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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama Redefines Illegals

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Obama promises that healthcare won’t cost America anything. Apparently he plans on sending the bill to everybody earning over $1M. Those un-American overachievers!

The War on Achievement continues, and Obama—the man who has worked for nothing in his life—is hell bent on punishing those who do actually work for a living. The calculations are in, and Obama could take ALL the money from the top 2% of the population and he would come nowhere near paying for healthcare. Just like a Democrat to not let logic interfere with his reasoning.

Ultimately healthcare costs will filter down into everyday “Joe America,” yet Obama continues to campaign for this poison pill. Yes people, Obama sees this as yet another campaign. Most politicians would just chalk this up to being a stupid idea and run! That’s just not Obama’s style. He will massage the language, hit the airwaves, strong-arm in private meetings, and he does have his house pets to help: The lamestream media.

One of the most ironic and insane parts of this healthcare sledgehammer is that Obama wants to cover 12M illegal immigrants. Only in Amerika! Try getting healthcare as an illegal immigrant in all the countries where socialized medicine exists. And if for some reason you were to accomplish the impossible…try USING your new healthcare insurance.

Obama can provide all the healthcare insurance coverage he wants. Since we are living in the land of make-believe, why not cover ALL American’s…100%? The fact remains that getting access to healthcare will be a nightmare. Check out the Pajamas Media video hosted by Steven Crowder on Canada’s healthcare system. It’s 20 minutes you won’t want to miss.

Have you ever gone to the gas station that offers $1 a gallon gas for a couple of hours? You go, and find cars are lined up for blocks. You wait only to arrive to the pump and find that they’re out of gas! At least it only cost you three gallons of gas to find out! Such is the ObamaCare’s slogan: Hurry up and wait...for nothing!

And old people and very sick people beware. ObamaCare is your death warrant. The lamestream media will tell you that Republicans and conservatives are just being alarmists, trying to scare you. Don’t believe us, just watch what Obama himself says. He says essentially that if you are too old or too sick, the Fed will offer you counseling, recommend hospice, then say good-bye in Austrian. For those who don’t speak Austrian, allow me to translate: “If you are too old or too sick on ObamaCare, bend over and kiss your butt good-bye!”

The reason Democrats helping to pimp this plan to America don’t want to “opt in” on this utopia is…they know how it will work! Or NOT work! That is why Russ Carnahan at his recent Townhall meeting refused to answer my question on the subject.

The mandated government plan would make it illegal to pursue healthcare off the system. Congressmen don’t want to be showcased on undercover videos skulking for the best healthcare.

Here’s the wrap:

The system is good enough for us, but elitist Democrats don’t want it for themselves. The Democrats could care less about taxpaying Americans, and they have a thugocracy that shouts from the mountaintop, “We are your rulers and you will obey!

Obama is governing “to” us, not “for” us. He is an autocrat who believes he has all the answers. His answers can be summed up by reading any Communist manifesto. The change he promised for America has Obama redefining America.

Terrorism has been downgraded to a misdemeanor and is now called man-made disaster. $3.6T of spending that creates 9.5% unemployment, 3.5M jobs lost since January, bankruptcy of the “industry that is too big to fail” [auto-industry], and a stock market that is down 40% is all defined as “stimulus!” Military men and women, and law-abiding, taxpaying citizens are now considered extremists.

As I said earlier, Obama promised that healthcare won’t cost America anything. I guess people earning over $1M are not part of America? If so, we have apparently redefined the term “illegals.” The good news for the new illegals is they will be covered under ObamaCare. The better news is these illegals will be paying their own way!

That’s my rant!

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madmath1 said...

I remember Bill Clinton's campaign against Bob Dole on how the Republicans wanted to slash Social Security, close down the poor houses, be cruel and inhumane by sending immigrants (the illegals one like they're not being exploited as it is) back to their home country, and how they wanted the old and disabled to die by cutting of their healthcare. Now the democrats have written a bill to do just that. This time though the media is on their side calling it all too benevolently sounding universal health care. How anyone is listening to this man, Obama, and believing him to be benevolent is beyond me.

