' suffering is not our problem, and commit ourselves to resisting those who would subjugate others to serve their own interests."

Talk about the pot calling the kettle "half-black!"

Here's the wrap:

I find it incredulous that the Jews who strongly support their homeland, and who are entrepreneurial , and religious as a whole, could even consider supporting Obama. Inasmuch as ignorant white Democrats experienced "white guilt," perhaps there is such a thing as "Muslim guilt" amongst ignorant Jews?

I am not sure what the Jews who voted for Obama were thinking. Their insanity is surpassed only by that of blacks. Not that I exonerate blacks from their ignorance of voting overwhelmingly for Obama, but at least they had African culture and hatred of "whitey" as possible excuses.

I know I am being an alarmist about Obama's willingness to allow the Iranians to have "peaceful" nuclear energy, and wants the Palestinians to be much closer to the Israeli settlements. I do find it a bit puzzling that Obama decides to introduce the world to his inner Muslim at this time. I guess when you are running for king of the world, having 1B possible supporters will make even Obama decide to finally come out of the closet. Even if it means punking one of America's closest allies.

That's my rant!

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Da Sicilian said...

Kevin...The interesting thing here, I just saw on the news this AM that in the Euro elections the conservatives have scored victories. Above and beyond our (not soon enuff) 2010 elections...I wonder if the Euros are nervous about how left leaning we are and are attempting to compensate. And in the European union, the center-right out paced the center-left by 267 to 159. Even in France the socialists were 'trounced' by Sarkozy's cons.

Ahhh...ya gotta love the ying and yang of the universe...

Da Sicilian said...

I should also say that it's not just how left-leaning we are...but how weak we appear...

helene1026 said...

Those arms!!! ROFLMAO!!! They are in France celebrating daughter's birthday as France kisses his gluteus and he continues to think he is Moses parting the sea from America to across. I want to know why Jews voted for BO who farts on Israel.

The Black Sphere said...

@Da Sicilian - I agree. I don't think America as a whole has shifted left, just that we have a maniac for POTUS!

Anonymous said...

Shanna Nicole Cramer at 7:58am June 8

You are just so full of HOPE ha ha!

The Black Sphere said...

@Helene - Too funny woman!

Da Sicilian said...

Kevin...not so sure I agree w/you completely...I do believe that we have moved left and are closer to center-left than center right. Even if a swing occurs during mid-term and 2012 elections...methinks we may already be down the slippery slope.

M.L. Bushman/Jigsaw Press said...


You questioned the silence of the Jews with regard to Obama's statement about allowing Iran "nuclear energy."

Don't take that silence as "support." Hebrews, better than any other in the world, not only believe, but practice "never let the right hand know what the left is doing."

In a regular street fight between two people, who would you be more wary of: the man waving his weapon and shouting epithets and threats or the man standing silently on the receiving end?

By opening his mouth, Obama reveals his intent to "allow" Iran to have "nuclear energy." And you're right, Israel got punked. By saying basically nothing, Israel and American Jews reveal nothing, although to me, that silence indicates an intent to do something about that, to act--but only when the time is right.

I was taught never to pull a gun unless you intend to use it. And to use it without any warnings and threats. If you pull the gun, you pull the trigger, no talking necessary. Unlike the person who waves his pistol, threatening to take action, I was taught that if negotiations fail, as a last resort to save yourself, you take action. But you don't show your enemy your hand prior to that taking of action. You don't announce what you plan to do, you just do it.

The lessons are basically in the Bible, the Old Testament. That plus a lot of study is one key to understanding Israel's and the Jews' reactions, or lack thereof.

Our president can talk all he wants, and the more he talks, the less respect the world has for him (something he has failed to grasp about the world mindset in general), but never forget that the Jews have plans they will not reveal on pain of death. Just as I will never tell a burglar or any other threatening me or mine that I have a gun until I feel the need to use it in my own defense. The last thing that bad guy will see and know on this Earth is that I do have a gun and am not afraid to use it.

