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Monday, July 20, 2009

Stupid Democrat White Guys' Club

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I love knowing that the “Stupid Democrat White Guys Club” exists. White guys like Durbin and Biden are lifelong members. American needs stupid white Democrats; specifically “non-white” America needs them. Because stupid white guys tip people off how Democrats really think! The only question is can we get Amerika to listen?

The latest revelation by one of the longstanding members of the Stupid Democrat White Guys, in this case Senator Dick Durbin (D) is that blacks are systematically being exterminated. He actually let the cat out of the bag! Their conspiracy is not limited to the growth of blacks in America. I suggest that Hispanics, particularly Mexicans pay close attention...because you’re next!

Durbin was being quizzed by Senator Sam Brownback (R) from Kansas about the funding the operation of Washington DC, with part of that funding to go to abortion. Durbin was quizzed on why more funding was needed since abortion in DC is at 41%, almost twice that of the national average. Read more here...



Laura said...

On a related note, can we celebrate the fact that Obama and the Dem congress approval ratings are free falling? Things are looking better for 2010. Let's see them try to force through nationalized healthcare to a Repub congress!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

You do realize that the Dems will have to try and force abortions and possibly euthanasia on the Christian population also? They can't have us running around spewing the truth.

Do you think the majority of Blacks will wake up and stop supporting the Democrats? Just watching how so many Black Americans crawl after and support the Democrats is like living in "Wonderland".

PATRIOT said...

It's sad that it's all about bullshit politicians now, and not what's best for our Country and its Citizens. Any real change for the better should be based on documented proof of the change working excellently in other places, etc; before even being considered to be the Law of the Land in the USA. We still have the BEST of everything here, and not many things really need to be changed. some need to be Altered a bit, and our Laws need to be upheld impartially, without a Politician's interference on what Laws they will order ignored, or enforced fully. Our original system wasn't about that, it was about laws being enacted thru proper channels, by taxpaying citizens of our Country who vote. If a law is not any good, or obsolete, it should be removed by the same process, a vote by the taxpaying citizen voters. If not, the laws of our Land are arbitrarily enforced, and therefore, biased, via political empowerization of the political power in office. This is not the equal rights under the Law that our Constitution guarantees, instead a bastardized abomination of what our Laws are truely to be.

Anonymous said...

Senator Durbin is a very useful idiot. He is going along to get along. Obama and his Chicago friends realy have no other use for Senator Durbin other than his following the liberal crowed.