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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Obama's - Black Camelot

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The Obama’s must be black royalty. Who else can get away with pimping poverty to black people, then living like Kennedy’s—without guilt or remorse? The Obama’s pimping of black people makes Sharpton and Jackson look like pigs on ice. Nobody in history has risen so fast on the backs of poor blacks, than the Obama’s, and that includes those famous black Hillbillies, the Clintons. These two black Democrat presidents are proving that poverty is the new wealthy.

Michelle now wears $600 Lanvin tennis shoes, and $6000 purses. I didn’t even know you could pay that much for such things. That’s like having a Korean car on one arm and solid down payment for another on your feet! God only knows what the rest of her wardrobe cost, but I bet it could feed a Kenyan village.

Barry caught no grief for his wardrobe improvement during the campaign, and one can only bet that he gets the best threads, now that he is the Head Negro in Charge. Typically I might not begrudge America’s First Family of such indulgences. However this family was supposed to be for the poor. Psyche! The rise of the Obama is nothing short of amazing, when you consider that Obama had to borrow cab fare to get home from the 2000 convention...oh, and that he has done nothing to earn it and is a no talent hack. Read more here...



Most Rev. Gregori said...

One cannot help but wonder who behind the scenes was bankrolling both Obama and the Clinton. Neither of them had any sort of real job before politics (if you want to call politics an honest job).

Bill Clinton never worked even a part time job as a kid, yet he was able to travel the world and attend the best colleges and universities, all that on his mother's salary as a nurse. The first real job he had was, I believe, treasurer of Arkansas prior to being elected governor. During that time, neither he nor Hillary had a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out. Now they are multimillionaires.

The same goes for Obama. Neither his mother or grandparents were financially well to do, yet he also was able to travel all around the globe and attend the best colleges and universities. How does a 'community organizer' amass enough money to by a home for over a million dollars and pay for a campaign to run for the State and U.S. Senates, and then become president and be worth millions? We are being played big time.

James W. / Cedar Park, Texas said...

Thanks for the autographed copy of your book Kevin. It arrived from amazon yesterday. I look forward to reading it soon.

I wish I could see you go head to head with Dr. Lamont Hill on O'Reilly.

Cedar Park, Texas

The Black Sphere said...

Most Rev - He definitely has puppetmasters.

The Black Sphere said...

@James - Glad to know you got the book. Please review it on Amazon, when you are done. I'm trying to get as many great reviews to improve my ranking, that is if you find it a great review.

Thanks for the support!

Julie said...

I am so excited to hear the book may be coming soon. I can't wait to read it.

As for $6000.00 purses! Never could understand the rage for spending a overinflated amount on anything just because some so called designer made it. Practicality runs in my veins I guess. Makes me sick to know I helped her pay for them.

commoncents said...

Great post!
Keep up the excellent work!!

ps. Link Exchange??

Berlin Deluxxe said...

You know what's scarier than the regular Obama? The Chia Obama. Dems are so creative!!!

CappuccinoLife said...

Yeah. Normally, it wouldn't occur to me to look at the pricetags of a President's clothes, or anyone in high office. I don't ahve a problem with people dressing well. Or even with glamour. Go for it! :)

However, the disconnect between the self-styled "People's President" and his supposed ability to relate to "the common man" and the wildly expensive behavior so far in his family life and in goverment spending is pretty huge.

It only bugs me because it is a common thread in communism and "people's movements". The leadership starts out all idealistic and community-minded and quickly realize that they are clearly "more equal" than others and therefore deserve the best of the best. Let the common people divide everything equally and do all the sharing. Dear Leaders must have their fancy stuff.

Anonymous said...

remember barry couldn't get a rental car for a trip to the DNC 2 elections ago. his credit card was maxed out. He also couldn't get on to the floor and watched the events on a tv in the lobby.

now he just hops in his plane and goes out for lunch when ever and where ever he wants.