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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

America - Battered Spouse

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What would you do if you witnessed a rape? Well you just saw another one, and it was performed on Lady Liberty. The mainly Democrat politicians used “carbon” as their phallic tool in torturous violation of the American taxpayer. If you had an inkling that the Democrats (and eight so-called Republicans) care about what you think, you just got your answer: “Just lay there and enjoy it!”

In a 1200 page document—300 pages of which was missing—did not stop the vote. 300 missing pages is just a technicality when you haven’t read the document anyway. So we are left with a new set of regulations that will increase our electricity bills by 90%, perhaps much more some say.

You might wonder why politicians sign bills without reading them, and in blatant disregard for what their constituents want. The answer is they are promised much more than they believe they can get with us. The powers that be can get them better committee seats, more money in their war chests from lobbyists, and so on. And they have seen that Americans have no long-term memories, and simply vote like drones. In short, they know we are suckers of the highest order. In short, they do what they believe will keep them in office. Read more here...



Most Rev. Gregori said...

Kevin, there is an award for you on my blog.

Lillith2008 said...

Sellouts, traitors, turncoats. Term Limits....TERM LIMITS NOW!!

former bond trader said...

Unbelievable arrogance. No respect for people at all. Liberals are about to be taught a huge lesson. People are all about family, jobs, and money. They could give a flying you-know-what about this phony carbon nonsense. If Al Gore is pushing it, you'll recognize the smell immediately. This admin is going to discover that when they start hitting people in the pocketbook, IT'S ON! Especially in a deep recession. Does Obama have any grasp on reality at all? The Democrats are heading for a serious beatdown in 2010. They talk about how the conservatives are falling apart, but that just shows me how scared they are. Just look at how they attack Palin. Ditto. The sense that I get on the street is people are ready to boil over. People are turning in their Obama cards everywhere. It has not hit full boil yet, but just wait for a few more damaging blows, like Universal health care, Senate passing climate tax, the fairness doctrine, and potential hate crimes legislation. What happens when you shove food down anyones throat too fast? It comes back up! I also am loving the shutdown of a water pipe in the San Joaquin valley because of a tiny fish that will cost 80,000 jobs. Just do that to the Hispanic people a few more times, Obama. They are going to love you. Change is coming in 2010!!

The Black Sphere said...

@Most Rev - Great award, but I would kill too much time forwarding it. I do appreciate the thought, and GREAT blog today on homosexuality!

The Black Sphere said...

@Lilith - Term limits!

The Black Sphere said...

@former - Yes, total nonsense, another way for the government to get in our pockets.

former bond trader said...

Term limits are a must! How about reading the damn bill before you pass it? Geez, I see more maturity and intelligence in junior high students. Just the speed at which the stimulus and Cap/trade passed tells you they are trying to sneak it by,like their "midnight" pay raise vote. Keep putting light on the cockroaches,Kevin! Logical challenges are kryponite to a liberal.

Hello Birdy said...

Not only re-elected, but on the initiation list to all the correct parties and events.

These people are egotists and narcissists of the highest order.

Snakes in suits.

We have evolved passed the point of being engaged in any meaningful way regarding our own well-being. We are trusting that to those 'snakes in suit'.

That means we have gotten so dumbed down that there is no ability think critically anymore and reason out what's right and wrong, what works and what has already proved not to work.

The Socialist have been whipping their dead horse for a century and it has always failed with huge loss of live and suffering.

Yet we voted them in.

nerbygirl said...

If you want your friends to understand this TAX on America, then send them this article.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, but I'm a bit upset over comparing anything at all to rape. I understand where you were coming from, but there are other ways to get your point across. take care, and keep up the good fight.

The Black Sphere said...

@Anon - Essentially every blog I write offends somebody. I figured I would get this feedback, however the analogy stands. I'm not insensitive to the plight of rape victims, I assure you. Thanks for the feedback.

Naitsu said...

Kevin given that 96% of your ethnic group voted for the LIAR Messiah can you tell us what caused them to do so was it gullible uneducated stupidity or just plain racism. By the way RACISM gets my vote.

Charles said...

National Review did a good summary of Crap and Pimp bill at

To think of the $'s going to the same Wall Street the Dems are supposed to hate, ought to make their constituents sick.

-suitepotato- said...

If you're still wondering how Obama got elected.

1. Humans believe that which they hear in passing, especially that which fits their natures as socially combative animals. Salacious gossip for instance. Things repeatedly and overwhelmingly but not specifically at them.

2. Humans point dubiousness towards those things said in dire direction to them. Parents lecturing children for instance.

3. Humans being pattern recognition and creation machines they have a tendency for doing this in psychological and social terms such as Jungian archetypes but humans create all kinds of archetypes as the occasion calls.

4. As information is processed swiftly, there is the most discarding of fine grain data and interpretation and the most retained is that which is largest, most gross, and emotionally engaging.

5. Our modern world sees increasing population AND increasing amount of information and information transmission rates are skyrocketing.

All this combines to create a sort of less thinking than feeling mindset where intellectuality fails and instead emotionality rules. That's how Obama got elected. The country selected whoever wasn't the one they were led to be angry towards if not altogether hate: Obama wasn't Bush.

We're going to see this get worse as we progress and evolve. We reflect that which is reflected back from us in a sort of hall of mirrors effect. Information is lost along the way. Entropy results.

It was covered in a book a long time ago called The Lie of Reciprocity but I can't find it now.