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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Obama Bringing Democracy Back from Russia

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Obama is visiting Russia brushing up on communism by reading through old manuals and manuscripts. He’s polishing his ideology…first-hand. If you are going to implement communism, I guess you need to bone up on your history. So why not go to the source!

Russia is happy to ship all those communist manifestos—and Hillary’s “easy button”—directly to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Copies were sent to the other elitist Democrats in Congress and on Obama’s staff (pardon the pun). Russia has no further need for them.

As for the Obama’s reason for the visit, he commented that he needs to “reset the course of relations between the US and Russia?” That’s ObamaSpeak for, “I need to apologize for Reagan’s part in ending the Cold War and his keeping communism from spreading.”

Ending the Cold War was horrible for the Soviet Union, as it ushered in sovereignty for nations that were oppressed under the former Soviet regime. The end of the Cold War caused democracy to replace communism in that region of the world. Now we have Russia and other former communist countries doing well in their fledgling democracies, particularly in comparison to the good ol’ days of communist rule. No more dependency on the government, and waiting in line for toilet paper and vodka. Read more here...



Most Rev. Gregori said...

I read a while back that Putin warned Obama to back off of his Socialist ideas because they would be a disaster. Of course, Obama is too stupid and egotistical to listen. After all Obama considers himself to be smarter then anyone else.

Daniel said...

I'm looking at this visit thinking "Reset? You mean you want to reset to the Cold War, with Russians and the U.S. hating each other? That kind of reset?"

What did he bring to the table? Not budging on missile defense, imposing heavier taxes on foreign trade, and of course our nukes aren't even negotiable (for more details on that, I recommend What else is there to talk about?

Joe said...

President BO thinks it is unadvisable to refer to the cold war as having been won.

There is an attitude pervading the country that nobody "in charge" is allowed to learn anything from anybody, lest their "in chargeness" be challenged.

That is where President BO is.

Steven said...

Hello Kevin,
I have a movie that you might like to watch. It's called “Pelisky”, or in English, “A Den”. It's a Czech Republic movie (with English subtitles) that takes place in 1967. One brother is pro-communist and the other is anti-communist. The movie tells a lot about the era of Eastern Europe, and where the USA might be headed, with wonderful humor. If you would like, I will be more than happy to send it to you.

Steven from Austin

sharon said...

I received the book today in the mail...cannot wait to start.!!!!!