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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Part II of The Carnahan Interview

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Many of you wanted to know the rest of the story on how Carnahan handled the question of “If it’s so good, why doesn’t Congress want to be on it?” Here’s the rest of the story. Note the panel’s reaction, when Carnahan turns to them. A question asked of a CONGRESSMAN, and he looks to his posse of pathetics to answer a question only he can answer!

"Any of you want to answer a question as to why I don't want to be on the program I'm pimping to the rest of America?!..Duh!" I say it's time Missouri end the Carnahan "reign of terror," this particular Carnahan voting 100% with Obama, and Robin Carnahan wanting to run for Senator who is an apple from the SAME tree!

That's my rant! Video a courtesy of

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Uncle Dave said...

Great Job Kevin...Once the congressmen and women go back to their districts and offer themselves as representative of the constituents it is my hope that folks be honest with themselves and ask every representative this question...I am certain that many of them respond with the classic politician reaction, which Carnahan displays...COWARDS!

The Black Sphere said...

I agree, Uncle Dave. They are cowards! He is running on the ghost of Mel Carnahan, former governor and disaster for MO. Now you can't do anything in MO without see Carnahan somewhere. They want to be the Hillbilly Kennedy's of MO!

David said...

Kevin, please write a post with your perspective about the ridiculous remarks King Porkulous made yesterday about the Harvard professor who is crying racism after being arrested. I'm very interested to hear your opinion.

Don't sweat the DOS attack on your blog. That just means it is getting under the opposition's skin!

FYI, I like reading on this Blogger site better, mainly because the white text on black in your new template makes reading more difficult.

Keep up the awesome work!

The Black Sphere said...

@David - I know this site is easier to read, however we will go back to the new one. I am considering color changes.

I will weigh in on Gates soon. Playing catch up, as you can imagine.

Please tell people about my BOOK, The BIG Black Lie,

Miranda said...

I am SO glad that people have been recording and posting these encounters with their reps! This is great! Thank you. What fools they must think we all are!

Rose-Bud said...

David,I know you wanted Kevins take on the Gates incident, but I thought I would help him out some by posting a response.
First of all,its all the lady on the sidewalk fault for not knowing that Gates, a black man lived there, and ignoring the luggage on the porch.
As a black women, I get tired of black people whether big or small yelling, 'racism' whenever there is a slight misunderstanding. Now here comes Al 'the snake' Sharpton, and Obama weighing in on the matter. My question is this, how come Dr. Gates didn't go in the house and close the door once the police officers id'ed who he was? Could it be he wanted the incident to be more than what it actually was?
I once had alot of respect for Gates, but now he wants to play the role of a victim, like in the hood...give me a break, people. In my book he is now among the nobodies of black people who carry a 'victim card' to keep white people feeling guilty about truly isolated acts of racism. Remember the the black professor who claimed she found a noose on her office door awhile back? Well, it was determined that she 'might' have placed it there herself to make everyone feel sorry for her since she was proving to be a less than stellar scholar. If you claim being a victim of racism, real or imagined, you are granted a'victim card' by liberals, thus you can't be called on the carpet about your morally corrupt behaviors.
I could go on, and on, but I will leave the rest of that rant to Mr. KJ.

Jess said...

Liberals are cowards. There's nothing good about them, their actions or philosophy. They can't defend their positions, so they attack with electronic terrorism and attempt to silence anyone that exposes their actions.

Hang in there Kevin. You're surfing on the ground swell of public dissension with the Socialist political actions of the Federal Government.

madmath1 said...

The libs know that this healthcare is a death sentence both physically and economically. That's why they don't want to be a part of it. As the elitist that they are, there's our care and their care. They need their care because they're too valuable to be in our care. This reminds me of the episode of Voyager when the holographic doctor was stolen and sold to a medical facility where the norm of people got minimal to no care while the "valuable" got care for minor or cosmetic reasons with a treatment that would save the lives of those "under" them. Sick and evil these libs. (Note: the person that wrote this episode said that is how he saw medical care if the CONSERVATIVES took over health care. I guess we get the last laugh before we start to cry)

Keith said...

I'm in Carnahans district and I can make a difference. 2010 can't get here soon enough.

Keep up the good work.

Robert said...

Genius in it's simplicity....

Larry Walker Jr said...

Oh no he didn't!

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Kevin- I admire your sense of decorum and respect for the public square protocols, .... 'cause I would have filibustered his buttocks until he answered the damned question. Way to lob the grenade!

Sue's views said...

Good job! Healthcare is not broken, the cost is, so the gov't wants to take it over. 70% of Americans are fine with their healthcare. We're overhauling the system for less than 15% of the population (including illegals)!