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Friday, July 03, 2009

Understanding the Black Experience

I wrote this awhile back for American Thinker, and decided that for the 4th of July I should post it here. It is written much like parts of my new book The BIG Black Lie, so I hope you enjoy it.

I received an email from a black man who was attempting to convince me that, though I am completely black, I have no experience growing up black in America. The bulk of his theory on my ‘blackness' was based on the fact that I constantly lampoon Obama in my blog. He counseled me to embrace Obama, as Obama could help me to "rediscover the black experience." He warned that "whites would never see me, as I see me."

Touting Obama as the poster child for blackness is a ridiculous notion. Further, the idea that Obama can teach me "blackness" is equally ridiculous. Unlike me, Obama is only half-black -- as much white, as he is black. Obama's formative years were spent mostly in the white world. He was raised by his white grandparents in upper middle-class lifestyle. He attended expensive mostly white private schools in his youth, his education culminating with Harvard. Read more...



Jess said...

Yes. Just embrace Obama. Learn how to throw your family under the bus. Be wasteful with the money you are intrusted to protect. Make every effort to force everyone to accept an oppressive government. Ignore pleas for freedom by embracing Socialist dictators and ignoring oppression. Be ellusive in proving your eligibility to hold the office of President. Promote government programs that destroy productivity and encourage dependence. Be eloquent in speech and dishonest in practice.

Wow, I thought the black experience was as rich and varied as the experience of every other race. Apparantly, until you embrace the teachings of Darth Vador, you haven't truly been black.

Mary said...

I watched a couple of 'Zo's videos on YouTube (MachoSauce, if you want to take a look), and on one where he did a pretty fun video about how he was voting for McCain/Palin, there were a lot of comments calling him an "Uncle Tom."
I was pretty shocked--and this is a 20 year old white chick talking here, so I was actually pretty naive that there was any such term in use; and I actually had to look it up. So I commented that I was white, and when I spoke out against Dear Leader (may Allah bless him, donchaknow), I was branded a racist--and I could sort of understand that, even though it's not true. I went on to say that I was saddened to see that if a black man speaks out against BO, he's called a "traitor to his race." I said that I didn't understand how that worked.

I got a reply on that video. The guy that had been trolling up and down the comments (lots of swearing at Zo supporters) informed me that, and I quote:
"You're missing the point. It's not THAT he's a Conservative, it's HOW he's a Conservative."

Great. So, being PC is only for liberals, because pointing out ACORN's racism is "biased," but a black Conservative gets nailed by other black people for what, CWB? Is that a big Foul in the liberal playbook now, Conservative While Black?

Sorry for the long comment, but I have been aggravated by seeing some of the crap that black Conservatives put up with. I'm still mad at Janene Garafalo for saying that black conservatives are "under the influence of Stockholm Syndrome."
Gee...isn't that a racist comment? And from a liberal!
But then we conservatives all know that they're the real bigots, don't we.

Sorry for the mini rant! Anyway, I liked this post. I think you made a lot of excellent points. Good stuff. :)

Julie said...

Kevin, I bet you just didn't know what you were missing by not embracing the most real black out there, LOL. That is still what the dems want you to see, the color, not the destruction that is this man. They hide his eroding of our country behind his color like a smoke screen and obviously for some people it is working.

You think it is hard for you blogging about him or talking about him.... try being a female white conservative. Being branded a racist is a new thing for me, but speaking the truth is old hat. So from me to you. Thanks for not being like the man, we like you just the way you are.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Sometimes you just cannot win, Black, White or whatever. When Obama was running for the White House, we were all reminded, time and again, that if whites did not vote for Obama, it is because we are bigots and racists. I refused to vote for him, not because he is black, but because I sensed an evil in him.

Because I am against illegal immigration and granting immunity to illegal immigrants, I am a bigot and anti-immigration. For get the fact that I adopted four boys from Southeast Asia.

I hardly think I am racist, considering the fact that I grew up in a low middle income family and I and my sisters and parents had plenty of not only black friends, but friends from every ethnic and racial background, and one thing I learned early in life, is that when it comes to racism and intolerance of any kind, it is the liberals who are the most racist and intolerant.

As far as the "black experience" goes, even though I am not black, I think that thanks to my childhood, I understand the black experience probably more then Barack Obama, and I know who the real enemies of the black community are (those enemies are themselves black).

So, my friend (and that is exactly what I consider you), celebrate your heritage and never mind what others think or say. There is no reason why a black man cannot be Conservative. Just keep on keepin' on.

Opus #6 said...

