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Monday, July 27, 2009

Obama's Race Card Revoked

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Obama went unscripted at the end of his recent healthcare sell-a-thon. This time his pretty words failed him. he didn’t mince them when he weighed in on a subject that admittedly he knew nothing about. Gates Gate. So as I explained in my previous blog, Obama decided to raise consciousness of America to police brutality. He pulled the trusty Democrat race card.

Race pimps like Obama believe that the race card should be used at every opportunity. It is necessary to remind America just how cruel America has been to blacks—and always will be according to liberals—regardless of the subject matter.

Thus, a discussion of healthcare begs to segue into a discussion of race, particularly when a white Cambridge cop oppresses a black Harvard elite. As Rahm Emanuel said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste…” And for the Democrats, blaming Republicans for racism is the most serious of potential crises—they can’t possibly let the real truth of the Democrats’ racism leak out. That would be a crisis of monumental proportions!

In less than six months, Obama has advanced the discussion of race back to the 1950’s. For the historical purist you may find our time reminiscent of when Democrats were oppressing blacks unfettered, only this time it’s all inclusive—it includes anybody who dares go against the liberal establishment. At this pace, racial “devolution will regress back to the Wilson era and Democrats were calling themselves Progressives! Read more here...



kaekae said...

"read more here" the link is broken

The Black Sphere said...

It's fixed. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Ya know, if this crap keeps up from Obongo, a lot of people like me who are NOT racists may end up becoming racists. I am sick and tired of being determined a racist, silently, or out loud, because I am black. Where is my affirmative action??

Doug Stark said...

What was really pathetic was the Mayor of Cambridge's press conference (broadcast on CNN) where she didn't say one kind word about the officer, or her police department. It really showed her extreme level of bias. Why would anyone want somebody like that in public office?

southernsue said...

got your book today, can't to read it.

i hope that it does make me understand why black america votes democrat.

we have two extreme sides on the right and the left. we should never put either side in power. however, the extreme left has control over our government. it is amazing to see the left extremist coming out of their closets. what is amazing are the closets in which they have been hiding, such as our universities, public schools, hate filled preachers, ect., and yes, our president of the united states and his administration.

i pray to our GOD for all americans and that i was born in a great country, with all our faults.

49er16 said...

Great piece Kevin.

I also thought Obama only answered the question about Gates because he wants the media(which is in his back pocket) to discuss this matter, instead of his Health Care Plan.

commoncents said...

Awesome post!! Keep up the excellent work!

ps. Link Exchange?

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Kieth, I think you will like what I posted on my blog this evening. It is long, but I tried to be as blunt and honest as possible. It kind of goes with your post.

Anonymous said...


Love your blog. It's now a favorite.

Thanks for picking up this typical white person's spirits.


Laurie said...

See, THIS is why Presidents don't get to have Crackberrys. Gates probably sent Obama an SOS text, which Obama stupidly reacted to, only hearing Gates' version of the story. And the rest, as they say, is history. As a wise man once said: Stupid is as stupid does.

Anne said...

I appreciate what southernsue had to say about extremism being hidden within our schools, universities and pulpits. It is time for all of us to stand up against false educational teaching and supposedly Christian ideas! If your child's teachers teach progressivism, then ask them why they do not teach an alternative such as conservatism! If your pastor is preaching to you to accept the idiology of charity, then ask him/her why, when you can be so charitable, no one accepting charity cannot do the same!

This is a prime example in our everyday lives of Affirmative Action Gone Wrong! Give, give, give, give until it hurts! Take, take, take until you know that someone else is hurting for your benefit!

Professor Gates is a prime example of Affirmative Action Gone Wrong. He doesn't know what it is like to be a citizen of the United States. He only knows what it is like to be a black man. Society has given so much to him, deservedly so due to his intelligence, but I believe he feels he is beyond reproach only due to the color of his skin.

What a shame.

Anne in Michigan

Hello Birdy said...

I live in Canada where most of our black population (except for Nova Scotia) is from Jamaica, Haiti and other Caribbean countries. They are NOT African Americans. They do not have the history of American Blacks, they pretty much had the run of their own countries for the past couple of hundred years. Yet, they have not shown us anything special, quite the opposite. Their countries, like African countries are in disarray all the time.

In Toronto, Ontario where most of the black immigrants live, they are at the center of the city's crime, drugs, violence, gangs and so on.