I had been criticized by a liberal called nameless cynic (always noticed how libs never what to reveal their identity) calling me a racist and evil because I stated that democrats, as a norm of a group, are racist and evil. Yet when given details like this sickening healthcare bill, they're the first to call names (which he does to me on the facts) and make the evil benevolent. This bill is beyond anything a racist dictator, like say Castro, Chavez, Kim-Il, have in their wettest of dreams. To have an open and outright public enpowerment of life and death. The open ability to determine life and death. Basically to play God with their citizen's lives determining who's worthy of living and who's worthy of dying. Isn't that what the lunatic Islamic do only instead of one's health, it's one's beliefs? How is this bill much different in the medical industry?

For anyone that's still thinking freely, this all demonstrates how the democrats are irrational at best, insane as a norm, or just down and out evil at the worse. Yet this man's blind followers are calling anyone who oppose this exgregious tranical bill evil I realized those supporters have truly entered the looking glass. What's really sad for me is how close this bill is right now to becoming law. Here in America, how close we are in establishing a facist medical system. This Obamacare is really, REALLY making me sick.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

I just found this site the other day and then it was gone yesterday.

I simply want to say thank you for such a bold and informative stance. Thanks for shouting from the rooftops that these folks on the left don't speak for all black Americans. They certainly don't speak for me. I will be adding this blog to my blogroll and your other site as well when it's up and running again.

Ron B said...

Kevin you said that Obama wants to cover 12M illegal immigrants. Your title of this post sums it up because they are already covered if they show up a hospital sick and dying they get medical care. All he wants to do now is legitimize it by calling them Americans and in essence give them citizen status. Liberals already include the 12M in the number of uninsured Americans or should I say uninsured Central Americans.

Sir RonB


You jam, Kevin! And let the asslicker who hacked your website and brought it down be found dead in an alleyway somewhere very soon. I've had it with these jerkoff libs.

southernsue said...

i love your website, kevin. after the revealing of jeramiah wrights' sermons, and after the majority of blacks voting for obamba, i was beginning to believe that black americans just don't love america. as i have discovered thru your site as well as sugar and spice site, that america is very precious to you also. i still am puzzled as to why so many blacks voted for a man that seems out to destroy our country. were they just not listening to what obamba was saying, and who he was hanging around with? all americans have it so good here, i know i have lived in europe and i love my country and it's faults even more. will the black americans fall off the cliff for obamba? what gives with them?

Rose-Bud said...

OMG Kevin, I just thought about this today, the other millionaires, actors, actress, singer, and songress will be paying this health bill too. Why not they voted for him, and was at his afterparty, so if this bill passes, it will be poetic justice. I know they'll try and weasel their way out of helping out the little people.
I can't wait to hear Jayz rap about paying the man 'Hi dollas'.
I thought of some words to get him started...check it out bouyeeee!

I thought you were my boy,
now you treat me like a (cheap) toy,
wait and see who gone pay at the end of the day, (add background noise of a AK47 going off)
it ain't gone be me,
naw, I ain't gone pay at the end of the day
naw, It ani't gone be me...

I just wonder will he drop the "N" bomb in referencing his 'dogg'. I can't wait for the laughs!

The Black Sphere said...

@madmath1 - Well said!

The Black Sphere said...

@Terry - They can't keep a good man down, thus the 'backup' site. My NEW site will be 'bigger and blacker' in the very near future! Hang in there, and thanks for the support!

The Black Sphere said...

@SirRonB - Folks Ron has a TREMENDOUS blog and great intellect. Be sure to find him and read him. He was knighted on this very blog!

Ron, agreed. Many illegals are benefiting off the backs of hardworking taxpaying extremists. Enough is enough!

The Black Sphere said...

@Brandt - And may the hackers be forced to sleep with Janet Napolitano or Janet Reno (if ya nasty), in a flea infested sleeping bag!

The Black Sphere said...

@southernsue - Suggestion: READ MY BOOK! :-) It has all those answers you seek!

The Black Sphere said...

@Rose-Bud - Girl you went stone "Gangsta" up in here! I'd be scared of you, if I actually GOT scared!'ve been warned. I got Rose-Bud with her AK!

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

This sums up exactly what's happening....brilliant piece.

I can't believe I wasted an hour listening to that press conference.

The Black Sphere said...

@Joe - I never watch Obama live. I just find out tidbits later, and decide if it's worth a deeper dive, or where they are hiding things. Thanks for the comment!

snakeoilbaron said...