The Old Testament is full of such wisdom, for those who wish to look.

lrey said...

Ridiculous. It's time our policy had more balance. Being a friend to Israel doesn't mean we have to make enemies of everyone else in the region. There being two sovereign states, Israel and Palestine, is in our, the U.S., interest. Not only will it be beneficial to us geopolitically, it is fair and moral. It is not the role of the U.S. to favor either Judaism or Islam. As long as groups are arguing over the primacy and validity of supernatural revelations there will never be peace. If we treat it like the secular real estate problem it is, there can be an equitable solution. Let the theologians debate and postulate, let the historians document the tragedies of history, but let rational secular people develope a political solution for the real world. There will be a time, and maybe it has arrived, when the best interests of the U.S. and Israel diverge. There is nothing wrong with our President pursuing a course that recognizes what is best for us, and what is the best Israel can hope for, it it desires peace.

The Black Sphere said...

@ML - I know Israel will react no matter what, and I should have been more clear that Obama "tried" to punk Israel. He DID punk American Jews who voted overwhelmingly for him, second only to blacks. Great comment, and I agree with you.

The Black Sphere said...

@Irey - The only ridiculousness is YOU! You want to moderate the Muslim's intent on the annihilation of the Jews. I guess you are "neutral" on annihilation.

You need to grow up, and know when it's time to take sides. Israel is not threatening the annihilation of Muslims! And all this over what...some small patch of land that Palestinians say is theirs? I guess there just isn't enough desert to go around in the Middle East?

And to think that Obama is the answer demonstrates the level of your stupidity, so much so I gagged reading your comment.

There's this thing inside of your's called a BRAIN! USE IT!

Da Sicilian said...'re exactly right...after all...look how well Jimmy Carter made out w/his mideast policies. and ain't it great he's going back there to 'help out.'

If this were a simple real estate problem, you're correct, it may have been fixed a long time ago, however I don't think we can simply shrug off thousand(s) of years history

Subvet said...

"Obama has reiterated the call for a settlement freeze, but also stressed that "it's still early in the conversation" and that "patience is needed. The president also has stressed the White House's continuing commitment to Israel's security, isolating Hamas and fighting to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon."

Old joke; Q: How does a New Yorker say he's gonna f*** you?

A: "Trust me."

What we keep hearing from B.O. is
"Trust me."

Most Rev. Gregori said...

At least we learned about our nation's history when Obabma gave his Cairo speech. I never knew that the Muslims contributed to the founding of the United States. Nor did I know that they also played an important part in our country's growth. Who knew?

The Black Sphere said...

@Subvet - Too funny!

The Black Sphere said...

@Most Rev - I agree totally. Not much mention of them in my history books!

lrey said...

There should be two sovereign states for two peoples, neither of whom has a superior claim to the geography, except that which derived by force of arms, and as we see, has never been translated into peace. What is stupid about that? Why is it so upsetting if someone can see the obvious necessity for a Palestinian state while supporting the continued existance of the state of Israel. I am not defending extreme rhetoric or threats on either side, and both antagonists can point to vicious and violent words and actions of the other. I am simply saying there is only one morally correct solution -two sovereign states. What can be done about thousands of years of history - I don't know. Whether the policies of contemporary man should be dictated by ancient scripture (who's scripture?)is problematic. The problem is land. Can we say for the Israelis to be secure, the Palestinians should have nothing? Can we say that a Palestinian state makes Israel less secure? Extremists on both sides want it all their way. I suggest the average person, the majority of both populations want an equitable peace. I believe reasonable and moderate people in the region would be willing to make a deal along the lines of the "Road Map". And when the moderate segments of society accept a solution, the extremists will be marginalized. I think a reasonable, middle of the road posture by the U.S. is the one and only formula for success, and will have the additional benefit of enhancing our geopolitical well-being. If you start thinking like an American instead of an Israeli surrogate and just consider the possibility that what is is our best interest may also be in the long term best interests of the antagonists and that region as a whole, the value of a more balanced policy growing from dispassionate thought may be useful and what is required to break the stagnant violent state of existance in that region

The Black Sphere said...

