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Thursday, July 30, 2009

NYC Homeless Get One-Way Vacations

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You have to admire the insane genius of RINOs. I am referring to the logic of New York Mayor Bloomberg deciding to give homeless New Yorkers a one-way ticket out of The Big Apple!

Apparently it costs about $36,000 per homeless person for shelter, and $1000 a week overall for the city to fund a homeless person. $52,000 a year! So offering the homeless one-way “vacations” provides a sound financial compromise, according to Bloomberg. Let’s ship our problems to other states…or countries!
Here is an excerpt from The Globe article:
“Since 2007, the city has quietly arranged airfare or bus tickets – one-way – for 550 homeless families. They have been sent as far away as India, Russia and Peru, although the bulk have been dispatched southward, to Florida and Puerto Rico..."

“Hey Honey, round up the younguns! I’m finally gonna take the family to Puerto Rico…pack EVERYTHING!”

If only other states and countries would provide reciprocation, we could have a world-wide timeshare arrangement for the homeless?! This would work even better if Bloomberg would just provide a fraction of that $52,000 as pocket change for the New York expatriates.  Read more here...


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Bloomberg is an idiot, and he changes political parties more often then some folks change their underwear.

Why would he want to spend money to send the homeless all over God's green earth. Wasn't he the one who made NYC a sanctuary city.

The man may have money, but he sure as hell don't have brains.

WebSmith said...

He creates the homeless with laws and policies favoring illegals and drives down the cost of labor and then he ships the newly created homeless off. Soon everyone but Wall Street will be working for $8 per hour. How to replace your citizenry 101.

He's pondering a 4th term now.

The Black Sphere said...

@Most Rev - I thought Bloomberg had switched parties. The luxury of the super wealthy.

The Black Sphere said...

@WebSmith - You got it, my friend. CREATE your problems, then solve them. said...