As a Canadian with experience in the education and health departments of provincial government I can tell you that these state run social services are very much like Canadian banks (not state institutions per se but an ologarchic collection of state protected pseudo-capitalists) in one way: they put a lot of decent hard-working and dedicated people cheek to jowl with incompetant boobs, who can not be fired due to unions, so as to give an impression of competance within the system. Then they put decission making power in the hands of people who have never worked in a hospital or school (or even been to one) and to top it all off the public is allowed to deliberately sabotage the system to get back at the people they themselves elected. This sabotage is accomplished by making frivolous demands and complaints. Like a meatspace version of a denial of service attack.

Do anything you can to avoid adopting our model. We do not have universal health care; we have universal "equality". Lots of great doctors, nurses and lab workers being underpayed, overworked, not given the resources they need and having to work with a minority of collegues who everyone knows should not be working makes for a real hit or miss system.

BTW, I think that computer crimes, even low-skill preteen stuff like denial of service attacks and spamming should be capital offences. You don't want to know what I think should be done to virus writers and identity theives.

snakeoilbaron said...

"I never never watch Obama live."

That's how I deal with the TV news (American and Canadian). I find the endless stream of "little" white lies, half truths, blatantly open bias and selective presentation of facts too sickening to consume straight from the tap so if it were not for various watch dog sites pointing out the more extreme examples of their dark art I wouldn't know what slop they were slinging.

curt said...

Obama really played the snake oil salesman to perfection last night. He spoke for what seemed like forever, but saying absolutely nothing. I felt like I went a round with Roy Jones Jr., not knowing where I was. I finally came to and realized this man doesn't have a clue about his own health care plans. If you can't do a powerpoint 101 on this, 5 bullets and a summary, then either you a) Do not understand it b)Don't want the listener to understand or c)Want to throw out just enough to appear legitimate.
My take? Definitely b). Just like all the other bills, they will sneak things in(illegals,etc.) or sneak in attachments. Scary.

The Black Sphere said...

@snakeoil - I like the term "the black art," because that's what I teach here!

The Black Sphere said...

@curt - Obama is GIFTED at saying absolutely nothing, at least nothing meaningful! But idiots find that eloquent!

snakeoilbaron said...

Curt said: "Obama really played the snake oil salesman to perfection last night."

He's not one of mine I swear. My salesmen have to have their papers in order. They also have to be convincing without a teleprompter.

To Kevin Jackson:
Given the media's paternalism towards blacks (and everyone else for that matter) those hacks could certainly benefit from those black arts. Unfortunately they prefer dark (as in very dim) arts to black ones.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Kevin, I would like to ask you a favor. Could you please send me your email, as I have some information that I would like to send you for your take?

My email is

Thank you.

Larry Walker Jr said...

If the current piece of junk bill were to somehow pass, I think there really would be a revolution. The kind of revolution I could believe in. Thanks for the insight, and the book which I am just starting.

Mary said...

"[...] very sick people beware. ObamaCare is your death warrant."

That is God's honest truth, right there. I know someone who is chronically ill, yet supports Obamacare. Nothing I or anyone else can say will convince her that Obamacare is her death warrant, not her salvation.
Her last response to me was actually, "Well, people already die while waiting for treatment. So it'll be no different."
I finally just shut up and am letting other people debate her.

Also, I'm not shocked about Obama redefining illegals. Furious, but not shocked. The man just demonstrates over and over that he absolutely hates America and wants it dead and gone.
His last memorable quote: "You're going to destroy my presidency."
Uh, yes, well...hopefully.

Rose-Bud said...

Sorry about going gangsta earlier. I just finished reading page 100 of your book and was feeling kinda narly :)

Can't wait to write a review, and of course I'll give you a 5 star rating. That $200 dollar check that came with my signed copy is really a good idea!

Hello Birdy said...

You shouldn't dwell on the outcome of Obama'a wealth scare plan ... as usual. in the Socialist's world, it's the thought that counts.

Julie said...

I am waiting for the day when we nurses all get our mandatory inservice on doing End Of Life training at the hospital if this health care reform passes. It takes the plans of Planned parenthood a step beyond. Now it will prevent the unwanted from being born and eliminate the elderly and ill so the elite few can dictate from their pure little inner sanctum.