@Irey - Easy to say, as long as it's not your neighbor tossing bombs at you daily. And you have nothing against them, except the need to be left alone.

I get your meaning, if we were dealing with the real world, i.e. rational people, which Hamas is not!

Anonymous said...

Phil Hutsler at 8:18am June 8

Let's see Obama has the support of Gays yet doesnt' support their primary issue, Gay Marriage. He has the support of Jews, yet doesn't support Israel. He has the support of Catholics, yet is the most activist abortion advocate since Roe v Wade. He has Nationalized Banking, Insurance and the Auto Industry, in the name of "saving" jobs while ... Read Moreunemployment continues up.

Could it just be that no-one sees an alternative? As long as Republicans continue to position themselves as Democrat Light, Americans will continue to follow the "pretty" leader.

erp said...

A couple of reasons secular Jews vote left. One, they're more concerned about Christian evangelicals than they are of Moslem terrorists. Yes, it's crazy, but true. Also right wingers are depicted as crazies ala "Deliverance" or "Elmer Gantry" or demonized as a dumb hicks like Sarah Palin.

Two, they're more likely to be well educated and work on Wall Street or in the media, the public sector, academe, the arts, etc. and naturally lean left as do their colleagues. As a conservative in that milieu, I can tell you it ain't easy. You can either keep your mouth shut or endure the hate and vituperation spewing down on your head.

Religious Jews are often conservative, but there are fewer and fewer of them with interfaith marriages, etc.

Consider also that there's widespread support for Obama among Israeli's as well.

Would anything change among secular Jews were Obama to actually destroy Israel? If I had to bet, I'd say no.

Limbaugh was right when he defined Democrats as mind-numbed robots.

The Tominator said...

So what does Oboingo plan to do, paper clip a "strongly worded letter" to Hamas to the 900 million we're giving them for "rebuilding" purposes..?

And who is he to "allow" any country to develop or not develop (that is the... well, you get it) "clean nuclear energy," while he and his Democrud oligarchy simultaneously do all in their power to forbid our own country to explore and exploit our own vast energy reserves..?

His hypocrisy is as off the chart as his arrogance. We MUST impeach him as soon as possible.

lrey said...

I think you help make my point. You, as well as some of the other commentators have referenced "history". Well from a certain perspective the genesis of the problem may stem from the foundation of a jewish state in what some people consider "their backyard". And now those interlopers simply want to be "left alone". My point is that we as Americans, having our own geopolitical interests to care for, needn't recycle endless recriminations, validate the historic views of either party, or attack each other over the He said -She said of decades of conflict. We should only focus on a solution. We can't change history. And we can't expect God to break the tie by declaring which side has his favor. If we allow our country to act fairly and impartially, I believe we will gain more friends than enemies.
Let me ask you, if you were asked to mediate the situation, with the goal being a fair and just peace- how would you approach it? If the world was counting on you to resolve this 60 year conflict, what proposals would you make? Again, I'm about a solution - not taking sides.

Anonymous said...

Most Rev. Gregori, Kevin

In defense of "DOTUS", he is correct in that the muslims did help to build the United States, just not the way he remembers. Read up on the "First Barbary War" and the "Second Barbary War". The first war (after some time) showed the world we could defend ourselves and fight as a nation. Furthermore, all the talk about Thomas Jefferson and him having a koran and being accepting of islam, in my opinion was all about knowing your enemies and how they thought rather than what it is made out to be.

Gene Brown

Anonymous said...

Sarah Martin at 11:06am June 8

I have a friend who proudly proclaims to EVERYONE that she "is a proud Jew!" and YET she was obsessed with Obama and couldn't wait to cast her vote for him.I pointed out his memoirs in which he wrote that if it came down to Muslims or Jews he would always side with Muslims...I asked my friend how she could vote for this man who stood against her race and she never would respond. I don't get it....

The Black Sphere said...

@erp - Great comment, and spot on!

