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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Steele Needs to Step Up

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Let me speak for conservatives who are afraid to say the obvious: Michael Steele is a bitter disappointment as RNC chair. Like many others, I had high hopes for Steele, however Steele is little more than a cheap alloy, and not “steel” at all. He is smart and articulate, and as the first black Vice-President Joe Biden would say, “That Negro is clean!” Maybe there is still hope?

Admittedly I voted for Steele as Chairman of the RNC because he is black. There. I said it for all you who were thinking it. I pulled that one right from the playbook of the liberal ignoramuses—the intelligentsia.” However, unlike the racist who voted for Obama because he was “sorta” black, I am not racist at all.

My vote for Steele was really a “black guilt” vote for racist Democrats whose policies did not allow for the rise of a black RNC chairman until now. Like most of the non-black Democrats who voted for Obama, this black conservative I am sad to say is underwhelmed by Steele thus far. Read the rest here...



Corey said...

I'm inclined to agree with you Kevin. I like Michael Steele and expect more from him as the chair. Because he is black, he doesn't need to worry about some of the "PC" sensibilities that has other conservatives so up-tight. Being a black conservative makes him a different type of target for the left, and he certainly couldn't be as un-PC as you, but I feel like he should be looking for the fight with the left and challenging them to label and otherwise malign him. When asked about Rush, he should have backed him all the way. He could have said, "I like Rush and agree with him on nearly every political issue. The people who hate him the most are those who never listen to him and aren't open to conservative ideals" or something to that affect. There could have then been an issue for issue debate that would allow Steele to speak up for what's right about conservatism. I don't think it's too late for him to step up, but doubt that he will. The truth is that the left is light years ahead of the right when it comes to marketing, disinformation, unsound arguments for the benefit of promoting a lie, and every other distortion that gets the masses to believe in bs. I know I don't have to convince you of this, but just for fun I signed up for the daily kos and my point was proven. None of the left's arguments involve numbers. There is no quantifiable point that will validate their insane policies. Sorry for the long comment.

The Black Sphere said...

@Corey - I couldn't agree more. He should have backed Rush...PERIOD. And he should be as combative as me. He should FORCE the Dems to call him Uncle Tom, etc. so he can showcase their true racist nature.

Thanks for the comment

Hersey said...

Based on when I saw Steele primarily on Fox before he was RNC Chair, I also expected a better result with him. I was quite excited actually and just biting my tongue. Its that you just have to be REALLY clever to respond to inane questions and positions that ate untenable. Look at the A$$ from Vermont (and I grew up there and consider that you are, who u are, where u grew up) - and all the crap he spouted, but he got press. Who knows if it helped or not.

OT: are you shipping your book now? I haven't received mine yet. I ordered it June 3, ,... and did a search in my gmail and found that you mailed it 3 days ago !! Yea !! Thanks

I find it harder to read all the posts on your new site. Maybe its an age thing, but my eyes can't take it.. ;=}

Hersey said...

gee I got so ecited the initial reason I came over to pots was to ask if you saw this that you might use:

REPRESENTATIVE EMANUEL CLEAVER thinks poor people can’t be trusted with guns. Perhaps we could have an income test for gun ownership. Then we could extend it to voting. Hope and change!

w/link to:

Anonymous said...

I fell in love with Steele's message while on the Fox network and also at the Republican National Convention. I thought, "Geez, here's a black man that feels exactly the way I feel!" His exuberance while seeking higher power wasn't any different from the way any other politician in desire of maintaining political power. He is a player, no doubt, no matter what the color of his skin. I lack the respect I had for him at one time. I want him gone from the Republican Party because he does not represent my conservative views. I had hope for him once, just as I had hope for Sarah Palin. But that hope has drowned in the lack of true conservative views he has vocalized. He is too middle of the road for me. He is too radical.

Anne in Michigan

The Black Sphere said...

@Anne - I agree wholeheartedly! He either gets aggressive or gets out!

Hersey said...

u need to get a group together and bitch slap em all !! ;=};contentBody