Canada is a Socialist country similar to the one Obama wants for Americans. The welfare is generous and the people in Toronto are as far left as you can get without falling off of the east edge of the planet. They literally kiss black ass everyday along with gay ass, criminal ass, homeless ass ... in fact most of them have never met a non conservative ass they didn't want to kiss.

We already have 'free' health care here. Free abortion on demand, some cities give free syringes and even provide shoot up sited with nurses available to help. It mental!

With every opportunity in the world and with an army of well meaning social workers at their disposal, the black community WILL NOT assimilate. They won't even go to school so than can get jobs. There are plans in Toronto to set up a separate school system for blacks only because they cannot (or will not) keep up with the standard (already watered-down) curriculum.

This is nothing short of apartheid, but it's seem the best option under the circumstances. We currently keep our native population on reserves which is also apartheid, but that is better than having them in the cities where they would be uncontrollable in their present state of evolution. This is racism talking, this is fact.

With respect I ask ... what the hell is wrong with black people? Even without the hated American Whitey to blame, there seems to be no inclination to make progress as a people.

Obama and his gang along with the beloved Black Panthers, ACORN, NAACP, politicized Black Churches, 'uppity' black university professors and a cast of millions of disgruntled every day black Americans are assuring us that there will never be racial peace in America. Whitey has been doing his best to comply, but it appears "complicity is futile".

Maybe you can help 'cause I'm confused.

Hello Birdy said...


The line "this is racism talking, this is fact"

Should have read.
This ISN'T racism talking ....

and please excuse other typos.

The Black Sphere said...

Hello Birdy - Please get me some info on the blacks wanting to set up their own schools, because they can't keep up! is my email. You had amazing points in your email.

The Black Sphere said...

@Anne - As I have said, a smart person ruined by Higher Ed.

The Black Sphere said...

@Doug - That press conference was WEAK! What a joke! You know the White House sent "talking points!"

The Black Sphere said...

@Southern Sue - Keep me posted on the book!

The Black Sphere said...

@49er and Commoncents - Thanks for the props!

The Black Sphere said...

@Rick Z - Thanks for the support of the blog! Check out my book, The BIG Black Lie!

The Black Sphere said...

@Most Rev - I'm sure your post was honest, and from the heart! That's what matters!

The Black Sphere said...

@Laurie - So true! Gates hit the panic button on his crackberry, alerting Obama!

Hello Birdy said...

Here are a three links on the topic from Toronto's news. This is a slippery slope. I should mention that there is also a large African population in Ontario from Somalia and other places in Africa of whom many are Muslims, so they don't mix in at all creating yet another problem.

I think the last link is the best ... Here is an excerpt.

The seemingly unthinkable has been approved in the center of the universe:

Tuesday night, the Toronto District School Board said yes to so-called Black-focused schools.

Tuesday’s vote actually capped months of heated back-and-forth involving parents, students, teachers and trustees, the end result of which was the board throwing its support behind “four innovative strategies for improving the success of Black students.”

The approved strategies include:

* Establishing a Program Area Review Team to recommend the program and operational model for an Africentric Alternative School opening in September 2009;
* Establishing a pilot program in three existing schools integrating the histories, cultures, experiences and contributions of people of African descent and other racialized groups into curriculum, teaching practices and school environment;
* Establishing a Staff Development, Research and Innovation Centre in collaboration with post-secondary institutions and community agencies to assess best practices for improving the success of marginalized and vulnerable students; and
* Developing an action plan for addressing underachievement for all marginalized and vulnerable students.

Hello Birdy said...

I forgot ... in answer to your suggestion that it's the blacks wanting the separate system. I am not sure it's coming from them, I think it's coming from the do-gooders on the left who will, as mentioned before ... do whatever it takes to present the appearance that the "Great Mosaic" is functioning smoothly and everyone is happy.

The rotten society in Toronto is well known to most of the clearer thinking citizens in Western Canada. What they have left of the multicultural experience in Ontario is like the thin veneer left after the termites have eaten all the wood inside. It is a hollow place of great pretense and great envy. Our San Fransisco.

Even West Coast Vancouver isn't quite as whacked out, but then Vancouver's competing classes are from India and China, not so many black folks on the West Coast. I believe that as of now, white folks are a minority at least in the lower mainland. Other than the drug gangs, most people in British Columbia get along fine.

But keep your eye on Toronto and Ottawa ... that is where most of the insanity comes from in Canada.