The Black Sphere said...

@Tominator - Well put!

The Black Sphere said...

@Irey - I'm about telling the Palestinians to find land elsewhere. Let me see...Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Turkey...surely they have land not in use, and are willing to cede some to their Muslim brothers? Ever looked on a map on how big Israel is? And don't you think it stands to reason that Israel had SOME land at SOME point?

I ask you again, would you like to live across the street from somebody who considered you an enemy because you now own land that they felt was once theirs? And they terrorized you daily, despite your best efforts to get along?

Blacque Jacques Shellacque said...

How can a man of so many words say nothing, yet entrance the feeble-minded?

It's a cult. Nothing more and nothing less.

erp said...

Tom... Impeachment won't happen. We must somehow stiffen the spines of the so-called Republicans to fight Obama et al.'s initiatives. Since the media are useless, we only have blogs and grassroots movements to spread the truth. Without the internet we'd really be out of resources, no wonder Obama wants to control it.

The good rev. and anon are correct about the Barbary pirates and Jefferson's Koran. The movie, "The Wind and the Lion" is an entertaining, if a bit fancified, depiction of those times. It was on one of the cable channels last week and I'm sure available for rental everywhere.

Irey, I do not take either a biblical/historic or religious solution. I'm neither a Jew nor a follower of any other religion. I am an old white woman of Slavic ancestry who was born and bred in New York, but who has lived in various other parts of the country.

During my childhood in NYC, we had Moslem friends and neighbors. Nothing like this kind of hatred existed then. What changed? The American cultural revolution of the 60's and 70's happened and we're still feeling the effects of allowing Soviet commies to disrupt our country. Obama is the natural extension of that movement for modern times.

My take on Israel:

Israeli's should be left alone to solve their own problem. However, as allies, we should sell them whatever kind of weapons they require for their security.

If I were the Israeli PM, I'd probably bomb the nuclear facilities in Iran and let the terrorists know that they won't be accommodated anymore. After backing up that doctrine a couple of times, things should quiet down. I would positively NOT hold any more talks anywhere, especially with UN or US officials attending until there are stable Israel-neutral governments in the neighborhood. I don't care if they're Democratic or Despotic as long as they recognize Israeli borders and are not hostile.

In case anyone cares:

There is not now nor was there ever a Palestine in the history of the globe, so it follows there can't be any Palestinians.

While there are over a million Moslems living in Israel, some of whom are in the Knesset, there are practically zero Jews living in any other the neighboring countries and BTW this goes for Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. as well.

If the total territory of Moslem countries were compared to a football field, the total Israeli territory would be about the size of a book of matches.

When Israeli's left the "territories" the last time, they sold all the many green houses to the Bill Gates foundation which gave them to the new Moslem settlers. These were ongoing profitable businesses producing fruit and vegetables for markets. One of the first things they did, was destroy them all. Allahu Akbar!

So much more like this. As they say, you could look it up.


BTW - Thanks a lot Kevin for running this great forum.

mh said...

Note to Irey: The Arab Muslim animosity towards Jews started well before the creation of Israel. It started in the 1920s with attacks against Jews and increased after the Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a strong Nazi ally who, during the 1930s and 40s, tried to do to the Jews of Palestine what the Nazis were doing to the Jews of Europe.

You also need to be aware that much of the Jewish territory that was settled prior to the creation of Israel was either sand, swamp or legally purchased. The territory had been ruled by the Ottomans and then by the British after WWI. There was never an independent country in that region. There had always been a Jewish presence in Jerusalem, dating back to the time of King David.

As you can see from the maps, the amount of land that was to become Israel kept getting reduced, up until the time of the UN Partition Plan, when the Jewish territory amounted to ~10% of the original.

So, the Arabs of Palestine received their country in 1946 in the form of Trans-Jordan, now called Jordan. The Arabs of the non Trans-Jordanian territory had a chance for a country in 1948, but rejected it in exchange for a war intended to remove Jews from the region.