Anybody who tells you that you have to support one candidate or politician based on YOUR skin color or race is a RACIST.

Let's just be people, people.

Doug Stark said...

BHO played the race card early in his career and his presidential campaign. It worked. Dr. MLK spoke about judging people on character rather than skin tone. BHO used skin tone as a weapon to avoid focusing on character, and those who are shallowly preoccupied with race bought in and still do.

Joe said...

You are the first person I've read who admitted the white half of President BO.

I'll take a black person with good character over a thousand whites and/or part whites/blacks with the character of President BO.

Sarge Charlie said...

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men area created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. ---

Let no man take away what was given by god. Thanks for what you do.

Didi Iashin said...

"He counseled me to embrace Obama, as Obama could help me to "rediscover the black experience." "
Whoa!! Seems to me this guy 's trying to get you to some kind of abusive cult!
DANGER! DANGER! (as told by the Robot in "Lost in Space", the tv serie)
Happy Independence Day!
Didi Iashin, from brazil

Rose-Bud said...

Good article, Kevin. We escaped from the 'plantation' and those too chicken to even try thinking for themselves are still trying to shame us back into our 'suppossed'place. BTW-Did you know Alex Haley plagarized more than half of his book, Roots, and paid an out of court settlement to the real author of the story?
To Mary: It is sad how us black conservatives are treated by our own race,and family in my case. I too love Zo's video's, they are so on point. Any black person not toeing the party line of 'blame the white man for everything thats wrong in your life' gets labeled an uncle tom, or in my case, brainwashed by the rednecks since I moved south 10 years ago.

Necromancer said...

Kevin I'm getting this error trying to read the rest of the article.

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Please forward this error screen to's WebMaster.
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CappuccinoLife said...

Wow. So now if you don't embrace Obama and victimhood, your skin maybe be dark as can be but you're "not really black". You don't know what it really means to be black. Mmmm-hmmm.

Pretty typical though. I find that every time I present the possibility that there might be another "experience" of being black than victimhood, misery, and the need for government subsidy, I basically get told to shut up because it's not possible for a sane black person to experience life without viewing themself as a victim of racism and oppression.

memoriadei said...

I heard this but I can't be certain anymore where I read it. It was before the election. I read that Obama's biological father had his own slaves in Africa. If that is true, the connection Obama has to black slavery is that his family owned them. Correct me if I am wrong, please, because I'm not one to create something. Just wondering if that's true, Kevin. Anyway, I'm thoroughly disgusted that the lamestreammedia is trying to portray the likes of me, as a racist when there isn't a racist bone in my body and never has been. Keep up the good work, Kevin!

erp said...

Obama's African family tribe were slavers who hunted down and captured other Africans and then sold them to Arab slave traders who brought them to slave markets from which they were eventually sold to southern and West Indian planters.

When slavery was abolished, the family fortunes went down hill. It's doubtful Obama's father could have afforded slaves, but his ancestors undoubtedly kept slaves themselves in the prosperous good old days.

Instead of going around the world apologizing for the US, shouldn't Obama be apologizing to Blacks here at home for the part his family played in bringing slavery to our shores?

Nickie Goomba said...

Obviously, my white guilt makes me want to deify whichever of you is blacker. So here I am at your blog.

Seriously, this site offers some intriguing reading. Thank you.

uglyblackjohn said...

But doesn't ANYTHING being done by a Black person make it part of the "Black Experience"?

The Black Sphere said...

Folks, thanks for all the comments! I prefer you leave them at the NEW site, and necromancer I know you are having issues. I will get them resolved. I will be shutting this site down soon, once I have the "friends" widget moved over, and make a few other changes.

Glad you liked this blog, and I hope I can get you to explore the new site!

erp said...


The RSS feed brings up this site, not the new one.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said, Kevin. As the white mother of children who are Black, White , and Asian, I appreciate your message. My children asked me during the election why, if Obama was mixed race, didn't he say so? Outta the mouths of babes.

Keep up the good work!

-suitepotato- said...

We've been told for decades that we're the most racist nation on Earth... even as the USA was busy praying to G-d every night that their dad could be like Bill Cosby.

I've paid attention to the black residents of my city and their politics of late and I see on their faces the same look I see on whites, Asians, etc. when the subject comes to Obama. It's the same look party people get when they wake up in the morning next to a person they don't remember sleeping with after they got severely drunk the night before.

Who is this person?

Did I really vote for them?

I have an Obama bumper sticker but for the life of me I can't remember why.

THAT is the look I get. People didn't vote for Obama because he is black. They didn't vote FOR him at all. They just didn't vote against him.