Glad to see you up and running. See.... I take a week off and work and the entire site crashes. Half way through the book and loving it by the way. Gee, where was my check ;-)

southernsue said...

expecting your book in the mail any day now. can't wait to read it.

keep up the great work your doing, it is so refreshing.

Laurie said...

Kevin - Actually to tell you the truth, I like THIS site better than the (new) one. It's much easier to navigate and is user-friendly. Just MHO.


erp said...

RSS feed still brings up this site, not the new one which I like better too for the same reasons as Laurie.

The Black Sphere said...

@Julie - I sent your check to Obama and asked him to send it!

The Black Sphere said...

@Laurie, et al - I know black on white is easier on the eyes. But this site "limits this black man!" I will work on the other site, but we wanted something a bit more professional. I made the font larger for our old eyes, including mine! Hang in there. :-)

The Black Sphere said...

@Larry Walker - Revolution beats Devolution, which is what we have now!

Mazzuchelli said...

"Austrian." I bet your parents are a hoot, also.

The Black Sphere said...

@Maz - My folks were very humorous! Get my book The BIG Black Lie and you get an idea where I get it. And you learn a lot more.

MaxMomFL said...

I never watch or listen to Obama directly either. (I mean, look what happened to Eve when she listened to his daddy.) I find (like others here have said) that I get more accurate information by reading the speeches online and not hearing the "super cool seconds of sexiness" the presstitutes issue for the idolatrous masses.

Before BO was selected as Poser In Chief, I noticed I couldn't tolerate longer than 20 or 30 seconds of his talk. I figured out why, my BS-meter is very sensitive. I cannot STAND BS. I get physically uncomfortable like the first trimester of pregnancy. When BO opens his manipulative mouth, I throw up a little in mine...

The Black Sphere said...

@MaxMomFL - Your lingo had me cracking up!

Iceman28211 said...

Kevin - great commentary as usual. Let's not forget that the costs don't kick in until after 2012. The CBO just released a finding that the true cost of this plan will be $2.2 trillion from 2015 to 2024 (assuming the government has its first ever on budget program!). People need to know the facts.

The Black Sphere said...

@Iceman - Great point about when it kicks in. Perhaps Obama will be "kicked out" before that! Lord, make that happen.

Iceman28211 said...

Kevin - like most temporary taxes I am afraid that once it goes in to law, we will never be able to get rid of it. By the way, a follow up for this article could be how Canada's Universal Care outlawed private care (like this plan does) but individual clinics are popping up all over the place. Just in case you were looking for a new topic! Not like Obama doesn't give you plenty of new things to talk about every day.

Kim said...

Hey Kevin, wanted to give you a shout out and let you know how happy I am to have found your blog (when I should be in bed and not on the computer ;p)
And I'd also like you to know I knew there were plenty of great black men and women who get caught in the middle when it comes to people like Gates or issues like the Ricci trial. Dh and I were chatting about that last night, as a matter of fact. Keep getting your faces out there. Yours are the faces I want to see much more of, and I think everyone really *needs* to see more of, on both sides.
And now, I have to fly. Evidently Biden has been communicating again, this time about Russia. sigh.

Matt said...

I just found your blog. Excellent work! I'll make it one of my regular stops.

You captured the truth about the Single Payer Plan, especially the fact that the Democrats in Congress want to exempt themselves. They get the best, and we get the rest.

Robin2222 said...

Do you talk about these Czars from Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Castro every villain from a James Bond movie - hell?

America's terrorists and evil within is running the country.

Thanks for trying to get people to wake up, understand and do something!

At the very least, they can help us by keeping the thought - "you're not getting away with it, your evil will collapse by your own conscious finally ruling you and by destroying what you seek to create. We want and demand God's promise of peace & joy (freedom) I want nothing to do with your evil reality and am creating my reality of peace and joy.

This country was born on freedom and those who seek to ruin our freedom will answer to a higher power rather rapidly.

Remember, the devil likes to lead you into hell with promises of grandeur. Satan loves it even more when he can watch you fall apart, bringing yourself down at your own hand, experience the wrath of your own conscious.

Look at history and what has happened to those who tried to bring America (God's country) down. There is a reason higher than the people of this country that no one, including this government can bring us down.

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