Following Israel's victory, Jordan controlled the West Bank and Egypt controlled Gaza. Funny how Egypt and Jordan never granted those 700,000 Arab refugees citizenship or an independent country, yet Israel managed to absorb 800,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries.

So Arab countries have used Palestinian Arabs as political pawns for 60 years, teaching them to hate and blow up Jews, yet the international community has decided that it is the Jews who must sacrifice land and blood.

Let's face facts. The Oslo Accords granted Arab control over most of the West Bank and Gaza 15 years ago. Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in 2006. Palestinian Arabs have had opportunities to to build social and economic infrastructure for years with millions of dollars contributed by governments and charities.

But they just can't do it! Why? Because they would rather kill Jews than feed and educate themselves.

This is a sick pathology that cannot be reasoned or negotiated with, but the world doesn't care because it only loves dead Jews from Auschwitz, not live Jews who are defending themselves against the new Nazis.

The Black Sphere said...

@erp & mh - I'm sure many of my readers are getting a great history lesson on all of this. I know I am.

The net of it is that Israel is not lobbing bombs into Muslim countries, until provoked.

Anonymous said...

Dan Schmucker at 8:11am June 8

It's a good thing the 'Rev' Wright didn't influence this clown

Anonymous said...

Karen Celmer Sturgis at 2:31pm June 8

I believe Rush and Sean said it Perfectly, and It is what I said and people thought I was crazy. I think coming from them two it is okay to say now. When you hang around with people like Reverand Wright, Calypso Louie Farrakhan, Father Phalger, Bernandine Dorn, William Ayers, Tony Rezko, Rahm Emmanuel, you get a VERY ANGRY MAN. You get someone who... Read More has been raised to Believe that this Nation is a hateful, wrong nation. Being around Radicals and Angry makes you very Dangerous. I also believe this is Dangerous. I also believe he is Very Angry. Now that Obama is running the country he thinks it is perfect, to say the things he is saying because he truly believes we have been wrong. He has been Pushing away our European Allys in favor of Muslim ones. This man has been and always will be a MUSLIM. There is no inner about it. Speaks about the Koran not because he did a quick study, but BECAUSE he does know it. Speaks in Arabic not because He learned a few words, it is Because he does know it

Julie said...

Kevin, this has been an interesting topic and an informative one. As usual the comment section is a must read part of your posts. And I just have to say this. that picture of Obama with his skirts billowing around him, priceless.

madmath1 said...

I know KJ and I respectfully differ on opinons but after his speech in Cairo, I'm certain BO is a Muslim Machurian Candidate. Everything is about promoting Islam and degrading anyone that isn't. It's gone beyond opportunist when he quoted a jihadist verse from the Koran ( a book that can't be touched by a Muslim, much less read by an infidel).

This view of Israel is typical of the bigotry of Muslim. As Irey and his ilk don't get, the Palistians, who have been rejected by their own Muslim brothers, had been given that two state options 3 times and had rejected it every time for war and extermination. They constantly break their cease fires, unless you define a cease fire as being from firing 1000 rockets a day to 500. Their charters require the extermination of the Jews. I guess leftist Jews and morons like Irey wouldn't get it if Canada or Mexico was firing rockets and bombs in their front yard. They would buy BO's rhetoric that we asked for it with our policies (never mind we give illegal Mexicans more than they could ever dream of having in Mexico). I remember the old bumber sticker when it comes to these stupid, insane liberals: I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

The Black Sphere said...

@Julie - You were the first to comment on that pic! Good catch!

The Black Sphere said...

@Madmath1 - I'm inclined to agree, Madmath1. Two votes for Manchurian Candidate

Rose-Bud said...

Let me throw my two cents into the fray...The other muslim countries have not lifted a finger to help the Palenstine muslims, Why? Because they have victims they can use as pawns to further their anti-American agenda.
The land Israel gave the Palestine people they destroyed, and turned back into a desert. They refuse to spend money on bettering their conditions, instead they are always shown living in squalor conditions.
When my sister visited Israel last year she saw how one city was divided, Jews on one side the Muslims on the other. She was shocked to see the pitiful living conditions of the muslims. She said it was like stepping back in time. It is insane for the Palestine muslims to blame Israel for their problems, which they themselves continue to create.

The Black Sphere said...

@Rose-Bud - Sounds suspiciously like blacks in America, right? Anybody want to hazard a guess as to how Palestinians are perceived in the Muslim world?

Pawns are useful everywhere, particularly in Marxism, socialism, fascism, communism, and LIBERALISM!

erp said...

Remember what Golda Meir said, there'll never be peace in Israel until Arabs learn to love their children more than they hate Jews.

erp said...

Karen, I don't care if Obama's Moslem or not, as long as he's an American first, but from the evidence so far, he's first and foremost for himself.

Imagine he left his wife and daughters back in Europe even though he originally said they'd spend the weekend in Paris because he had work to do -- on his golf game.

Sam said...

1) The Palestinians are the loser- 3rd cousin-hobos of the Muslim world. They are fortunate that Israel even allows them an acre of land to live on, and in no way are they entitled to statehood.

2) The Jews who voted for Obama are just like the Christians who are liberal in that they are "cultural" Jews or Christians - they aren't spiritually devoted to the faith whatsoever, but still try to identify themselves with the religion. Obama is definitely a cultural Christian and is also likely a cultural Muslim. Heck, he's such an appeaser that he even spoke of being part Irish back on St. Patrick's Day and once mentioned that both his parents were agnostic. So, don't be surprised when he makes some claim that ties him to Jews, Hindus, Hare Krishnas, etc. because he's trying to "relate" to whoever he has to in order to gain favor.

3) Once again Kevin, this post is right on!

Stormbringer said...

Kevin, you have some insightful readers...can I borrow some? Actually, the whole Obummer Muslim thing really grinds my gears. His talk about how wonderful Muslims are, their contributions to science, medicine, etc. were amazingly wrong. No wonder the world is laughing at us!

Instead of kissing Mohammed's camel's tail, he could have called them on at least SOMETHING, such as their gleeful use of torture, their intolerance of other religions, their blatant hypocrisy.

'Scuse me, gotta take my BP meds...

erp said...

Rose-bud, Another place to see this phenomenon is across the Texas border in Mexico. We drove north from San Luis Potosi through unimaginable desolation. Then we cross the border from moonscape to the Garden of Eden of Brownsville TX. Huge rolling irrigation machines watering vast vistas of green.

What was the defining reason for the difference? The will of the people.

Dubious Brother said...

The Palestinians have two ways to have their own country - 1. win a war 2. Stop electing terrorists that want to destroy Jews. So far, they have done neither. There are far more "Palestinians" in Jordan than in Israel. The ones in Israel are there by choice. Jordan could easily offer up the land to form a Palestine if that was the issue.

Yassar Arafat stole billions of dollars in "aid" that was sent to help the poor and his widow is enjoying the riches but not in Israel - she was in France the last that I knew of.

The American Jews represent less than 2% of the population here and yet they control a high percentage of
1. the media - TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines to the point of influencing the choice of both parties candidates
2. Wall Street - Investment banks, Hedge funds, banks
3. political contributions to both parties.

Is it in the American Jews' best interest to keep Israel dangerous?

mh said...

I am Jewish and have several Jewish friends, relatives and neighbors who were prepared to vote for McCain until he picked Palin.

I would question their decision as follows:

Candidate A claims to support Israel, claims to be Christian, attends a church that supports Israel, keeps an Israeli flag in the office and is the VICE-presidential candidate.

Candidate B claims to support Israel, claims to be a Christian, attends a church led by Reverend spewing anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli rhetoric, has a known association with Louis Farrakhan, has a known association with at least one high ranking member of the PLO (Rashid Khalidi) and is the PRESIDENTIAL candidate.

Given these two candidates and their respective resumes, you (fill in the blank Jewish person) picked the one with the ANTI-Israel resume???

Here is a message to all the non-Jewish readers who somehow believe that Jews have a greater intellect than everyone else: HAH!

If that were the case, there wouldn't have been 78% of American Jewish voters selecting Candidate B.

The one segment of the Jewish population that seemed to overwhelmingly vote for McCain was the Russian / East European segment. Why? Because they lived Marxism and they recognized and identified it in Candidate B.

As one of my Russian friends said: "I didn't escape Soviet Marxism to have to escape American Marxism."

Jess said...

Obama plays with fire when he dabbles in the Middle East. The controversy has lasted for centuries, and the disagreements usually end in bloodshed. While he equates hours of Muslim religious teachings with decades of experience living in the Middle East, his naivete can only be considered foolish. Eventually, the enemies he makes will find a way to punish him politically for his mistakes. I don't think he realizes the mistakes he makes will end in the loss of lives.

Israel will never be destroyed without a Middle East war of historic magnitude. Dismissing their efforts to survive will only end in a disaster that will affect the entire world.

former bond trader said...

Obama's supporters violently reacted to any mention of Islam in his past. The MSM, however, being the poorest excuse for impartial journalists I have ever seen, would not even examine the issue. The religious background, FOR ANY CANDIDATE, is fair game. Any self-made, independent man, regardless of religion, race, age,etc., would be FURIOUS to get kid glove treatment. If Romney had been the nominee, you can bet the MSM would be bringing up every crazy mormon story on the planet. But, despite its horrible track record against human rights, homosexuals, women, and anyone who isn't muslim, nothing gets brought up. What a bunch of B*****s! I could go to a high school newspaper and get more impartial pros then these idiots. I don't care that conservatives get scrutinized because everyone who runs for office is fair game. But the constant protection of one man is the biggest joke I have ever seen. How do these people even look in the mirror with any pride in what they do? Do all the white MSM idiots go to bed, just happy that they are supporting a Black man and thus, absolving all guilt of past racial transgressions? Our worst racists in this country don't hold a candle to other parts of the world. Not even close. Obama is jealous of Chavez and Castro and looks in jealousy at the Mideast Monarchs. I would have alot more respect if he would just come out and admit it.

The Black Sphere said...

@Dubious - GREAT comment! People read that!

Anonymous said...


"In a departure from his campaign rhethoric, Obama is finally admitting to his Muslim heritage, his time spent in Muslim countries, his Muslim faith, his knowledge of the Qur'an, and …his dominion over the Jews. Apparently America will not dictate to other countries as to how they should rule their people—unless that country is Israel."

About sums up Obama's Islamic tour.

The Black Sphere said...

Honestly just too many great comments to hit them all!

Anonymous said...


In other words we were right! Time to admit that you were wrong, libs.

Anonymous said...


Being Muslim is NOT being anti-American necessarily (although it may be depending on the Muslim). LYING about being Muslim to the American people in order to get elected IS anti-American.

Rose-Bud said...

Good connecting of the dots, Kevin, I missed that one. You are now grad'je'ated to 1st grade! Me, I'm gonna sit back and wait until the goberment put you back where you belong, with the rest of the underachievers! LOL

Erp:The will of the people be damned! Especially when the "lack of will people" can live off the good fruits of others by claiming to be in a victim class.

MEG said...

Micheael Medved, on his radio show, explained why Jews vote for dems, even when they are anti israel. He says it is because most jews see themselves as jewish by race and not religion, so they have no allegiance since they do not practice their religion.
I even asked my Italian-American father, a die-hard union dem why he would not vote for Guiliani because he always told me that I should vote for anyone whose name ends in a vowel. He said that Guiliani was not really Italian because he immigrated from S. America. I pointed out to my father that his mother did the same thing because it was faster that way, but he still did not get the point. I will never understand this blind allegiance to the democratic party, by the jews, the blacks, and the stupid Italian union guy I am related to. The party does nothing for them, but they still give them the votes.
I guess my father can say he voted for Obama because his name ended in a vowel.
By the way Kevin, what do you think about Obama's uncanny resemblance to Malcolm X. Could this be his true muslim roots?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for leaving your web address @ TH: just love your site! I plugged it into my "favorites" and will visit frequently. You are a rare talent.

A tidbit of info. Since approximately half of my family are Jewish, please be advised that typically most Jewish people are Liberals first, and, Jews second. Have a great day, thanks again!

Maggie said...

hey Kevin,
there are some very interesting comments. I will try to find the time to respond to the one person who used the rather feeble argument about land but not right now. The issue goes beyond land. It goes back to when the Muslims laid claim to the Temple Mount.... like duh, it is called the Temple Mount for a reason. In my view it is the mosque that needs to be removed.... but that is another story....

What I want to address here is the fact that Obummer keeps calling himself a student of history, yet his historical facts are so woeful. He could not get the facts correct about his great uncle who was in Germany at the end of the 2nd World War, let alone other facts about Muslims and what they were supposed to have achieved... NOT....

There is something else, which is historical, and being a true student of history, I think that this is the right subject to bring it up because it might also shed some light on why Jews will not vote for a Christian such as Sarah Palin... maybe.

As you are aware we had the Crusades to stop Muslims taking over Europe and later Queen Isabella of Spain introduced the Inquisition. Few understand why this was necessary... we do not have to condone this Spanish Inquisition that is the torture, we just need to understand why it happened. What few people realize is that there were Jews who wanted power so much that they were willing to undergo Baptism so that they could pretend to be Christian, and then they held an un-Baptism ceremony. These were the ones who were subjected to the Spanish Inquisition. At the same time there were Jews who were sponsoring the Moors who were once again on the rise in Spain. What we fail to understand is why they would side with the Muslims and the answer comes down to Jesus Christ. The answer itself is in the Talmud - that the leaders refused to recognize that Jesus is the Messiah........

The Black Sphere said...

@MEG - No Obama doesn't look like Malcolm X, who btw at the time of his death had made a revolutionary change in his thinking. No harm, no are welcome here! :-)

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon from TH - Welcome! And I am aware of your point on the Jews, though I play "country dumb," at times!

The Black Sphere said...

@Maggie - Preach on! I love my knowledgeable commenters!

Anonymous said...

Nancy Frye at 6:55am June 9

I also find it interesting how his wife fits into the picture. Has no one noticed that she is most certainly "in her place"?
Why is she seemingly 'not allowed' to stand as a strong woman, with her own agenda, as former First Ladies had?
Has anyone noticed the 'look' that comes across Obama's face when he's dealing with women? It's there. LOOK.
If we're not careful, we'll become chattel, once again.

Prometeo said...

Trance indeed is the word to describe what is happening to the world who doesn't seem to get it. Obama is turning everything upside down and apparently no one seems to care. It's as he can get away with anything he says.

Laurie said...

Mmm... I don't know... I think he tries to look like Malcolm X when he juts his chin out in the air like he's been doing. Malcolm was a handsome dude. Malcolm's spirit was killed when he realized he was being used by the Nation of Islam / Elijah Mohammad... he was assasinated by his own "brothers". Obama could never hold a candle to Malcolm X. He doesn't have the character or intelligence or dedication of Malcolm X. We must rid ourselves of this phony deceitful man. 2010/2012 can't get here fast enough for me.

BTW, this war between the Arabs and the Jews goes back to Abraham. Abraham thought his wife Sarah was barren so he took an Arab mistress who gave birth to Ishmael. Sarah then gave birth to Isaac. So there the war began, between the two women, and the two brothers.

Thanks Kevin - great article. And thanks to everyone - great comments. I've learned alot today.

Laurie said...

This is off-topic, but I've been looking for a TEXT of Sarkozy's D-Day speech (the best one in my opinion)and can't find it anywhere. If you google "Sarkozy D-Day Speech" all you get it Obama's. Sheesh... you'd think he rules the entire world!

Anyway, I thought I'd put a shout-out to my BlackSphere buds... let me know if you know where I can find it. Thanks!